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tell me what you want (right now)

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Wei Wuxian was at his office cubicle, filled with post it notes that featured doodles and reminders, photographs of his loved ones, office supplies, and coffee. He likes his job really, despite what people may think, he enjoys a quiet work environment.

Suddenly, an alpha's scent is clogging up the room, heavy with hormones and need. Everyone in the office starting coughing and waving, desperate to get the strong scent out of the room.

"Wait! Mr. Lan, you can't come in here, workspace rules include no one in rut or heat can--" Before the man can finish his sentence, he is rudely pushed to the side with great force.

Wei WuXian stands up, knees quivering due to the pheromones emitted. "Lan Zhan, what are you--" and just like the man before, he is interrupted by a rough hand spinning him around, facing his desk.

"Talk later." Lan Wangji says roughly. Snaking an arm around Wei Wuxian's hips, firmly holding them in place.

Understanding dawns upon Wei Wuxian's face. "Lan Zhan! You can't-- there's people here!" Wei Wuxian squirms in Lan Wangji's grasp, desperate to get out of this situation. There are already people leaving, though some choose to stay. Either to watch how Wei Wuxian handles the situation or to pleasure themselves at the play presented.

In one swift motion, he pulls both Wei Wuxian's pants and undergarments down. Revealing a milky bum. He trails his fingers lightly on Wei Wuxian's ass before delivering a harsh strike, marking it red.

"Ah!" Lan Wangji continues to smack Wei Wuxian, hoping each smack would loosen him up.

Once he deems Wei Wuxian ready enough, he pulls his own clothing down, showing a length that is 2x times the size, thanks to the rut.

He lines up his cock and prepares to penetrate Wei Wuxian's hole. In one hard squeeze, the cock is inserted, presenting a monstrous sight.

"L-Lan Zh- Zhan~ You -- ah, didn't bri-bring lube?" Wei Wuxian sputters, clearly not prepared.

"No need. Wei Ying's hole has no problem handling such a small matter." Lan Wangji places his face on Wei Wuxian's shoulder, before nipping at his skin. Leaving a purple-red mark, he moves on to his neck, then near his spine, then planting several on his ass, arching his back with extreme flexibility. Seems all those yoga classes his Xiong-Zhang forced him to go to really paid off.

He begins to thrust harsher, faster, rougher. Cock hitting every part of Wei Wuxian's hole. Eager to explore every part. At one particular hit, Wei Wuxian cries loudly. By now, few of Wei Wuxian's coworkers have taken their cocks out, stroking fast
and faster at the sight of their omega coworker forcefully taken by his alpha boyfriend in rut at work. Who knew the cheerful and joyous man was such a cockslut?

Someone yelled, "Nice ass!" To which Wei Wuxian reacted to with a flush. Lan Wangji leans over to press his mouth against Wei Wuxian's ear. "You like that, Wei Ying? You like being complimented in such a compromising position? Would you like them to compliment your beautiful cock as well? What about your tits?" Lan Wangji whispers, taking a nipple and squeezing it between his fingers.

"Ngh~! Ah~ I-- Ah!" Wei Wuxian looks absolutely dashing. His face in a wide, stretched out expression, his mouth opening, thin lines of drool falling down from the corner of his lips. Hair disheveled, strands sticking out. He can make his reflection out, from a mirror perchng atop his desk.

"Tell me. Tell me how much you want them to compliment you. Tell me where you want them to compliment you."

"I-- I want to, to be complimented on-n, Lan Zhan~ I can't do this!"

"You can. You can do it, Wei Ying. You will do it. Tell me." Lan Wangji first encourages, then orders.

Wei Wuxian starts again. "I--I w-want them, to compliment me so m-much! Like my life's worth de--depends on these compliments!"

"Good. Go on."

"I--I want them to-to applaud me for ta-taking such big cock! I w-want them to th-think about th-this eve-every time they see me!" Wei Wuxian yells, tears strolling down his face, clinging to his lashes. He doesn't think he will ever be able to live this humiliation down.

He begins twisting and turning Wei Wuxian's nipples, squeezing and pinching it harsh with his nails. The pink bud has long turned into a dark maroon shade.

He smacks Wei Wuxian again. Telling him to tighten up. Wei Wuxian does.

"I'm going to cum!"

"Mn." Wei Wuxian comes with great force, dick slurring out a white, milky substance, hoping this will be over. But Wei Wuxian knows, he knows he will have to wait for his mate's release, he knows the knot will be twice the amount of a regular knot. So he can only remain helpless, waiting for his Alpha to cum.

His own cock has gone limp, body slinging forward uselessly, only held up by a pair of strong hands. There's still a cock aiming at his prostate, his dick is softening as Lan Wangji's is getting harder.

"L-Lan Zh-Zhan, I'm n-not on birth control." Wei Wuxian has given it up, seeing as his mate was occupied for the past few weeks (which probably only fuels his rut more) and plus they taste really bad, seeing no need to further take them.

The revelation does nothing to stop Lan Wangji. In fact, it only motivates him more, as if he is eager at the thought of Wei Wuxian round and plump full of his kits. Wei Wuxian shivers. He takes Wei Wuxian's cock in his hands, still soft and pliant, and starts jerking. This plus Lan Wangji's cock in his hole and his earlier orgasm, has got Wei Wuxian cumming in the span of 10 seconds. His oversensitivity going through the roof.

Lan Wangji gives one final thrust before pushing in balls-deep, and releases his seed into Wei Wuxian. The seed finally comes to a halt after 10 minutes. During that time, Wei Wuxian keeps his head down, humiliated at the thought of his Alpha taking him before his coworkers. He turns around hesitantly, to be greeted by the sight of white cum over the floor, on the couch, and the walls. His coworkers in a dazed state.

Lan Wangji reaches into his coat pocket and produces a anal plug. He sticks it up Wei Wuxian, intending to keep his seed for the rest of today, serving as lube for tomorrow.

One of the men walks up to Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian has long passed out. "You're leaving? Aren't you going to share him? We want a turn too~" The man gestures to his friends.

Lan Wangji's eyes narrow. "Wei Ying is my mate. You should be glad to be presented such a show. Do not ask for too much when you won't be able to get it." His tone is so cold that it scares off all the remaining people.

Lan Wangji picks up his omega bridal-style as he heads outside the street to find his car. Wei Wuxian still naked with Lan Wangji's come still inside him. He does not care for reputation, or the mother's shielding their children's eyes. After all, he needs to take care of his omega.