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I really had everything. With any job I took there was always enough money to manage – provided I didn’t leave it at some gaming table straight away. There was always someone with whom to have a drink or to exchange a few words. There was always someone to spend the night with.

For quite a while there hadn’t been anything exciting in my life, let alone any long-term plans. But I had almost given up on all that anyway.

What else could I need after all? Or whom?

Then I heard you, and saw you, and went up to you. Driving together on that rig. New. Exciting. Harmony.

And yet I didn’t tell you my name. Better be careful. Better for us, and in general.

And yet you told me yours. You and your idealism …

Later on that day I caught myself on and off thinking about you. I pushed those thoughts aside. Still, I couldn’t forget that you probably were still around somewhere in town.

At night, just after I said goodbye to my last dollars, too, I was asked to go to a table. By you.

And I realised that this was exactly where I wanted to be. Where you were.