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boats & birds

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Kirishima switched the box full of presents for his boyfriend to his other hand, using the now free hand to knock on the mentioned boy’s door. “It’s Eiji, ‘Zuku!” A squeal coming from inside the door room made Kirishima’s face light up.

“Daddy!” Kirishima yelped as the door opened and Izuku thrust himself into his arms, almost dropping the wrapped box he held in his hands. “Be careful, bunny, I could have dropped this and you’re too loud.” The red haired boy hesitated on pushing the little out of his arms to scold him, but did it anyway.

Upon seeing Izuku’s face fall, he quickly took the boy into his room and sat him on the bed. “I have something for you, bunny...” The box was placed into Izuku’s hands and his face instantly lit up again, as happy as he was when he realized his daddy was back.

Kirishima grimaced when Izuku began tearing at the wrapping paper, but let him have his fun. Quickly, the boy realized what he was holding and began tearing up. It was the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch, along with a charger, three extra pairs of joycons, a few extra games and an Animal Crossing themed case for the new device.

Kirishima hadn’t originally planned to buy his boy so much as he couldn’t afford it, but once Todoroki caught wind of what the caregiver was buying at their mall trip, he pitched in and even offered to pay for everything he was getting for Izuku. Kirishima only gave in after constant badgering from Todoroki and even Uraraka and Iida who was with them.

“T-thank you so much, daddy! I-I-I love you!” Kirishima reached over and kissed his little’s tears away, as well as kissing his cheeks and his forehead. “Don’t cry, angel. How about we get you all set up, okay?” Izuku wiped away his tears and nodded frantically.

Kirishima and Izuku set up the new gaming device together, making accounts for the both of them and linking Nintendo accounts and inserting each of the games and letting them download. While they spent their time downloading, the two made sure to keep themselves busy.

First, they both went to Todoroki’s room and Izuku got the chance to thank his best friend for the gifts. After that cute exchange, Kirishima asked if Todoroki wouldn’t mind paying for the online services as well as attaching his card details to the online shop so they could use his money to buy Izuku new games. Todoroki smiled and pulled out his phone. “I sent you my dad’s credit card information; go crazy, you two.” Kirishima snickered and thanked him and then drug Izuku back to his room.

They then spent the afternoon attaching the credit card to the switch and then buying the online services, Izuku smiling and clapping in delight. And finally, a game finished downloading; Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The two sat on the bed, Izuku in Kirishima’s lap as the latter watched the former play his new game. Their night mostly consisted of this and Kirishima on his phone as Izuku would momentarily interrupt to show his daddy something new he discovered.

“Daddy, I caught a moth!”

“I found a fossil for Blathers, Daddy!”

“Why is Tom Nook asking for so much money from me, Daddy?”

“Can I put a picture of you in my house, Daddy?”

“Daddy, the tarantula killed me!”

Kirishima would smile and congratulate the boy or he would look something up online to help his little or he would kiss his forehead and tell him it would be okay. The caregiver is a little sad at his baby’s attention not being on him, but then again, he would do anything to see him happy just like he was now.

Hm, maybe he could ask Todoroki to buy him a switch to play with his baby in Animal Crossing...