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Fleeting Fireworks

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“What’s up with you, taking your time like that.” After Autumn Tree finally appeared, Ye Xiu immediately said from the seat opposite him with a voice full of dissatisfaction.

Su Muqiu smiled merrily at him, looking to be in a very good mood, “I met a very capable kid today, he plays the Blade Master and is only fourteen years old.”

“You went over to pick on noobs but ended up getting beaten down instead?”

Su Muqiu rolled his eyes at Ye Xiu without any semblance of courtesy, “I couldn’t bear to see him being picked on by a higher-levelled guy so went to help serve justice okay!”

“Yo, couldn’t tell you still have this awareness.” Ye Xiu’s tone was very astonished.

Autumn Tree’s viewport swivelled over, directly and nimbly shooting at One Autumn Leaf, “Fuck off fuck off fuck off! Do you think that everyone is as savage as you without a bottom line!”

Ye Xiu swiftly got One Autumn Leaf to dodge but did not return fire. “Hey hey bro, chill a little, Swoksaar had snatched a wild BOSS just a while back. Gathering material to create silver equipment is serious business, don’t stir internal strife!”

Su Muqiu scoffed, “Even without you I can easily wipe him within a second myself.”

“Haha,” Ye Xiu laughed and did not comment.

While these two were busy bickering on this side, Huang Shaotian on the other side was feeling rather gloomy. It wasn’t easy for him to have run into an expert that wasn’t old, but he actually wasn’t able to even fight one round before the other went offline.

Huang Shaotian controlled Eat My Sword to blindly wander around for a while. Also lazy to raid another person, he ended up spending the remaining time civilly pummelling some monsters, afterwards outside the level 25 dungeon entrance randomly joined a party, brushed the copy twice and finally managed to rush his level up to 30 before bed. Then, he was nagged offline by his parents.



The next afternoon, Huang Shaotian rushed straight to the computer as soon as he got off school. However, after swiftly logging into Eat My Sword, he found that Eternal Autumn was not yet online. Huang Shaotian could only disinterestedly bring Eat My Sword out for a spin without much purpose. After levelling twice more, he spent a brief moment thinking about it, and decisively tried logging into his main account Troubling Rain.

This time, as soon as Troubling Rain went online, Huang Shaotian immediately scoped out his area with extreme caution, checking the surrounding activity. Waiting a long time to confirm that nothing was out of the ordinary, Huang Shaotian then let loose a long breath of relief and allowed Troubling Rain to start moving about.

After walking around idly for a while, Huang Shaotian unconsciously glanced towards the global channel and instantly noticed that something was off. Above, the chat screen was considerably lively and was being flooded by laughter and jokes of all kinds.

Rapidly skimming through it, Huang Shaotian straightaway knew what this was about. It appeared that a seldom seen wild BOSS had spawned over at Line Canyon, Cliff Ronin Alpine, and all the big guilds were busy trying to grab it.

“No wonder that Warlock is not around… He must be grabbing BOSS,” Huang Shaotian said to himself, then, abruptly thought of a good idea. He should go disrupt the other right now and take it as retribution for the aggro worked up from the mindless assassination the past few days.

After all, he was still a youth at heart. Once deciding on this fun objective, Huang Shaotian instantly felt spirited; Troubling Rain swiftly and energetically bounded off towards Line Canyon.

Following the coordinates reported on the global channel, Huang Shaotian smoothly found the location of the BOSS – but heck, this was also way too chaotic, no?!

Although presently it hadn’t been too long since Glory first opened its servers, falling far short of the flourish it would have a few years in the future, but the scene of a hundred players flocking together in front of him engaged in battle was still one that Huang Shaotian rarely saw. It really dazzled his eyes.

Directly going in at this moment to fight wildly as if possessed was not in line with Huang Shaotian’s opportunistic style, and it was hard to say if Swoksaar would concentrate fire on him should he be sighted, so Huang Shaotian silently decided to spectate the situation on the battlefield from the side for a while.

Huang Shaotian’s keen perception was at that time a natural talent. He easily identified a few characters with exceptionally outstanding mechanics from within the crowd of people, which were also IDs which most Glory players would be incomparably familiar with: Battle Mage One Autumn leaf, Sharpshooter Autumn Tree, Striker Desert Dust, Exorcist Peaceful Hermit, as well as the Warlock that he hated the most right now, Swoksaar.

After watching a while longer, Huang Shaotian was pretty much sure. Victory was locked between the Battle Mage-Sharpshooter and Warlock. Huang Shaotian had long heard of the partnership between One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree; watching it from up close, the fierceness of their assault was almost heaven-defying, even complemented by a perfect coordination.

However, perhaps because they had a history of drawing too much aggro, they had not especially gone to find helpers. It was essentially them two partnering up to take the BOSS battle. The remaining people all had several helpers, especially Swoksaar, who had brought along with him almost twenty others. He was currently commanding them to fight the battle as a group, and no matter how impressive Desert Dust and Peaceful Hermit were, it would be difficult for them to stand up against those helpers.

And so, the aggro of the BOSS was currently being held by those with Swoksaar. One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree flitted through the crowd of people easily whilst ingeniously using the aggro of the BOSS to fight a war of attrition against all sorts of players, also on occasion dealing attacks to Swoksaar, Desert Dust, etc.

Huang Shaotian waited quietly for a moment. He ascertained that Desert Dust and Peaceful Hermit had been resolved, with the aggro steady on Swoksaar and his helpers, he finally decided to take this chance to launch a sneak attack against those few lackeys forming an impregnable wall around Swoksaar. He had just directed Troubling Rain to take a few quick steps forward, yet within a moment, the situation of the battle abruptly changed.

He saw Autumn Tree’s figure whirl around rapidly and kick up into the air. Twin guns opened a line of fire towards the cliff, placing his body directly aloft above Swoksaar, following which his feet ruthlessly stamped down on the other’s head, two strings of bullets simultaneously shooting out swiftly – Sharpshooter skill, Punisher.

“Holy crap, super cool!” Huang Shaotian was accustomed to seeing the long-range play of Sharpshooters. This rapid close-combat mechanics really astounded him. However, he quickly felt that it was not quite right. Even if that earlier scene was very cool, what would Autumn Tree do now after penetrating into the thick of the enemy formation? After all, there were quite a few Battle Mages, Blade Masters, Brawlers and Strikers around him – all close-combat classes. Should this crowd collectively attack him, wasn’t he afraid that the opponent could simply sweep him away in one wave?

Sure enough, in the split second of Huang Shaotian’s realisation, many of the characters around Swoksaar already rushed up to Autumn Tree. Then, Huang Shaotian witnessed an even more jaw-dropping scene. As soon as Autumn Tree landed, he went into a Roundhouse Kick and swept down two people, landed a Knee Strike on Swoksaar, following which actually used a powerful skill, Random Firing, at an extremely close distance. Amidst the sound of gunfire, he simply relied on extremely powerful mechanics to hit several targets, disrupting the enemy troops into great chaos.

Is this dude really a Sharpshooter!!! Sharpshooters can actually still fight melee so impressively!!!

This scene caused all the blood in his body to boil in excitement. Huang Shaotian was sure now. The other was definitely a true genius, whether in hand speed, awareness or mechanics, this person was a Great God at the peak. And though he clearly knew that he couldn’t match up, right now he was dying to rush over and arena PK with the other.

It took a long time before Huang Shaotian found out that the virtuosic performance he had witnessed back then was called Gun Fu.

Afterwards in the tenth season, during the finals of Happy against Samsara, Huang Shaotian also watched Ye Xiu and Zhou Zekai face off in the individual challenge. The peerlessly wondrous Gun Fu received fervent praise from commentators Pan Lin and Li Yibo. Yet Huang Shaotian would watch it very calmly – what’s there amazing about it, he had already seen it in-game many years back.

Moreover, watching Autumn Tree’s perfectly timed skill execution, Huang Shaotian also understood this. The other had long accumulated his skill cooldowns and had also long anticipated the present situation. Because after Autumn Tree disrupted the enemies, One Autumn Leaf on the other side instantly used the great skill Rising Dragon Soars the Sky and directly swept over. The burst attacks of the Sharpshooter was merely a temporary measure, after all, Battle Mages are the true masters of melee. Very quickly, under One Autumn Leaf’s unyielding wave of attacks, added alongside Autumn Tree’s support and coordination, the ring of people around Swoksaar fell.

The two people’s coordination were like floating clouds and flowing water, natural and spontaneous. It could be said that their coordination was without flaw. Even if there were a few holes, those would simply and swiftly be patched up by their mechanics.

All this happened in under a minute. Yet it was enough to make the young Huang Shaotian stare dumbfounded, leaving a deep impression on him, at the same time invoking a proper inner reflection of his current skill level in Glory – let’s not speak of his lack of interest in tactics and command ability for now; simply based on fine and precise mechanics, he was still several ranks beneath the duo he had just watched earlier. It looked to be that if he wanted to become an expert, there were still a lot of things he had to learn.

After killing off those players and drawing the BOSS’ aggro, One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree very quickly rose to the forefront of those controlling the BOSS’ aggro. The two of them relied on extremely strong positioning to lead the BOSS around in circles for a long time, following which jointly dispatched the BOSS together.

“Amber Spear!” Seeing the materials that dropped, Su Muqiu unrestrainedly cried out in delight.

Ye Xiu also laughed and let out a sigh, “Fighting for this long really wasn’t in vain.”

“It’s too damn exhausting, let me take a short break,” Su Muqiu brought Autumn Tree offline, withdrew the account card and leaned back against the chair, shaking the fingers that had maintained a bout of high-intensity mechanics earlier.

Ye Xiu nodded nonchalantly, “Okay, then let’s not run copies tonight. I’ll go play a side account.”

“Oh? Which class are you playing this time?” Su Muqiu casually asked.

“Blade Master,” Ye Xiu replied simply, then added a few more sentences after, “I suggest that you also play Blade Master more. Haven’t you been researching the Unspecialised all this while? Blade Masters are unlike Berserkers and Spellblades, they can use five different swords. If the transition between the swords can be made smooth, it can also be called an Unspecialised in some sense.”

Hearing Ye Xiu bring up the Blade Master, Su Muqiu at once thought of Eat My Sword whom he had run into yesterday, and also thought of the agreement they made to grind levels together. He immediately smiled, “Good idea, I’ll go research a bit on Blade Masters now.”





Ye Xiu came online this chapter. As before, there are no pairings in this fic~

Referencing the original novel, Umbrella bro made the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella after Ye Xiu met Huang Shaotian, so wrote it like this~

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