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Loving You

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Looking down Sylvie judges herself and her outfit of choice, she knew Matt was coming around. So why did she think it was a good idea to go prancing around the house in her pjs? Especially these ones? 

Popping her head into the hall way she takes notice of Matt paying the delivery guy, good she a second to quickly cover up, making a move for it she runs into her bedroom throwing a knit over her top and sweats on, this was much more appropriate. 

"Sylvie? It was dinner. Where'd you go?" He calls out from the dining table confused as to where she had disappeared too. "Great, I'm hungry." She shouts back walking out of her room. 

She finds him pouring the two glasses of water while he's sitting down, it takes him a moment to notice her. That she's leaning over her door frame watching him so comfortable in her apartment.

It's nice. 

"Everything okay?" He questions looking up from his task at hand. "Everything is perfect." this was the perfect night in, how could everything not be okay? 

"Well are you going to stand there all night or join me for some pizza?" Raising his brows he gestures for her to sit beside him. It was his fault, he was just too good not to admire from afar. 

She sits down and smiles at him as he passes her a the glass. "Thank you." 

"Very welcome." He mutters to her with a mouth full of pizza. 

They stay like that for sometime, enjoying each-others company, it had been awhile since she enjoyed some company at her apartment, eating dinner, pizza so casually. She would never say it out loud but these were the types of moments she had with Matt that made her feel like they where a couple, like they'd gotten into a routine, a weekly habit of ordering pizza for dinner and staying in. 

That was her dreams anyway.

But this was reality and that reality was that Gabby still had feelings for Matt. She had informed her of this at the hospital when she'd come to visit her after her operation. For one thing it was incredibly uncomfortable for Sylvie, she had just had surgery and not seen Gabby in moments or spoken to her and this was how she was trying to make amends. By telling her that she was still in love with Matt and would do everything she could to get Matt to join her in Puerto Rico. 

She had no choice but to lay there and listen as she did her best to convince Sylvie that her and Matt were meant to be, not once did she ask how Sylvie was doing, not once did she think to ask how the last couple of months had been. 

It was heartbreaking for Sylvie, more heartbreaking than Matt not coming to visit her. She was loosing a friend, a friend that meant so much to her, so much that she would call herself a horrible friend for having feelings for Matt, feelings she had suppressed for her friends own feelings. 

"Something on your mind?" Matt interrupts her thoughts just as she's about to ask herself how she was going to tell him all this. 

Shaking her head she offers him a weak smile. Maybe it wasn't a good idea that she tell him at all. "No, nothing." 

"Sylvie, please talk to me. We don't lie to each-other, let's not start now." He makes a good and valid point. 

Taking a sip of water, that now she wished was wine, she swallows. "It's about Gabby, I don't want to make assumptions about us, or how you feel about me, or if you still feel any type of way about me but she came to visit me after my surgery. I wasn't sure how to tell you this so I'll just come right out and say it, she still has feelings for you." 


"As your friend Matt, I think you should see her, I think you owe it to yourself to see if you and Gabby are actually really over? Because it would be awful if you weren't 100% done and didn't explore it with her. I know you are a true blooded Chicago guy and you couldn't see yourself leaving but I think you would do amazing things in Puerto Rico you just have to give yourself the opportunity." She lets the last of her thoughts out, feeling breathless after all of it, she's pretty sure she didn't take in any air while she spilled all that out. 

Looking back at him she waits for him to gather his thoughts before responding, she can practically see the wheels spinning in his head, she did just drop some heavy Gabby stuff in his lap.

She would give him all the time he needed. 

"That's all?" Matt ask and she simply nods, she knows he's just making sure she's gotten out everything she needed, she could sense him getting ready to spill his own thoughts. 

"Firstly, you are more than my friend you know this, of course my feelings for you haven't changed. Right now all I want to do is kiss you but I know we have some stuff to sort out before we even come close to us. You're right I am a Chicago guy, you know this, I know this and Gabby knows this, I appreciate the sentiment, the idea that I could do good over there but I'm not going anywhere, my home is Chicago. Gabby is my past, my history that I can't and wouldn't change because it led me to here, with you." Getting up from his seat, Matt stands in-front of Sylvie brining her to her feet. 

"She knows all this, knows how I feel about you. It was incredibly intrusive, inappropriate and unfair that she would tell you that just after your surgery and it makes me hate myself more for not being their for you because if I had been she would have seen all my affection for you and wouldn't even bother saying what she did. She's knows how l felt about you since the night of the gala, I told her everything." Cupping her cheek with his palm she looks at him, puzzle and astonishment in her eyes, she can't believe he'd told her all this that long ago.


"Yeah, and I've got no regrets because I still feel that way. Just like the night I came here to tell you I was in love with you, I am still in love with you. I've been holding off saying it again because I didn't want overwhelm you, but it turns out I should have actually kept reminding you because then you wouldn't have questioned how I feel. I love you Sylvie Julianna Brett"

It had been awhile since she’d been called by her full name, the last person that had called her that was Julie. Sylvie obviously never where her middle name came from or if it meant anything, it was the one thing that her adoptive parents had kept once they adopted her. She was grateful to have that connection with Julie, hearing it meant a lot more to her than it ever did before.

“You love me?” She’s heard this before but something about this time was different.

“You’re easy to love Sylvie, I didn’t want to feel this way just like you did. I thought about it a lot, thought if it was worth risking our friendship but not only are you someone I love but you are also a very important friend of mine.”

Her cheeks give away her feelings, she’s pink and she can feel the butterflies forming in the pit of her stomach. For the first time she’s letting them form, she’s letting her feelings be known, she doesn’t want to hide anymore. Somehow she finds the courage to make the first move, in the physical senses.

She can feel his eyes on her, watching her ever move, his gaze is strong. Reaching up she wraps her arms around his neck bringing their heads together.

Matt Casey was many things, leader, brave, a hero, honest, kind, a wonderful friend, and much more than Sylvie can think right now because he was doing a good job of distracting her. 

Matt Casey could kiss, and kiss well. He kissed her like his world depended on it, his kiss was all finesse.  

Oddly enough it also makes her forget why she ever thought this was a bad idea, well for obvious reason she knows why but this right now in this moment, nothing could make her forget how he made her feel. 

Both still standing in the middle of her apartment, they get lost in each other’s touch and for a moment everything feels right, like it’s complete, almost like the universe was telling them they should’ve  be doing this all along.

It’s a moment she’s caught up in, but happily.

He lifts her chin in between his forefinger and thumb taking a break from their kiss, and she finally lets out a breath. His slight movement allows her to look directly into his eyes, she's always found them difficult to look away from.

This was the first time ever, properly were she allowed herself to get lost in them. "Kissing you is exactly how I imagine and more, I am so lucky." She all but blushes, her cheeks deepening in colour. 

She was the lucky one, she thinks to herself. 

“I might not be where you are yet but I think you’re pretty amazing Matt Casey, there could worse things than hearing someone say they love you, so thank you.”  She wasn’t ready to say it back but she knew that deep down she felt that and one day she’d be able to.

“There’s no rush, I’ll take what I can get because you are worth the wait.”

She smiles to herself thinking more about he was worth the wait too.