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Cracking Eddie

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Eddie doesn't know what he did in a past life that was so bad. He just knows right now he's being punished.


The form of punishment: one Evan Buckley. Or more accurately a shirtless Buck with droplets sliding down his torso. Eddie can't take his eyes off of the gorgeous blond haired man. His mouth salivates with the need to lick every drop on the muscled body. The heat filling the bottom of his belly rivals molten lava. He's seen Buck shirtless multiple times but he'll never not be affected.


Eddie silently curses Chimney for bumping into the other man and spilling his drink all over him. Also silently questioning why does Buck have to be so comfortable with his body where he'll remove his shirt without hesitation. Not that he really minds. Now he's stuck ogling his best friend like a starving man staring at a juicy steak. 


He's brought back to the rest of the world by Buck and Chim's conversation. "Come on man it's no big deal. I can get my own shirt, you don't have to do it." Buck argued good naturedly.


The shorter man just waved away his objections. "It's fine Buck. Consider it an apology for soaking your shirt." He says as he leaves the upstairs kitchen area to the locker rooms with Buck's wet shirt. 


Buck just shrugs his shoulders in dismissal and grabs some napkins to wipe down his chest and abdomen from the sticky juice. While he's doing this he's unaware of the inner turmoil going on in the former soldier's head. Eddie gulped, watching his crush basically stroking his pecs and abs, something that he's wanted to do for awhile now. Eyes are tracing every curve, every sharp edge of muscle available. Every delicious little detail being burned into his memory without a doubt to resurface in a nightly fantasy. The stubbled man can feel his cock stir in interest at the blond adonis before him. 


Eddie wants to scold himself for being so inappropriate but he can't bring himself to look away. Not that the blue eyed man notices, he's completely unaware that his best friend is pathetically lusting after him on the couch. Eddie counts his blessings that he's not being as obvious as he feels.


Before he can return to admiring his teammate's physique Chimney returns, throwing a work shirt at Buck. "I didn't see one in your locker so I took one from Eddie's since you guys are closer in size than you and I." He explains, voice nonchalant like this fact isn't giving Eddie a heart attack. 


Buck turns his gaze towards him. "Is that ok with you Eds? Do you mind me borrowing your shirt?" Beautiful sky blue eyes are looking right at him. Melting him on the inside.


He clears his throat, hoping his voice won't give away the desire he's been feeling. "It's alright. Go ahead man." He says, aiming for cool and collected. Hopefully he succeeded.


He feels his brain short circuit as Buck puts on his shirt. On the back in bold letters is his name, DIAZ. It lays in between his shoulder blades like a brand. Like he's staked his claim on the other man. Dios mios. The shirt is tight around the shoulders, stretching across his pecs enticingly. Eddie feels hot under the collar of his shirt and he's pretty sure his face is flushed. 


The brunette desperately wants to kiss the sinful man. He wants to devour him and be devoured. He wants to get on his knees and beg the other man to consider him as a partner. He wants to memorize every inch of the man's body. Wants to kiss, lick, and bite wherever he could for hours. He needs to taste him on his tongue. Needs to know if those red lips look as soft as they look or if they'll be chapped but still so perfect.


He's breathless. The sight in front of him and the tantalizing thoughts of what could happen has knocked the air out of his lungs and left him aching inside. His mind pictures Buck above him, pinning him down with that cocky smirk he sometimes has, all while wearing his shirt. He shakes that image out of his head before it has a chance to go further.


Luckily for him the alarm chose this moment to go off.




Groupchat: Cracking Eddie


Hen: How did your part of the plan go Chim?


Chimney: Oh man, you should have seen Eddie. He looked like his brain melted out of his ears. 


Athena: You didn't torture the poor boy, did you?


Chimney: No more than what was discussed. Come on. It's not like he doesn't need a good kick in the pants to get his shit together. 


Bobby: I thought I made it clear that I didn't want to be a part of this. And that you shouldn't be doing this at work. 


Hen: Sorry Cap but you were out voted. It has to be done. If it will make you feel better I'll take you off of the groupchat. 


Bobby: Thank you.