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Bakugou Katsuki had his whole life planned, carefully crafted from the very moment Midoriya Izuku slid a ring pop on his finger, at the backyard of his own home at four years old. 

"With this, we can promise each other…" Little Izuku muttered, his words slurring together in his haste, stars in his eyes. "so we can get married when we are older!"

Little Katsuki pouted, staring at the emerald candy. It was not as bright as Izuku's eyes. "Why can't we marry right now?" 

Honestly, the idea hadn't left his mind since he heard his parents talking about it. Two people, bonded forever and ever. An eternal promise. Lived together, shared every minute and memory…  Occasionally babies came out of it?

"Well… When I asked mommy she said I'm too young for it." Izuku fumbled with his own strawberry ring, giving it a kitten lick. "So I guess we can in like…" he raised his free hand and counted. "three years, probably!"

"...That sounds too far away."

"Don't worry, Kacchan! I will never stop loving you, anyway!"

His heart made a little jump at the words, and he scowled even though his cheeks reddened . "You better, because I will not stop either."

"It's a promise, then!"

To say that promise gave Katsuki a reason  to live was an understatement. It has given him everything he needed and wanted, even if he was so young. He was sure he would never love someone as much as he loved Izuku, his childhood friend. He didn't even feel any sort of attachment for his parents, less anyone or anything else in his life. It's only been Izuku, as far as his memory worked.

He accepted it at age four, but at age seven after reading a book, he finally found a word for them that wasn't as superficial as lovers. He recalled highlighting the word each time in the entire book over and over, until the pages wore thin with yellow highlighter.

Soulmates .  

Izuku and Katsuki were soulmates, he was sure now. They were meant for each other and no one else. So it didn't matter if Izuku likes heroes, or comic books, or his mommy, because Katsuki knew, ultimately, Izuku would pick him over anything.

So to ensure their relationship, their future, he had to be able to protect the smaller boy from anything. The safety of Izuku became even more important when he turned out to be quirkless , of course. He had to keep Izuku as closer to him as possible.

Katsuki couldn't give less of a shit about his own quirk, but when Izuku kept praising him and saying how much he liked it, five years old Katsuki had no choice but to become the best at controlling it. He still remembered Izuku talking his ears off about becoming a hero duo, but with their dreams thwarted, Katsuki had one and only duty. 

"You're amazing even without a quirk, Izuku." He cupped his chubby cheeks and kissed the small stars on his skin and he comforted the boy . "If you want, I will become a hero for your sake." 

Izuku hiccupped, finally looking at him, tears clinging to his eyelashes. "R-Really, Kacchan...? You'd do that for m-me?"

"I'd do anything for you, 'zuku." He nodded. "I would even kill someone and steal their quirk for you." Katsuki already started to run on his mind a list of people Izuku previously mentioned had cool quirks, but the shorter boy interrupted him with a watery giggle.

"It's okay, Kacchan, you don't have to do that, I think. I'd love to see you become a hero though. The best one, the number one..." Katsuki's heart sauntered all over the place at Izuku's words . "And I can make comics with you on them! And w-write stories… like All Might's…"

It was with those words in mind that Katsuki started to train harder, to get better, even if he could only apply to All Might's academy at fifteen years old. He had a long time to prepare, just like he liked it. To plan and revise everything carefully. Specially, things that involved Izuku.

"—acchan? Are you there? Kaacchaaan~" Izuku's squeaky voice brought him back to the present. The sunset was just starting as the bell rang, and they were already alone in the classroom, being the ones on cleaning duty this week. Izuku was waving his hand in front of him as he held a broom with the other one.

"Sorry." Katsuki muttered quickly. "What were you saying?"

Izuku pouted, but he seemed to recover as quickly. "I asked if we were having a date this evening?"

"Oh." Katsuki grabbed the hem of his gakuran and brought him closer to kiss his cheek. Izuku giggled as he weakly tried to pry away. "Of course, 'zuku."

"K-Kacchan we are still in school…" He sighed as Katsuki lightly kissed his jaw. "W-Where are we going?"

" Secret ." Izuku's whine made it worth to tease him, even though he had absolutely no reason to hide anything from his boyfriend. "So let's hurry up here."

"Alright!" They took a bit before they untangled from each other and resumed to clean. 

Cleaning duty days were Katsuki's favorites aside their small evening dates. They really didn't have much time to spend together after they entered middle school, a lot of activities taking even their time off, so Katsuki relished any moment he could spend with his future husband. The best thing of it? Almost no one was there, so they were alone, unlike their dates where they ate at some place, or in Izuku's room where you could heard his mom fumbling about. It was so quiet and so lonely. 

He sometimes missed the time they could spend with each other when they were little kids. Playing at the backyard, sharing toys and comics, bathing together and having sleepovers on the same bed. Most of these were so hard to get now, with their parents against the idea of doing it so often . His parents also wanted him to get better at more things, even if Katsuki couldn't care less. Music, handwriting, cooking, making friends. He didn't need those, but he found out that cooking would benefit him and Izuku because he was able to take care of his partner . It was for the sake of it that he went through it all.

But also, Katsuki appreciated the time now. Every touch they discovered was magical, and trying to decipher how to make Izuku's body sign became one of his favorite activities. 

Also, Katsuki was very careful. He would never forgive himself if he hurt Izuku without his permission, or scared him. So he patiently waited for Izuku to meet him halfway, even though if it was Katsuki's choice, he'd have had sex with Izuku already . It was okay, though. Whatever Izuku wanted, he’d give it to him, to his own pace.

"Oh. I think I forgot my phone and backpack in the music classroom. Kacchan?"

Katsuki, already finished with the seats and tables, eagerly perked up at the chance to serve him. "I will get it. Be right back."


The classroom was on the opposite hallway, but he tried to walk through the echoing place as quick as possible. Even so, getting there and finding Izuku's backpack inside locker took him some minutes. Also, because as soon as he got it, he rummaged and picked up Izuku's phone. He always checked the messages, deleted contacts he didn't like and rejected calls so often than Izuku had practically accepted him to be the one to manage it at all times when they were together.

A single text was unread. It was Midoriya Inko's. She asked "Are you getting dinner with Katsuki-kun today?"

"Of course we are," he huffed. "We do it every Friday..." As he said it, he typed up a quick answer. Immediately, he got another reply . "Don't come back too late, but I will be sleeping early for work. You know where the key is. Love you."

Katsuki replied an okay , didn't even bother to check the rest. He knew the key of their apartment was under a flower pot near the entrance, Izuku had told him the first very day, though Katsuki would figure out eventually. He smiled as he pressed the home button and the background he set was still there, a selfie of them during last Christmas Eve, and finally pocketing the phone.

He didn't think he even took that much time to walk back, but his eyes squinted as he got closer and heard a stranger's voice. A girl?

Katsuki walked inside the classroom but the two people inside didn't notice him at all, with how quiet he was. Or maybe one of them was too distracted to notice.

"I-Izuku-kun… I'm glad I've found you alone." The girl's saccharine tone made Katsuki's stomach flip with anger. He hated girls for always thinking they could be friendly to anyone, specially to Izuku. "I wanted to give you this—!"

Izuku took the paper with curious eyes, but otherwise his expression was unreadable, even for Katsuki. "Oh. This is…"

"Yes! I've liked you since last semester, Izuku-kun. And I was wondering if—"

Katsuki couldn't listen anymore, because without even thinking about it he grabbed the nearest desk, picked it up as it weighed nothing. 

Izuku saw him coming only seconds before, but the girl definitely didn't, and the wood made an awful crack colliding with her head. She fell to the floor like a ragdoll, arms and legs spread wide, as Izuku blinked for a moment before pouting.

"Kacchan!" He said, cheeks rosy as his scowl failed to be any bit serious. "Gee, I was going to reject her! You didn't have to knock her out!"

Katsuki's breath came out ragged and quick as he held the desk over his shoulder, ready to hit her until he could take her apart .  

How dare this bitch get close to his boyfriend? His Izuku?

But of course, he couldn't strike again if Izuku didn't allow him. "Get away," he growled, ruby eyes dilated. "I will kill her."

Izuku shook his head and Katsuki deflated. Was him mad? At Katsuki? He was just protecting him—

"Ah, she's just unconscious. Thanks God." He said as he kneeled close the girl, his eyes analytical and his mouth set in a pout. 

"Why the fuck do you care?" Katsuki bit his cheek really hard when he settled the desk back.

"I care because!!" Izuku stepped around the girls body, cupping Katsuki's red face. "You can't go murdering anyone, Kacchan!! I don't want you to go to jail at fourteen!!" Izuku whined as he kept pinching his sides. "It would ruin our future together..." As he finished with a soft tone, Katsuki's body finally relaxed.

"Shit. Okay."

Izuku's eyes softened. "You have to be more careful, Kacchan. I know you hate when girls get close, but you can't kill them."

"Okay... Are you mad at me?"

"What? No! I'm not mad, Kacchan. I just worry about our future! I love you very very much! You're my Kacchan."

Katsuki's heart filled with his words, all fears gone and anger dissipated. "Hmm. Love you too." Izuku kissed the corner of his lips, and when he pulled apart Katsuki chased for more until Izuku shook his head.

"We have to get rid of her…" Before Katsuki could offer a place, Izuku continued his line of thought with a: "We should take her to the nurse and tell her she slipped and hit against a desk!"

"Alright, baby. But you're not touching that."

"Hm? What do you mean?

Katsuki puffed his chest. "I will carry her."

And he did, Izuku praising him the whole walk because of how strong he had become lately, all the psychical training starting to pay off.

When they got to the infirmary, it was Izuku the one to explain, even if he stuttered a bit, ever so bad at lying. But the nurse believed him, and both of them saw the girl being carefully set in a bed before they left. 

The walk back to the classroom was a bit quiet, and he wanted to ask what was on Izuku's mind right now. He didn't seem angry, or sad. He looked… contemplative? 

Without any signal from his partner, Katsuki felt the need to clear it up. "I'm sorry." He said, even if he'd do the same thing again if he could go back in time. 

Izuku, though, sighed and smiled. "It's okay, Kacchan. You just lost your temper for a bit, happens to everyone! Just promise me you will be careful from now on?"

"Yes." he nodded eagerly. "I will. Kiss?"

"We are still in school…" Even if he said that, he was hugging his neck and bringing him in for a sweet light kiss. "mkay. Let's go to our date, Kacchan."


Katsuki got strict eating habits, completely understanding how important it was for his body and mind to be healthy, and he planned the exact same thing with Izuku. It was just a little bit tricky at first, to make Izu stop eating trash food and less candy, but eventually he came around with Katsuki's homemade meals. His boyfriend loved them so much, he said he wouldn't live without his food. 

For him, it was one of the highest achievement yet.

This past week, Katsuki had introduced more vegetables and less meat than before, and even if Izuku pouted a bit, he had complied like a good, good boy. So it wasn't strange for him to want to reward his boyfriend for his good behavior. 

One of the best rewards was of course, giving him the food he liked the most during the weekends. 

So when they rounded a corner and the shop was on sight, Izuku beamed as he understood he was being taken to his favorite noodles shop in the city. 

He got his tummy full of his favorite ramen, and Katsuki met Izuku's smile blooming again. It always took his breath away, no matter how many times he saw it.

They walked back Izuku's home under the moonlight, and Katsuki was buzzing with energy and expectation as much as Izuku was. 

The other reward he always liked to give Izuku, was kisses.

Katsuki and Izuku sat in his small bed, knees and hands touching as Katsuki licked deep into his mouth. They had to be kinda quiet, considering his mom was sleeping, but it was always tempting for Katsuki to see how far he could get the nerd to moan and squirm under his touch.

"A-Ahnn… Kaccha-"

Izuku was so, so very cute.

And Katsuki roamed his hands over his back and chest, taking his shirt off, and quickly undoing his boyfriend's belt. Izuku bit his lower lip to suppress a scream as Katsuki roughly slipped his hand inside his briefs and grabbed his hard dick. His pace was quick and aggressive, and Izuku's little mewls only encouraged him more and more. 

He had to see him undone under his touch, he had to hear…

"Izuku," Katsuki huffed on a pink ear, so worked up even if he was still dressed, only feeling Izuku's mouth on the corner of his, and nails digging in his back. "Izu… Say you're mine."

He immediately moaned. "I'm y-yours, Kacchan!"

"No one will take you away from me..."

"N-No one…A-Ahn..." Izuku arched his back as Katsuki hurried the pace, precum dripping down his tip. "You're mine , Kacchan. Hm?"

"Y-Yes!" He moaned and bit his lip. He said it too loud. "A-Always. Death can't take us apart, even."

"I want…." Izuku's eyes were glossy with lust, his bitten lips pink. "I want to make Kacchan feel good too…" When he pulled away from Katsuki's touch, he hissed as he was the one who lost contact.

But then Izuku was on his knees, feather touch over Katsuki's thighs until he looked straight down at him. 

"Eyes on me, Kacchan."

It was the first time they were doing this, but Izuku's familiar warmth felt heavenly as he took Katsuki's cock inside. He fluttered his eyelashes as he looked up to his boyfriend. His future husband… His entire life.

The noises were downright obscene as Izuku sucked on his dick like it was the best thing ever. Katsuki bit his tongue to avoid making any more screaming, but his legs kept opening more and more eagerly as his orgasm threatened to tip over very quickly.

Izuku circled the base of his dick with his hand, caressing what his little mouth couldn't take, as he drooled all over Katsuki. He didn't even realize when he started to push his hips up, grabbing a handful of Izuku's hair and making him choke. 

He immediately froze, cupping Izuku's cheek. "Shit, I'm sorry. I shouldn't—"

"No!" Izuku quickly shook his head after he was done coughing. "I-I like it. Use me as you like, Kacchan. I- I love it!"

Izuku's face was redder than before, but Katsuki could never say no to anything he asked. With a smile, he stood up as Izuku looked at him confused. 

It all got clear when Katsuki grabbed a fistful of green curls and his hard dick on his other hand, guiding it inside Izuku's warm, wet mouth again. Izuku's eyes fluttered as he was filled to the brim, choking a bit but giving no signal of wanting to stop. 

They waited a heartbeat, two or three. The whole apartment was quiet and Izuku's throat kept making smalls movements around his tip. It seemed like he was trying to get used to it, for his cock to be so deep inside him. 

It drove Katsuki mad.

"I'm gonna move, baby, okay?" To Izuku's eager eyes, he smiled. "I'm going to cum down your mouth and you're going to swallow it all, Izuku. Got it?" He pet his hair as Izuku made his best to show his enthusiastic consent. It's was enough for Katsuki to get him closer to come already.

He started slow, almost delicate thrusts inside, as Izuku's tongue lavished everyeh he could reach. Then, Katsuki grabbed his hair roughly and pushed deeper, making Izuku moan like an absolute whore. 

Any other day, he would love to hear him scream, but they were supposed to be quiet now. "Izuku, shhh. You want mom to hear you?"

Izuku was tearing up as he hummed. "Hm nmgn—" 

"F-Fuck. Don't talk with your mouth full." When Izuku tried to push away, Katsuki brought him against his pelvis, making him gag again. "Thought so. But good boys don't pull out. Aren't you a good boy, 'zuku?"

He didn't even need to speak to convey what his eyes were saying. 

I'm good, I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy…

Katsuki fucked his mouth until he felt his orgasm crashing over him, spilling his cum inside his boyfriend. It was the first time they did this and he was already addict to it. Izuku's mouth is great at everything, it seems?

And then, Izuku swallowed all he could, even if some mixed with his saliva and fell to the floor. Katsuki was fascinated with the image. 

"Come here," he whispered as he helped Izuku stand up on wobbly legs. "It's my turn, and then, I'm kissing you silly, you hear?"

"Y-Yes, Kacchan!"