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Lan Wangji’s hands tremble as he lays down a small blanket on the tiled floor of the comfort room.

He tries to placate himself that he had done this with Wei Wuxian many, many, times before, so there is no need to be nervous. But Lan Wangji doesn’t think nervousness is the one to blame his shaky hands.

It’s excitement. From doing this with Wei Wuxian in public to having the thrill of the man’s cock slide inside of him whilst they were separated by a wall, Lan Wangji craves for it. Wants Wei Wuxian with him and inside of him at all times in order to sate the hunger lodged deep inside his very bones, to satisfy the calling of his flesh. He has complicated needs, he knows that, and it was nothing short of a blessing to know that Wei Wuxian is more than willing to comply, sometimes even surprising him with things the both of them have experienced yet. All of those and more made Lan Wangji’s defenses crumble the moment Wei Wuxian barged into this small comfort room stall and, in extension, his heart.

He looks at his wristwatch discarded on the floor. 3:27 PM. Three more minutes before Wei Wuxian walks in.

Lan Wangji settles into position, bending over so that his entrance can be accessible through the little hole that he made on the wall not more than three months ago.

That was a funny story, Lan Wangji offhandedly thinks. He had never thought of desecrating his workplace like that, but thoughts can change, apparently. One minute he’s blushing at the thought of pleasuring himself in a public place—much less a place where he works in, and the next he’s carrying a portable drill inside his briefcase and riding the elevator to a comfort room that he knows no one will often go to.

But that particular choice led him to finally confessing his feelings towards Wei Wuxian, whom he can now call his.

It’s a win-win situation no matter where you look.

The door to the comfort room creaks, signalling someone has entered.

Lan Wangji shivers in anticipation.

He had talked to Wei Wuxian about this particular play weeks ago, actually. Throughout their three months of relationship, the man has broken him apart and pieced him back together countless of times, seemingly knowing how to tickle his feathers and rile him up but also knows when to stop. He’s simply the best thing that has ever happened to Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji would never forget the time where Wei Wuxian fucked him against his desk when all of their coworkers were gone, whispering how filthy he is for allowing Wei Wuxian to defile him in a place where anyone can walk in on them, even if it’s past midnight and the only people who would probably catch them on the act are patrolling bodyguards.

He will never forget how hard he came on that particular night, sobbing on Wei Wuxian’s shoulder as he rode high. It was incredible.

The footsteps sound closer now, but stopped in front of the stall adjacent to where Lan Wangji is. Wei Wuxian had specifically asked him to keep the stall door open and promised that he will make sure that no one else can enter the comfort room except him, so, Lan Wangji has nothing to worry about.

He peers to his right, towards the direction of the door, only to see a shadow walking over the hole where his ass can clearly be seen. There was a sharp intake of breath, then, clinking sounds of a belt unbuckling. Lan Wangji’s breaths shake in anticipation.

There was a wet sensation as the head of Wei Wuxian’s dick hits the sensitive opening of his hole. It breaches inside almost impatiently, Lan Wangji choking on his breath at the sudden intrusion, but immediately relaxed at the pleasant feeling of being filled to the brim.

Weird, though. Wei Wuxian’s cock feels a bit longer than he was used to. It can now hit places deep inside of him that was not before achieved by his cock in one thrust.

Before he could ponder deeper about this, Wei Wuxian starts thrusting in earnest, coaxing a strangled moan out of him. The strange observation fizzles out instantly, all thoughts of concern flying out of the window as soon as he felt the pulsing length hit his sweet spot with every thrust.

Wei Wuxian’s especially rough today, he noted. He was not talking like he used to, in times like this the man would have probably talked enough to make his whole body burn, but Lan Wangji was met with complete silence, only the sounds of their passionate lovemaking can be heard.

“Wei… Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji tests, seeing if he can evoke some sort of reaction from the man.

Nothing was heard after that, but the force of Wei Wuxian’s thrust increased, almost to the point of tipping Lan Wangji over.

Okay. So they’re playing this game.

The cock inside of him drives deeper, reaching places that had never been explored before, and Lan Wangji’s vision explodes in a flurry of stars as his prostate was drilled on with Wei Wuxian’s dripping length. Lan Wangji doubles over himself, face dropping onto the thin blanket on the floor as he sobs even louder, fingers scrabbling aimlessly to find something to purchase himself on.

Lan Wangji was sure that Wei Wuxian had pounded him into next Sunday with his vicious thrusts, enough to rattle his insides and turn his brain into mush, rendering him helpless and under Wei Wuxian’s mercy. Lan Wangji doesn’t mind. He would never. He would gladly give himself up if it means he can achieve the greatest height of pleasure he can ever get. If it is Wei Wuxian who was ruining him in the best way possible, Lan Wangji is more than happy to oblige.

A sudden twitch of Wei Wuxian’s hips tips him over the edge, cum splattering all over the floor as stars burst behind his eyelids. He was in euphoria.

Wei Wuxian seemed to have reached his peak too, lodging himself deep inside the crevice of his ass as he painted hot cum all over his flesh.

Trying to get his thoughts back in order, Lan Wangji evens his breathing out and starts to get himself up with wobbly limbs. He reaches for the washcloth he had kept at the ready and starts wiping down his body. Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian pulls out of him, letting his cum spill over his abused hole. Lan Wangji heard him suck a breath.

That must have been a sight to see.

Lan Wangji heard the unmistakable sound of a belt once again, and finally, footsteps that gradually got quieter as he padded out of the comfort room.

Wei Wuxian… Left?

He tried to pay it no mind. Maybe Wei Wuxian was just checking on something before tending to him. Lan Wangji can take care of himself no problem. He has done this countless times before, anyways.

Minutes after that, Lan Wangji heard the door open once again. This time, it was coupled with hurried steps, then the stall where Lan Wangji is in suddenly opened.

“Lan Zhan! I—I lost track of time, and I saw a man coming out of here on my way and—”

Lan Wangji stares at an obviously worried Wei Wuxian, who’s still panting as he speaks through laboured breath.

“Lan Zhan, what happened here?”

Lan Wangji’s stomach sinks.