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Once they were back in Haixing, Da Qing left them with nothing but black cat fur all over Ye Zun’s white shirt and a cheek rub against Zhao Yunlan’s shoulder. It took nothing more than a wave of Shen Wei’s hand for them to be teleported back to the twins’ apartment. 

This time, there was no puking, only momentary dizziness. Zhao Yunlan counted that as a win. 

Zhao Yunlan was kind of tired, but rather than lie down and sleep for a million years with Shen Wei and Ye Zun, they were sitting in the living room, having the long postponed talk. 

Sitting on the edge of the coffee table in front of the couch, Zhao Yunlan fidgeted a little as he looked from Shen Wei to Ye Zun. Shen Wei was sitting in the middle of the couch while Ye Zun was perched on the couch’s arm. The three of them formed the points of a triangle and faced inwards, as if subconsciously sitting that way so that there would be no unequal sides. 

He supposed he couldn’t put off talking to his...boyfriends? Lovers? Confusing-time-travelling partners? 

Shen Wei didn’t waste any more time, saying immediately, “I believe the fault is with us and how quickly we progressed. We‘ve left you with an incorrect impression of our intentions.” He held Zhao Yunlan’s gaze as he spoke, his expression regretful. 

But before Zhao Yunlan could respond, Ye Zun spoke up, cutting to the chase with a question, “Did you really believe what you said to the Regent?”

“I said a lot of things to the Regent,” Zhao Yunlan hedged even though he knew exactly what Ye Zun was talking about.

“About the part where we’re fuck buddies and nothing more,” Ye Zun said bluntly. 

Zhao Yunlan winced. So they’d heard that. He hadn’t known when Ye Zun and Shen Wei would have been told by Lin Jing that Zhao Yunlan was transmitting through the communication device. He had been hoping never, or much later, but unfortunately, it seemed that hadn’t been the case.  

“Look… I did think that was what you were angling for, a little something to spice up your sex life, just at the start,” Zhao Yunlan added hurriedly at the upset expressions on both Shen Wei and Ye Zun’s pretty faces. He continued, “I don’t believe that now, not anymore, not even when I said it to the Regent. I said it just to make him doubt himself and think that I wasn’t actually a good bargaining chip.”

“Then did you really believe we would rather let the Regent kill you instead of giving him the Hallows?” Shen Wei asked, his dark eyes intense as he stared at Zhao Yunlan. 

Caught, Zhao Yunlan fumbled for an answer. “They’re the Hallows… Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to die at the hands of that hack job, and I also didn’t think I would die either. I had Plan One to Eight ready and none of them featured me dying.”

“We’re going to review Plan One to Eight later,” Ye Zun promised darkly. 

They definitely were not reviewing Plan One to Eight later, even if Zhao Yunlan had to pull some really kinky shit to distract them both, because a couple of those plans were pretty high risk and one of them definitely involved potentially losing a limb. 

“But I didn’t plan to hand over the Hallows to anyone,” Zhao Yunlan continued, rolling his shoulders as he looked from Ye Zun to Shen Wei. “And I didn’t think you were going to hand over the Hallows to anyone either. The Hallows provide light and power to Dixing. If the Regent got his hands on them, he would own Dixing.”

“He would own Dixing for as long as it took us to get the Hallows back,” Shen Wei said, voice low and determined, the tone pure Heipaoshi in his complete certainty. “And we would have most certainly gotten them back, after we got you back. It wouldn’t have taken more than a couple days at worst.”

Zhao Yunlan stared at him before asking faintly, “You were going to risk Dixing falling into darkness and having the Regent hold Dixing hostage?”

“The other option was to risk you, which is unacceptable,” Shen Wei replied, gaze steady. 

Zhao Yunlan looked at Ye Zun who glared at him, as if furious for some reason. Ye Zun said with a bite to his tone, “We can get the Hallows back or we can get rid of the Hallows altogether. But we can’t lose you. Do you understand?”

Reaching out with one hand, Shen Wei stroked Ye Zun’s arm and said to Zhao Yunlan, “There’s a lot we’re willing to sacrifice. But you’re not a sacrifice we are willing to make. No matter the cause.”

Zhao Yunlan’s eyes were wide as he stared at them, his lashes feeling a little damp for some reason. He had never expected this level of devotion from Shen Wei and Ye Zun. He knew they cared, but he had never expected them to care about him above and beyond the Hallows and their duty to Dixing, had never expected to hear that they held him so dear to their hearts. 

And he knew beyond a doubt that he felt the same for them too. 

“I feel the same for you, for both of you,” Zhao Yunlan said, his voice a bare croak. He reached out and touched their knees. “If anyone were to threaten either of you, I would let the world burn to get you back.  

He watched as a beautiful smile grew on Shen Wei’s face, his eyes crinkling at the corners and reddening with emotion. Ye Zun on the other hand turned his face away, his free hand coming up and swiping quickly across his eyes. 

Ye Zun turned back to Zhao Yunlan and scolded him fiercely, as if his eyes weren’t wet, “Next time, don’t be so reckless. Who cares if the Hallows were taken? I told everyone we shouldn’t rely on them. Maybe if they were taken, they would realize that we were right all along, and our plan to wean off reliance on the Hallows could then be fast tracked.”

That...made Zhao Yunlan a little suspicious. He frowned at Ye Zun as his mind went over the way Ye Zun thought, now that he had greater insight into how those gears turned. “You were expecting the Regent to pull this kind of stunt. You knew he was going to do this,” he said with growing certainty.

“Of course I didn’t know,” Ye Zun snapped. “As if I would let him take you. I thought he was going to target me, because I’m supposed to be the weak twin with no powers that Heipaoshi dotes on. And when they came for me, I was going to eat them.” When Shen Wei looked at him sharply, Ye Zun rolled his eyes. “Just a little!”

“And you were just going along with that plan? You didn’t have a plan of your own, Xiao Wei?” Zhao Yunlan asked Shen Wei, because he had a sneaking suspicion about all this. 

Shen Wei looked at him and Ye Zun, eyes wide as he blinked in mild confusion. Definitely a tell that he was about to lie. Zhao Yunlan raised his eyebrows challengingly at him. At that look, Shen Wei knew he was busted and sighed, eyes dipping down instead. “I was going to threaten the Regent directly on my own and force him to show his hand against me.”

“Threaten him how?” Zhao Yunlan asked with a frown. 

“Lie to him that the Haixing Ministry kept records of their interactions and say we had evidence of his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Dixingren. The one thing he prizes is staying in power so I believed that threat would have been enough for him to attack me immediately with the weapons he’s been trying to accumulate and soldiers he’s been bribing. At that point, I could openly retaliate,” Shen Wei concluded in the same mild-mannered way of his.

Ye Zun protested as he pointed a finger at Shen Wei, “Gege, you never told me this plan! What happened to my plan?”

“Your plan which involved risking your life, which you refused to change your mind on?” Shen Wei asked with a narrowed look. 

“How does this plan not risk your life?” Ye Zun demanded. 

“Alright, alright, no one in this room is allowed to make plans on their own ever again, geez. What a disaster this could have been,” Zhao Yunlan said, waving his hands at both of them. 

Ye Zun shot him a dirty look. “You’re one to talk. Your plan was to let them kill you so we wouldn’t give the Regent the stupid Hallows.”

“Hey, Plan One to Eight didn’t involve killing me,” Zhao Yunlan protested. 

“What about your ninth plan then?” Shen Wei asked in a deceptively calm voice. 

Woah, mayday, mayday, that was definitely a trap. When did Shen Wei get so insightful about Zhao Yunlan’s thought processes? Changing the topic, Zhao Yunlan said insistently, “The point is that we should make plans together in the future. I only needed all these last minute plans because I was completely in the dark about all of this. I could have made much better plans if I knew any of us being kidnapped was a possibility.”

At that, Shen Wei looked a little guilty, but Ye Zun muttered, “Don’t think I didn’t notice you didn’t answer gege’s question.”

“Are we working together in the future or not?” Zhao Yunlan asked again, looking at Ye Zun, and then at Shen Wei. “If this is meant to be an equal partnership, then we can’t keep this kind of thing from each other.”

Pulling his knees up to his chest where he was sitting on the couch’s arm, Ye Zun finally nodded, a silver lock escaping his hair tie to fall across his cheek. Shen Wei sighed and nodded as well, pushing his glasses up. 

Before Zhao Yunlan could pat himself on the back for a negotiation well done, Shen Wei looked up and said, “If this is to be an equal partnership, then you have to realize that means in all ways.”

“Yes?” Zhao Yunlan said with confusion. Even Ye Zun was looking at Shen Wei with his head tilted, not really getting where Shen Wei was coming from. 

Shen Wei drew in a slow, deep breath and said carefully, “In that limbo between time, within the wormhole, you were surprised that Ye Zun let me follow after you, that he would risk losing me to some unknown like this.”

Looking sharply at Zhao Yunlan, Ye Zun asked, “What do you mean by that?”

A little embarrassed, Zhao Yunlan dithered, started and stopped a couple of times as he tried to frame it in words that didn’t make him sound so pathetic.

“He meant that he was surprised you would risk losing me to rescue him,” Shen Wei explained to Ye Zun in Zhao Yunlan’s place.

Zhao Yunlan started to say, “I didn’t exactly need rescuing—”

Ye Zun’s hand clamped down around Zhao Yunlan’s wrist, digging his blunt fingernails in a little and leaving five little points of pain against his skin. He said with an unrelenting gaze fixed on Zhao Yunlan, “I can’t risk losing gege, but I can’t risk losing you either, Lan-ge.”

“We care about you, Yunlan,” Shen Wei said softly, drawing Zhao Yunlan’s gaze to his serious, worried expression. “Not as someone extra to our relationship, not as someone we’re willing to sacrifice at any time. You’re part of our relationship as an equal.”

Ye Zun added in an unusually quiet voice, “You know the past and the present now, how we’ve come together in both times. We’ve been looking for you all this time.”

“Every year that we were awake without you felt like a thousand years each,” Shen Wei continued. “Do you understand your place with us? How you are precious to us too?” 

Zhao Yunlan’s voice was a little hoarse as he said, “Yeah… Yeah, I think I’m getting it now.”

Finally, Shen Wei smiled, soft and relieved. Ye Zun yanked Zhao Yunlan forward so he tumbled onto the couch with Ye Zun throwing himself on top of him, pulling Shen Wei down too. 

“You’re a slow learner, Yunlan,” Ye Zun teased. And then they held him close, putting actions to words to remind him how much they cared for him.

That night, they didn’t do more than sleep together, all of them exhausted from the day’s events — months’ events, from Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei’s viewpoint. They held each other, curled together, and slept soundly. 

The next day, they stayed in bed but didn’t engage in some sexy funtimes, which was a bit of a shame, but Zhao Yunlan figured they could get to that soon enough. Instead, they sat cross-legged on the large bed, looking at each other under the warm light of the rising sun. 

Zhao Yunlan pulled off the hair-tie that Ye Zun always slipped over his wrist when he let his hair down, the same hair-tie that held his hair up during the day. Turning the hair-tie over in his hand, Zhao Yunlan touched the silver bead that he had noticed so long ago in Ye Zun’s hair, that he had recognized again in his own hair ten thousand years ago. 

“You’ve kept it from back then?” Zhao Yunlan asked, feeling touched beyond words. 

Ye Zun shrugged, looking away. His fine jaw was clenched tight with annoyance as he tried to hide his reaction. “I picked it up when gege was playing with your hair that last day. It’s nothing much, just felt like something shiny to decorate my own hair with.”

Zhao Yunlan smiled and didn’t call out Ye Zun’s faux casual response. He turned to Shen Wei and asked curiously, “And what’s in your jade pendant?” 

Seeing that Ye Zun had been wearing this keepsake in his hair, he knew that Shen Wei’s jade pendant that he kept so close to him at all times had to be something similar. He didn’t know if Shen Wei would tell him, but he was curious enough to try asking. 

He didn’t expect Shen Wei to remove the leather cord from around his neck and to carefully place the almost glowing yellow jade onto Zhao Yunlan’s open palm, next to Ye Zun’s hair-tie with its silver bead. 

“You can open it and see for yourself,” Shen Wei told Zhao Yunlan, ducking his head and looking up from beneath his lashes with a smile, looking inexplicably shy for some reason. 

Curious now, Zhao Yunlan examined the piece of jade, found that it had once been whole but had been split into two at some point. Just to store something? It seemed a waste of such a beautiful piece of jade. Zhao Yunlan twisted the jade and the two halves came apart. Set in the center of the spherical jade was a familiar crinkly piece of foil, with a familiar symbol on it. 

“A lollipop wrapper?” Zhao Yunlan asked helplessly, not sure if he should laugh or cry that Shen Wei had held onto this for so long. 

Shen Wei shrugged, looking not at all embarrassed to be found with literal litter stored in his jade. His smile widened, “You asked us to wait and to remember you. I wanted something I could touch and hold in my hands as a reminder that it wasn’t just a dream.”

“A messy confusing dream made more confusing by your crypticness,” Ye Zun accused with an eye-roll. 

Carefully, Zhao Yunlan put the pendant back together and placed both pendant and hair-tie on the bedside table. Then, without warning, Zhao Yunlan launched himself at the two of them and tumbled them onto the bed. 

He kissed them both on the cheek and looked at them with bright eyes. “Thank you for waiting.”

“There was never any other choice for us,” Shen Wei said with a soft, almost tremulous smile. 

“What he said,” Ye Zun echoed, his wet eyes belying his flippant words. 

Zhao Yunlan leaned down and kissed them both again, filled with happiness and warmth. 

~ * ~


Zhao Yunlan whistled a cheery tune as he strolled out of his office.

Da Qing looked up from where he was sprawled out on the couch in human form. He thought Zhao Yunlan looked particularly smug today. “It’s not even five yet, Lao Zhao.”

“I’ve got a date with my honeys,” Zhao Yunlan said with a grin. That would explain the obnoxious levels of satisfaction then. 

“Ugh, it’s disgusting how smug he is,” Lin Jing muttered from where he had been spinning his chair at the long table in the center of the common area. 

Chu Shuzhi snapped from behind his computer, “Don’t get him started or he won’t—”

“You’re just jealous, Lin Jing,” Zhao Yunlan sang out as he unwrapped a lollipop and popped it into his mouth.

“Who would be jealous of you!” Lin Jing denied, flustered. 

“Now you’ve gone and done it,” Da Qing grumbled as he sat up on the couch. Why did Lin Jing always fall for Zhao Yunlan’s baits?  

Stopping behind the couch, Zhao Yunlan pointed at Lin Jing. “After all that time you said Shen Wei and Ye Zun couldn’t possibly be interested in me, how it was all in my imagination, how I was projecting my twin kinks onto them—”

Zhu Hong cut in, “We don’t actually want to hear about all this again. They’re brothers. I don’t— Just stop.”

“And they’re Heipaoshi,” Chu Shuzhi grumbled. Apparently Chu Shuzhi was completely fine with their relationship and wasn’t even particularly concerned about Heipaoshi’s real secret identity behind the mask. But what he could barely stand was having to listen to proof that the most respectable and honorable Heipaoshi had a sex life involving Zhao Yunlan.

“I think it’s sweet,” Guo Changcheng volunteered, raising his head cautiously from where he was bent over his notebook. 

Wang Zheng agreed with a smile, “Yes, and you all seem very happy together, which is what matters.”

“Thank you, Xiao Guo and Wang Zheng, you both get a raise,” Zhao Yunlan said with a cheerful grin.

“I don’t get paid, I’m an energy being,” Wang Zheng pointed out. 

“We’ll buy extra streaming channels for you to watch at night,” Zhao Yunlan amended. 

Feeling underappreciated, Da Qing complained, “If they get a raise, I should get a raise too. I live right opposite the hallway, and the things I have to listen to every night and even in the morning and sometimes afternoons and—”

Clamping his hands over his ears, Lin Jing cried out, “I don’t want to hear about the pervert’s sex life.”

Chu Shuzhi stood up and yanked Guo Changcheng out of his chair, marching him towards the exit. “He’s too young to listen to this. We’re clocking out for the day.”

“I’m— I’m an adult, Chu-ge,” Guo Changcheng stuttered in an unconvincing manner. 

Shaking his head, Zhao Yunlan sucked on his lollipop and told his team, “You’re all just jealous.”

They groaned in chorus.  

“Da Qing, you might want to wear earplugs tonight,” Zhao Yunlan said with a grin, heading out after Chu Shuzhi and Guo Changcheng. 

“I’m going to sleep here tonight,” Da Qing announced. “I’m sure Lao Li will have dried fish for me.”

Lifting his hand to acknowledge Da Qing’s decision, Zhao Yunlan was out the front door in a flash. 

“For some reason, my interest in him is in the negative numbers now,” Zhu Hong said, making a face. “What a smug bastard.”

Lin Jing groaned. “When will the honeymoon phase be over?”

Closing his eyes, Da Qing thought about his memories from a long time ago, memories that had started resurfacing after their trip to Dixing and his brush with the four Hallows again. He remembered the three of them, how they had circled one another, confused but unable to pull away from orbiting each other. He remembered how they had fallen in love ten thousand years ago, fallen in love again in the present day. 

“Probably not for a long time yet,” Da Qing groused aloud, but his lips turned up in a small smile. 

~ * ~

Zhao Yunlan awoke slowly to the sound of gasping and soft laughter. He already knew he would see Shen Wei and Ye Zun up to something far too energetic when he opened his eyes. Since he had spent most nights at their apartment for the last few weeks, he had first hand experience of how Shen Wei and Ye Zun preferred to spend their mornings, even on weekdays. 

“I think he’s waking up,” Shen Wei murmured. 

“Why are you paying attention to him instead of me?” Ye Zun’s pout was obvious in his voice.

Shen Wei laughed breathlessly. “Is this not enough attention?”

All he received in response was a sharp gasp and the mattress bounced a little with their movement. 

Slowly, Zhao Yunlan opened his eyes, blinking lazily as he swept his gaze over to the feast Shen Wei and Ye Zun had prepared for him this morning. 

They were both completely bare, even though they had definitely worn pajamas when they had gone to bed last night. 

Ye Zun was flat on his back with his silver hair spread in a pale halo on his pillow. His lean body flexed, trying to move without success, thigh muscles tensing visibly every time he tried to rock up into Shen Wei who was sitting astride his hips. Wearing only his jade pendant on a leather cord, Shen Wei’s smooth skin was bathed in morning light as he bent over Ye Zun’s body, the slow roll of his hips almost inhumanly graceful. Shen Wei had Ye Zun’s hands pinned on either side of his head, holding him down in place as he slowly but surely fucked himself on Ye Zun. 

“Gege,” Ye Zun said with desperation in his voice. “Gege, Yunlan is awake now. You can go faster.”

Shen Wei bent closer and ran his nose down Ye Zun’s cheekbones, nudging his face to the side so he could nip at his ear and say, “But didi, aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

Zhao Yunlan watched as Ye Zun tried to move faster, tried to rock his hips up except he was thoroughly pinned down by Shen Wei, totally at Shen Wei’s mercy. And it seemed today, Shen Wei was looking to use Ye Zun’s cock for a slow fuck. 

When Shen Wei pulled back a little, Ye Zun looked towards Zhao Yunlan with wet eyes, his lips bitten red. He said sadly, “Lan-ge, tell gege to stop bullying me.”

Snorting, Zhao Yunlan rubbed a hand across his eyes, wiping away the remaining traces of sleep as he shifted nearer to them. He pressed a kiss to Ye Zun’s soft cheek, avoiding his mouth because Zhao Yunlan hadn’t brushed his teeth yet. Then he told Ye Zun knowingly, “If I tell Xiao Wei to stop bullying you, then you’ll suddenly get mad at me and tell me not to order your gege around.” 

He knew Ye Zun’s capricious ways very well when it came to Shen Wei. 

Ye Zun pouted. “I won’t.”

“Liar,” Zhao Yunlan murmured, before shifting a little and pressing a kiss to Shen Wei’s cheek. Except Shen Wei turned his head and kissed him on the mouth, parting his lips without a care about Zhao Yunlan’s morning breath. In contrast, Shen Wei tasted like a strange mix of minty toothpaste and come. He had clearly brushed his teeth and then gone down on Ye Zun at some point after that.

Pulling away, Zhao Yunlan beamed at the sweet smile on Shen Wei’s face. Running an affectionate hand through Shen Wei’s hair, Zhao Yunlan said, “I’m just going to brush my teeth.”

Ye Zun called from the bed, “Lan-ge, I’ll remember this!” But Zhao Yunlan knew it was all for show. Ye Zun was Dragon City University’s drama club supervisor and it showed some days. 

“Didi, if you don’t like what I’m doing, I can stop.” Zhao Yunlan didn’t have to turn around to know that Shen Wei was wearing that wide-eyed innocent look he had perfected. 

“Nooo, don’t,” Ye Zun wailed at that. 

Smiling to himself, Zhao Yunlan brushed his teeth and splashed water on his face. He pulled off his comfy long-sleeved shirt that he had worn to sleep, tossing it into the laundry basket. While he kind of liked it when Shen Wei frowned and nagged him, Zhao Yunlan also liked when Shen Wei rewarded him for good behavior by fucking him against hard surfaces. It was for that reason that Zhao Yunlan tried harder to be less of a slob. He pulled off his pajama pants and sent it into the basket as well, the legs of the pants only making it halfway in. Ah, good enough. 

He looked in the mirror at his lean body, more wiry than muscular. There were a few red marks around his neck and shoulders, left there by Shen Wei, and scratch marks down his chest, left there by Ye Zun. His cock was hard, arched up against his belly. He had been hard since the moment he had opened his eyes to the gorgeous sight in bed. Smiling, he headed back out for a good morning meal. 

As he crawled onto the bed next to the entwined bodies, he heard Ye Zun whimpering in sexual frustration. Zhao Yunlan asked with a smirk, “What is he being punished for?”

“He disrupted my class yesterday,” Shen Wei said serenely, like he wasn’t fucking himself down onto Ye Zun’s cock, like his own lovely neck and shoulders weren’t beaded with sweat from exertion as he remained bent over, pinning Ye Zun’s hands down to the bed. 

“I just— I just wanted to see you,” Ye Zun protested. 

Shen Wei stopped moving his hips, raising his eyebrows. “You changed into a sleeveless vest just to see me?”

Laughing, Zhao Yunlan reclined beside Ye Zun and slipped his hand between their moving bodies, tweaking Ye Zun’s right nipple. “Oh, sweetheart, were you that bored?”

“Gege missed lunch with me, talking to a student,” Ye Zun muttered, looking mutinous. Then he looked at Zhao Yunlan. “You went to see him last week in his class while sucking on a lollipop.”

Ooh, the evil vixen was trying to push Shen Wei’s ire in a new direction. 

“And I was punished for that,” reminded Zhao Yunlan. Ah, how he was ‘punished’. His body had ached so good after that. 

With the kind of ‘punishments’ that Shen Wei doled out, was it any surprise that Ye Zun and Zhao Yunlan never learned their lessons? Zhao Yunlan could only conclude that on some level, Shen Wei enjoyed their shameless behavior around the university.

Zhao Yunlan moved his hand up to pinch Shen Wei’s nipple instead, which made Shen Wei breathe in sharply and jerk his hips. That in turn had the effect of making Ye Zun moan in pleasure. 

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei said softly, reprimanding. But the way his lips curved up, the way his eyes looked at Zhao Yunlan with soft pleasure belied that disapproval. It was a sign that Shen Wei was probably ready for more at this point. How long had he been riding Ye Zun at a tortoise pace for Ye Zun’s lashes to be wet with desperation?

Taking pity on all parties involved, Zhao Yunlan sat up and moved over until he was straddling Ye Zun from behind Shen Wei. He kept his weight on his knees so as not to squash Ye Zun beneath two grown men’s weight.

Bending down, he kissed the sweet knobs of Shen Wei’s spine, murmuring, “Come on, baby, don’t you think it’s time to move?” He curved a hand around Shen Wei’s trim waist and tugged at him. 

Finally, Shen Wei released his hold around Ye Zun’s hands and allowed himself to be pulled back until he was sitting upright. Ye Zun was no longer pinned in place, and his hands immediately flew to Shen Wei’s thighs, grabbing on. 

Zhao Yunlan molded his front to Shen Wei’s back, grinned as he felt Shen Wei lean his weight against him. 

“There, isn’t this more comfortable?” Zhao Yunlan asked, pressing a kiss to the side of Shen Wei’s neck, pausing there as he was distracted by how Shen Wei tipped his head to the side in blatant suggestion. To reward the move, Zhao Yunlan nipped and licked at the bared throat, burying his nose against warm skin and breathing in the warm scent of sex, sweat and the sweet fruity tang of their shared shower gel. 

Shen Wei’s body seemed to loosen under Zhao Yunlan’s ministrations, his waist relaxing within Zhao Yunlan’s hold. At that moment, Ye Zun took the opportunity to finally start rocking his hips up, thrusting with a heartfelt groan as he threw his head back, long lashes dipping down as he squeezed his eyes shut. 

“Mmm, doesn’t he look gorgeous?” Zhao Yunlan murmured. 

“He’s lovely,” Shen Wei sighed, smiling when Ye Zun shivered at their words, as always, easily thrilled at their admiration. 

Feeling a little mischievous, Zhao Yunlan slipped one hand down and touched where Ye Zun was joined with Shen Wei, feeling how Ye Zun was thrusting in and out of Shen Wei. He said, “You’re taking such good care of your didi, Xiao Wei.”

Shen Wei gasped at that, hips jerking. 

Sending Zhao Yunlan a grateful look, Ye Zun hurried to agree, sounding breathless, “Gege, you always take such good care of me.”

Moaning now, Shen Wei started rocking his hips faster. Zhao Yunlan’s hard cock was leaking against Shen Wei’s back as he felt Ye Zun’s erection moving, felt the way Shen Wei’s rim tightened and loosened as Shen Wei squeezed. It felt intensely intimate and erotic to be touching where they were joined, to feel Shen Wei’s body tense and shiver against him. 

“Ah, ah, Yunlan, gege, please,” Ye Zun begged, his eyes wet as he gasped and shivered, the muscles on his forearms corded with tension from how hard he was gripping Shen Wei’s hips. He was going to leave such nice bruises. 

Zhao Yunlan smiled at Ye Zun and dragged his free hand down Shen Wei’s flat stomach, enjoying the feel of his abs trembling against his touch. He dragged his hand further down until he framed Shen Wei’s hard cock between his thumb and his index finger. He could feel Shen Wei’s heavy breathing against him, echoed by his own shallow panting. 

Slowly, achingly slow, Zhao Yunlan lifted his hand and curled his fingers around Shen Wei’s hard, pretty cock. He dragged his hand from root to tip, once, smeared the pre-come with his thumb and dragged his hand down again. 

He whispered in Shen Wei’s ear, “Tighten up for your didi, baby.” Then he pulled his hand up again and Shen Wei was gone. 

His body arched with beautiful tension, his voice broke on a desperate gasp as his cock jerked in Zhao Yunlan’s hold, as his whole body writhed against Zhao Yunlan’s own, as he shot come all over Ye Zun’s heaving body. Shen Wei jerked back, thrusting down, chasing his pleasure between Ye Zun’s cock inside him and Zhao Yunlan’s tight grip around him. 

Ye Zun tossed his head against his pillow, as if delirious with pleasure, silver hair mussed and sticking to his sweat-streaked face. He gasped and moaned, hips moving in short, jerking thrusts as he came inside of Shen Wei, pushing upwards as if he couldn’t get deep enough. Zhao Yunlan pushed his own erection against Shen Wei’s backside, felt almost overwhelmed with arousal at the sight of Ye Zun spread out on the mattress overwhelmed with pleasure, at the feel of Shen Wei shivering in his arms.

“Gege,” Ye Zun whispered, a hint of tears in his eyes as he looked up at Shen Wei. 

Zhao Yunlan released his hold on Shen Wei and it was almost like Shen Wei collapsed bonelessly onto Ye Zun, his hand reaching out to frame Ye Zun’s face as Shen Wei kissed him. 

Between the soft press of lips, Shen Wei murmured, “Didi, I love you so much.”

Zhao Yunlan felt like his heart was melting as he watched Ye Zun curl his arms around Shen Wei’s neck and hold him close. From where he was sitting, Zhao Yunlan couldn’t see much of their kisses, but he ran his hand over Shen Wei’s back affectionately, rubbing Ye Zun’s hip at the same time. 

After awhile, Shen Wei finally pushed himself back up again, his body no longer heaving from his orgasm. He sat up straight and leaned back against Zhao Yunlan once more. When he twisted around, Zhao Yunlan knew what he was after and obligingly turned his head to kiss Shen Wei. 

“You were both so lovely to watch,” Zhao Yunlan said with deep appreciation once he parted from Shen Wei’s lips. 

Ye Zun suggested with a note of mischief in his voice, “Maybe it’s your turn to do some work, Lan-ge.”

Shooting him a dirty look, Zhao Yunlan said, “So you don’t think I was doing anything?” All his earlier sympathy for Ye Zun who had been held on edge for who knew how long evaporated. 

Shrugging languidly, Ye Zun ran his hand through the streaks of come Shen Wei had left on his pale stomach, rubbing them idly into his skin. “You have been mostly sleeping and then just sitting around, right? Don’t you think it’s time to pull your weight?” Ye Zun asked with a teasing glint in his eye. It was like that soft sweet kiss from Shen Wei had assuaged whatever feelings of vulnerability Ye Zun had, and he was back to being a little brat. His mercurial mood was enough to drive one crazy, if Zhao Yunlan wasn’t so used to it already. 

“You did interrupt me,” Shen Wei unexpectedly agreed. When Zhao Yunlan shifted his gaze to Shen Wei instead, he saw the little dip at the edge of his mouth deepening with his hidden amusement. “Maybe you should take over for Ye Zun.”

Then Zhao Yunlan drew in a sharp breath as he felt Shen Wei grope behind him and slide questing fingers over his erection.

Smiling, Zhao Yunlan kissed the shell of Shen Wei’s ear and said, “I’m happy to oblige where Ye Zun could not.”

“Hey!” Ye Zun protested. 

But Zhao Yunlan ignored him. He nudged Shen Wei up with his knee and dragged a hand down Shen Wei’s lower back. At some point, probably when he had leaned forward to kiss Ye Zun, Shen Wei had moved enough for Ye Zun’s softening cock to slip out of him. Zhao Yunlan leaned back and his blood heated at the sight of Shen Wei’s entrance, wet with lube and come. Even as he watched, more of Ye Zun’s come leaked out of Shen Wei’s hole. 

“You’re leaking everywhere,” Zhao Yunlan said, slipping two fingers into Shen Wei, feeling almost intolerably aroused at the feel of how wet and soft Shen Wei was on the inside. “God, Ye Zun came so much inside you.”

Shen Wei started moving his hips, arched his back forward so that Zhao Yunlan could have an even better view. It was almost too much, and Zhao Yunlan was afraid he was going to prematurely ejaculate, maybe come all over his own fingers fucking into Shen Wei. 

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei said, voice demanding. “Don’t tease.”

Who was teasing who here, Zhao Yunlan wondered as he felt and saw Shen Wei squeeze around his fingers. Damn. 

“You’re not too sensitive?” Zhao Yunlan asked, even as he provocatively curled his fingers, searching for the sweet spot that had to be overstimulated already. 

Shen Wei jerked and cried out, a sign that Zhao Yunlan was right on target. Before he had any time to gloat, Shen Wei reached back and caught Zhao Yunlan’s cock in one hand, squeezing, while his other hand caught Zhao Yunlan by the wrist to pull his fingers out. 

Not answering his question with words, Shen Wei pressed back, holding Zhao Yunlan’s hard arousal in place until the head breached his wet hole. 

“Oh, you’re so desperate for more,” Zhao Yunlan murmured, hands holding Shen Wei’s hips steady instead. 

Breathing in heavily, Shen Wei pushed back, pushed until Zhao Yunlan sunk into him to the hilt, groaning at the warm wet tightness that engulfed his cock. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good.”

Shen Wei tipped his head to the side, giving Zhao Yunlan a look from the corner of his eye and commanded, “Yunlan, move.”

“I live to serve,” Zhao Yunlan said with a grin. Before Shen Wei’s eyes could do any more than flash in annoyance, Zhao Yunlan drew back and thrust forward hard. 

Shen Wei gasped, body stiffening. As Zhao Yunlan had guessed, Shen Wei was still feeling oversensitive from being fucked by Ye Zun and from his recent orgasm. But he knew Shen Wei liked to ride the edge of overstimulation, so Zhao Yunlan continued to grip his hips and fuck harder into Shen Wei. After watching the way Shen Wei had pinned Ye Zun down and ridden him hard, Zhao Yunlan was pretty worked up, and he had no idea how long he was going to last. While he could still hold on, he pounded into Shen Wei, aiming for his prostate with every stroke. The tight, wet clench around his hard cock was heady, and soon, he was fighting back his own orgasm as he fucked Shen Wei hard.  

Soon enough, there was a steady stream of panting moans spilling from Shen Wei’s parted lips, and he seemed to struggle to stay upright under Zhao Yunlan’s onslaught. Suddenly, Ye Zun was there as well, having sat up while the other two were still astride him. Ye Zun cupped Shen Wei’s cheek and ran his hand through Shen Wei’s hair affectionately. From behind Shen Wei’s shoulder, Zhao Yunlan took in Ye Zun’s silver hair loose around his shoulders, the soft smile he had on his face as he looked between Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan. 

“Gege, you’re on the edge already,” Ye Zun murmured, kissing Shen Wei’s jawline. “What if I just…” Zhao Yunlan looked over Shen Wei’s shoulder in time to see Ye Zun starting to stroke Shen Wei’s dripping cock. 

Shen Wei shook and gasped, his hands coming up to grip Ye Zun’s shoulders as his head tipped back. Caught between Zhao Yunlan and Ye Zun, Shen Wei quickly started to lose his rhythm, jerking and arching like he couldn’t decide if he wanted to press back into Zhao Yunlan’s penetrating cock or push forward into Ye Zun’s tight grip. 

Suddenly, Shen Wei turned his head and gasped out, “Kiss...kiss each other.”

Zhao Yunlan laughed, a low chuckle, and said, “You little voyeur.”

Then he plastered himself against Shen Wei’s back, pressing in as deep as he could go, which earned him a broken moan from Shen Wei. He reached up and pulled Ye Zun forward by the back of his head. Ye Zun obligingly opened his mouth to Zhao Yunlan, and he could feel the way Ye Zun’s lips tipped up in a smile. Making a show of it, Zhao Yunlan plundered Ye Zun’s sweet mouth, tongue fucking in lewdly to the rhythm of his shallow thrusts into Shen Wei, until Ye Zun moaned against his lips and Shen Wei shuddered in his hold. 

Then he felt Shen Wei squeeze around him, body tightening as Shen Wei cried out and came. Ye Zun broke away from the kiss, looking down as he stroked Shen Wei’s cock faster, milking him until Shen Wei’s cock was done spilling again. Zhao Yunlan rolled his hips once more, rocking his hard cock right up against Shen Wei’s prostate until Shen Wei shuddered weakly and shot out a little more come into Ye Zun’s hand, seeming to squeeze even tighter around Zhao Yunlan even as his body slumped. 

“Fuck, that’s so—” Zhao Yunlan swore, cut himself off as he couldn’t hold back anymore, not with the gorgeous sight before him and how good it felt to be buried inside Shen Wei. He thrust desperately a couple more times and spilled inside Shen Wei, groaning at the sweet release as he felt his cock pulse and shoot inside that tight heat. His hips kept jerking forward, chasing the last of his pleasure as the euphoria slowly ebbed. 

Shen Wei mumbled incoherently, a sign of how good the sex was, and Ye Zun touched his cheek gently, tilting his head for a sweet kiss between them. Not wanting to be left out, Zhao Yunlan leaned over Shen Wei’s shoulder and kissed Shen Wei and Ye Zun on their cheeks. Before Zhao Yunlan could move back, Ye Zun turned and lapped at Zhao Yunlan’s lips, which turned into another kiss. Zhao Yunlan’s lashes fluttered when he felt Shen Wei’s mouth grazing against his own jaw, open-mouthed and sloppy. 

Covered in each other’s come, sweaty from their exertions, things devolved into a messy exchange of kisses, no one willing to pull apart from where they were pressed up together. 

But eventually, Shen Wei let out a sad sound as their jostling caused Zhao Yunlan to slip out of him. Naturally, that meant Ye Zun and Zhao Yunlan reached down and felt at where their shared come started leaking out of Shen Wei onto his thighs. 

“I have a late morning class,” Shen Wei sighed, soft and reluctant. 

Ye Zun was peeking over the curve of Shen Wei’s shoulder at where his fingers were joined with Zhao Yunlan’s in probing Shen Wei’s loose, wet hole. Zhao Yunlan knew how Ye Zun felt, he could barely stand to blink when he could be looking at this indescribably erotic sight instead. 

“Cancel it,” Ye Zun suggested. 

“I’m not cancelling it,” Shen Wei refused in an adamant tone. 

“But gege,” Ye Zun whined, slipping his finger further into Shen Wei. 

Zhao Yunlan would whine too, but he knew Shen Wei wasn’t budging on this. He sighed with great regret and pulled his fingers out, watching avidly as more come dripped out to trail obscenely down creamy flushed skin. 

Shen Wei kissed Ye Zun’s cheek and shifted upwards so that Ye Zun was forced to move back and remove his finger too. “No, didi. You have class too, and we’re not cancelling,” Shen Wei said, leaving no room for negotiation. 

Seeing that Ye Zun was about to pout, Zhao Yunlan suggested with a smirk, “Do we have time for a shower?”

Shen Wei moved himself off Ye Zun’s lap and slipped off the bed. His long lean body was covered in red marks and come, looking utterly ravished. Putting on a thoughtful look, Shen Wei murmured, “I suppose if we rush…”

Then he turned and headed for the bathroom, revealing the lovely lines of his back, the beautiful curve of his backside and his pale thighs streaked with come. Ye Zun and Zhao Yunlan looked at each other and grinned, scrambling off the bed to run after him. 

The shower was over much too soon, but it always seemed that way in Zhao Yunlan’s opinion. He loved shower sex with Shen Wei and Ye Zun so much. Their inhuman strength and agility meant that there was no fear of someone slipping and falling. Slick, wet bodies, pressing together as they got clean to get dirty again. Ah, what a delight…

As they dried off and started dressing for the day, Zhao Yunlan touched Shen Wei’s jade pendant, always gratified to see it around Shen Wei’s neck. After, he helped tie Ye Zun’s hair back using the dark hair-tie with its gleaming silver bead, this step now part of their morning ritual. Exchanging sweet kisses and light-hearted groping, they got ready to face the world. 

Idly, Zhao Yunlan thought that he very much wanted a keepsake of theirs on him as well, although he hadn’t yet decided on what that would be. And he thought that Ye Zun and Shen Wei would probably love carrying around a keepsake of each other too. He would have to come up with some suitable ideas, something meaningful, before he made the suggestion to them.   

But there was no rush. 

They had all the time in the world to figure it out.