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Graduating Together Forever

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This was Clay Jensen's big day..

He was finally graduating! And despite all the bullshit he went through to get to this point, he couldn't help but to feel proud. His parents were happy, and his graduation speech sent the audience roaring. But there was still his...




for Tony Padilla, specifically.

Tony was there from the very beginning, he was Clay's metaphorical rock when Hannah died. He fixes cars, but he was very good at fixing Clay's heart. He needed to say goodbye one last time. Clay walked over to the stage and greeted Tony. He couldn't move on from the loss of Justin. He kissed Tony, for what felt like forever. Clay's heart stopped and Tony embraced it. Tony hugged him, and they both hugged together. Clay loves Tony. And Tony loved Clay. This moment was treasured. Because even though he had girlfriends, nobody could replace Tony's charm or wit. Clay started to tear up as Tony patted his back.


"I love you, man." Tony's words echoed throughout the room as everyone was partying and celebrating their futures together.