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Even though they had been keeping in touch through their Arcus IIs Machias couldn’t help but wonder what would unfold at the Class VII reunion, he found his thoughts drifting to Jusis as they often did these days. He hadn’t seen the noble for six months and was eagerly anticipating their meeting. They hadn’t told the rest of Class VII about the change in their relationship but their classmates had surely picked up on their increased closeness. Machias mused on the topic for a few more minutes before drifting off to a dreamless sleep, a smile gracing his lips.


When Machias arrived at the Bracer Guild he was the last to come save Rean that was probably still with the new Class VII doing their special ops missions. He greeted everyone and noticed that Sharon was also there which could mean more of her superb cooking. When the pleasantries were over he went to stand next to Jusis to await the imminent arrival of the last member of their class, however he didn’t miss the sly smile Jusis addressed in his direction as they stood there.

The reunion was in full swing when Rean arrived and Machias did not miss Sharon’s comment about how the men should share tender embraces but quickly shut it down no matter how much he wanted to envelop Jusis in his arms he had a reputation to uphold. When Sara mentioned going further in, to where the food was everyone jumped at the offer and Machias purposely sat across from Jusis so that they could converse over dinner. His focus didn’t shift until Sharon left and the topics switched from light and nostalgic to heavy and concerning.

Eventually though it came to an end and they all parted ways leaving Jusis and Machias on the sidewalk as the blond’s car pulled up. “Care for a ride home Regnitz?” He asked, offering his hand which Machias took as his face reddened, the corner of Jusis’ mouth quirked up at the gesture. They spent most of the car ride exchanging glances until Machias noticed the noble’s hand between the seats and nervously took it, intertwining their fingers. Upon reaching Machias’ house he moved to exit the car but was pulled back by the other man into a chaste kiss which quickly became anything but. When they pulled apart they were still close enough to feel each other's breath ghosting on their lips when Machias spoke, “You could always come with me.”

“You’ll have to survive another night without me Regnitz, I have business in the morning I can’t afford to be late to and as we are both aware how difficult it is to pry myself away. I’ll meet you here for lunch tomorrow.” He gave Machias one more peck before letting him go, chuckling as another blush graced the commoner’s face.


When Machias woke up a smile creeped up his face as he remembered the events of the day before, when he finished getting ready he went downstairs for the morning cup of coffee he knew that coffee-hating noble would complain about. He then ate breakfast and sought out an improving book to take his mind away from the anticipation that bloomed within him. The book did serve its purpose and he neglected the time until he heard knocking on the front door that could only belong to a certain impatient noble that he knew. “Yes coming!” he yelled which caused the knocking to cease at the very least.

“Ah Regnitz, so you finally deigned to open your door.”

“I was at the other side of the house, would you rather I sprint to the door next time?”

“Obviously not, you might hurt yourself.”

“Insufferable noble.” He muttered.

“I didn’t quite catch that, care to repeat yourself?”

“Insufferable noble.” He repeated, certainly louder that time.

“I love you too, now come along we have reservations.” Jusis then turned and walked back to his car leaving a very flustered Machias chasing after him. The car ride was filled with light discussion of the past and their years at the academy where they had sought every opportunity to pick a fight with one another that becoming friends was a miracle in its own right yet alone lovers. He muses that most people in Class VII probably don’t even know they are at the very least friends. He brought this up with Jusis which caused a solid minute of laughter and about how ridiculous their situation is. When they arrived at the restaurant Machias was surprised to find it being his favourite cafe in Heimdallr which he was sure Jusis did on purpose.

They sat at an outside table in a secluded corner of the patio and ordered their drinks, coffee for Machias of course (with surprisingly few complaints from Jusis) and tea for the blond. When Machias looked up from his menu he found blue eyes boring into him, had this happened a few years ago the other man would have been met with protests leading to another heated argument but now all he could do was stare back for an underminable amount of time. Eventually the spell was broken by their drinks arriving and it was a few minutes before Jusis spoke.

“There is no point being anxious about it is there?”

“About what?”

“Machias, we should get married.”



“What? Didn’t hear me the first time, of course I want to marry you, you stupid noble.” Jusis was lacking any sort of witty retort after that statement and just handed the green-haired man the ring he had bought the month before, feeling a surge of possessiveness as the other man slipped it onto his finger. Machias stared at the silver band on his hand for a few minutes until a small chuckle escaped his lips at his realisation.

“I've just realised something, Jusis.”

“Hmm, yes dear?”

“The rest of Class VII thinks we barely tolerate each other. How are we supposed to explain that we are getting married without them thinking Blueblanc has replaced us again?”

“I hadn’t thought of that, perhaps we don’t tell them and just invite them to the wedding but if they ask we tell them the truth? I am sure it is going to be amusing watching them realise we have been together for 2 years without their knowledge.”

“I’m sure that will be a sight to see, not to mention your father.”

“Oh Aidios, I forgot about my father, he is going to be furious but there isn’t anything he can do about it. Did I ever tell you about how I was forced to attend this party last month and it was solely nobles trying to introduce their daughters to me, I had to call Rean and get the women to fawn all over him instead.”

“I’m sure it would have been amusing to tell them that not only are you not interested in women but are set to marry a commoner.”

“Huh indeed, we must be off. I was hoping to make the race this afternoon, perhaps a wager amongst friends.”

“Hah of course you would take me on a date to horse racing.”

“Come along you’ll like it.”


Machias would never admit it outloud but he did rather enjoy their outing thus far at the races, they had placed bets to make the race interesting and had engaged in many forms of friendly chatter mostly on the subject of this wedding they were going to have. Jusis felt he would never tire of calling this man his fiance even in his head let alone his husband. His thoughts were interrupted by Rean and the new Class VII.

“Oh hey guys didn’t expect you two of all people to be hanging out together.” Rean greeted them ignorant of how often they did hang out with each other to the point where Jusis simply couldn’t resist.

“Am I not allowed to spend time with my fiance on one of the few occasions I am permitted to see him?” He said with a smirk firmly on his face as he took in the scene around him, Machias’ face was bright red and he was clutching it in his hand, Ash and the woman currently calling herself Musse looked highly amused and the rest of them looked absolutely shocked and bewildered (excluding Altina that just looked neutral as ever). The new Class VII hadn’t had the opportunity of knowing them in their time at Thors but had heard stories from the old class VII about their legendary rivalry. “Your… fiance…?” Rean managed to get out after a couple minutes of silence.

“That is the proper term for someone you are to marry is it not?”

“Yeah but… you… and… Machias?”


“Yes Rean.”

“Huh well Class VII and I need to continue with our Special Ops missions.”

“Goodbye all.” When the company had left, Jusis turned to find his fiance still bright red which he still found absolutely adorable and planted a kiss on the top of his head and wrapped his arm around Machias’ shoulder. The gesture did serve to lessen the blush slightly until he remembered this was probably the first time Jusis had shown him any sort of affection in public which brought the blush back at full force. Eventually though he did calm down enough to say “We are going to get so many calls as soon as Rean tells the others, you are definitely staying at my place tonight Albarea since we have some explaining to do.”

“Whatever you say dear.” As it turns out neither of them won any money since even though they bet on different horses neither of them got first place buet not even that got the spirits down of the happy couple as they got back in Jusis’ car and made their way to Machias’ house.


Much to both men’s surprise the calls from Class VII on their ARCUS’ didn’t come until after dinner when they were sitting in the study reading with Machias’ head on Jusis’ lap on one of the couches. Jusis’ was the first to ring, he accepted it and Millium’s face popped up on the screen looking unbelievably excited however she didn’t get the chance to say anything since the rest of Class VII logged on with the same distrustful look on their faces.

“Why, pray tell, are you all calling me this late?” Surprisingly Fie was the first one to speak.

“Rean told us that you and Machias are getting married and we need you to confirm it's a prank he is playing on us, I mean you barely tolerate the guy enough to have a semi-friendly rivalry let alone anything more.”

“We get along just fine thank you.” Machias was still laying in Jusis’ lap when he spoke so the rest of Class VII wasn’t even aware he was there but he didnt move from his comfortable position. Which caused Alisa to exclaim. “Is that Machias with you!?”

“Yes.” Was the single word reply they got from Jusis.

“Are you guys actually dating then?!” It was Elliot’s turn to weigh into the disbelief shortly followed by Gaius. “How long have you guys even been together?”

“Something like 2 years.” That statement caused a chorus of a litany of different exclamations of disbelief and Jusis took advantage of the silence that followed to say. “Now if you’ll excuse me my fiance and I were discussing the most convenient way for him to come to Bareahard, goodnight.” With that he shut off his ARCUS and leaned down to give Machias a thorough kiss which he eagerly returned. “We should probably get married before the news reaches my brother in Crossbell.”

“Most definitely.” After tabling that disturbing thought for another time then got up and started moving towards the bedroom for a certainly interesting night.