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Closure - The act of Closing, to Finish

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Flash of breath ignites the lungs, mountainous in the effort that first gulp takes, the rest fall in like an avalanche, too quick to manage, too fast to think matchsticks to thoughts like tinder bright ceiling lights, constricting cloth, aching, trapped—
“Laika.” A voice. Frigid and firm. Gloved hands, thin but unyielding in their grip hold me still. “Laika, focus on taking deep breaths. You’re back at Rhodes Island.” There’s a pinprick sensation as a needle leaves my arm. A spreading fullness in my veins, cold water on a hot day. The growing gasp and shout of panic slowly submerges beneath that extinguishing calm. “Everyone is safe.” 
I manage a difficult, shuddering breath. The rising tears of panic and confusion ebb away, finding no holds on the burnt out precipice of spent adrenaline. Looking down, I’m in a hospital gown again. I’m not bound to the bed, I’m not trapped. I’m not bleeding. I shift slightly, to take in that sensation, to make my freedom real. My hand still shakes as I pat myself down. My heartbeat scrambles electric in my chest, but it’s rhythm has started to steady. Racetrack thoughts skid to a pace I can count, and habit makes an inventory of the room. Kal’tsit sits to my left, knifepoint pupils as she watches me. The scenery is familiar, I’ve been here before. The half packed boxes, the framed pictures, the reading nook. Though the recent addition of the bed I’m on, raises an eyebrow.
“Do you know where you are.” She’s clinical as ever, in her speech. It’s a question pitched in underhand, simple and rehearsed. A verbal check of my pulse.
“…My office…” I chew my lip, pulling at dead skin and stress.
“Here.” Kal’tsit holds out a plastic cup full of pills, two brightly coloured capsules, one dull tablet. I toss them back with the water she provides. 
“You picked up my most-detested of your old habits.” She sets the glass on a nightstand makeshifted from a couple cardboard boxes once I finish drinking. Gestures so I know it’s there.
“…I had not planned my return being on a stretcher…” I try and smile to let her know I’m being amicable.
Her response is a non-committal,
“Hm.” She sheds the surgical gloves, tossing them and the empty pillcup in to a nearby wastebin.
“…what happened…?” I offer a vague motion “…to me, to the joint operation with lungmen…”
“An oripathy lesion growing in your abdominal cavity was knocked loose. Internal bleeding, mild scarring. You were brought in quick enough to avoid major complications. Surgery was minimally invasive, you’re clear for your normal range of activity.”  The dark circles under her eyes are unmistakable, a telltale sign of reach exceeding grasp. Unfortunately, it’s humanizing. She isn’t invincible, nor a lifeless machine. “The deployment was considered a success. You and Amiya were escorted back to Rhodes Island by Inspector Hoshiguma, who returned to Lungmen upon your safe arrival.”
She sighs, when my interest catches on the oni’s name, her next words cutting ahead of mine.
“Amiya likes her.” Her expression is a very intentional neutral as she speaks. There’s a mild twitch of annoyance from her otherwise primly folded tail. I can’t help but laugh a little.
“…And what do you think of her…?”
“Does it matter?” Her response comes quicker even than she expected, I think, as the words are followed shortly by a sigh, a turning away of her gaze. I give her space to follow it up, let the silence show she’s in control of the conversation still.
“…it does…” When nothing comes I offer my own voice, “…I am not crass enough to think the way I conduct myself with strangers is free of consequence in regards to us and our family…” My hand speaks with me, gesturing between us. A mouthful of words, taste of frustration on my tongue. More effort spent talking than I would like. “…Regardless of your opinion of me, or what our relationship has become, I do not wish to cause you any duress…” Having said my piece, I sink in to the bed.
She stares at me blankly for a moment, then laughs. Genuinely laughs, and dons that same smile I saw her wear for Red.
“I’ve half a mind to think this a battlefield, with how carefully you deployed each word.”
I roll my eye, but smile back.
“…it is exhausting to talk, I wanted to get everything right the first time…”
We both sit in a peaceable silence, the air between us a little lighter on our shoulders.
“She’s nice.” Her voice is lacking it’s usual barb when she speaks, “Introduce her to Red when you get the chance, see how Red likes her.” I nod along until we’re relaxing in the quiet again. There comes a porcelain fragile noise, like the twinkle of a star, as Kal’tsit pulls a necklace from her coat pocket. The single dangling ring loops the rooms light across it’s curves.
“I had to take this off of you to operate.” Stray thoughts tug my hand to my chest where that necklace should be, the question of the missing second ring on my lips.
She spools the metal strands around her hand, taking the ring between her fingers. Staring at her dim reflection. “I was surprised to see you actually wearing it.” She holds out the band to me, and reflex bids me to reach out. But I pause, my hand falling back to the bed, my voice a mix of embarrassment and frustration,
“…can you help me put it back on…?” I motion with my left arm, my lame fingers. 
She nods, and leans in. Reaching her pale arms around me. The crystals on her shoulder glint and glimmer as she shifts. The sharp edges unmistakably chipped down and filed to softer points to make daily life a little easier. I shut my prying eye, trying not to take in too much of her. Curiosity killed the cat, goes the saying. But I can’t help but breathe in her smell, close as she is. Coffee and Iodine. She pulls back, gently straightening the necklace so the ring hangs at center.
“…where’s the other ring…?” My voice gives her pause, and she stops in her fussing, taking her seat. She doesn’t respond, staring at some distant point near the ground. There’s the quiet intake of air as she begins to speak, but nothing comes out. Instead she pulls the missing ring from her pocket, letting it rest in her palm with all the care you’d give an egg fallen from it’s nest. The tiredness in her eyes deepens.
“…going to keep it safe for me…?” 
Her clawed fingers softly close around it, Her eyes usually made so harsh by her sharpened pupils, soften and round.
“It’s an awful lot of weight to carry alone.” She returns it to her pocket, looking me in the eye.
Those words hang in the air, and I can hear the eggshells scattered at my feet. That lightness of being we shared just moments ago falls to our shoulders and drips to the floor. I’m already arranging letters in my head, trying on shapes and sounds, searching for the perfect fit.
“…I…” I stumble over my thoughts, tired from all this talking. “…I do not know if you want to hear it from me, if it would be insulting, or if even there is still time for it…" Her ears are alert and pointed straight my way. “…But, I am sorry. I am sorry I left. You should not have had to carry that weight by yourself…”
She watches me intently, studying my motion, my expression. Her eyes narrow, brow knits. She looks away and purses her lips. A quiet and complicated expression. Anger and sorrow and regret with no proper place to put them. A slow deep breath, a silent ten count. She looks at me for who I am,
“Thank you, but…” She shares with me another of her smiles. One of loss, of mourning, of having to shoulder that pain to keep it from toppling others. A silent social agreement to not speak of our problems any further. “You’re not who you once were. I’ve come to accept I’m owed an apology from a woman who no longer exists.”

Conversation is stiff after that, the mood between us difficult to navigate. I say little, sparing her the pain of hearing a stranger talk in her lover’s voice any more. She excuses herself after checking her watch. Tells me that Closure will be coming by in the next hour with a replacement for my busted cane, and that if I’m feeling up to it I should feed her.



Closure/nodejsferatu [7:05AM]: knock knock doc!!
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:05AM]: lol
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:05AM]: ive got something looong
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:05AM]: and haaard
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:05AM]: that im just aching for you to put your hands on ;)
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:05AM]: lololololol
Doctor/radish [7:07AM]: Closure…
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:07AM]: spread the doors to ur private room n let me in to ur most secret places ;)
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:07AM]: but fr u gotta invite me in lol
Doctor/radish [7:15AM]: or I could make you wait out there indefinitely
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:15AM]: cmon!! plsplspls I wanna c u!!!! in the meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:15AM]: i miissss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :’( 
Doctor/radish [7:17AM]: you may come inside, closure
Closure/nodejsferatu [7:17AM]: dont mind if I do ;))))))



She’s through the doors and up to the edge of my bed in a snap. Silken black hair and bright red smiling eyes. Pointed ears, big insulated coat over a several sizes too large white shirt that hangs down to her knees. She drops a cane-shaped package at the foot of the bed without a word.
“Doc!” She stops herself just short of jumping on to the mattress, “Shit you got those like, brittle bones now or something don’t you?” Quirking an eyebrow she looks me up and down, her fanged smile unrelenting. “You look like shit haha! Can I give you a hug? Will your guts squirt out if I squeeze too hard?” I lift my arm and she’s quick to embrace. Surprisingly small under the jacket. I can feel her laughing against me, her voice muffled,
“Oh wow haha, your hugs are still really fucking good.” She squeezes tighter, and I can feel her hands start to shake as she holds on, “I was not prepared for this holy shit haha…” I wrap my other arm around her best I can, and she lets out what I imagine to be a years overdue sob.
“Fuck haha, I swore I wasn’t gonna cry ugh, stupid stupid…” Her voice cracks, her laugh nervous. I hold her tight as she holds me, run my hand softly across her back.
“…it is good to see you, closure…”
She swears and lets out a wail upon hearing my voice, crying and laughing and sputtering. Chastising herself for dramatics, frantically wiping away snot and tears. With a gentle tug, I pull her on to the bed. She’s practically putty, balling up in my grip. Laying next to her like this, she’s so much shorter than me. Barely past my shoulders. She covers her face, intermittent tears and apologies. I hold on to her as I would want to be held, as I have been held. Like a puzzle piece she fits, sunshine and honesty to the clouded skies and secrecy of Kal’tsit and I.
“I like, really really really really missed you, Laika…” She’s all hiccups and stuttering, and smiling and holding on as tight as she can. I push my lips against the crown of her head, smell the heat of her body. Fruity shampoo and machining oil and sweat. Leave behind a quiet kiss, and nestle her under my chin.
“…you fit right here very nicely…” Strands of her hair drift between my fingers, as I pet her head. I can feel her muffled laugh,
“It’s one of my favourite fits.” She shifts, her back now against my stomach. Wiggling side to side until she’s snug up to my body. Sniffling between breaths. She pats the mattress, “My fave fave though was when us three used to bunk in Kal’tsit’s room and she’d sleep on this side here so I’d get both of you all to myself.” She cranes her head to look me in the eye, “She’s like one hell of a top, you know.”
“…Here I thought I was the top…” Imagining Kal’tsit in any sort of position like that, seems more alien than even her smile. The thought becomes a scoff.
“Well you certainly didn’t get yourself pregnant!” Closure is adamant, elbowing me lightly.
The conversation falls in to a lull on a downy bed of laughter, she shifts about between moments until finding the ideal position. Ass firmly pushed against my crotch, head nestled under mine. She’s grabbed hold of my left arm. Pushed my sleeve up. She doesn’t linger on the pockmarked scars at the crook of my elbow, old news to her I suppose. Instead focusing on the off colour trenches manacled around my wrist. It’s embarrassing, difficult to keep myself steady, as she fingers the recent complications in my bodies history. But I suppose my naked form is nothing novel to Closure. There’s a comfort in that, and in her touch, her warm hands. Despite her verbal conduct, she’s remarkably respectful, reverent even, if a little demanding. I look on as she inspects me, poking at scars with a watchmaker’s expression. Appraising digits, measuring mobility loss, depth and length of the healing wounds. She’s certainly an engineer, I can practically hear the gears turning in her head. Sketching out blueprints for heavens know what. I pinch her pointed ear between thumb and forefinger when it gets to be too much for me. She’s quick to let go, clasping hands over her mouth to cut short a squeaked out moan. She turns, incredulous. When it comes to talking I’ve no chance at keeping pace, but with touch, it seems I can outplay her. Satisfaction bids me to grin and I gladly abide,
“…Kal’tsit said I should feed you…” I slowly pull aside the collar of my clothing, tilt my head to expose a vein. “…If I felt up to it…” Closure inches closer,
“She—” Her breath hitches, eyes on my neck “Really she said that?” gaze meeting my own.
I raise an eyebrow and nod, dropping my hand at the surprise in her tone.
“Okay so like you got the hole in your brain so I’m gonna square one this for you, ” She bites her lip, fangs prominent, “Get you on the same page cause you get the gist, but uh…” She clears her throat.
“Kay, so you know I’m a vampire, like we’re clear on that.” She holds out a palm, gesturing at open space in the conversation for my response. I nod.
“So like, strictly speaking I’m a sub-type of vampire.”
“…You certainly seem like a sub type…”
“I—” She narrows her eyes, “Okay I walked in to that one. But for real, I’m a succubus. So like I can get by on blood cause you know I’m similar enough, but ‘feeding me’ for real would be more along the lines of bending me over a desk and railing me stupid.”
I turn from Closure, to the desk on the other side of the room.
“…does it need to be a desk…?” Spoken through a grin, I side eye the succubus.
“No anywhere works fine, but—Oh, OH you’re joking—Listen Laika I’d love that but you don’t gotta if you don’t—”
Reaching out, I cup her chin as she speaks, press my thumb against her lips. Lean in to look her in the eyes. The tail of her sentence shivers out, her breath hot, softness of her skin quivering against my grip.
“…Doctor’s orders…” I shift my hand, palming her cheek. She lets out a long quaking moan, giddy laughter riding on a swear. She pushes in to my hand, eyes shut. Tracing my touch down her jaw, her neck. Light as a raindrop, leaving phantom sensations along her collar bone. I give the edge of her coat a gentle pull, guiding her with me as I sit against the headboard. She situates between my legs, back against my breasts, leaning in to me. Her coat is off and tossed to the floor. My arms wrap around her waist, over her shirt. I press my cheek against her head, feel the silk of her hair against my skin. Give her elfin ears the softness of my lips, little kisses. She’s much less chatty, overwhelmed maybe. I take a breath of her and speak in whispers,
“…show me what you like…” A kiss against the side of her head, “…take my good hand, and show me what you want…”
“Not fair...” She whines a halfhearted complaint, her hand already grasping mine, fingers interlacing over top. Slowly, ever so slowly, she slides it down and down to her thigh. Pressing against the hem of her shirt, our hands vanish under her clothing. I laugh, as she flattens my palm against her wet cunt.
“…you aren’t wearing pants…” She tries to buck against my touch, but I move my hand with her, keeping the sensation she’s wanting for just out of reach.
“Fuck, ugh, I never wear pants you menace…” I give her ear a gentle bite, delight in the yelp, the way she twitches against my palm.
“…you have one hand where you want it…” I shift my hand to emphasize, tracing my fingers up the moonlight soft skin of her pussy. “…show me where you want the other one and I will give you a reward…”
She makes such wonderful noises, sating an appetite I didn’t know I had. She’s quick, impatient now. Hips moving to try and masturbate herself against me. She struggles out of her shirt, casts it aside. Short heady breaths. Yanks my hand to her tits, the shape of her piercings clear upon my skin.
“Start there,” She gasps, as my thumb glides across her clit, “move up to my neck.” She’s a chorus of moans and whimpers with my fingers spreading her, thumbing her, sliding in and out slick. Yelps and squeaks as my lips pepper her long ears with kisses and bites. My weak left hand pulls at the ring piercings upon her tits, subtly twists, and lets it all fall soft. I cup and squeeze her breasts, wandering my hand up to her neck, curling my fingers best I can. A little pressure on her throat, and I can feel her heartbeat, a frenzied tempo. A countdown to orgasm. There’s a pooling stain between her legs. She grabs on to handfuls of the bed as though her world spins. The sheets bunch and twist as she digs her feet in, her words are unstructured unorganized falling from her lips like droplets,
“I want—I want to—” She whines, “I want to bite!” I lift my left hand to cover her mouth, feel her take a chunk of skin between her teeth. I wince, numbly white hot, her fangs slide easily in to me. Blood spilling across her lips, her tongue greedily lapping up all it can. She drinks of me, in ecstasy, her moans louder against the smearing red. I feel each cry of pleasure, guttural, on my skin, muffled by my loose grip. Her thighs tense, shiver, twitch, her whole body arches and pushes in to me. I cup her pussy, and she squirts between my fingers. Kissing her head, I hold her, help her to a safe landing as she falls from the plateau of climax, her body going limp. She mumbles out some unintelligible combination of words, letting my hand fall from between her teeth. I pull my right hand—now sticky—from between her legs, and she swallows a gasp. Give her leg a squeeze her wetness still shining on my fingers, wrest my arm on her waist to help ground her.
“How’s your—” She catches her breath, “How’s your uh, is your hand okay…?”  
I nod, and lift my left arm for her to see. Blood aside, it’s not a deep bite.
“…I am fine, I lost most feeling in this arm…” I take a deep breath of the charged air heavy with our sweat, “…How hungry are you…?”
“Very, are you asking if I want seconds?” She turns to look at me, supporting herself on a shaking arm.
I grin and nod. She lights up, her smile sloppy with blood like lipstick smeared by a lovers kiss. Her red eyes stand out even more above the mess, bright and happy.
“Fuck yes, sit tight a sec I know just the thing,” 

She hops out of the bed nearly tripping on shaky legs, over some boxes and scattered paperwork, and disappears in to the bathroom. I take the chance to toss back the rest of the water left on the nightstand, growing ever more curious as I hear Closure shuffling around in the other room. She sprints back, skidding on to the bed with a jump. Resting on her knees triumphantly. Dangling off one hand, a harness and dildo; in the other, a bottle of lube.
“Ta-Dah!” she sets the bottle of lube on the nightstand, “Don’t know if we’ll need that cause I’m like a weapons-grade slip-n-slide down here,” She grabs between her legs to demonstrate. Laughing as her fingers are slick with strings of wet and cum. “But you know, just in case!” She winks and holds the strap out to me.
“…awfully demanding, aren’t you…?” I speak through a smile, finding laughter in my voice more and more. I grab the strap from Closure, and set it aside.
“I’m positively spoiled.” Her voice is a whisper as she inches near.
“…Hmm. I will have to do something about that…” I tug at my shirt, “…Help me out of this, and no smart comments about my body…”
“Well you’re in luck, because I’ve never been smart in my life.” 
She makes quick work of what I’m wearing, the gown adding to the growing pile of clothing on the floor. The way closure moves, breathes, how her deft hands linger only long enough to warm my skin. She’s clearly well practiced in a bedside manner all her own. We reposition, mingling bodies, teasing and wanting, laughing in earnest our hearts lighter in the hands of the other. I’m tightening on the strap, idle conversation in the lull
“…I slept with Hoshiguma, by the by…” Harness snugly in place, I run my hand up the shaft of the silicone cock and give it a testing tug. 
Closure stops mid fluff of the pillow,
“I KNEW IT.” She crosses her arms, taking her seat at the head of the bed, legs pointed my way. “Fuck ugh, you shouldn’t have told me cause now I wanna try and lick off every drop of oni sweat still on you.”
“…awful…” sitting between her legs, I grab a pale leg and press my lips against her skin, cut short whatever horrid sentence she had cooking next. Flash my teeth and watch her expression. Her eyes are wide in excitement, and the nod is all I need. First a kiss, a priming of sensation, warmth and touch draws her attention to the bite that comes next. Sharp as my teeth are, I’m careful not to break the skin, yet, but make certain to leave a brilliant mark. She moves her hips against nothing, and I take that as my invitation. One bite, another, kisses and hickies dotted up her legs, sure to be on display in her usual attire. My attention softens as I approach her pelvis, my lips giving her own gentle affection. My right hand thumbing across the marks I’ve left on her already, to echo the original sensation. Saliva dribbling across her already generously soaked pussy, lapping at her like an animal at an oasis. Easily slipping in I press and curl my studded tongue as she gasps. I hold Closure’s leg steady, her reflex to tense pushing her new bruises against my grip. Suck softly on her clit. She’s transfixed, grinning stupid in-between each jolt, eyes locked with my one. I pull back, spit aside the excess wet,
“…awfully quiet, doing okay…?” I can taste her in each letter dripping off my chin.
“Fuck, haha yeah,” She runs a hand through her hair, trying and failing to push it out of her face, “The whole uh, eyepatch milf glaring at me from between my crotch is just doing a lot for me right now.” Her expression is lost in that haze of arousal, grinning and dim. I smile, crawl closer, my head near her own. Glance and shift, press the tip of the cock against her pussy, but don’t let it slip in just yet.
“…Hmm, I suppose you will not want this, then…” She immediately bucks to try and take it in, but I hold her still as she whines, “…I should just get back to work down there and pull this out…”
“No!” Her voice bursting with need, she grabs on, biting her lip
“…No…?” I pepper her neck with kisses down to her shoulder, “…where did that chattiness go, use your words…” I bite hard, feel the moan travel through her in to me.
“UGH, fuck me before I lose my fucking mind you horrible awful tease.”
I take her by the waist and pull her forward as I roll my hips, bit by bit the strap slipping deeper in to her. She’s greedy, bottoms out, wraps her legs around me, moaning and laughing.
“I never thought that—” I force a gasp from her lips as I thrust in and up, “N-never thought that, hah, you were vanilla enough to go f-for laterano missionary.” 
“…If you want me to be rough,” Sweat beads across my body, the air cold on my back. “…just say please…” 
She play bites, snapping her teeth, mischievous,
“Pleeeeeeaaase please please please, rough me up.” She moans, mocking, wiggles beneath me. 
“…tap twice if it gets to be too much, Closure…” I squeeze her leg and reposition her, pliable as she is. Pull out and flip her on to her stomach with ease, hitch a hand under her hip and drag her ass up. She’s all smiles, giddy, staring back at me as I slather a dollop of lube across the tip of the strap. Fingering the excess in to her ass, first one up to the knuckle then two, easily spreading, accommodating. A hand on her back comforting and caressing. I slip my fingers out, wiping them dry on the sheets, and grab her shoulder to guide her. She holds the headboard, moaning to the tempo I set. She takes the cock easily, her ass soon grinding full against my crotch. A long and low moan leaking from her lips. I skim my right hand through her hair and take a handful to jerk her back, hold her in place. She gasps as my other hand spreads her pussy, dripping ropes of wet.
“Bite! bite bite bite” She cries out incoherently, her voice muffled as I push her head hard into the pillow. She takes a mouthful of it. The rough handling finishes her off quick. I can hear the fabric tear between her teeth, quaking guttural moans rack her body, feel the twitch and squirt of slick against my palm. I hold her still, and as her body calms so too does my grip, the way I handle her. I stroke her hair, gently lower her to the bed and pull out. Cast aside the strap with a couple clicks of the harness, it thunks down next to the pile of clothing. She grins, eyes drifting shut, wobbly. I wrap her up in touch, curling around her, painting her now bruised legs in softness. A quiet kiss upon her forehead. My voice a whisper,
“…you good…?” 
She nods her head heartily, little moans still rising like steam, but says nothing.
“…still want to bite…?”
She shows me a half-lidded smile and opens her mouth to bare her fangs. I laugh, and give her my left arm. Vague sensation of pierced skin, she holds on to me wrapping and clinging with cum weakened limbs.
“…seems I just ended up spoiling you some more…”



Archive File 7

[Basic Info]

[Code Name] Closure ;)
[Gender] No Thanks
[Combat Experience] Haha
[Race] Succ
[Height] 5’6”

[Physical Exam]

Amazing tits and really good at bjs. Sadly no tail to spoil but I got those sensitive pointed sarkazian ears and its mad easy to make me cum if you toss me around like a potato sack.


Ada this isn’t a dating profile, please actually fill the form out properly.
- Dr. Radigue

Oh come on!! If i fill it out like you want ive got mad shitty stats why cant i talk about my charm points huh????
- Closure

I will concede that our current method of cataloging isn’t the best place to showcase what makes you remarkable, but it’s set up that way for a reason. If it would make you feel better we don’t have to make yours public, but it would still be helpful for us to have your file on hand.
- Dr. Radigue

UGH fine i guess whatever ill fill out ur forms but im leavin in the part about my tits being amazing
- Closure

This is not an official channel. Please conduct yourselves more appropriately, lest I am forced to remind both of you how to behave behind closed doors.
- Dr. Kal’tsit