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Not Everything's Campfires and Marshmallows

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There were eight of them now, but that hadn’t always been the case. It started with just two. Two campers, two six year old boys on their way to their first summer camp. They’d known each other before camp, grown up next door to each other. Only one of them would have called them friends while the other would have just glared sullenly at whoever had given them that label though he wouldn’t have argued. 

The first was a green haired, green eyes, freckled boy named Izuku Midoriya. He had only just turned six before the camp and had been very excited to get to go with his best friend, Kacchan. Their mothers had been pregnant at the same time and raised their little boys together. They wanted them to be friends like they were.

Rather unfortunately, no one can know for sure what a child’s personality was going to be so no one knew Katsuki Bakugou would be something of a brat. That didn’t really change Izuku’s mind, of course, but Katsuki was not big on friends. That didn’t change the fact that, deep down, he knew he could rely on his “Deku”.

So, there they were. On their way to Camp Plus Ultra for their first summer away from home. Izuku had spent the first ten minutes crying, but Katsuki had dutifully hugged him and rubbed his back the whole time to calm him down. A few kids tried to tease the crying boy, but Katsuki could be very fierce in his protection of his friend when he wanted to be. Deku was his Deku and no one else was allowed to be mean to him. Only Katsuki because Deku knew he didn’t mean it. Not really.

“Come on, Deku. No more crying! We’re gonna have fun at this stupid camp. We’ll get to make s’mores and use paddle boats and swim in a lake! It’s gonna be fun and time will fly! We’ll write letters to our moms and get letters from them!” Katsuki declared, grinning at him

That was the last time Izuku cried for his mom that summer. The two of them had so much fun that they begged their parents to let them go the next summer and the next. They had a blast the first two summers, just the two of them only ever playing with each other and ignoring the other campers. 

Unfortunately, their third summer, the summer they were eight, they were put in separate cabins. Izuku couldn’t crawl into Katsuki’s bed when he missed home a little too much anymore which scared him and he’d sobbed for nearly an hour before Katsuki finally got him to calm down by promising to meet him every morning so they could spend the day together. They couldn’t have guessed that they wouldn’t have to be so worried.

In Katsuki’s cabin he was with three other boys. One had wild purple hair, purple eyes and looked like he didn’t sleep a lot. His name was Hitoshi Shinsou and he had been at the camp the past two years as well. He’d kept to himself, though which was how Katsuki’d never met him before. Another had bright pink hair and yellow eyes. Her name is Mina Ashido, though it was different then, but she was always different and unhappy in a way Katsuki hadn’t understood, then. Now, now that she can be she, she’s happier and bubblier than he’d thought anyone could be. The last was a boy with half red and half white hair, one grey and one blue eye, and a scar on half of his face. His name was Shouto Todoroki and apparently his family owned part of the camp. He was quiet and polite and always seemed so nervous for that first week.

In Izuku’s cabin, there were two black haired boys. One had black eyes to match and hair that he wore in some kind of mullet style and had a goofy grin. His name was Hanta Sero and as boring as some people seemed to think he looked, he was one of the most interesting. The other black haired boy had red eyes like Kacchan, but darker and happier, more friendly. He was Eijirou Kirishima and that summer was his first away from his moms so he was nervous. The other boy was blonde with yellow eyes and more energy than any counselor knew what to do with. His name was Denki Kaminari and it had been his first year at that camp, but he’d been spending summers away from home since he was much smaller.

From that summer forward, the eight of them were a tight knit group who always stayed close to each other. They were in two separate cabins for a few years, then, when they were twelve, they’d gotten to move into the bigger cabins and stay together. It was then that things started changing about their group.

The first change had been between Izuku and Shouto. Because Shouto was in Katsuki’s cabin, there had always been a kind of divide between them because Shouto was a part of Katsuki’s group. But after a couple weeks that summer, they grew closer than even Izuku and Katsuki had been. They were always together. Holding hands, going off on hikes just the two of them, swimming together, sneaking out of the cabin in the middle of the night. They were twelve, but they had started falling for each other that summer.

Then, when they were fourteen, Mina had come out as transgender to the group and started wearing girls’ clothes and taking hormones. The camp kept her in the cabin with her friends only because they had all known each other and they wouldn’t hurt her. That was also the summer Sero fell completely in love with her. She fell in love with him, too. They would often share a bunk bed, but would usually lay beside each other on the same bunk, cuddling. 

Denki and Hitoshi were the next to become a couple the summer they were all fifteen. They had been a gradual coupling, sharing a bunk bed, walking together during hikes, sitting next to each other at the fire. This had graduated to taking paddle boats and canoes to the middle of the lake to “just talk” and accidentally falling asleep in bed together. All the way until they shared their first kiss under the big oak tree behind their cabin. 

It had mostly been Katsuki’s stubbornness that made his and Eijirou’s relationship the last to completely bloom. There had been several near misses even from the beginning, but Katsuki was always pulling away. From the beginning, he’d been afraid to get too close to any of them, but especially to get that close to just one person. It wasn’t until their last summer at the camp, the summer before they were going to be seniors that Katsuki finally took that final jump. He’d kissed Eijirou at the first campfire of the summer and asked, more like demanded, that they be an item from now on. Eijirou had happily agreed. 

The next summer, they all returned to the camp that had started it all for them, but now they were the counselors. That’s where this story starts. With the eight of them spending their first three weeks of the summer before the campers got there as couples and friends.

Despite how long some of these couples had been together, none of them had taken that final step since they were always in a cabin with six other people. However, as counselors, they were in smaller cabins meant for only two people. They’d been given cabin assignments, but once they’d gotten there, they swapped assignments so they could be with their partners. They may be counselors, but they were also young adults who knew exactly what they wanted.