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When This Song Comes To an End

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Jungkook is a good father.


Which, he doesn’t say from a place of false competence. He is a good father. He always puts Jungho first and always chooses his son's needs over his own. But sometimes, he has things that he can’t get out of, even if he wants to. 


“If you don’t show up then we have to forfeit the competition,” Hoseok says over the phone and he sounds genuinely upset, which is rare for him. It makes Jungkook feel even worse about the entire situation. “The kids have worked so hard for this.”


Jungkook exhales. “I know that but Jungho is cranky and I can’t take him to the show or he would disturb everyone-“


“You don’t have a babysitter?” Hoseok asks and his voice slowly bleeds into a whine. 


Jungkook rolls his eyes at his best friend's dramatics. “No. Namjoon is working, you are going to be with me and my usual babysitter got the flu this week and I don’t want her anywhere near Jungho.”


Hoseok hums and Jungkook internally winces because that’s Hoseok’s thinking hum. The type of hum that usually winds them up in trouble. 


“I have an idea!” Hoseok suddenly says and Jungkook does wince this time. 


“Absolutely not,” Jungkook says, his tone leaving no room for argument but Hoseok has never been scared of him or his empty threats.


“You haven’t even heard my idea yet,” Hoseok says and Jungkook can hear the pout in his words. “It’s a great idea.”


“The last time you told me that, I ended up with pink hair,” Jungkook reminds Hoseok unimpressed. 


“Hey! If I remember correctly, your pink hair scored you that boy you had a crush on for months,” Hoseok reminds him to which Jungkook rolls his eyes. 


“You mean the one you ended up dating in the end?”


Hoseok pauses. “Details. My point is, my ideas do work. Like come on? I got a husband out of one of my brilliant ideas. Sure, he was meant to be yours but-”


“Oh god,” Jungkook interjects because Hoseok can sometimes go off on a completely different tangent when they are meant to be focusing on something “What’s your stupid plan?”


“Well, I know someone that could babysit your kids… well two someones that is,” Hoseok says and Jungkook narrows his eyes, even though he knows Hoseok can’t physically see him at the moment. 


“You're doing your… suspicious voice,” Jungkook says plainly. “What is it and what am I not going to like about it? Also, if I haven’t met this person there is no way in hell that I am going to leave my son with-”


“You have met him!” Hoseok interjects hastily. “Just… maybe not his husband.”


“I’ve met him?” Jungkook asks unsure. He’s met quite a few of Hoseok’s friends but none of them have been a man married to another man. “Where?”


The line goes quiet on the other end for a few seconds. “Your apartment complex?”


Jungkook frowns. “What? Who-”


“Hot guy, pretty short and has blonde hair? Looks kinda like a grumpy cat but he has a really cute gummy smile?” Hoseok describes and Jungkook freezes. 


“He’s married?” Jungkook exclaims because holy fucking shit he’s an idiot. 


Oh my god he’s such an idiot. 


No wonder Yoongi looked at him apologetically when he gave him his phone number in a rare moment of complete bravery. Jungkook had been mortified the next morning when he woke up to two texts, one from Hoseok and one from his… mother. It had not been one of his finer nights. 


“Well… kinda,” Hoseok says.


“How can you be kinda married?” Jungkook asks incredulously. “Oh my god. I asked him out! His husband is going to kill me… or my kid… one of those.”


Jungkook can almost swear he hears Hoseok roll his eyes. “Seokjin wouldn’t harm one hair on Jungho’s head.” 


“But what about my head?” Jungkook throws himself back on his bed and Jungho rolls over to start climbing his father like a play set. Jungkook holds one hand up on his right side to catch his son if he accidentally slips. “I gave him my phone number and he never texted me. I’m not going to ask him to watch Jungho, he obviously wants nothing to do with me.” 


“I can guarantee you that isn’t true but he’s our only option okay?” Hoseok says and he’s back to whining. “Please? I don’t want the kids to miss their competition because you’re an idiot.” 


“Wow, thanks hyung.” 


“My point still stands, so drop him off tomorrow evening at four p.m. okay? Yoongi already knows to expect Jungho.”


Jungkook shoots up from his bed and Jungho goes toppling over to the left side of him, landing on the bed with a soft thud and loud laugh. Jungkook immediately looks over his son and presses a kiss to the top of his head in apology. Jungho babbles something and grabs hold of Jungkook’s finger so he figures he’s forgiven. 


“You already told him? Hoseok! I have to see him every morning.” Jungkook asks and he wonders if the judge would be on his side for murdering Hoseok. He feels that’s the only justified punishment that will make Hoseok atone for his crimes. “Why would you-”


“Listen we have both put too much work into this routine to have it all go to waste and I know you love the kids as much as I do,” Hoseok states matter of factly and Jungkook hates that he’s always right. “So put on your big boy pants and drop your kid off at the nice gay couple’s door so they can teach him that homosexuality is the only way.”


“I hate you.”


“No you don’t,” Hoseok practically sings and Jungkook hates even more that he’s right. “So I’ll see you tomorrow? Okay! Night Googie and Joongie.”


Jungkook scrunches his nose. “Stop calling my kid that.” 


“Absolutely not. Now let me talk to my godson so I can give Namjoon a blow job,” Hoseok says, voice still practically singing the words.


Jungkook fake gags but switches the phone to a facetime call, to which Hoseok immediately answers. He says his goodnights to Jungho, who smiles widely the entire time and babbles away about his day and all the cool dinosaurs that Jungkook bought him from the store. Jungkook only bought him two but Jungho has always been an exceptionally grateful kid and gets excited for even the smallest of things. 


After they say their goodbyes, Jungkook falls back into the bed out of exhaustion and embarrassment. He had done his best to bury the… elevator incident, as he likes to dub it, in the darkest recesses of his mind. It’s a memory that he chooses to pretend is nothing more than a fever dream his mind, concocted in order to ruin his sleep schedule. 


Really, he can’t even be blamed for having a crush on his neighbor. It would be more odd if he didn’t have a crush on his neighbor. His neighbor that is shorter than him and always laughs at his jokes even if they are god awful and who has now taken to bringing an extra muffin for Jungho every morning. When he had first moved into the apartments, Jungkook had been weary due to the tattoos and piercings the man had but then they started seeing each other every morning due to their similar schedules. 


They would ride down the elevator to the first floor every morning at seven in the morning and eventually Jungkook learned the man’s name was Yoongi and he is nothing like he initially thought he would be. Yoongi is as shy as him but once you get past that initial awkward barrier, Yoongi becomes a talker. Jungho was the main reason they finally broke the ice with each other because he attached himself to Yoongi’s leg and asked if he could color the pictures on his arms. Jungkook had been horrified and Yoongi had waved him off with a genuine laugh and a promise to Jungho that he could one day color his arm in if he wanted. Jungho had attached himself to Yoongi not long after that and thus their morning talk routine had begun. 


But then Jungkook went and screwed that all up by giving Yoongi his phone number. He must have been reading the signs wrong because the moment he gave Yoongi the folded piece of paper and the elder grimaced- he knew he had fucked up. Jungkook had bolted from the elevator before it closed, claiming he forgot Jongho’s backpack, even if it was very obviously strapped to the toddler's back. 


Yoongi had never texted him and Jungkook started taking the elevator at a later time.


Now, Jungkook understands why he had been rejected. 


Yoongi was fucking married and Jungkook is a fucking idiot. 



Jungkook raises his hand to knock but immediately drops it back down to his side. 


He’s nervous and he doesn’t even know why.


They are just babysitting his kid for god’s sake. It’s not like he's coming over to go on a date with Yoongi. Because he’s not. And never will because Yoongi is married and God seems to get real pleasure out of fucking with Jungkook. He kind of hopes Yoongi’s husband is ugly just out of spite. 


He raises his hand again but immediately drops it. Jungho tugs his hand and he looks down at his son with a raised eyebrow. Jungho raises his eyebrow back and tilts his head to the side slightly. Jungkook hates how similar they are. 


“Don’t judge me,” Jungkook whispers to his son because he is feeling awfully judged. Can three year olds judge? He thinks they can. Kids are kind of the meanest people. It’s like their little bodies are filled with nothing but rage and a need to try and eat things that aren’t edible. Like crayons. Jungho has tried to eat at least forty-seven crayons-- not that Jungkook is counting. But he totally is. 


Jungho sticks his tongue out at him and Jungkook gapes. Who taught him that? He’s going to have a strongly worded conversation with Namjoon about teaching his son to rebel against him.


Jungkook does exactly what every mature adult would in his situation. 


He sticks his tongue out at his son in retaliation. 


And then the door opens. 


“Wow, fighting with a three year old,” Jungkook hears. “I kinda respect it.” 


When Jungkook looks up, he has three thoughts in rapid succession. The third being he just got caught sticking his tongue out to his three year old son. The second being oh my god that’s one attractive voice and the first and most prominent being… oh no, he’s hot. 


Jungkook has seen a lot of attractive people in his days. He has seen a lot of men that could easily be mistaken as models and women that had an almost ethereal beauty to them, but all of them pale in comparison to the man standing in front of him right now. Which is a bit dramatic he knows but it's been like a year since he’s last been with someone, he feels like he deserves to be cut some slack. 


“I.. uh - Did I get the wrong apartment?” Jungkook asks dumbfounded. He was positive this was the apartment number that Hoseok texted him this morning but maybe he was wrong-


“Jungkook right?” Beautiful stranger asks. “And this must be your son, Jungho?” 


Beautiful stranger kneels down so he’s eye level with Jungho and offers the toddler a small smile. Jungho looks at the man skeptically and squeezes Jungkook’s hand. 


Jungkook offers an apologetic smile. “Sorry, he’s a bit shy-”


“Yoogie!” Jungho suddenly shouts and drops Jungkook’s hand like it doesn’t mean a thing to him and bolts inside the apartment. Jungkook would normally be concerned with his son entering a complete strangers apartment at free will but then Jungho is scooped up and into Yoongi’s arms. 


Yoongi, who isn’t in his usual attire of black jeans, black t shirt and leather jacket - instead he’s in an oversized pink sweater and a pair of black shorts. His hair is also a bit messier than it usually is and Jungkook can practically feel his mouth dry up as he takes in Yoongi’s legs. 

Yoongi’s married legs, his mind screams at him and he forces his eyes away from Yoongi and back to the beautiful stranger who was watching his inner turmoil unfold with an amused smile. Jungkook can feel his entire face heat up but thankfully the man doesn’t call him out on checking out his husband. 


“It’s nice to finally meet you,” Beautiful stranger says. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” 


He doesn’t necessarily say it in a mean way but it still has Jungkook gulping slightly. Is it rude to apologize? Even if he did want to apologize he doesn’t know how he would even start. Like ‘I’m sorry for hitting on your ridiculously attractive husband but if it makes you feel better I think you’re ridiculously attractive as well. Are you into threesomes by chance?’ - Yeah, he has a feeling that apology wouldn’t be taken very well. 


“Seokjin stop being weird,” Yoongi says, shouldering his husband out of the way. Seokjin. The name of the man that Jungkook wants to be… or maybe wants to kiss - he’s honestly unsure at this point. “Come in Jungkook.”


Yoongi steps to the side and allows him to enter their apartment. Jungkook does his best not to show his visible shock at how nice their place is, but he doesn’t think he succeeds if Seokjin’s snicker is anything to go by. Even though they live in the same complex, Seokjin and Yoongi’s place looks a lot more like a… home. Jungkook doesn’t have a rats nest of an apartment by any means but he’s also no interior designer and Jungho doesn’t care what their furniture looks like as long as there is always apple juice in the fridge, he’s good. 


“Thank you again for this,” Jungkook says as he hands Jungho’s bag over to Seokjin. “I’m sorry for just dumping all of this on you. I can pay-”


Yoongi waves him off immediately. “Absolutely not. We don’t mind at all. Seokjin especially loves kids and this will be good practice for us.”


Jungkook does his best not to react to the statement because really, he has no right to. Sure he may have a crush the size of the moon on Yoongi but Yoongi is married. Married to an extremely attractive man. 


He shakes those thoughts out of his mind, knowing they will lead nowhere good. He offers Yoongi a smile, which may turn out to be more of a grimace but neither of them comment so he thinks maybe he’s fooled them. Seokjin takes Jungho from Yoongi’s hands and Jungho goes easily, obviously deciding that he is now trustworthy. Jungho has always had a blind trust in Jungkook and that he will keep him safe from all harm, which is true. And since Jungkook didn’t have a negative reaction to Seokjin, he must be someone worth trusting. 


Seokjin takes Jungho and spins him around. Jungho holds onto Seokjin’s neck with his tiny hands but he’s smiling wide enough to see his gums and all of his baby teeth. 

“Is this a list of instructions?” Yoongi asks, taking the folded piece of paper from Jungkook’s hand. “Oh wow.” 


Jungkook ducks his head bashfully as Yoongi takes in the long list of instructions on taking care of Jungho. 


“I know it’s a lot and you don’t have to follow his schedule strictly. I just - I just like making sure that he’s well taken care of.” Jungkook moves to stand next to Yoongi and begins pointing at the various things written down. “Like he does need to go to sleep before ten or he will be cranky all day tomorrow and probably get a small headache. He can have sweets but just not chocolate because it makes him feel icky, but he really enjoys strawberry flavored things. Also I brought another pair of dino pajamas just in case he doesn’t like the pair he’s currently in. Sometimes he complains that they get too warm but I didn’t know how hot-” He stops when he realizes that Yoongi is staring at him. 


He gets even redder if that’s even possible. “Sorry I just-”


“Don’t apologize,” Yoongi says and Jungkook stops short at the sincerity in his tone. “Really, kids deserve to have parents like you. I promise to follow the list as closely as possible.”


“We also won’t murder your son,” Seokjin throws in from the living room as he continues to wave Jungho around like he’s a small airplaine and even though Jungkook knows its supposed to be a joke his life still flashes before his eyes.

“Please excuse my husband, he makes uncomfortable jokes when he’s nervous,” Yoongi says, throwing a pointed look at Seokjin and moving to stand in front of Jungkook. 


“I resent this slander,” Seokjin says petulantly from where he now stands. “My jokes are funny aren’t they Jungoo?” Jungho giggles and pinches Seokjin’s cheek, which Seokjin takes as all the agreement he needs. “See? Jungho agrees.”


“Well to be fair Jungho also laughed at a spoon yesterday for twenty minutes.” Jungkook adds rather unhelpfully and Seokjin’s face falls but Yoongi laughs so it’s a nice balance. “But okay. He will be fine right? If anything goes wrong please call me. I will have my ringer on and I will leave the very instant you need-”


“Jungkook.” The way Yoongi says his name has his ramble stop abruptly. He looks at Yoongi, who is offering him a warm smile. “We can handle it, I promise. Also Hoseok already threatened us to an inch of our lives and told us if anything happened to Jungho they would never recover our bodies.”


“Yeah, he’s terrifying when he’s angry. I feel bad for Namjoon anytime they get into an argument,” Seokjin says sympathetically but all his attention is focused on holding Jungho above his head. 


Jungho laughs loudly when Seokjin pretends to drop him, only to cradle him in his arms. 


“Again! Again!” Jungho says, clapping his hands enthusiastically. Seokjin obliges and Jungkook feels something warm spread in his chest.


Yoongi and Seokjin seem like genuinely good people and it relieves some of the pressure around Jungkook’s heart. He loves Jungho more than anything and he doesn’t think he would be able to live with himself if he was unknowingly putting him in danger of any kind. But Hoseok vouched for them and he knows that Hoseok would never let any harm come to his godson. 


“Thank you again,” Jungkook says as he moves towards Jungho to give him a kiss on the nose. Jungho wraps his small arms around Jungkook’s neck to give him as strong of a hug as he can muster. 


It’s always so unbelievably hard to leave his son, even if it’s something he should be accustomed to by now. But it never gets any easier. 


“Appa will be back later okay?” Jungkook says softly, pressing another kiss to Jungho’s nose. 


Jungho nods. “Jungoo will miss appa this much!” He holds out his small hands and opens his arms wide. “Otay?”


Jungkook can’t help the overwhelming fondness that overcomes him. He truly doesn’t know the kind of person he would have become if it wasn’t for his son.  


He gives a nod to Yoongi and Seokjin and they both answer with warm smiles. Seokjin cradles Jungho to his chest while his son holds on his shirt like a lifeline and Yoongi raises one of Jungho’s hands to wave goodbye to Jungkook. 


As Jungkook closes the door, he surprisingly doesn’t feel the normal round of anxiety that usually accompanies him when leaving his son with a babysitter. It’s not that he doesn’t trust the people that take care of his son, it’s more of the fact that anything could happen while he’s away and he won’t be there to fix it. It’s something he’s had to learn to get over but that doesn’t mean the anxiety is any easier to deal with, even as time has gone on. 


But with Yoongi and Seokjin, it feels different. 


So different in fact, that he hardly even worries about Jungho for the duration of the competition. It’s a new sensation - almost freeing in its own right and even Hoseok notices that he doesn’t look as stressed as he normally does when he’s away from his son. 


“So you met Seokjin,” Hoseok whispers while their children take their well deserved break. They destroyed the other teams in the first round of competition, now they just have to get through the second round. “What did you think?”


Jungkook gives Jihyun a soft pat on the knee after he finishes tying up her shoes. “The way you ask it makes me feel like you want to say more than you are allowing yourself to.”


Hoseok laughs. “You think he’s hot don’t you?”


Jungkook does not trip over his own feet - he just stumbles a bit because of the… air. He turns to give Hoseok what he hopes to be a withering look but Hoseok, as always, seems totally unphased by the entire ordeal. 


“I hate you,” Jungkook says for what feels like the millionth time in less than two days. “You are the worst.” 


Hoseok hops onto the counter of their prep room. “I’m taking that as a resounding yes.”


Jungkook drops his head into his hands. “He’s so hot.” The words are muffled into his palms. “Please kill me.”


“You will get through it,” Hoseok says placatingly but it doesn’t sound sincere in the slightest. “Oh and also-“ Hoseok hops off the counter and steps into Jungkook’s space. “They are totally down for threesomes.”


Hoseok bolts after that, leaving Jungkook to choke on his own spit at the visual and then stew in his less than pure thoughts for the remainder of the completion. He’s not even to fully enjoy their kids' victory because all he can think about is pouty pink lips and large hands. 


When he finally makes it back to the apartment complex, he’s grateful that the lingering thoughts are now mostly pushed to the back of his mind. All he can think about is wrapping Jungho in his arms and getting to sleep in tomorrow morning. When he reaches Yoongi and Seokjin’s door this time, he doesn’t hesitate before knocking. 


Seokjin opens the door mere seconds after he knocks in pink pajama pants and a far too large for him black shirt. Jungkook tried not to dwell on the fact that Seokjin looks attractive even in sleep wear.


“Jungkook!” He says with a warm smile. “We were just about to make some hot chocolate, come in.”


Jungkook looks down at his watch and sees that it’s almost nine. Seokjin must sense his apprehension because he laughs goodnaturedly. 


“Jungho is already asleep and bathed,” He reassures as he closes the door behind them. “He gave us no trouble at all and fell asleep maybe ten minutes into my goodnight story.”


“Which Seokjin was totally offended about by the way,” Yoongi says as he walks out from the kitchen, drying his hands with a rag. “Was pouty about it for a total of thirty minutes.”


“I was not offended!” Seokjin interjects vehemently. “I just don’t understand how you can fall asleep during a story of such love. Of such heartbreak and betrayal.”


“Babe, Jungoo is three. He doesn’t even know what the word betrayal means,” Yoongi points out as he turns to walk back into the kitchen. 


“I’m sure if I took his dinosaur plush and kept it, he would know exactly what heartbreak and betrayal means,” Seokjin mutters and Jungkook has to try extremely hard to suppress his smile. 


Seokjin catches his eye and winks at him and Jungkook can’t help but laugh then, even as the tips of his ears turn a fierce shade of red. Seokjin, once again being the angel that is, doesn’t comment. Jungkook shakes his head, forcing himself not to think about the small fluttering in his heart every time he so much looks at Seokjin. He already has an embarrassingly huge crush on Yoongi -- Seokjin’s literal husband, he really doesn’t need to make the situation worse for himself. 


Seokjin ushers him to the couch and talks to him as if they have known each other for years and not just met a few hours ago for a brief period of time. Jungkook goes along with it because there is something about the elder that makes him feel… comfortable. Which is odd in itself seeing as he is an anxious person by nature. Seokjin doesn’t allow their time together to be uncomfortable though and he fills in any silences that would otherwise make it that way. 


About the time Yoongi is walking over to them, holding three mugs that have steam escaping from the top of them, Jungkook feels as if he knows Seokjin on some base level. He knows that he owns a restaurant just down the road-- the type of restaurant that Jungkook would take potential clients in order to impress them. He also learns that Seokjin graduated from university at the top of his class, even while studying both acting and business. The most devastating thing he learns in their encounter is the fact that Yoongi and him were highschool sweethearts. Jungkook already knew he had no chance with Yoongi but now that is a cemented fact. Of course he would never try to ruin a marriage in the first place -- especially not when the person Yoongi is married to is amazing in his own right, but to know they have been in love since they were teenagers? That’s a love that is extremely rare and beautiful. 


He takes the mug from Yoongi and the elder offers him a polite smile before he moves over to sit next to Seokjin. The eldest of the two thanks Yoongi for making them the hot chocolate with a barely there smile and quick kiss to the tip of his nose. Jungkook looks away, not wanting to intrude on them anymore than he already has. 


Yoongi settles in next to Seokjin and it’s so painfully obvious how well they just fit together. Jungkook takes a sip of his hot chocolate, letting his eyes focus on anything but the two of them. 


“Jungho was amazing,” Seokjin says to get the conversation going again. “We adore him.” 


That brings Jungkook’s attention back to the couple in front of him. He always loves hearing about his son. “Really? I’m glad. Sometimes he can be a bit shy around new people, so I’m glad he didn’t give you any trouble.”


Yoongi shakes his head. “He was wonderful. We wouldn’t mind taking care of him again if you ever need us to?”


Jungkook feels something akin to pure gratitude swell in his chest. Also a bit of relief. Jungho’s current babysitter is fine but a bit unreliable, today being just one of the many examples. It would also be relieving to know that his son is just down the hall from him and he wouldn’t have to worry about a stranger in his home for extended periods of time. 


“You don’t have to,” Jungkook tries, never being one to want to be a burden. 


“We want to,” Seokjin assures him with another million dollar smile. Jungkook doesn’t melt at it in the slightest. He doesn’t. “He was cute and also you seem like you need a break. Not in a bad way just…”


“I know.” Jungkook exhales slightly. “He’s my entire world but I didn’t expect to be a father at such a young age, let alone a single father.” 


They both look like they want to ask why exactly he’s a single father but neither of them do. Which, he’s internally grateful for. The story isn’t a long one, it’s actually pretty cut and dry but it’s also not something he wants to revisit if he doesn’t have to. 


“Well, now you aren’t alone anymore,” Yoongi promises. “We would love to help, if you want us to.”


Jungkook looks at the both of them and knows he should say no, at least for the sake of his own heart.


“I would love that.” 


He’s never been good at guarding his own heart. 



It accidentally becomes somewhat of a routine after that, mostly at the insistence of both Seokjin and Jungho. Jungho brings up ‘Uncle Jinnie’ or ‘Yoogie’ at least once a day and it’s even worse when he doesn’t see them. Anytime Seokjin goes longer than a day without seeing Jungho, he knocks on Jungkook’s door and asks if he can see his favorite person in the world, besides Yoongi of course-- which, he only says because Yoongi pinches him every time but then shoves him away the moment Jungho comes toddling towards him. 


Jungkook can’t even find it in himself to blame his son for liking the two of them so much because… well, he does too. 


He thought it would be hard to be around the two of them, seeing as he has had a crush on Yoongi the size of Texas for a few months now -- which Seokjin apparently knows about. 


[ Jungkook groans, letting his head fall onto the wooden table situated in Yoongi and Seokjin’s shared dining room. He hears another small thud next to him and moves his head slightly so he can figure out what it was. Jungho looks at him, a smile on his face from mimicking his father’s action. 


“This is so embarrassing,” Jungkook says, the sound muffles slightly as he turns his head back to the wooden table. “Why would you tell him?”


Jungkook can’t see Yoongi’s face but he’s still sure Yoongi rolls his eyes as he stirs the soup they are having for dinner. “Because he’s my husband.”


Seokjin laughs when Jungkook groans again. “It was cute, don’t worry. Just maybe next time ask both of us out, we are kind of a package deal.” 


Jungkook throws a spoon at Seokjin after that. He doesn’t know if it’s because he is embarrassed or because he doesn’t want to accidentally say that’s exactly what he’s wanted to do now for a few weeks. ]


It also helps that Yoongi and Seokjin’s company are some of the only people that Jungkook actually trusts to take care of Jungho. It becomes so routine in fact that they even start hanging out together outside of the guise of babysitting. It starts when Seokjin invites him in for dinner one day and then Yoongi knocks on his door the next offering breakfast. Jungkook doesn’t have the heart to ever say no, even though he knows that he wants nothing more than to spend time with the both of them. 


Even if it’s not the way his heart yearns for. Friendship is still nice at least. 


Due to their differing jobs, it seems as if Yoongi and Seokjin are in and out of the house at different times during the day. Everytime Jungkook knocks on the door, he isn’t sure who will answer. Most of the time it’s either Yoongi by himself and he always ushers Jungkook into the apartment, even when Jungho doesn’t need babysitting so he can play him whatever track he’s working on or both of them. Jungkook secretly loves when it’s both of them the most because it feels more complete that way. He also tries not dwell on why that is exactly.


But this is the first time he knocks on the door in over four weeks and Seokjin answers alone. It’s quiet in the apartment, no sound of music playing in the background as it usually is when Yoongi is home. Jungkook thinks he should feel anxious at the prospect of hanging out with Seokjin alone but he isn’t in the slightest. It’s always been easy to be around Seokjin and not having Yoongi around won’t make that any different. 


As soon as Seokjin opens the door, he’s smiling like seeing Jungkook and Jungho is the only thing that can make his day better. Jungkook curses his racing heart. 


“Well what a wonderful surprise,” Seokjin says. He immediately takes Jungho from Jungkook’s arms and Jungho goes all too willingly. “Does he need a babysitter?”


Jungkook flushes. “Uh, no. I just finished working and was bored so I wanted to just… come over. If that’s okay?” He looks down and notices that Seokjin is wearing a soft blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black apron. “Oh. You’re busy. We can just--”


Seokjin waves him off. “No. Come in. I’m just trying some new recipes so it’s kind of perfect that you’re here. Want to be my prize taste tester?”


“Wanna help too!” Jungho interjects and grabs one of Seokjin’s cheeks gently. “Can I help?”


Seokjin nods, pressing a kiss to the crown of Jungho’s head. “Of course you can silly.”


He ushers both of them into the apartment and sets Jungho down on the booster chair they bought for him, so he can eat safely and comfortably. Jungkook didn’t even try to argue with them on it, knowing that it would be pointless. Seokjin and Yoongi have told him time and time again that they don’t mind spoiling him. They also try to spoil Jungkook too but he isn’t as easy to woo. 


He even had to put his foot down when they bought him a new mattress… and entire bed frame because he complained one time that he didn't have a good night's sleep. 


Jungkook takes a seat at the countertop and Seokjin immediately walks over to him holding a forkful of food. Jungkook tries to take it from the elder but Seokjin bats his hand away while simultaneously managing to keep every piece of food on the fork and proceeds to feed Jungkook instead. He tries his best not to blush as he chews the food. 


“Oh my god,” Jungkook practically moans as he chews the food. “This is so good.”


Seokjin, who had been watching while he nervously bit his lower lip practically beams at the praise. “Really? Not too salty?”


Jungkook shakes his head vehemently. “God no. That was so good. Are you going to put it on the menu?”


Seokjin nods. “Yeah, I was thinking about--”


“Jinnie I want some,” Jungho whines from his seat and Jungkook laughs at his son. Jungho pouts as Jungkook brushes his hair back and Seokjin immediately runs back to the oven and grabs some for the baby.


Seokjin blows on the food, making sure it’s not too hot for the toddler. “Here Jungoo,” He says sweetly as he feeds him. 


Jungho makes a satisfied hum as he chews the food. “Yummy in my tummy!” He exclaims as soon as he has swallowed the food and that’s really the highest form of praise that his son allows. 


Jungkook snorts and Seokjin takes the praise like it’s the best thing he’s ever been told about his cooking. The afternoon plays out in a similar fashion. 


Seokjin has Jungkook and Jungho try out various recipes and give him their honest opinions on each thing. In between taste tests, Jungkook learns even more about Seokjin and it unfortunately does nothing to dissipate his ever growing crush on the elder. He pays it no mind though, knowing that it’s better not to focus on something he will never be able to have. 


When Yoongi comes home, he doesn’t even blink when he sees Jungkook laying on the couch while Seokjin plays an intense round of mario kart. Jungho has a wheel of his own that he thankfully doesn’t know isn’t plugged in. The toddler screams in excitement every time Seokjin does, like he’s also winning. Seokjin stops to give him a high five every time they win and Jungho does a little wiggle dance that Jungkook is almost positive he learned from Yoongi. 

Yoongi just lays on the couch next to him and presses into his side like it’s the most natural thing in the world. When Seokjin wins again, he pauses the game to come give Yoongi a kiss in greeting and Jungho follows suit, peppering kisses all over his face as well. Seokjin even presses a kiss to Jungkook’s nose so he doesn’t ‘feel left out.’


And Jungkook feels something in his chest that feels too close to an emotion he swore he would never feel again. 


An emotion that he thought was reserved for just one person. 


But turns out, it was reserved for two. 



At some point Jungkook doesn’t even try to stop himself from falling. It all seems so inevitable. Like the choice was made for him a long time ago. Even if it’s not something he thought he would ever want. 


How could he not fall in love with a high pitched laugh and a comforting smile?


How could he not fall in love with a gummy smile and quiet words that only hold gentle meanings?


How could he not fall in love with the concept of love when it stems from two of the best people he’s ever met?


The realization isn’t gradual. It isn’t something that Jungkook has allowed himself to dwell on for more than a few spare seconds of weakness. Sure, a part of him has probably known for a while now. It’s been months since the first time he’s met Seokjin and close to a year since he’s met Yoongi. It would be easier to pretend that there was a chance he was never going to fall in love with either of them. 


But as Jungkook watches Jungho and Seokjin color in every tattoo on Yoongi’s arm with washable markers, he is hit suddenly with the realization that he’s in love. Jungho laughs every time Yoongi pretends the markers are hurting him and Seokjin has his tongue sticking out of his mouth with how hard he’s concentrating on coloring and god, Jungkook is just so in love. 


He isn’t in love with Yoongi or Seokjin. It isn’t one or the other… it’s both. 


Jungkook thought he would be scared. 


But he isn’t. 



“You made him an entire room?” Jungkook asks in bewilderment as he holds his son to his chest. “But why--”


“Because he’s a permanent part of our life now,” Yoongi says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Like you are.”


Jungkook tries to pretend the words don’t mean more to him than they should. It’s hard to do that though when he wants nothing more than for Yoongi to mean it.


Seokjin hooks a chin on Jungkook’s shoulder and wraps his arms around his waist. It’s something they have all gotten more comfortable doing -- just being wrapped around each other like it’s normal. Like it’s how things are supposed to be, even if they aren’t.


“You are here more than you are home anyways and he deserves to have another room,” Seokjin adds on. Jungkook’s pulse races as he feels Seokjin’s breath brush against his neck. “Isn’t that right baby bun?”


Jungho looks around the room in awe. “There are dinos!” He practically squeals. 


He wiggles in Jungkook’s arms until he sets him down. As soon as his feet touch the ground, Yoongi grabs his hand to show him around his second bedroom. Jungho babbles on animatedly as they walk around the room and Yoongi listens intently as if any of it makes sense.


Seokjin squeezes him gently. “You okay bun?” He asks and Jungkook doesn’t flush like he normally would at the name. It’s something both Seokjin and Yoongi have taken to calling him while they call Jungho baby bun. 


“Yeah, it’s just a lot,” Jungkook admits quietly. “She didn’t…” He exhales. It’s the first time he’s brought her up since the first night they took care of Jungho. “I’m glad he’s loved so much even if she never loved him. I was always scared that I wouldn’t be enough.” 


Seokjin stands and turns Jungkook so he’s looking at him. “You are more than enough. Jungho loves you more than life itself and you are doing such an amazing job at raising him. He’s so unbelievably lucky to have you.”


Jungkook doesn’t allow himself to cry, even if that’s all he wants to do. It’s nice to have someone tell him that he’s doing okay because sometimes it feels like he isn’t. 


“But you aren’t alone anymore bun,” Seokjin says the words like they are a promise he intends to keep. “You won’t ever be alone again, we promise you that. He…” Seokjin looks over to where Yoongi is showing Jungho the dinosaurs painted on the wall. “ Both, of you mean more to us than you will ever know.” 


Jungkook has millions of questions he wants to ask. He has millions of doubts he wants to share. 


But then he’s suddenly on Jungho’s large bed being forced into a large dog pile while Jungho climbs over all three of them and roars like a dinosaur. 


All he wants to focus on is now, the rest can come later. 



Jungkook tries to focus on the routine-- really, he does. But it’s hard to keep his focus when he has about seven pictures of Jungho, Yoongi and Seokjin sitting on his phone waiting to be opened. He can only blame himself for starting the entire back and forth in their group chat. He maintains he only sent a selfie of himself because he wanted to prove that he was using his free time wisely. But then Seokjin sent one back of himself looking beautiful and Jungkook thinks god really does hate him. And Yoongi sent one of him and Jungho back and it snowballed from there. 

“Oh my god just go home,” Hoseok says once he trips over his own feet for the twentieth time in less than an hour. 


Jungkook stumbles again. “What? Why?”


Hoseok levels him with an unimpressed look. “You’re so grossly in love.”


“I’m not--” Jungkook’s phone pings again and Hoseok raises an eyebrow. Jungkook can feel the tips of his ears color. “They are married.”


Hoseok shrugs. “Your point?”


Jungkook sputters. “I would never ruin their relationship.” 


“Who says anything about ruining their relationship? Just join it?” Hoseok slips on his shoes. “I mean at this point I don’t think you could even choose one or the other if you want to.” 


Jungkook doesn’t dignify that with an answer. He pretends it’s because that’s a stupid thing for Hoseok to even suggest when in reality he hates how it hits too close to home. The crush he’s had on Yoongi has done nothing in terms of disappearing… in fact, if he’s being one hundred percent honest with himself, it’s only gotten worse. It doesn’t help that the crush he’s developed on Seokjin now rivals his crush on Yoongi’s.


“Shut up,” Jungkook mumbles as he slips out of his dance shoes and into a pair of boots. “I don’t like either of them and they don’t like me either.”


Hoseok hums. “Whatever you say bunny boy.” The elder puts his bag over his shoulder and turns to walk out of the space. “But I’ve heard that Seokjin and Yoongi have always been fond of the number three.” 


Jungkook wants to ask Hoseok what the hell that means and berate him for constantly being so cryptic all the time but he’s out of the studio before he has the chance too. He has a feeling there is something the elder isn’t telling him but he is exhausted and doesn’t want to make his brain think more than absolutely necessary. 


Just as he grabs his own bag, another text message comes in. He unlocks his phone and his heart nearly stops when he reads the message. It’s from Seokjin and it’s a simple, we miss you, with a picture attached to it. It’s the picture that makes his heart stop more than anything. Jungho is being squished in a hug with Yoongi and Seokjin on either side of him. All of their cheeks are pressed together and Jungho is smiling the widest he’s ever seen him smile. Seokjin’s eyes are crinkling slightly and Yoongi’s gums are present as they both match his son's smile. 


Jungkook is hit with such an intense feeling of longing that he almost feels as if the breath is knocked from him. He rushes home… he also doesn’t think about how when he pictures home, he is no longer picturing his own apartment. There are too many implications that come along with that thought. 


When Yoongi opens the door, he hardly even looks disheveled. In fact he looks almost offensively gorgeous and Jungkook has to remind himself once again that Yoongi is married. Married to a man that is just as devastatingly gorgeous his mind supplies rather unhelpfully. It’s something he’s had to do a myriad of times since getting closer to the couple. It’s something he’s been having to do a lot more frequently lately than he would like to admit. 


“How was dance practice?” Yoongi asks conversationally as he steps to the side to invite Jungkook into the  apartment. 


Jungkook gives him a small nod in thanks and steps into the apartment. “It was amazing. Honestly… I really needed the small break. I’m sorry for barging in with my son once again.” 


Yoongi waves him off. “Jungho is no problem, you already know this. We love having him around, and you around too but I feel as if maybe I should apologize for the scene you’re about to witness.”


For a heart shattering second, Jungkook feels his blood run cold as his mind fills with a million different scenarios - all of them having Jungho hurt to some capacity. He almost bolts to the kitchen where he hears noise coming from, ready  to downright murder Seokjin and Yoongi both, hotness be damned. No one messes with Jungho and gets away with it unscrathed. His murderous rampage is stopped as soon as he steps foot into the rather lavish kitchen and instead is once again hit with such an intense wave of fondness that he doesn’t quite know how to control himself. 


Because on the floor of the kitchen sits Jungho, covered almost head to toe in flour and sitting across from him is Seokjin who is also completely covered in flour. Jungho is giggling as he pats his stomach and a flurry of flour erupts around him. Seokjin is looking at him with what only can be described as thinly veiled fondness. 


“Jungoo is messy!” Jungho says in between his giggles. “Uncle Jinnie messy too!” 


Seokjin laughs along with the young boy and shakes his hair out a bit so some of the flour gets sprayed around him. Some of it lands on Jungho and he erupts into another fit of giggles that makes Jungkook’s heart melt. He can’t describe how good of a feeling it is to see your son so happy and… carefree with people that he’s slowly come to care about. 


“Jungoo is messy,” Yoongi agrees as he swoops down to pick up the happy toddler. Jungho goes with him easily and proceeds to smear flour all over Yoongi’s cheek with his own. “How about a bath so appa doesn’t have to take home such a messy boy?” 


Jungho’s eyes immediately light up at the mention of his father and he whirls his little head around to look for him. As soon as his eyes land on Jungkook he’s trying to twist out of Yoongi’s grip and he extends his chubby arms out, trying to reach for Jungkook. 


Jungkook is helpless to deny his son anything, even if it means he will get dirty in the process. Jungho latches onto him and presses kisses all over his father's face as soon as he is able to. Jungkook can feel the flour transfer to his own skin but he does little to prevent it. 


“Did you have fun, baby?” Jungkook asks even though he thinks he already knows the answer to the question. 


Jungho nods with a large smile on his face. “Jungoo had lots of fun with uncle Yoog and Jinne!”


Yoongi takes Jungho back from Jungkook. “I’ll go wash him up. Wanna stay for dinner? I’m going to make something simple.”


“Yeah sure,” Jungkook says easily, already used to their newfound routine. It’s a lot better than going home to an empty apartment with only Jungho to keep him company. Not to say that Jungho isn’t good company but he sometimes worries that his son gets bored when it’s just the two of them. 


Yoongi takes Jungho to the bathroom after that and Seokjin stands up, shaking some more of the flour out of his hair again. It lands on Jungkook’s black leather jacket and with the way Seokjin laughs, Jungkook assumes it was on purpose. 


Seokjin ends up giving Jungkook one of his shirts to wear while they wash the flour out of his sweaty grey tank top and Jungho latches onto him once he’s showered and in his new pair of little mermaid pajamas— courtesy of Seokjin. 


Jungkook settles between Seokjin and Yoongi easily. He holds Jungho in his arms and his son wiggles around every so often, excitement thrumming through his little body at the prospect of watching the little mermaid. Seokjin presses play on the remote and they all relax on the couch. 


At some point during the movie, Jungkook ends up with Seokjin’s arm wrapped around him while Yoongi lays with his back against his chest, cradling a now asleep Jungho on his own chest. It should be weird how easily they all fit together but… it’s not. It just feels natural. Like something they have been doing together their entire lives. 


It should feel too comfortable. Jungkook knows that what he wants from the married couple, is something that he will never be allowed to have but it doesn’t stop his heart from skipping a beat when Seokjin laughs at something the crab is saying and tightening his grip slightly on Jungkook.


Instead of feeling longing or something akin to heartache… he just feels complete.


Like this is how it’s meant to be, even if the reality of their situation isn’t what he wants it to be. 



When it all comes to a head, Jungkook shouldn’t be surprised it’s because of his son. All good things in his life start and end with Jungho.


Normally Jungkook is level headed when it comes to Jungho. He understands that his son is a toddler - and unfortunately that means that sometimes he gets into things he shouldn’t or he pretends to cry to get what he wants. He also understands that Jungho is still learning to communicate with him and express what he’s feeling. 


So when Jungho crawls into his bed at three in the morning, Jungkook doesn’t think anything of it at first. Probably just a bad dream is what his mind reasons but when he cracks an eye open, Jungho isn’t crying. His son just simply curls up next to him and twists his tiny fist in Jungkook’s sleep shirt. 


Jungkook just marks it off as Jungho wanting to feel close to him and promptly falls back asleep, making sure to hold his son close. 


It’s the next day that throws Jungkook into a frenzy of emotions he would rather not feel. Mostly worry and fear and just… dread like he’s never felt it before. But he guesses that’s what happens when one moment you have a smiling boy watching his favorite night time cartoons and the next he’s on the floor with his eyes rolling into the back of his head.


It takes all of three seconds for Jungkook to react. He springs off of the couch and gingerly picks up Jungho, who blinks up at him in confusion. It at least makes him feel just a smidge of relief but that relief doesn’t last long because Jungho looks completely out of it. He also looks terrified and it causes something ugly to slowly spread within him. 


Jungkook immediately scoops Jungho up in his arms and runs out of the front door without even grabbing shoes. All he can think about is his son and how warm he is and how he just fainted in their living room and how he’s awake but not really understanding what’s going on around him. It’s like his body is moving out of pure adrenaline. 


He ends up in front of Yoongi and Seokjin’s door and a part of him wonders why but another part - a significantly larger part doesn’t want to try and rationalize his thought process. So he knocks on their front door without a second thought. Yoongi opens the door, a smile already gracing his beautiful face but it falls from his face the moment he takes in the scene in front of him. 


“Jungkook?” He asks in confusion but then his eyes drop down to Jungho in his arms. It’s like a flip switch in him and he immediately springs into action. “What happened--”


“I don’t know,” Jungkook says frantically. Jungho is blinking up at him but his movements are sluggish. “He was fine one moment and then the other he was--”


“Let’s go,” Yoongi says and he grabs Jungkook’s hand gently and leads him from the apartment. 


Yoongi grabs his car keys and coat and tells Jungkook that he will drive him to the hospital because he doesn’t think Jungkook will be able to drive, which is true. The ride to the hospital is agonizingly long but Jungho thankfully slowly starts becoming himself again. About time they get to the hospital he’s talking like nothing even happened but Jungkook still insists on him being seen, hospital bill be damned. 


As they are waiting to be seen, Seokjin suddenly runs into the waiting area of the emergency room. He looks disheveled and like he ran the entire way to the hospital. As soon as he spots them sitting he makes a beeline for them. When he’s in arms reach he touches both Jungkook’s and Jungho’s cheeks gently. 


“Is he okay? Are you okay? What happened? You both are okay right? Do you need anything--”


“Baby they are fine,” Yoongi says breaking off Seokjin’s frantic ramblings. “Jungho just had a weird episode. They said we just need to monitor him a bit closely but they think the fainting spell was just a side effect of the fever he’s had for the past couple of days. They said his fever has officially broken so we can take him home soon.”


Jungkook nods. “Yeah we are just waiting on his medications. Thank you for coming, you really didn’t have to--”


Seokjin pinches his cheek gently. “Of course I came. How could I not?”


He says it like it's the most obvious thing in the world and Jungkook’s day has been so draining already, he doesn’t have it in him to argue. As soon as they are provided with a prescription for some medicine to ease his flu, they head back to their apartments. Jungkook tries to insist that he will be fine for the rest of the night but Seokjin and Yoongi will hear none of it. They practically drag him and Jungho back into their shared apartment and Seokjin immediately goes to the kitchen to make them a warm drink. 


Yoongi goes with Jungkook to Jungho’s official bedroom in their house. One they made for him of their own free will and Jungkook sets him down on the rather luxurious bed they bought for him. Jungkook had tried to tell them it was too much but both of them shrugged off his concerns. 

“Thank you,” Jungkook says quietly as soon as he shuts the door to Jungho’s bedroom. “I’m sorry for once again just barging into your home unannounced and uninvited but he’s-” Jungkook exhales and the sound comes out a bit too shaky for his liking. But it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed after the night he just had. Jungho is his entire world and if something ever happened to him - He shakes his head, because that isn’t a road he can go down right now. “He’s my baby. I was just terrified and didn’t want to be alone but I shouldn’t have interrupted your date-” 


“Jungkookie,” Yoongi says gently and it has Jungkook shutting his mouth instinctively. Yoongi has never called him that before. “You aren’t alone in any of this anymore. We care about Jungho as well. A lot more than you can probably even imagine.”


“We also care about you,” Seokjin comes to join them and hands Jungkook a mug of hot chocolate. He runs a hand down his back in a soothing gesture once Jungkook has accepted the drink. “Please don’t apologize for asking us to be there for you and Jungho because we always will be.” 


Seokjin ushers them to the couch and they both sit on either side of him. The closeness between the three of them is something he’s long gotten used to. Yoongi runs a hand down the back of his neck, stopping to massage him. 


“But it seems like there is something else bothering you,” Yoongi says quietly and Jungkook wonders how he always knows him so well.


There is a lot that is bothering Jungkook. The first being Jungho falling ill and there being a chance that one day Jungkook can lose him. The second is a bit more complicated than that. Falling in love with two people at the same time is one thing and falling in love with two people who are already married is another. But falling in love with two people who are married to each other? Well that’s something different entirely. 


“I have a lot of regrets,” Jungkook says after he takes a sip of the hot chocolate because he can’t make himself talk about the second issue weighing heavily on his heart. “Jungho was never one of them. If I had to go back to the night she threatened to leave me, I would choose him every single time.” 


Yoongi exhales through his nose. They have hardly heard anything of Jungho’s birth mother, mostly because Jungkook doesn’t like thinking about her for longer than necessary. But they do know bits and pieces of his past with her and how she never really loved their son at all. She loved Jungkook of course, even if it was in her own unhealthy way but Jungho was never someone she wanted to have as part of her life. 


 “I just can’t imagine a mother trying to force you into that kind of choice. Especially since it was her own kid.”


“People can be shitty,” Seokjin says. “Even when we expect them not to be. I’m sorry you had to go through something like that. But if it’s any consolation, I think you made the right choice. Jungho adores you.” 


Jungkook sniffles at that and he hates himself for it. But sometimes, it’s nice to have the validation for the decision he made. He knows, has always known, that choosing Jungho was the only option - there was never a moment where he even entertained choosing a different path. That doesn’t mean the decision in itself wasn’t a difficult one. He was so young when he had him and it changed the course of his life. 


“I thought I was going to lose him today,” Jungkook says quietly. “I don’t… I don’t know what my life would be without him.”


Yoongi scoots a bit closer to him and Seokjin follows his lead from the other side of him. Jungkook can’t explain how it feels to be sandwiched between the two of them, but he knows the strongest feeling is a sense of safety. It’s a feeling he’s never really had the luxury of having before. 


“He’s as strong as his father,” Yoongi says and there is a rawness to his words that startles Jungkook somewhat. 


Maybe it’s because of the trauma they endured today. 


Or because it’s almost midnight. 


Or maybe just because it’s just the three of them curled around each other on Yoongi and Seokjin’s couch. 


But for once Jungkook doesn’t allow the fear that always plagues him from stopping what he wants to do, rule over him. Instead he turns towards Yoongi and raises a hand to caress the elder’s cheek. Yoongi doesn’t flinch away from the action, he just leans into Jungkook’s hand like it’s the most natural thing to do in the world. Jungkook then turns slightly to get a better look at Seokjin who is holding him from behind and finds him watching the entire exchange with something unreadable behind his beautiful brown eyes-- but it’s something soft, almost as delicate as the situation they are in now. 


“Can I ask you something?” Jungkook says quietly, still looking at Seokjin, who gives him a small nod. Jungkook then turns to look at Yoongi. “And you?”


“Of course Jungkookie,” Yoongi replies and it sounds like more of a whisper than anything else. “You can tell us anything.”


Jungkook wants to tell him not to be too sure about that but doesn’t comment. “Do you think it’s possible to fall in love with more than one person?


He can hear Yoongi inhale sharply as soon as the words leave his mouth and Seokjin’s grip on him slackens just a bit. Quiet falls upon them and for the first time since he’s known them it doesn’t feel comfortable. Jungkook can feel his pulse in his ears and the way his cheeks start warming up the longer he is left without an answer. 


After a few moments of unbearable silence, he feels like he has all the answers he needs. He squirms slightly, wanting nothing more than to get out of Seokjin’s grip and as far away from the both of them as possible. He’s a bit mortified and it brings him back to the day he asked Yoongi out, only to get absolutely no response in return. Maybe he can move to America and change his name to something ridiculous-- like Chad. He’s sure no one would be able to find him if he changed his name to Chad. 


Before he is able to break free from them though, he’s suddenly moved so that he’s sitting on the couch and Yoongi and Seokjin are both kneeling in front of him on the floor. They both rest a hand on one of his knees. Jungkook tries not to look at their faces, knowing they are probably about to let him down easily. He would much rather still have his dignity intact when they tell him that they will always only love each other but that he’s a great friend regardless of that fact. 


Except-- that’s not what happens at all. 


“Finally,” Yoongi exhales and he squeezes Jungkook’s knee slightly. “We really thought we were going to have to full scale seduce you.” 


Jungkook snaps his head up at that. “What--”


“I even bought assless chaps,” Seokjin says, cutting him off and Yoongi shoves his husband's shoulder with a roll of his eyes. “What? I did! They are coming in tomorrow.”


Yoongi groans. “Why are you like this? Why would assless chaps seduce him? You don’t even have an ass--”


Seokjin gasps. “That’s homophobic as fuck and I don’t see you complaining about my ass when you’re tongue deep into--”


“Shut up!”


“Whatever you say mr. tongue technology.”


Jungkook blinks, watching the exchange with mounting confusion. Yoongi opens his mouth to respond to Seokjin but stops when he sees Jungkook’s face. His expression immediately softens and he shifts slightly so he’s close to the younger’s face. 


“You silly boy,” Yoongi says gently. “We have been in love with you for months now.” 


Jungkook’s heart does a weird flip in his chest and for a moment he’s positive he’s about to pass out. Seokjin brushes his hair back from his face. “We wanted to tell you but we didn’t know if you felt the same for sure.”


“But…” Jungkook looks between the both of them and his eyes land on their matching silver bands. “You already have each other.”


Seokjin nods. “We do and for the longest time that was enough for us.”


“We didn’t know something was missing until…” Yoongi reaches to intertwine his fingers with Jungkook’s. “Until we met you and Jungho. Then we realized that there were two things missing.”


Jungkook exhales softly. “Really?”


Seokjin smiles at him. “Really. This isn’t a conversation I want to have at almost midnight though, especially after everything you had to go through so how about we table this for tomorrow after we wake up?”


Jungkook wants to argue him on that but when he opens his mouth to do just that, he yawns instead. Yoongi laughs at him and stands, interlacing their fingers and tugging him from the couch. Jungkook follows him easily, blinking sleepily at Yoongi. The elder presses a kiss to his nose that has him flushing to the tips of his ears. Seokjin stands right after them and presses a kiss to his hair. 


“Want to spend the night with us tonight?” Yoongi asks, squeezing Jungkook’s hand gently. “We have a california king and a spot saved just for you.” 


Jungkook follows them to the bedroom and he wonders why he doesn’t feel anxious like he thought he would. In fact he doesn’t feel much of anything at all, besides… happiness. Seokjin and Yoongi go about their normal before sleep routine but they offer Jungkook a spare toothbrush and Seokjin gives him a sleep shirt and they both press kisses to any available part of his face when they can so he doesn’t feel weird about the entire thing. 

When it’s finally time for them to sleep they place Jungkook in the middle of them and kiss him on both of his cheeks. 


They don’t talk about it again but Jungkook is okay with that. 


That’s what the morning is for.



When he wakes up, it’s to an empty bed and it feels as if his heart drops into his stomach. Deep down, he knew that what happened last night was a bit too good to be true. Before he allows himself to sulk, his mind catches up to the rest of the events that transpired last night and he bolts up and out of bed with only Jungho on his mind. 


He runs out of the room and to Seokjin and Yoongi’s spare bedroom that they had converted into a room for Jungho months ago. When he doesn’t find his son where he left him last night, he almost panics but then he hears an all too familiar giggle coming from the kitchen. 


As Jungkook approaches the kitchen, he can hear three distinct voices, mixed in with Jungho’s high pitched squeals - the type he only does when he’s extremely happy or finds something funny. When he turns the corner and walks into the kitchen, he’s met with a familiar sight. One that he’s experienced countless times before but this time… everything feels different. 


When Seokjin catches sight of him, his face lights up and he makes his way to him, holding a very much awake and happy Jungho. He looks eons better than he had last night and relief swells in Jungkook’s heart. He didn’t expect anything less than seeing his bubbly baby boy in the morning but as a parent, there is always that fear that lingers in the back of his mind - fear that even though the doctor told him his son was fine, that something would still happen to him. 


What he doesn’t expect is for Seokjin to press a chaste kiss to his lips as soon as he is able to reach him. 


Jungkook hesitates because it shouldn’t be this easy right? 


Yoongi smiles at him over his shoulder as he flips a pancake as Jungho watches from where he is settled in Seokjin’s arms. Everytime a pancake is flipped both Jungho and Seokjin let out a cheer and Jungho claps his hands excitedly like it’s the coolest thing he’s ever seen - even though at this point it’s a common thing to see. The dread that had originally filled Jungkook’s body starts slowly dissipating. 


Because maybe, love is just that easy. 


It would be easy to question everything about their current situation. Jungkook has only known Seokjin and Yoongi a mere fraction of the time they have known and been in love with each other. Jungkook also comes with a lot of baggage that many people never want to unpack because they deem it as too much. 


Jungkook could just doubt everything. He could doubt their genuine feelings for him and their love for Jungho. He could take his son in his arms and take him to their apartment - even though it hardly feels like home anymore and he could just forget last night ever happened. He could pretend it was a mistake that was the cause of the anxiety and fear he had been experiencing last night and they could remain nothing more than babysitters. 


Except - they were never really just babysitters and Jungkook doesn’t want to live in fear anymore. 


So instead of letting all the doubts consume him and instead of questioning why people as wonderful and beautiful as Yoongi and Seokjin could want him and Jungho in their lives - he walks over to where Seokjin is standing. As soon as he is close enough, Seokjin reaches out and grabs his hand. Jungkook allows himself to be pulled towards his lover and son. Seokjin presses a kiss to his hair after he wraps an arm around him. Jungho follows suit and presses sloppy kisses all over his face in between giggles. 


“Morning sleepy head,” Seokjin says and there is no teasing undertone to the words like there usually is. His voice just sounds… warm-- gentle in a way that makes Jungkook’s heart flutter embarrassingly. “Sleep well?”


Jungkook nods and hides his face in Seokjin’s neck, partly because he wants to hide the fact that he’s blushing and also because he just feels like it. 


“Stop hogging him.” Jungkook hears Yoongi say and even though he’s not looking at him, he knows that the elder is pouting adorably like he always does when he’s pretending to be angry. 


He shoves Seokjin away from Jungkook, knocking his arm from around him and nuzzles up to Jungkook. Seokjin makes an affronted noise and Jungho laughs at him. Jungkook doesn’t really focus on that much because Yoongi starts kissing up his neck and for a moment it feels like he’s about to start astral projecting. Jungkook doesn’t get to revel in the kisses for very long though because Seokjin comes and breaks it up far too soon. 


“Alright we have a child here you animals,” He says and this time Jungkook can hear the teasing lilt to his words. “Also Jungho and I demand our cinnamon rolls right this instant.” 


Yoongi pulls away from Jungkook with an over exaggerated groan and grumbles the entire way to the oven. Seokjin follows after him and they begin to bicker like the old married couple they are, all the while Jungho becomes fixated with poking Seokjin’s cheek every time he speaks. 


It might be different and there might be a million reasons that they won’t work. 


Families may not typically be three fathers-- consisting of two that are married and one that didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with more than one person and a baby that brings nothing but happiness to all three of them in a way that they can’t explain. 


But it’s easy. 


And that’s all that really matters.