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Fleeting Fireworks

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Su Muqiu and Ye Xiu had absolutely no idea of what was happening on Huang Shaotian’s end. One Autumn Leaf had even especially sent Troubling Rain a friend request, but he never received a response from the other.

Ye Xiu raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Muqiu, “This kid wasn’t just blowing his own horn, right?”

The corner of Su Muqiu’s mouth twitched. “Do you think everyone is as unscrupulous as you?” He paused, and said, “It isn’t as if Troubling Rain is some kind of famous account. It’s only because we have been mixing around with those lackeys in Blue Brook Guild that we even know of his existence. Is there a need for such posturing?”

“Oh, you actually reminded me,” Ye Xiu turned back over and flipped through his friends list. He directly found Swoksaar and sent a message over, “Heyheyheyheyheyheyhey! Ask you something urgent!”

There was no reply for a very long time. Obviously, he was being ignored by the other party.

“That’s odd, he normally replies to messages very quickly… Shit!” Ye Xiu seemed to think of something important, quickly pulling up another person in Blue Brook Guild from his friends list and asking a few questions. His face immediately turned dark, “Damnit, the other side already set their hand down first.”

Su Muqiu rushed over to look. According to what this person told Ye Xiu, it turned out that their boss had been lying in wait for that Blade Master called Troubling Rain to come online the past few days and finally managed to catch him earlier, within a second gathering a bunch of comrades to ambush the other. However, this time, they actually didn’t end up fighting. Instead, they exchanged some mode of communication like QQ or whatnot, and both people went offline together.

“…How dirty-hearted,” Su Muqiu couldn’t help sighing, for a second feeling a ‘my little brother just got sniped’ type of bitter feeling. He intended to wait for the next time Huang Shaotian came online to have a good talk with him.

Despite saying this, both of them could understand why the other would do so. The might of One Autumn Leaf and Autumn Tree was unanimously acknowledged in the first server. No matter which guild, none of them could catch a good foothold when facing up against this duo, moreover with Blue Brook Guild suffering many losses under their hands. Being the first to discover this expert Blade Master, how could Swoksaar not have the intention to recruit the other?

Ye Xiu sighed dramatically, “Sigh, being an expert is really too stressful. Our rivals keep such tight watch on us.”

Su Muqiu didn’t bother responding to Ye Xiu’s narcissism. Conversely, he narrowed his eyes, “Swoksaar is very good at controlling the field. His skill releases are always placed at the most critical moments. This guy’s style is very similar to that. If they work together in the future, they could become strong opponents indeed.”

“Haha, but with me by your side, could we ever lose to them in a fight?” Ye Xiu brought One Autumn Leaf offline. He flippantly opened a web page, “Here, look at this. These people are only the tip of the iceberg. The experts that we meet in the future can only keep increasing.”

After briefly skimming a few lines, Su Muqiu quickly grew excited, “Glory Pro Alliance soon to be established… relevant arrangements are already underway, at present they are already engaged in business negotiations… Wait, does this mean we can play Glory competitions in the future?”

Ye Xiu gave a firm nod. “Yeah! Just that I don’t know when the details can be officially knocked out. Best it be next year, we’ll be of age by then.”

Su Muqiu smiled widely, looking to be in a very good mood, “This will be fun, I really can’t wait.”

“Haha, the in-game experts of Glory right now are so oppressed by us they can’t tell head from tail. When the Alliance opens, the very first championship will be ours for sure,” Ye Xiu vowed solemnly with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Su Muqiu swore and expressed his disdain, “Stop bragging. How do you know that there aren’t any hidden experts out there? Watch out that you don’t get your face slapped when the time comes.”

“Hey hey, your words are not right. When the time comes, we’ll both be on the same side. Isn’t slapping my face the same as slapping yours as well?” Ye Xiu earnestly pointed out. But when meeting Su Muqiu’s infuriated and speechless gaze, he could no longer hold himself back and he cracked into a smile first. “Hero, shall we go forth together?”

Su Muqiu glanced at Ye Xiu askew, the corners of his lips unconsciously curling up with the hint of a smile, “In that case, I can only, very grudgingly, accept.”



Quite a few days passed. Su Muqiu occasionally logged into his side account Eternal Autumn as before. He was quickly about to max level Eternal Autumn yet had never managed to catch Eat My Sword online all this while.

Ye Xiu even analysed this to Su Muqiu, saying that perhaps Swoksaar was a human trafficker, directly running off into the 3D world to kidnap this little chatterbox and the like; following which, Su Muqiu unceremoniously whacked him with a mouse.

Finally, on the fourth day, Eat My Sword took the initiative to seek Eternal Autumn out as soon as he came online. Su Muqiu then found out with surprise that the truth of the matter was really not too far off from Ye Xiu’s conjecture.

“Autumn bro Autumn bro Autumn bro where are you, I’ve got good news to share with you!!!”

Su Muqiu, as per usual, flung back the arena room number over to him. Once entering the room, Eat My Sword impatiently bounded over. He raised his lightsabre and with a sudden flash, instantly threw out a perfect Shadow Step with four immaculate shadows.

“Is this you improving or getting worse?” Su Muqiu smiled and said, easily shooting and tossing a grenade over, very quickly figuring out two false shadows.

“Hehe, it’s definitely an improvement! An expert has been guiding me personally the past few days!” In the few days that they hadn’t met, Huang Shaotian remained as chatty as before, his words never ceasing. “Oh right, Autumn bro, help me apologise to your friend! I got caught up with something when I went online that day, so I wasn’t able to make good on my word! Next time when the chance comes, I’ll use my main to PK him!”

“Nevermind him. Shaotian, earlier you mentioned you had some news to tell me. What news?” As he talked, the automatic handgun clattered and shot out several long chains of bullets, the speed so swift that Eat My Sword could barely keep up.

“Dang, Autumn bro, your Spitfire is getting better and better!” Huang Shaotian swiftly got Eat My Sword to kick backwards to switch his position as he rambled on in surprise, “Eh, before we speak of this let me ask something first. Autumn bro, where are you?”

Su Muqiu froze a moment, then realised that the other was asking him for his city of residence, and immediately replied, “City H.”

“Huh! What a pity! A few days ago, my geography teacher even taught me the saying that there’s paradise in heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth below. City H sounds super far away from my place, I’m in City G, I originally thought that I could meet you and maybe even do it together with you…” Huang Shaotian couldn’t conceal the regret that filled his voice.

Su Muqiu smiled, his mind already catching on to an inkling of what this was about, “If you want to meet, there will be chances to in the future. But what was it that you wanted to do together with me?”

Hearing this question, Huang Shaotian’s voice and hand speed both burst forth, flaunting his multitasking passive skill to the max, telling Su Muqiu everything that had happened in the past few days.

Huang Shaotian started speaking of the grievance between his main account Troubling Rain and Swoksaar. At the start, he was merely being continually hunted down by the other and his lackeys; on the day that Huang Shaotian intended to PK with Ye Xiu, he once again was blocked by the other as soon as he went online. However, this time, he was not party to a barrage of attacks, conversely receiving the other’s warm and polite reception. The player behind Swoksaar first unreservedly and openly apologised for the previous incidences, saying that those ambushes were all to test his strength. Afterwards, asked Huang Shaotian if he truly loved playing this game Glory, and upon receiving Huang Shaotian’s affirmative answer, he threw over a QQ contact number, saying he wished to have a serious chat with him.

At that time, Huang Shaotian reckoned that if he did not comply, he would be killed instantly. So, he dubiously agreed to the other party. Then, on QQ, that person sent him that link regarding the setting up of the Glory Pro Alliance. He said that Huang Shaotian was a prodigy at Glory, if he sincerely loved this game, he could consider walking down this road. During this discussion, Huang Shaotian also learnt that the other was surnamed Wei, twenty-one years of age this year and a City G native like he.

When the first round of PK ended, it was as old still Eat My Sword that laid flat. Su Muqiu listened to the part of Huang Shaotian and that dude surnamed Wei meeting face-to-face, and finally couldn’t stop himself from cutting in, “Shaotian, how could you meet a stranger that you’ve only spoken a few sentences with? What if he’s a bad guy?”

“Hehe, I didn’t think that much at that time. Also, I feel that players like him who sincerely love Glory definitely can’t be bad people!”

Su Muqiu was at a loss. He had also guessed most of it, that Swoksaar must have personally taught Huang Shaotian various techniques in Glory the past few days, therefore Huang Shaotian hadn’t the time to get onto this side account. However, he still gave Huang Shaotian a small well-intentioned reminder, “Don’t do that next time.”

Huang Shaotian instantly and loudly replied, “At your command!” Then, he continued excitedly, “Hehe, hey brother, do you still remember what you said to me the other day? Who would have thought that I would so quickly find a way to continue playing Glory! Aren’t I incredible?”

The tone of the other was rather much like a little child begging for a sweet from a senior after doing something good. Su Muqiu wanted to laugh hearing this, but his mouth sang his praises, “Yes, very incredible! The words I said to you were true, right? Things do have a way of working out.”

Huang Shaotian snickered, “Definitely! Oh right, Boss Wei said that he intends to form a team in City G. Do you want to come over?”

Su Muqiu was not in a hurry to reply to this question. Instead, he began teasing first, “You’re even calling him Boss Wei now?”

Huang Shaotian instantly grew invigorated, “Ahhhh, Autumn bro, you don’t know how incredible he is!!! He’s really incredible at playing Glory! These few days he practised more than a hundred times with me. Don’t get angry but honestly speaking, I think that his skills are not worse than yours! I finally know what a true expert is like!”

Su Muqiu laughed lightly, his voice filled with confidence, “I may not win using the Spitfire now, but that may not be the case if I use another class.”

“Ehhh? Really? Autumn bro, does this mean that you’ve fought with Boss Wei before?! Then you must surely know each other! Quickly come and join us in City G!” Huang Shaotian’s entire person glowed.

“I won’t go to City G, my friends and family are all in City H.” Su Muqiu’s reply was very firm. Right after he finished speaking however, he heard the other side go “ah” in a very downtrodden manner, so he hurriedly reassured him, “So what if we’re in different cities, it isn’t as if there won’t be opportunities to meet in the future. We’ll meet sooner or later.”

Huang Shaotian listlessly harrumphed a few times, obviously still unable to get his spirits back up.

It was rare to see the dynamic Huang Shaotian this depressed. Su Muqiu hastily grappled for a method to divert the other’s attention, “Let’s not speak of this anymore. Shaotian, I want to show you a new Spitfire technique.”

So, the PK between them both began again. Eternal Autumn and Eat My Sword simultaneously took their places. Eat My Sword dodged the stream of bullets that Eternal Autumn sent his way, and those he couldn’t dodge, he used the sword to block from his body. Su Muqiu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion – Huang Shaotian had become more composed, his mechanics also much more focused than before.

He saw Eat My Sword leap upwards with a Rising Dragon Slash and a Falling Phoenix Slash came down the next moment; the automatic gun in Eternal Autumn’s right hand never stopped firing, and his left hand already long threw a few Remote-Control Grenades over. Huang Shaotian forcibly cancelled the skill straightaway and came down swiftly with a Falling Light Blade from mid-air. Su Muqiu got Eternal Autumn to retreat half a step, narrowly avoiding the radius of the shockwave, but found that Huang Shaotian had again switched to another skill – Blade Master level 45 skill, Headwind Strike.

Eat My Sword’s figure spun clockwise. Eternal Autumn was at that point encased in the sword light and could only receive the attack. Once gaining the upper hand, Huang Shaotian instantly grew excited, “Hehe, Autumn bro, I’m going to win already if you don’t show me that new technique soon!”

“You little brat, don’t get cocky too early,” Su Muqiu taunted, yet his voice carried a smile.

Sure enough, once Su Muqiu finished speaking, an even stronger shockwave ripped towards his figure in a split second – Spitfire skill, Implosion Grenade.

“Holy crap! How fast is that grenade throw!” Huang Shaotian was still shouting, but Su Muqiu interrupted him with a smile, “It’s coming, watch carefully!”

 Then, he only heard an endless whooshing sound. Within a second, Eat My Sword’s figure suspended mid-air was enshrouded by all sorts of hand grenades. Huang Shaotian got a shock, warning bells clanged in his heart. And the next second, this web of carefully arranged grenades, was ignited by a bullet that shot past in a flash. Eat My Sword’s vision was instantly engulfed by firelight of every colour, leaving only a sheet of radiance as if a spectacle of magnificent fireworks had been set off. His eyes dazzled, and he was hit by a spell of dizziness.

“Holy shit!!! Autumn bro, how on earth did you put out so many grenades in such a short time and even chain them together to cause an explosion!!! Can you be any cooler!!!” Eat My Sword tumbled in the dizzying display of light, but even the explosion was not able to drown out Huang Shaotian’s worshipful shouts of surprise.

Su Muqiu was very satisfied with the effect this time. As he continued to put out skills to suppress the other, he opened his mouth intending to explain. However, he suddenly found that Eat My Sword’s figure jolted right after landing to the ground and began moving towards Eternal Autumn’s position. He immediately and decisively threw the skill Chaotic Thunder over.

Of course, the effect of Chaotic Thunder was not as good as the effect of the earlier assault involving various hand grenades. Su Muqiu thought that disrupting Huang Shaotian in the chaos would be sufficient, but after that, he saw an even more astonishing scene – Eat My Sword actually used a Z-shake, stubbornly breaking past the space between several grenades. Then, his sword flashed, and he directly split apart the grenade that flew in front of him into two halves.

“…Shaotian, you are incredibly talented.” Su Muqiu sighed deeply in his heart. To fight so brilliantly this at fourteen years old, he surely had an even more boundless future ahead of him.

Huang Shaotian rarely heard people praise him this sincerely. Moreover, the other was a great expert that he really liked as well! Yet as he basked in happiness, he quickly found that Eat My Sword’s body suddenly entered a stunned state.

?! Huh, what’s this?! How did he get stunned? After the wave ended, shouldn’t Eternal Autumn’s skills all be in cooldown?

Eternal Autumn sent normal attacks over at him. Su Muqiu smiled as he said, “Haha, the grenade sounds were quite loud. You only cared to listen to me, but you hadn’t noticed the Stun Bullet, right?” The Stun Bullet was notorious for having a loud release, so Spitfires very rarely use this skill when playing 1v1 in Glory.

Tears streamed down Huang Shaotian’s face. “How can you do this!!!”

Afterwhich, Huang Shaotian watched as Su Muqiu let out another beautiful spectacle of fireworks for him. Just like this, Eternal Autumn smoothly washed Eat My Sword away.