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Togata Paradise

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The big reason why Izuku couldn't get along with society, heck, or even be a hero like he always dreamed to be… is cuz of his Holstein quirk, Or, Well, a cow quirk. What does that mean exactly?

Simple. It’s a bovine quirk… for women.

And the only thing he can do is… well… make his own milk. And he hated it. He hated it so much.

Not only is it embarrassing, but it always makes him the center of attention throughout his life by bullies, always saying how he can’t get a girlfriend just cuz they’d rather have a big horned muscular stud than a small calf that leaks more than his tears.


And even if he gets a job, even at a young age, The only job for people (especially if for women) with those kind of quirks would be selling their own milk, cuz hey! It's easy money! But of course, who would like to buy milk from a guy?

Oh yeah, has he ever mentioned is cuz he can't control his own darn milk?


No matter how many times he gets rid of it, they always come back several hours later.

Until one day, Inko, his mom, asked her son to check out something… A better way to live in something where he'll be treated fairly; a farm sanctuary that takes care of people with farm animal related quirks, Simply called Togata Paradise.

Izuku at first thought it was a joke, but the more he thought about the farm and how it does, compared to the society he had to face… he had no choice but to agree, even if it means leaving his old home.

When the time comes, He packed up his stuff and had to say goodbye to his mom and the hometown he lives in, well, he wasn't so sure of that. If this farm is the place where they won't poke fun of his leaking chest, then he'll surely feel much, MUCH comfortable.



When they arrived, Izuku got off the green truck, examining the place he stood in front of. It was a cozy farm held by the Togata family, known for their unique type of agricultural farm work, at least that’s what he read on the website.


“Howdy, Midoriya!” Izuku snapped out of it and looked who’s in front of him, A black haired man with beady eyes standing in front of the entrance welcomed the boy to his newly home and He’s just... so nice.

“I-It’s nice to meet you, Sir!” Izuku said meekly, Before the man smiled.

“And it’s nice to meet ya, too, Come! I’ll show you your new home, but first, I have to introduce you to my son.”


That’s right, this man had a son, it may sound stupid but he wondered how he’s grown, the picture they saw on the website seems to be years ago, There was the father and his wife… holding an 8 year old blonde with blue , or are they? The photo seems to be very much in satin so he couldn’t tell.


His mumbling stopped when the black-haired man introduced a muscular god of a son to the black and white patched boy, he was busy plucking weeds out and his muscles tense every time he pulled a stubborn patch of weed.

“Hey, Son! I’d like to show you the new kid!” The man in the straw hat perked as he pulled away… and he was massive.

"Hiya! Name's Mirio, It's nice to meet such a small lil' bull like you!" He said as he held out his dirt-covered hand.

The boy was gobblesmacked. He's huge! Heck, even taller than his father himself! What kinds of protein has he been using!? Heck, how many times has he exercised a day!? No matter how many times he tried to exercise and eat certain foods, it always didn't seem to work well for Izuku, Wait, Could it be all of that hard work he's been with his papa working in the farm, wait, are there that many in the sanctuary? If so then maybe-

"... 'M.... You ok kid? Yer mumblin' about something." Izuku snapped and apologized. His black/green tufted tail tucked between his legs.

His father told Mirio that he should guide Izuku throughout the farm, and Mirio accepted it and held Izuku's soft hooved hand.

"Well, What are we waitin' for? C'mon! I'll give ya a tour before we show you your room!"

The boy shyly responded with a huff as the muscular man guided him throughout his new home.

It's... well, like any farm, Except it has humans or, well, humanoids that have farm animal quirks, often hard to control, it seems.

"As you can see, we take care of those who couldn't take care of themselves, For people who are partially pigs, chickens, horses or, of course, cows, we farmers know how to use them just like what we learned from what used to be a regular ol' farm! And yeah, people do call us weird for using such a bizarre technique!" Mirio laughed, adjusting his overralls.

Izuku tried to listen, but he couldn't stop watching the big man's smile, oh, how he's so proud of his job without feeling weirded out at all!

First, they showed him the public room, which is basically a stable with closed doors that lead to their own rooms, and there will always be a stash of hay near their doors... and it somehow made the literal cowboy drool. Wait, why is he drooling over hay...?

And then outside in which people can freely eat grass if they want to, for some reason, seeing that much green makes Izuku's stomach growl, Wait a minute, could that be part of his quirk? Maybe he actually has a different diet than he expected to be...?

"... And over here is your own room!" Mirio said cheerfully as he opened his door, and it was... of course, plain. But it was already lovely to look at. It was a large room with a soft bed and it has... so much space. He could fill the entire room with his All Might collection!


... Speaking of.

"Ah! I-I'm so sorry! I left my stuff in the truck!" He apologized and rushed, hoping the truck hasn't driven off with his stuff.

Luckily, he got them in time, and when he came back to said room, Mirio was still waiting, arms crossed, straw hat tipped, smile never leaving while humming a tune.

He wants to hug him so badly...

"So? Did you get your stuff?"




"Wow! I know All Might has a lot of fans, but you seem to be the biggest one yet!" Mirio watched in awe at the countless figures, pillows, bedsheets, and wallpapers of the man with a smile full of hope.

"Y-Yeah, it was..." Izuku huffed as he wiped his fuzzy face with a shirt and it's drenched in sweat... and... milk?



Oh... shoot!

He yelped and panicked and asked Mirio where the sink was, Mirio looked at him confused until he realized what's going on.

"Ah, You're a milker, aren't you?" He said, judging by the swollen chest.


"Well, Get your butt over here! We have the right place to dispense all of that!"

"The right place...? You mean..."

Izuku's face was a mix of confusion and horror.




"Y... You think this will work...?"

"Of course, Silly-willy!" Mirio said as he placed suction cups on Izuku's chest, gosh, just looking at the machine itself makes him gulp, it looks so scary, Like it will rip out his chest in a second.

"This machine will surely suck out every last drop, but in the end it'll be all over... for the day." The man soothes the boy by playing with his fuzzy ears before getting up to press the buttons on the machine.

He shivered just by watching before he blurted "I-Isn't there an alternative...?"

"Hm? Oh~! We can discuss that later, but again, it'll be over, I promise!"

"But-!" He wasn't ready, he heard the machine whirr and felt something tugging his chest, and it stings.
He bit his lip, hoping to not let something out as he squeezed his eyes shut, whimpering as the suction cups tug his plumped up chest.

The pain was soon over as he heard trickling sounds, and the tightness of his chest soon fades away, replacing it with something else... something he couldn't explain... but it felt good. Real good.

And he sighed, only to let out a little 'Mooo~...' as milk came out of his chest. Why is this so... relaxing...?

Soon, the machine stopped whirring, and the suction cups were pulled away, making Izuku opened his eyes.

"Rise and shine, lil' one!"

"Mooourgh... uh... w-what happened...?"

"Don'tcha know? You just got yourself your first milk dispensing time!"

I.... I did...?

... Oh.




"You mean my first... Milking session...?" Izuku mumbled through his drowsiness.

Mirio playfully facepalmed for his slip up "Haha, yup! You got that right! This may sound weird, but all fellers who can make their own milk need these."

Izuku, now fully awake let out a soft 'oh'... this might explain why it's hard for the boy to milk himself.

But this isn't over yet, Mirio checked to see the measurements inside the machine.

"Huh... only 2 cups." The man tapped the machine, and the cow boy peeked over out of curiosity.

"So... what does it mean...?" He asked meekly.

"Hm. Basically means yer not fed well, believe it or not, people with animal-based quirks have their own special type of diet to grow healthy and strong, And you're one of them." He said as he looked at the boy's skinny form, Almost a bag of bones, Poor lil' thing.

Then, he stood up and beamed with a smile "... So all you need is a proper diet! C'mon!"

Izuku was going to respond, but he was quickly dragged away by the sheer force of the farmer's hand, dragging him outside of the stable and was taken to the Togata family's house.

"I'll go ahead and tell Dad the proper diet of choice, ‘course it seems you don’t understand it, did ya? It’s fair, You’re a city boy, after all Well, you wait here, Okay?"


The boy accepted it and waited outside the lovely cottage as he stared up at the sky... It was so beautiful, with all the white puffy clouds, birds singing, gentle breezes, and not even a single sound of cars driving and beeping by, so quiet and so... peaceful.

"Howdy the-"

He jumped at the suddenly loud voice that is Mirio.

"Whoops, didn't mean to scare ya little buddy, anyways, here!" He held up a plate of whole wheat toast, spreaded with butter with Hay and Grass on the side.

Izuku only looked and sniffed at the plate for a few seconds and was already a drooling, And it made Mirio smile.

"Well, help yourself little buddy!" But the dish was sweeped from the farmer's hands and the boy was munching whatever is on the plate down like he hasn't eaten in days. And it made Mirio laugh, he wondered if he can explain the diet later, cuz this boy sure is hungry.

"Geez Louise! Have you had breakfast before coming here? Haha! I like ya!" The farmer boy sat next to him and patted his fluffy head, making the boy moan a little in response..

His calloused fingers are... so good. He appreciated every single stroke he gave him.


In fact... the thought of it makes him so happy, it makes him want to...!

"Mooo!" It was not a distressed moo, nor a sad moo, it's a happy, content moo. And it's, of course, another good sign.

Mirio laughed softly. "You know what, With a cute lil' moo like that, I think you'll fit in perfectly."

Izuku blushed before swallowing a patch of grass, D-Did he just call his moo-ing... C-Cute? Whenever he moos, it's disturbing to others.

His tufted tail swished behind him. "A-Ah, T-Thanks...?" thank goodness his face is covered in fur, cuz if not he would be as red as a cherry.

"You're welcome!" The farmer boy massaged his back a little bit...

"...Hey, I just realized something! Since you're used to this place already, I'll find you some friends! Sure, they're not cows but... they'll certainly love you! When you lay eyes on them, you three will surely get along!" He got up and beckoned the boy to follow him.

"Y-... You're sure?"

"Of course! C'mon!"

And so, the boy followed the farmer, and as much as he loves following him, his legs are sure getting tired.

First off is the chicken coop, which is, well, bigger than a regular chicken coop, filled with people with, also, chicken or rooster based quirks.

And boy, are they chatty.

"Uraraka~! I got someone you'd like to meet~!" The boy was confused until he heard a sweet voice of the repeating "Excuse me, pardon me, Coming through!"

And after a storm of white feathers, there she is, A young girl with a cute round face, permanently blushing cheeks, round brown hair, huffing. And Izuku can see that she has a lower half of a chicken, a soft, pillow like bottom and scaly legs.

"Sorry, Mirio, Those roosters are really into me these days." Then, when she looked at the boy, her eyes matched her hair, chocolate brown.

"Uraraka, this is Izuku Midoriya, Izuku, this is Ochako Uraraka."


They both stood there shyly before awkwardly saying hi to each other, and when the girl waved, it also seems she has feathers around her arms and hands.

Oh my gosh... the girl is so cute! And pretty, He can't help but blush underneath his fur.

She seems to have the same thing. "I-It's nice to meet you! I heard about you and I... uh.."

"I-It's nice to meet you too!" The cow boy squeaked, before holding his mouth.. and they both laughed.

"Aw, aren't you two adorable~? So! Do ya know where Iida is?"

"Hm? Oh yeah! I just spotted him in the ranch a while ago, before I was, you know... taken away by those annoying roosters."

"Awesome! Wanna come with? I'm showing this little boy around!"

The girl beamed and it's as if she wasn't shy before "Yeah! Don't worry, Izuku, You'll love Iida! He's the best runner in the farm!"

Izuku smiled as they followed the marching farmer to a wide range with several people with horse quirks, Until they're circled by a cloud of dust.

It's hard to focus at first, but when they do, there he is, a blue-haired man who seems to be an anthropomorphic horse, with a light grey sheen, beautiful blue tail and runs fast.

Really, really fast. Probably the fastest horse he's ever seen.

"Iida!" Ochako cried out his name a bunch of times till the horse finally notices the trio, but when he does, he tripped on a pebble and fell all the way to a fence, stunning the others.

Oh my gosh! Is he ok!? Izuku's head was rushed with questions as they run up to the horse boy, in which he responded with a weak 'I'm Okay.'

Then quickly got up and chopped his hooved hands like he's a robot.

"Uraraka! How many times do I have to tell you always wait until I'm done practicing!" Iida huffed while the chicken girl tried not to giggle at his silly movements, Mirio couldn't help but reflect that."

"Sorry, Iida! snck! But I have to introduce you to the new member of our team!" Mirio gestured the boy to the horse.

"This is Izuku!"


Iida stopped whatever he was doing before turning to the boy, and shook his hand.

"N-Nice to meet you..!"

"Tenya, Tenya Iida at service!" The way he shakes is so, well... robotic, harsh that Izuku assumed he would make him fly all over the place.

"Iida came from a family of heroes, but thanks to his… um... unexpecting horse quirk, he couldn't keep it up. So, His brother had to send him here to our care." Mirio said, then wrapped his arm around his elongated neck.

"...And boy is he a charmer! Takes a whole lotta things so seriously!"

The horse, if he doesn't have any fur, blushed. It seems he's just as shy as the other two humanoids.

"So, Here's a little something as part of a warm-up, Want y'all to know eachother, well, I know full well Uraraka and Iida are good friends, but I want you two to know Izuku too, and Izuku would do the same. So..." He gave them all a hug and walked off.

"I'm off to make dinner! Have fun while I'm gone~!"

The horse man, the chicken girl, and the cow boy looked at each other... awkwardly.




And... well, in short, they get along very well.

Iida showed him how the ranch works in his place and what he's doing, that is, measuring his speed but got himself carried away past the timer and almost what's best for people with horse-like quirks, Uraraka told him that the coop in her place is best for laying eggs in there, but when Izuku asked if she has that, she blushed and insisted on moving to the next.

There is a separate room for the people with pig quirks, and, thankfully, it's a lot less dirty than you think. Instead of a... well... Place full of mud, they're a bunch of friendly portly people being fed well with lots of food for their diet, it must've been paradise for them.

Then, last but not least, Izuku was taken to a stable full of people with cow-quirks, how they moo'ed and chatted about as they're getting ready for their own milking session, but it's hard to see through the closed doors. Are they using a machine? Or are they milking themselves or maybe-

Izuku was taken back to his own room, and heard a gasp from Uraraka and Iida.

"I can't believe it... Our rooms are right next to each other!"

And she's right, It seems like the girl and man's rooms are right next to Izuku's, and Izuku would love to show them his room but it's... kinda embarrassing.

Not now, at least.

But for now, he stretched.

"Tired?" Iida said.

"Yeah... I think I need some rest."

"Then do! My friend! You've walked long enough!" The horse insisted, and Izuku smiled happily as he went back to his new room, walked up to bed and plopped on his side, snoozing happily.

This is going to be a new chapter of his life, isn’t it?