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All You Have To Do Is Ask

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After Simon Blackquill is finally exonerated and the “dark age of the law” slowly begins to loosen its hold on the court system and public, Edgeworth finally feels comfortable being more open about his relationship with Phoenix Wright. Granted, they hardly make a big show of it - he’s always been more at home with reticence and Phoenix seems content to be as far away from violently pink sweaters and loud declarations of love as possible - but the rumors that have always swirled around them slowly coalesce into established fact. Phoenix greets him with a kiss when they meet for meals and tangles their fingers together as they discuss cases on evening walks with Pess; he even moves in, which hadn’t actually been something they actually discussed, but which Miles realizes has happened nonetheless when he reaches into his closet and ends up trying to put on one of Phoenix’s waistcoats.

He has never been the most comfortable expressing his feelings, a leftover trait from von Karma that’s taken too many years and, more recently, a healthy amount of therapy to even begin to shake, but he thinks - he hopes - that Phoenix understands how happy he is even when he can’t get the words out. They still argue, of course, but then they’ll always argue, and nowadays it ends more often than not in kissing. They trade endless e-mails to keep each other occupied on slow days and fall asleep tangled together on his couch after the busy ones, and when he wakes up first Miles stares at the other man and thinks about how lucky he is, after how many chances he had to lose this.

Until May, at least, which is when he becomes fairly sure Phoenix Wright is going to dump him.

He’s fairly sure that there are a number of people to which the idea of being dumped by Phoenix Wright would be absolutely hysterical and entirely humiliating, but they’re almost all people they’ve put in jail, so he feels justified in languishing in sorrow on the couch in his living room instead. He’s not sure what changed, but - Phoenix has been spending more of his time at his office, breaking lunch dates and then outright refusing others; they hadn’t been arguing any more than usual, but it was a big hard to argue when you were being avoided outright.

And tonight: they had reservations for Miles’s favorite restaurant, the one you could only get into with a reservation, and which Phoenix didn’t like at all, considering it overpriced and snooty.

At least he was going to be let down easy.

“I could just lay here instead,” he muses. Avoiding feelings caused by Phoenix Wright, after all, is his second greatest talent after prosecution. But Pess whines and nudges his leg and he sighs, instead. “Yes. Of course. You’re right.”

If he’s going to be dumped by Phoenix Wright, at least he can take it like a man.

He makes himself presentable and drives to the restaurant, where Phoenix is waiting, dressed to the nines and smiling at him in that stupid, soft way of his. Miles weighs the pros and cons of just begging him to stay over their drink orders.

“Miles?” Phoenix says, eventually, giving him a vaguely concerned look, which is about when he realizes he’s been silent, a thousand miles away, for a good while.

He draws himself up. “Wright, I think it’s time to end this charade,” he says, in his best Courtroom Voice. “However, I feel it’s only right to inform you that if you truly want to break up with me, I’ve compiled several very convincing arguments as to why we should stay together.”

What,” Phoenix says, a little loudly, because several people at nearby tables turn to look at them. He drops his voice. “You thought I was going to dump you?”

Miles deflates, slightly. “Yes?” he says. “You’ve been avoiding me for weeks. I would have asked what was wrong if I could corner you long enough to have an actual conversation. And you hate this place.”

“It is overpriced and the waitstaff is stuffy -”

“You tried to wear sandals and a beanie -”

“- but you like it,” Phoenix finishes, looking massively guilty. “Miles. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you think anything like that, I was just… I've been a little nervous, and not dealing with it super well, but that's - it's because…” He looks around. The people at the other tables are doing poor jobs of pretending like they aren’t interested. He sighs through his nose, and reaches into his coat. “I was planning on doing this after dinner, during a nice, private walk in the park, but -”

It’s a small, black velvet box. When Miles decides that he is not, in fact, dreaming, he opens it to find a wide platinum band set with a small diamond, tasteful and discreet. He touches the ring and thinks about missed lunch dates, and wonders how long Phoenix has been planning this.

“I’m an idiot,” he says, at last.

“You prosecutors do have a tendency to jump to the worst possible conclusion,” Phoenix agrees, watching him nervously. “But are you dumb enough to marry me?”

The other diners and, now, several members of the waitstaff are doing, if anything, even worse jobs of pretending they aren’t interested in what’s happening at the table by the window. Miles takes the ring out of the box and puts it on, and then he goes around the table to kiss Phoenix, because it's the only possible option, and he doesn’t care who’s watching.

“I obviously need someone around to prove me wrong,” he murmurs, and falls in love all over again with the way Phoenix smiles at him.

(Later: The assorted members of the Wright Anything Agency and a frankly embarrassing number of both the police and prosecutor’s office have taken over Wright’s less than spacious office for a party under a glittery banner reading “CONGRATULATIONS”, followed by a really unnecessary number of exclamation points. When Miles arches a brow at him, Phoenix rubs the back of his head, embarrassed.

“We made two banners,” he says, “in case this ended up being a ‘sorry you got rejected, now let's drink’ party instead.”)

(Later still: Trucy confesses to him, as things die down, that she only made one banner. “I knew we wouldn't need the other one,” she says, and Miles hugs her tight.

As it turns out, the idea of him being dumped by Phoenix Wright is laughable, after all.)