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Those who loved her.

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This wasn't how Adora had planned on her first day of school going.

Adora shot her head up to her alarm hearing the loud intro of Taylor Swift's Out of the Woods blasted into her eardrum. She had the set the song as her last attempt alarm clock, meaning that she had barely twenty minutes to get ready, quickly she turned the music off groaning as she realized she had forgotten to set her other alarms. "Of course my first day and I'm probably going to be late." She scrambled out of bed rushing into the small bathroom across from her room. Knowing if she was going to shower she'd better make it quick which meant no music. The thought made her heart ache.

Quickly she slipped her pajamas off which consisted of a white t-shirt, black workout shorts, and white socks. Her physic was broad and muscular, scars laced her skin. The main ones being three tiny scratches across the bridge of her nose and then two on the side of her face. Some days they bothered Adora, most of the time she had to ignore them knowing the memories were in the past. Eventually she had made her way into the small shower letting the warm water hit her skin as she began to quickly wash her hair. Rinsing out the shampoo then lathering her body in some soap as she let the condition sit in her hair. Her fingers dug into her scalp as she removed the last bit of soap from her body. "Record timing I bet." She mumbled to herself still disappointed that she couldn't listen to music.

Adora hopped out of the shower, drying herself off and put her clothes on. She had spent the whole night before hand writing out her schedule in her journal for school and then setting her outfit out in the bathroom for the next morning. The outfit was simple; a white t-shirt with a tiny black logo in the middle, a denim jacket with darker washed jeans. Silently she put a hairband in her mouth as she put her hair in a classic ponytail, pulling the elastic band from her mouth to her wrist and over her golden hair.

"Adora hurry up!" Her older brother, Adam, called. He was only a few inches taller than her, broad in the shoulders and also muscular. His golden hair cut short and his eyes were dark brown almost black it seemed.

"I'm coming!" Adora hustled out the bathroom door grabbing her backpack from her room quickly and sliding into the kitchen earning an eye roll from her older brother. "Don't have time to eat, gonna be late," She rambled grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the door. Adam was the only family Adora had, their parents had died when Adora was only seven. Her memories of them very vague. They had died in a car accident, Adam raised her. There was a eleven year age gap between the two. Adora now seventeen and Adam twenty-eight.

Adam let her drag him knowing she was nervous about having to go to the new school. It was her senior year, new city, new school, new people. Her brother never wanted to move however his job offered him a better paycheck in Brightmoon. Most of the time he was quiet, letting his sister ramble on and on. He liked listening to her.

Adora shut herself inside the passenger seat of the car her stomach ached with anxiety. The lucky thing about starting school today was everyone was also starting a fresh year today too. Her nerves were jumpy and Adam didn't know exactly how to comfort her. So he simply got into the drivers side of the 2019 red Kia Soul.

"If you have any problems I want you to text me—" Adam was cut off by Adora.

"I'm seventeen. I'll be fine." Adora forced out a smile.

"I know. But I heard some of these kids are trouble and you don't have magic so-" Yet again he was cut off.

"I don't need magic to protect myself. I'll be fine." Adora reassured him. This didn't really make her feel good at all, she knew she was in a weak spot. Everyone at this school was probably fueled with sorcery, powers, or hell even a hybrid. It made Adora have goosebumps on her arms at the thought of being the only mortal there. There had to be at least one other kid like her, right?

So lost in her thoughts Adora hadn't even realized they were now in front of the school. "Bye, love you." She got out of the car with one swift movement, shutting the car door before her brother had time to reply. She winced knowing she should've waited for the reply but she was going to be late. The blonde hurriedly made her way past the remaining kids who were outside keeping her gaze lowered as she entered the school. Everything seemed normal.. kids shoving things into their lockers, friends chit-chatting about how their summers were, no magic in sight besides the hybrids of lizard people, goat people, etc. Silently she made her way to her locker that she had gotten at orientation only a few days ago. It was already decorated for the way Adora needed to function. A small magnetic calendar clung to the inside as she swung the metal door open, a few magnets also clung onto the surface. Stupid ones like lightning bolts, clouds, and suns. She was a sucker for anything cute she had to admit.

As she silently put a few unneeded books in her locker she noticed loud talking behind her. "New girl alert!" His voice echoed. He sounded cheerful though Adora wasn't going to take her chances yet. So she pushed past everyone once more and to her first class that was just down the hall.

"Outta my way." A girl with dreads shoved into her and into the classroom. With a small huff Adora followed already not liking this class just by that interaction. Adora had only remembered where her first period was not actually knowing what class this was or who the teacher was. She sat down in the middle after scanning the empty room. The girl that had shoved into her sat in the right back corner already on her phone. Phones? Were phones allowed in this class?

The blonde scanned the room for any rules signs, spotting one which clearly stated Rule 1. no phones. It bothered Adora that she wasn't following the rules. It wasn't her problem though.

Adora kept her gaze down as she unzipped her backpack pulling out a dark red journal and flipping to the first page. "MP/MH - Ms.Weaver" The blonde scrunched up her face. She had never heard of a class titled MP/MH. Adora wondered what it stood for. A familiar voice spoke out loud again, it was the boy from the hall, "Oh my god!! New girl's in our class!" He squealed. "Glimmer look!!"

At this point he was basically begging for Adora to look so she did. Her gaze lifted up toward the doorframe where stood a boy with dark skin his eyes practically swooning over Adora has he pointed at her. The girl next to him looked less impressed by Adora. "Bow you cant just point at strangers, look she's staring now." The girl said her tone incredibly stern yet sweet, she was short and had short pinkish purple hair that glittered. "Glimmer!! I can't help it look how cute she is." Cute?

Glimmer rolled her eyes at Bow as he began to walk toward Adora. "Hey I'm Bow and that's Glimmer." He glanced over at his shorter friend who was setting her bag down at the desk beside her.

"Yes I heard your names from the shrieking." Adora stated bluntly then winced. If she was to make friends she'd have to lighten up. "I'm Adora." Her voice sounded overly sweet now, back it up Adora, you got this. Before Bow could speak again the blonde got curious. "What is this class? It says MP and MH." She pointed to her hand written schedule which Bow found even more cute as he stared at it.

"Aww you make schedules." Bow beamed with happy eyes making Glimmer roll her eyes. "And it stands for, Magic Practice and Magic History." He nodded to her.

"I don't have Magic, why am I in this class then?" Adora found herself saying without even thinking.

"I don't either." Bow pressed on in a cheery tone. "It's a required class. Usually if we get assigned to practice magic, well, we sit on the sidelines and cheer. But we rarely ever practice it."

Adora nodded slowly now understanding though she didn't like being in a class that involved Magic she liked knowing Bow was mortal as well it made her heart relax. "Did you just move here?" Bow interrupted her thoughts. "A few weeks ago from Horde it's not far from he-" Adora was the one to be cut off now by Glimmer who chuckled. "Horde? As in The Horde?" The short girl looked bitter.

"Glimmer-" Bow began. "No Bow. If she's from The Horde she's bad news." Glimmer said sharply and grabbed his wrist tugging him to sit behind her.

"What?" Adora tipped her head to the side. "I don't understand." "Of course you don't." Glimmer said in a harsh tone. "Anyone from Horde is apart of The Horde. They want to seep all the magic away from here and use it for themselves." Adora only twitched from her words still looking confused.

"Glimmer I don't think she knows what you're talking about." Bow tried to tell her.

"He's right I have no idea what you're talking about." Adora furrowed her brows at them.

"Sure." Glimmer turned away and didn't say anything after that. Great. Someone already hates my guts.