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I wanted to do that for so long

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Phryne and Jack exited Strano, the Italian restaurant he liked to eat at, since his divorce from Rosie.


“So, you came back to the restaurant last night?” Jack asked as they walked down the steps to the sidewalk.


“I had a few questions for Concetta,” Phryne answered.


“Did you find the answers you were looking for?”


“Too early to say.”


Her curiosity toward Jack’s relationship made her ask something else, then,  “When you say old friends do you mean like Doctor Mac or old friends like Captain Compton?”


“Well Concetta Strano hasn’t saved my life from a burning plane wreck in Madagascar if that’s what you mean….”


Desperate to change the subject of their conversation.  He said, “Can I offer you a lift?” He didn’t want to discuss his relationship with Concetta Strano with her.


“No thank you. I have an appointment at the docks,” she answered.


“Nosing around?”


“Who me?” she said in a mischievous tone, then looking at him she added, “Don’t worry, Jack, if I find anything. You’ll be the first to know.”


“No, I’ll be the last! I’m more concerned about you getting in too deep.”


She almost laughed, and said she’d be careful, when he stopped to look at her incredulously. They were facing one another and seeing the doubt in the inspector’s blue eyes, Phryne repeated the words softly but firmly.  


What she did next would forever leave a burn mark on his chest and mind. Phryne placed a light hand on his chest at first, before moving it to the lapel of his coat saying in a gentle voice, her eyes searching his, “Promise me you’ll be careful, too.” 


Jack did not answer, and simply nodded his head. Seconds later, the inspector’s eyes shifted unconsciously to her red tinted lips, and the next thing he knew they were kissing.


Tentatively at first, the kiss rapidly intensified. Their tongues dancing with one other when the kiss came to a natural end.  Phryne and Jack looked at one another, stunned and surprised by what just happened.


Slowly, a smile found its way to her lips.


The inspector smiled too.


“See you tonight?” she asked in a sultry voice.


“There isn’t anywhere, I rather be,” he replied in a low voice


Phryne turned abruptly, Bert already opening the door of the car, and climbed in.


The inspector returned to his own car.


This was going to be a long day, both thought as they both left to their own occupations




The End.