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Loving You

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As the door shuts behind them, he slowly lowers her down giving her a gentle squeeze.

To say Matt was nervous and excited at the same time was an understatement. This was so new for them, this amount of touch, he tried not to think too much about it, he needed to let his mind relax. 

Noticing the way his expression changed she stared up at him. "Are you okay?" 

"Am I okay? How long do you have? Because I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now." He laughs nervously, apart of him didn't want to admit that he was nervous. Anyone else in his position he would probably be over the moon and it wasn't that he wasn't because he definitely was. 

"I've got all night." A pink tint glows onto her cheeks as she slowly walks the both of them backwards to the middle of her room where her bed sits. 

She stops at the end of the bed brining her eyes up to him, giving him the opportunity to make the next move.

"So, here we are." 

"Yep here we are." She chuckles tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. 

He shakes his head slowly lowering the both of them on the mattress, he crawls on top of her again making sure not to put too much of his weight on to her. Matt buries his face into the crook of her neck covering it in light and delicate kisses, feeling the shivers run up and down her spine.

He smiles in between the kisses, he would never been able to explain the feeling she gave him, the confidence he gave her with the way she responded to his touch. 

The kisses growing more eager while his hands roam and grab at anything he can touch. 

"Matt." She mummers against him. He would never tire of hearing her call out to him, causing him to melt further into her, every part of him feeling incredible. This was sensational and he couldn't get enough. 

He slips his hands under her sweater feeling so much of her skin makes him even more breathless. The small noises she made, the way she moved against him he was a goner. 

Stopping his movements he sits up slightly, straddling her now he takes his hand rubbing her cheek. He needed to say what he needed to say before things continued. "Sylvie, this is amazing and stopping right now is proving difficult for me. But I have to know and I need to say this, if we do this." He breathed in and out, he just wanted to kiss her.

"I want you to tell me to get up and leave, and I'll walk out that door. It'll kill me but if we do this, officially. I'm not letting you go and not just tonight. I mean it, when we wake up tomorrow I am yours and you are mine. If you'll have me." He waited with anticipation, what would she say? Was this all too much for her? Was this too soon? He’d been pinning for her for months now, maybe even a year? He loved her so much that he knew what this would do too him. There was no way he’d be able to walk away now. 

Propping up on her elbows she’s takes a moment stop and think. Matt’s heart rate is through the roof. "I'm yours."  After what feels like an eternity she finally speaks the words that he had longed to hear for so long. 

He was hers and she was his. 

Matt threads his fingers through her hair, using the fact that she’s propped up to help him pull her closer. He kisses her deeply, he couldn’t think of a way to respond to her with worlds except to do his best to show with his actions. 

And just like their first kiss, Matt Casey is all about the finesse, his movements are precise and thread beautifully with hers. They fit together unlike any other. 

“You are so perfect.” He mumbles against her lips in-between kisses. Dragging his hands away from her face he bunches the fabric of her sweater and tee-shirt into his hands and pulling it over her head in one swift motion.

His breath hitches as he takes her in. “Beautiful, a world of art.” He could happily stare at her all day. 

“You’re being silly.” Turning her head to the side she pulls her arms around her torso, doing her best to cover herself up.

Shaking his head he would never understand how she couldn’t see how beautiful she was, how she made him feel. “Stop it, you know how I feel about you of course I think you’ve fucking beautiful and sexy. 

“You’re beautiful too Matt Casey.” Taken back he cant think of ever being called beautiful, for  him he’d only ever called women beautiful, he doesn’t think he’s ever been called it before.

Oddly enough he’s okay with it, especially coming from her. Quickly he kisses her nose before taking off his own tee-shirt, he leans forward lowering back down onto her. Their bare skin connects and she’s like silk against him.

The heat between the two of them intensified, they couldn’t get enough of each other. Every touch, every movement, every kiss none of it was enough. He could explore her body forever if he could, he wanted to know everything there was to know about Sylvie Brett. 

He wanted to learn about her cues and what made her feel good, as good as she’s was making him feel. Their lips never leave each others as they work their way onto taking the rest of their clothes off. 

Feeling her whole naked body against his shes beyond smooth and it feels amazing. To feel her against him with nothing between them, if  this was what it felt like to feel her against him, he can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be inside her. 

Lowering himself he kisses his way down to his destination, all the while his eyes never leave hers. 

“Matt, what are you doing?” She’s gulps, she looks nervous. He doesn’t want her to feel nervous but again this was a big step for them, he gets it. 

”Just making sure my girl is taken care of.” He winks doing his best to make it clear that he wants to do this and that he cared about her needs, if not much more than he did his own. 

“You don’t have too.” 

“I want too. Relax sweetheart, I’ve got you.” He continues with his kisses as he gently rubs her stomach. 

Further down now he hooks one of her legs onto his shoulders, this allows him much more access and gives him the view he wants. 

Her body jolted as he leant forward when his lips connected to her sensitive spot, he knew she liked it when he felt her body arch. He was glad but it still wasn’t the spot he was looking for. 

It’s very obvious when he finds it, her whole body goes into a frenzy. She squirms around as he laps his tongue around, backing in and out. Never loosing contact, he continues moving around even fast now from top to bottom. 

The way she squirmed and shifted was unbelievable, he was enjoying himself beyond belief. Despite that she’s quiet, he can tell from her body that she was also enjoying herself but her whimpers and moans had stopped. 

Peering over at her through his lashes he catches her as she bites her lip, holding in her moans. 

Not wanting to he takes a second away from her. “Stop." Matt huffs stopping his movements. Using his thumb he loosens the hold of her lips by her teeth.

His gaze is fixed and strong. “I want to hear you." Moving back down his tongue picks up where he left off. 

Sylvie's body vibrates and her moans returned as he sped up his movements. “Oh my gosh Matt.” Her voice is low and guttural like. 

He smiles against her in-between kisses, he couldn’t get enough.

Feeling that she might be close he pulls away from her lower half, angling himself up he presses himself against her thigh, so she can feel what she’s done to him. 

“Do you want this beautiful?” He needed to hear her say that she wanted this just as much as he did. Her reassurance and desire for him gave him confidence. 

“Yes. I want all of you.” She nods her head eyes staring at him. “I’m good, I’m clean and on the pill.” She reassures him before he can ask his next question. He thanks the heavens he had only just realised he was without a condom. 

“I’m good too, just to let you know.” She told him and it was only fair he did too. Going down he kisses her lips, slowly and tentatively as he pushes his tip inside of her.

Immediately he senses her body tense. “I love you Sylvie.” He wasn’t sure if this was something he should say at this moment but the truth was he couldn’t help it, he’d been trying to hold himself from saying this whole time. He was desperate for her too remember that he was still in-love wit her, especially during this moment. 

He slides in further and stops so she can continue to adjust to him. 

What she says next send him into a frenzy, his heart soars and he’s complete awe. “I love you too Matthew Casey.” That’s what does it for him, slamming in the rest of the way inside her he raises his body up. He holds onto her legs bringing her closer to him. 

He stood on his knees and drag himself out and then back in, continuing to thrust as they get their own rhythm going. 

Responding to each other’s bodies. They moan together, his low and guttural, she gasped every-time they connected. “You’re magnificent.”

He panted as he picked up the speed, gripping onto her waist. She was so tight he was afraid of this ending sooner than they both wanted. 

“Yes, Matt. Oh my gosh.” Her words driving him to absolute content but also not seeming like it was enough.

”You feel so damn good Sylvie, so good.” Matt cried out, unable to stop himself from it as he fit himself even further into her.

Their bodies continue to yearn for each other’s, they connect in ways he had only imagined, dreamt of. All traces of time passes them, he doesn’t know how long they’d been wrapped up in each others embrace. 

“Yes Matt, please don’t stop.” 

If he had it his way he’d stay with her like this forever, so close, so intimate in so many ways. 

“Fuck! I love you so much.” He slammed in and out, going fast than she look was prepared for, her hands wrapped around his back. He could feel the scratches coming down his back. They were both becoming breathless as things became faster and harder. Her head tipped back and her body vibrated underneath him.

The only sounds come from them, her moans and his groans, it fills the room. 

It doesn’t take them both long until they see stars around them, there covered in each others scents and sweat is coating them. 

It’s half an hour later when they are stumbling out of her shower and under the covers. “You’re staying?" She faces him as he tries to cuddle up next to her. 

He’s almost offended that she would even have to ask that, but he doesn’t say so because apart of him understands that she might still need some reassurance every ow and again. He would happily oblige. “I couldn't possibly bring myself to leave right now, after that. Unless you wanted me to of course." 

"Stay please." She almost begs him, and had she done so he would remind her that she didn’t have too.

If anything he would beg her to let him stay. “I don't want to be anywhere else gorgeous." 

Once again Matt sleeps wonderful, he's comfortable and relaxed and he looks forward to waking up with her beside him. 

"Goodnight Matthew." She leans forward giving him a slight peck on his hand that she can reach because it sits perfectly around her. 

His arms snake around her waist dragging her body up against his, further into the middle of the bed, cradling her close. "I will never get over this."