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Popcorn and Pillow Fights

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The popcorn bowl rested on the carpeted floor, abandoned and likely cold as the light from the television filled the room, the sharp and intense colors amplifying the horrifying sounds coming from the speakers as screams got louder and louder before the heartbeat of the protagonist ba-dumped along with the screechy music. She covered her face and cowered in fear as the creature approached her and against her better judgement, she peaked through her fingers to meet the monster that was there to eat her, curling in on herself before the monster got closer to her and—


Izuku hid his face behind Todoroki’s shoulder, holding onto the fabric of his shirt as he bit his lip to stop himself from screaming once again.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki asked, turning his head to look at Izuku before reaching for the remote to pause the movie.

Yeah , yeah, I’m totally fine,” Izuku tried laughing it off as if he wasn’t scared of what was going on in the horror movie.

“We don’t have to watch it if it scares you,” Todoroki offered. “We can watch something else.”

“But you want to watch it,” Izuku countered, trying to slow his beating heart as he straightened up and let go of his friend’s shirt.

He hadn’t meant to hold on to him like that. He hadn’t meant to be this close, yet they were forty-five minutes into the movie and Izuku had progressively sat closer to Todoroki. He was…a comforting presence amongst the suspense of the film.

“Not if it scares you,” Todoroki shook his head, rolling his eyes as if it were obvious. He reached for the bowl of popcorn and took a fistful before offering it to Izuku. He scrunched up his nose, though, and took back the bowl for a moment with his left hand. “I don’t know about you, but cold popcorn doesn’t taste that great.”

Izuku chuckled. “It doesn’t, unless it’s caramel corn.”

“I don’t understand how you and Uraraka like it. It’s so sweet,” Todoroki pointed out.

Shrugging, Izuku reached into the bowl to take some warmed-up popcorn. “She likes it more than I do. My favorite is this one, actually.”

Todoroki chewed on the snack, most likely savoring the taste of it from the looks of his concentrated face. He hadn’t had the chance to try it before and when Izuku and Uraraka found out, they made it their mission for him to try every flavor they could find. And if they had movie nights and sleep overs in the dorms as an excuse for Todoroki to have as much popcorn as he wanted, then nobody was complaining. For the night, it was only Izuku and Todoroki surrounded by multiple snacks, butter popcorn perfectly popped, cans of sodas fizzing deliciously, and bottles of water.

“What about the rainbow popcorn?” Todoroki asked after a moment. “The one with all the colors in it.”

“That’s vanilla, I think,” Izuku answered. “It’s Iida’s favorite.” He took a sip of his soda to down the popcorn. “What about you? Do you have a favorite?”

Todoroki gave the question some thought before looking at Izuku. “I like butter flavored, too.”

Izuku smiled at his answer, but his amusement won the better of him and he couldn’t hide a laugh. “Out of all the flavors it comes down to butter?”

“Sometimes less is more,” Todoroki shrugged. “And why are you laughing at me? You like it, too.” He then proceeded to throw some popcorn at Izuku, a small smile on his lips.

“I know, I know,” Izuku shielded his face with his hand to keep the popcorn from hitting him. “I just thought you had a sweet tooth—hey, you’re wasting precious popcorn here!”

“It’s your favorite, though,” Todoroki pointed out. He stopped, however, and reached for his water. “Pick a movie so we can watch.”

“We aren’t done with this one,” Izuku reminded as he reached for one of the pillows to hug it. He remembered it was Todoroki’s when he smelt the scent of peppermint on it. It only made him hug the pillow tighter.

“You keep hiding behind me,” Todoroki deadpanned. “I don’t mind that you do it, but I’d rather you not have a heart attack in my room. Besides,” he took ahold of the All Might pillow Izuku had brought with him to the sleepover. “We’re long overdue to watch something happy.”

Izuku smiled at his comment. He couldn’t argue with that, and without a second thought, he reached for the remote to search for a different movie. “How does an All Might movie sound?”

“Hmm, it depends which out of the thirteen films you recommend,” Todoroki answered as he moved closer, looking at the screen as Izuku scrolled through the movie streaming app.

“Well, they’re all my favorites, so I can’t really recommend just one . We’d end up watching a marathon,” Izuku explained.

“And why is that so bad?” Todoroki asked.

“Do you really want to stay up all night watching movies?”

“I’ve stayed up for different reasons, so I think I can pull it off,” Todoroki shrugged. “Can you?”

Izuku tilted his head back with a laugh. “Todoroki, I am a professional at staying up. Have some faith in me.”

“I do. I just don’t want you falling asleep through a good part is all.”

Izuku felt plush collide with his left side and he had to do a double take to make sure why. “Did you just hit me with a pillow?”

Todoroki held onto the All Might pillow with a smug smile on his face, a very rare sight to say the least. “I did.” To prove he wasn’t sorry, he hit Izuku with the pillow again. “What will you do about it?” Another hit.

Reaching for a second pillow, Izuku dodged Todoroki and hit him on the shoulder with the pillow he possessively held earlier. “Oh, it’s on now!”

Todoroki blocked his face with his pillow and looked for an opening before reaching for another pillow to have equal ammunition. However, the pillow fight didn’t last as long as Izuku expected, but they did end up on the floor together, Izuku abandoning the pillows to poke and tickle Todoroki’s sides. His friend had given up on the fight and was now squirming under him, trying to keep Izuku from tickling him further, but failing as he laughed and shielded his abdomen as best as he could. Izuku couldn’t help to laugh as well, pinning Todoroki with his weight alone. Poor boy couldn’t even dream of getting away from him now.

It was the first time Izuku saw Todoroki have a laughing fit, and although he was held under him for it, Izuku felt blessed for some reason, hearing the softness and amusement in his voice as he wiggled from side to side, tears in his eyes and a wide smile on his lips.


“Uncle, uncle!” Todoroki said, trying to protect himself from the tickle fight. He kept laughing for a few more seconds, doing his best to catch his breath as he stayed on the floor.

It took Izuku a moment to realize his position and got off of Todoroki while turning away to hide the rising heat on his face. “I didn’t know you were this ticklish.”

“It’s not something I think to share with people.” Todoroki took a deep breath before sitting up, looking around until he found Izuku’s pillow. “Are you ticklish?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Izuku asked with a raise of his eyebrow and an amused smile. He crawled to where the remote rested, seemingly abandoned like the cold popcorn on the floor, and brought it back to their new spot.

“I would…that’s why I’m asking you,” Todoroki nodded. It was adorable how seriously he took things.

“You’re going to have to find that out on your own,” Izuku answered, scrolling through the movies as a way to distract himself. He turned to look at his companion and was met with a pouting Todoroki, not amused by his answer.

“Is that a challenge?” Todoroki asked, coming closer to him slowly—cautiously—with a glow in his eyes.

Izuku saw it coming, but still, he wasn’t able to dodge the poke Todoroki delivered to his side. He jerked away, anticipating another poke and set the remote down for its own safety.

“Come at me if you think you can tickle me,” Izuku answered, trying to sound confident, and gave Todoroki a smile.

Next thing he knew, he was in a similar position to the one Todoroki had been moments prior: his back on the floor as he guarded his abdomen, popcorn on the floor tangling in his hair, and their laughter resonating off the walls.