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Kacchako Week 2020

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Placeholder for Kacchako Week 2020! Very excited to be participating in my 2nd ship week for our favorite explosive boy & sweetest girl!


July 27th - August 2nd

Day 1: Sparring vs Villain AU

Day 2: Royalty AU vs Fake Engagement

Day 3: Desserts vs Our Future

Day 4: Established Relationship vs Star Gazing

Day 5: Festivals vs Hand Holding

Day 6: Spy/Agent AU vs Quirk Swap

Day 7: Hurt/Comfort vs It Was Always You

Day 8 (Bonus): Spicy Mochi - Participants Choice Day


I have yet to decide if each day will be a one-shot or if I'll try to roll this all into 1 story - I am heavily leaning towards one-shot.

I'm also debating about writing a one-shot for each of the choices instead of choosing just one - I mean, I can't get enough Kacchako in my life, so who knows what I'll do