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How To Avoid A Quirk From All Might 101, By Izuku and Suteru Midoriya

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The number one douchebag really pissed Izuku off, but the universe still wanted to fuck with him. Venom seethes through his teeth as he marches toward the beach, fresh tears spilling over the already-dried tracks left behind from this morning.  Scratch pissed, he was absolutely livid.  


After his interaction with the muscle headed hero, Izuku regrettably didn’t go back to the beach for about a week.  He spent days upon days holed up in his room, trying to recuperate from the hell he went through; it didn’t calm him down in the slightest.  On multiple occasions, he also raised his voice at his mother when she tried cooking food - like katsudon, his favorite - for him because never yell, that’ll make it easier to find you, mom is scared of yelling


One glance around the beach once he arrived also told him that his favorite black cat wasn’t at the beach anymore; to top off the cake, it was starting to fill up with trash again.  Izuku’s lip wobbled as everything started to overwhelm him. 


Maintenance wasn’t something All Might had told him about in the beginning.


All Might wasn’t here though, so Izuku had to face the consequences.


Izuku steps down the stairs and his foot almost immediately goes straight onto a large piece of glass.  Sighing, he carefully maneuvers around the chunk and scans the area to see what he would be dealing with.  Once satisfied, he huffs, rolls up his sleeves, and gets straight to work.  





 Shouta did not like the number one hero in the slightest. He was arrogant and cocky, plus he seemed so absorbed in his fame. Now, what did that son of a rat, Nezu, tell him? 


 He was going to have to work with this bumblefuck. Shouta needed a break.


 There's a certain beach he enjoyed. Its piles of trash made for great kitten hideouts and is just a peaceful place to hide from the world in. Listening to the waves crash against the shore and watching the sand get swallowed up calmed him. 


 It's called The Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, but humans being humans shortened it to Dagobah Beach. Not that he minded, it was a mouthful to pronounce. 


 So when Shouta finds a short and plain looking teenager cleaning it up, he's surprised to say the least. Most people just scoff at the mess and turn away. In fact, he would still be surprised if he found a hero here, not to mention a Junior High kid. 


 The kid picks up a piece of metal, looking directly at Shouta. His face has a particular melancholy, before it shifts into a small smile. 


 "I'm sorry, I can go if you want." He apologizes, standing up straight. Shouta shakes his head wordlessly, his eyes linger on the boy. 


 He grunts and turns his view to the small gap peeking through to the ocean. 


 "It shouldn't be a problem. What are you up to, kid?" 


 The younger blinks a few times before realizing. He chuckles, "Just cleaning up." The freckled boy begins flailing his arms around. "Is that against the rules-? Sorry, it probably is i can go-" 


  "It isn't as far as I know," Shouta lifts an eyebrow, "as long as there isn't any quirk usage." 


 Then, something in the boy snaps. He completely demolishes the piece of junk in his hand and his knuckles turn white. 


 "It's always quirk this, quirk that.. like holy mother of Japan, quirks aren't.." 


 "..maybe they are?" 




 Shouta was, undoubtedly, confused as hell. He was concerned, of course, but more confused than anything. 


 "I'm sorry?" 



 The green haired boy looked up, dazed, promptly going back to smiling. “Sorry sir, no there’s no quirk usage involved. Excuse me..” He rushed passed Shouta quickly, placing the crushed metal in the pile. 


 “Hm. Say, what is your name? You have a lot of potential.” 


 He froze for a second, before cocking his head with a grin. “Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya, and I’m gonna be the first quirkless hero!”







It was n’t like he was worried about the kid, Shouta told himself as he watched the teen drag a car door through the sand.  Midoriya hardly pauses in his efforts when he calls out to the underground hero. 


“You know, if you were going to just stand there, you could get me a juice box or something.” The greenette grunts in greeting as Shouta reveals himself and saunters down the boardwalk.  Midoriya stands up straight and blasts a bright smile toward him.  This kid…


He ignores the flash of black in his peripheral and focuses all of his attention on the problem child. 


“Why are you here?” the kid asks as he sets down the door with a tilt of his head. This irks Shouta because he, himself, didn't really know the answer. Being honest, he didn’t even expect Midoriya to be back at the beach.  Then why did you come back, old man?


Shouta scowls, and seeing the confusion on Midoriya’s face reminds him of the unanswered question.  “It’s a good place to scope out for any scared and abandoned cats.” Not exactly the truth, but not a lie.


The greenette looks sheepish as he quickly turns away and picks the door up again.  Shouta can’t help but notice how easily he does it. 


“You know, I never got your name Era-“ Midoriya shuts his mouth with a click and speed walks away.  Shouta, intrigued, quickly catches up with him. 


“I’m sure with that big brain of yours, you could figure it out,” Shouta remarks.  The problem child stops in his tracks; sadly, and painfully, this causes Shouta to slam into the back of the younger.  Didn’t realize I was going that fast, he thinks as soon as he makes contact. 


They go down, and they go down hard. 


The still-costumed hero groans as he gets up and, when he’s going to ask if Midoriya is all right because he isn’t that cruel, he stops himself. 


The kid looks exhausted. 


“These problem children,” Shouta mutters to himself, slowly getting up - yeah that’s gonna leave a mark - and, noticing the boy not moving, raises his voice. “When’s the last time you had a break?” Midoriya just blinks.


Shouta exhales as if it will release any of the weight of his sins.  Is this kid serious?  At the kid opening his mouth, Shouta cuts him off. 


“You said you were going to be the first quirkless hero, right?”  Midoriya nods.  “All heroes need to know their limits so they aren’t a liability on the field, and you have clearly passed yours.”  Yes, Shouta could have worded it better, but it seemed to get the point across as the kid nods with understanding.  The newsflash Shouta handed him doesn’t stop him from pouting. 


Midoriya mumbles something about All Might and Aizawa does a double take. 


“Could you repeat that?”


Midoriya pouts harder and whines, “I said, if All Mi- excuse me, Yagi, was here, he wouldn’t do this.  He’d make me push through my ‘limits’–” Midoriya air quotes– “so I wouldn’t waste any time.”


“...and how do you know this?”  Shouta asks carefully. 


The kid seems to go from scared, to reluctant, to determined in the span of a few seconds; it honestly threw Shouta for a loop. 


“Well, you see, it all started when I was declared quirkless.”  


Shouta tries to pick up the door so the teen wouldn’t have to worry about straining himself, but Midoriya shoots up and snatches it before the older could properly get his hands on it. 


Shouta doubts the problem child when he says that he can handle it, but not wanting him to be discouraged from continuing his backstory, he watches him in case he needs to step in. 


Midoriya clears his throat and sets the door down. “This is going to be a long story, sorry.” 


He rubs the back of his head as Shouta cracks his knuckles. He spots a vending machine and gestures for the kid to follow him. 


The greenette follows him at his heels like a puppy. Fitting, Shouta thinks to himself as he arrives and orders two waters. Making sure Midoriya wasn’t looking, he added an apple-flavored juice box. 


Aizawa learns two things that day:  The kid will cry if given a juice box, and Yagi is on his shitlist and isn’t getting off anytime soon. 


*insert mothman yawning because they do be tired*

It was a week before the entrance exam for U.A. when Eraserhead showed up.  It was almost the best week of Izuku’s life.  Everytime he was around, Izuku felt elated.


 Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. 


The last day before Izuku was going to start his quirkless hero career, Yagi showed up looking for something he wouldn’t get. 


Izuku had been peacefully sitting on the sand, stroking Suteru’s back, when a certain hero’s laugh startled them both. 


And now, Izuku tells himself as he holds Suteru tighter in his arms, this idiot is trying to apologize so he can have a restful piece of mind.  He glowers as Yagi stumbles over his words and tries to start talking again. 


“You know, Yagi , if you truly want me to accept your apology,” Yagi looks hopeful, “Suteru has to accept it first.”


Yagi scowls in confusion. 


“He’s just a cat,” Yagi tries to say, but stops himself when Izuku turns his back toward the hero.  He‘s quick to correct himself. “I’ll do anything for you, my boy!”


Ignoring the nickname, Izuku squeezes Suteru closer before turning around and holding the cat out by the armpits.  The closer Yagi got, however, the more Suteru struggled. 


This struggle ended up with Izuku being scratched and Yagi being bitten.  Visibly enraged, Yagi yanks the cat out of Izuku’s arms and tosses him toward the ocean. 


Izuku cries out when Suteru lands roughly in the shallows, and starts hyperventilating when the cat struggles to get up.  Luckily, [redacted] dashes away right as his vision starts to cloud up. 


He can’t move, and he sees Eraser and he can’t move. He barely hears Yagi comment on how having a fit over a cat, that was completely and perfectly fine, wasn’t heroic, but Izuku glares at the hero regardless. Eraser starts heading their way as Yagi shoots off; he looks horrified. Izuku seizes up. 


He can’t move. 


He can't he can't he can't he can't-


 "Hey kid,"


 Izuku doesn't recognize that it’s the hero trying to help, to be kind. Oh god, is he here to yell at me? To put a weak, quirkless Deku in his place? Is he here to kidnap me? What about Suteru? Do I leave [redacted] when [redacted] could be seriously injured? No, of course not, I’ll look for Suteru later. Suteru is safe. What abou-

Insert spinning aizawa drinking coffee then disappearing



 "Hey,” Shouta tries again, softer. Nothing. The kid's eyes flicker around the beach, never lingering on one thing longer than a second or two. 


 He looks scared, as if he was the meek prey surrounded by vicious lions, each feline licking their lips and stepping closer..


 Shouta sucks in a breath and quickly takes hold of the boy's wrist, guiding it over to the pulse on his neck. Still nothing. No reaction. He grimaces at the hyperventilating boy. Should I let go? He can't hear me, or he isn't acknowledging it’s me. Okay, Shouta, focus on grounding him.  


 The hero takes another shaky breath and drags his arm across the boy's back carefully, ready to pull away if it worsens. He draws his hand over to the boy's opposite shoulder. 


 The kid’s still hyperventilating.


 Without warning, Shouta pulls him in for a hug.


 He knew it was an illogical solution, one that could spiral the boy more. Yet, from the short times he's seen the boy he's noticed… things. Things only abused people show. The kid was quirkless, so it was probable. That didn't make it feel better at all. Shouta hates dealing with abused kids because they're… just, so fragile and sweet and skittish and- 


 And... it breaks his heart. Society is bullshit and this just proves it! Just- uuuggghhhh- Shouta bites back a groan. Abused kids are usually touch starved, and he was leaving enough room for the boy to jump out so it should be okay-


 But then again, despite being a teacher (and begrudgingly earning the nickname Dadzawa) he sucked ASS with kids. This was more of a Hizashi or Kayama thing, hell, even Fukukado could do better! 


 But, they weren't here.


 And he was.


 So, he would do what he needed to.


 He will help this child.


 "Can you hear me, Midoriya?" He asks gingerly. The boy doesn’t respond. Shouta sucks a breath in through his teeth, about to say something. 


 He stops when the kid opens his mouth.


 "Su...e...u…" the greenette wheezes. Shouta lifts an eyebrow.


 "Is that what your cat is named? Suheru?" He inquires, leaning back from the hug and allowing his hands to grip Midoriya’s shoulders. The mentioned boy shook his head slowly. "Su..teru.." He corrects. 


 "Suteru?" Shouta parrots. Midoriya nods shakily.  


 Okay, good job Shouta. He's calmed down enough for his cognitive skills to work, and he can talk. That's good. Good.


  "I watched Suteru make their way over–” Shouta turns his body slightly to the right, jerking his head in the direction– “there. We can look for them after you’ve calm down." 


 The kid heaves a sigh of relief, subconsciously relaxing into the hero's embrace. His head hits Shouta's chest and he winds his arms around the ravenheaded’s waist.


  Back to hugging, I see. Shouta mused, smirking. 


 The two sit like wordlessly for minutes on end, every now and then shifting to get more comfortable. Midoriya eventually speaks up when his breathing dies down and his heartbeat slows, shaking breaths and quiet sniffles heard in every word.


 “Thanks, Eraser, sir.”


“Shouta.” Midoriya looks up at Shouta from under the hero’s arm. “Shouta Aizawa.”


Midoriya beams. 


“And you’ll be the first, and best, quirkless hero, kid.”