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Adventures of the Winx Club: Season 1

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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Domino, a joyous occasion was nearly turned into one of tragedy. The Queen of Domino, Marion, gave birth to her second child, a newborn princess with hair that looked like a burning flame. However, the royal physicians quickly realized that something was wrong with the child and solemnly informed the royal family that she would not live for more than a few hours. The firstborn princess of Domino, Daphne, found that the cause was a curse placed by the Ancestral Witches, in order to cause enormous sorrow for the royal family and rob them of their will to fight. Filled with great love for her younger sister, Daphne decided to bind the Dragon Flame, with which she had been entrusted, to her sister’s life-force, in order to sustain the child and save her life. The king and queen praised their eldest daughter for her noble actions and named their newborn child, “Bloom”, after the fairy form that Daphne had given up the chance to earn when she gave the Flame to her sister.

Several weeks later, Domino was attacked by the Ancestral Witches, who sought to steal the power of the Dragon Flame for their master, Darkar. Before they could acquire the Flame, however, Daphne sent her beloved newborn sister faraway to another realm, where she would be safe. The Witches attacked Daphne shortly afterward, but they did not see the portal through which she had sent Bloom. When Daphne tried to defend herself, she fell prey to the Curse of Sirenix that the Witches had cast upon her at an earlier date, leaving her completely permeant. She was then forced to retreat to Lake Roccaluce, where the Source of Sirenix lay, in order to survive. The Ancestral Witches, meanwhile, were confused that their curse had not caused Daphne to yield the Dragon Flame, for they believed that she had been its keeper. The idea that she had sacrificed a piece of her power to save her sister’s life was utterly unfathomable to them.

The realm that Daphne had chosen to send her younger sister to was a planet called Earth. It was once known as the realm of diversity, but the evil Wizards of the Black Circle had hunted down the fairies of Earth and imprisoned them after taking their powers. A world without fairies or magic was the perfect place to hide the newborn princess of Domino. Shortly after her arrival, Bloom was discovered inside of a burning building by a firefighter named Mike Peters. With her identity unknown, Mike took the child home with him and told his wife, Vanessa, of how he had discovered the infant inside of an energy barrier amidst the flames of the fire. Knowing that the child was special and unable to have children of their own, Mike and Vanessa joyously adopted the infant Bloom and raised her as their own daughter with love and care.

As the daughter of a firefighter, Bloom grew into a courageous and selfless girl, and by helping with her mother’s flower shop, she grew to care deeply about the environment. She treasured her simple life with her mother and father, believing that her life would always be quiet and peaceful. Little did Bloom know the adventures that lay in store for her, for her story has only just begun.”


“Wake up, sleepyhead! The sun's been up for ages!” Vanessa Peters said as she walked into her teenaged daughter’s messy bedroom.

“Five more minutes, Mom.” The red-haired teenager groaned.

“You're late Bloom!” Vanessa told her.

“School?!” Bloom practically screamed in alarm as she shot up in her bed. “Oh no!” She immediately leapt out of the bed, “Why didn't you wake me up before?!” She asked “Oh, the alarm didn't go off!” She added in frustration as she dried her hair after somehow managing to take a one-second shower, “Oh no!” She grunted and hopped around as she struggled to pull on her skinny jeans, “I can't believe this!” She fretted while pulling on her cyan t-shirt, and then, just as she poked her head through the collar, realisation dawned on her face. “Hang on a sec, school's out! The alarm didn't go off because I'm on vacation!” She recalled while looking at her grinning mother in exasperation. “Oh Mom! Your joke’s not funny!”

“Bloom...” Vanessa began while Bloom was still complaining, “Uh-huh, but you fell for it, didn't you?” She said with a laugh.

“I'm sleepy.” Bloom complained as she walked back to her bed. “I'm going back to bed.” And with that, she was back under her covers.

“You should try to go to bed earlier, you know? You were up really late last night.” Her mother scolded.

“I was reading…” Bloom explained as her mother picked up the book in question off the floor.

“’Fairies: Myth or Reality?’” Vanessa said as she read the title aloud before she groaned. “Don’t you ever get tired of these silly things?” She asked, a little annoyed that her daughter was still reading books about fairies at the age of sixteen.

“They’re not silly, okay?!” Bloom insisted and Vanessa scoffed lightly as she set the book aside.

“Actually, now that school is over, you can help me in the shop.” She declared with a finger in the air, deciding that there was no use in letting Bloom spend her entire summer vacation idle.

“Noooo!!” Bloom whined as her mother walked out the door. Like any teenage girl, she wanted to spend her summer vacation doing whatever she felt like doing.


“Good morning sunshine!” Mike said as Bloom came down the stairs a little while later.

“I'm not going to spend my summer working in the shop! I wish I could go somewhere fun with my friends!” Bloom complained without even returning his greeting.

“When you're older, you can go wherever you want.” Mike told her.

“How old is older? I'm already sixteen, Dad.”

“Only sixteen.” Mike reminded her before adding, “You are still my little girl.”

“Dad, it’s not fair!” Bloom insisted.

“Seems pretty fair to me.” A voice interrupted, and Bloom looked to see a younger girl with hair the color of a red rose walking up to them from behind the counter.

“Rosella, what are you doing here?” Bloom asked.

“Eldora asked us to look after her for today.” Vanessa explained as she carried over their breakfast. Rosella was the granddaughter of an elderly woman who frequented Vanessa’s flower shop.

“Leaving the part of being a little girl aside, your dad is right Bloom. You’re only sixteen. You’re not a grownup yet.” Rosella said.

“I don’t wanna hear that from the eleven-year-old I have to babysit.” Bloom replied.

Rosella stamped her foot in frustration, “I may not be a grownup, but I’m still more grown up than you!”

“Grownups don’t stamp their feet, Rosella.” Bloom said pointedly.

“Grownups don’t whine like spoiled babies, either!” Rosella insisted as she and Bloom glared at each other, and Mike sighed as he reached over to pick up his coffee mug.

“I swear, you two bicker with each other as if you were sisters or something.” He remarked casually.

“We do not!” Bloom insisted, although Rosella remained quiet, her expression seeming thoughtful at that.

“Anyway, in a few weeks, we’ll all be going to the beach, just like we do every year.” Mike told his daughter.

“But all my friends go on vacations by themselves.” Bloom complained. “That would’ve been the best present ever.”

“If all of your friends jumped off of a cliff, would you jump too, Bloom?” Rosella asked as she took a cup of juice, “Your parents are just looking out for you. Like I said, you’re not a grownup yet. And who are ‘all of your friends’ anyway? I would hardly call Mitzi your friend and Selena doesn’t count in this case.”

“Why not?” Bloom asked, and the younger child avoided her gaze.

“…Long story.” She said before finishing her juice, “Anyway, if you’re so grown up, then why not pay for a vacation yourself instead of asking your parents to pay for one for you?” Bloom crossed her arms and glared at Rosella, unable to deny that the younger girl had a valid point.

“Well, anyway, speaking of presents, we’ve got a little surprise for you.” Vanessa told her daughter.

“Yeah. Just a little something to help you get around Gardenia.” Mike added and Bloom gasped.

“Really?” She asked in excitement, “Thanks, Dad!” She hurried outside with her pet rabbit, Kiko, where she found a shiny red… bicycle awaiting her, complete with a basket full of flowers.

“Nice, huh?” Mike asked as he, Vanessa, and Rosella joined her outside.

“Uh… well, yeah, thanks…” Bloom said reluctantly, making a face that her parents couldn’t see before walking over to the bicycle with Rosella following.

“Bloom!” The child scolded immediately as the teen moved to get on the bike, “For goodness sake, put on a helmet! Do I really have to tell you that?!” She demanded with frustration as she retrieved her nearby kick-scooter from where it was chained to a pole.

“But that’ll mess up my hair.” Bloom told her.

“Oh yes, because helmet hair looks much worse than scrambled brain!” Rosella said with extreme sarcasm.

“Fine…” Bloom said as she took the helmet that Rosella held out to her. Rosella put on her own helmet and started up the electric motor on her scooter before the two of them took off with Kiko in the basket of Bloom’s new bike.

“You see, she doesn’t know what to say.” Mike told Vanessa.

“I don't know?” Vanessa said doubtfully, “Maybe she was expecting something a bit more sophisticated.”

“A bicycle with a speedometer, maybe?” Mike asked.

“A scooter, Mike!” Vanessa said pointedly, referring not to an electric scooter like Rosella’s, but a gas scooter that was closer to a motorcycle than what either of the girls were riding. Such vehicles were popular among girls Bloom’s age.

“But scooters are dangerous, and they cost a bundle.” Mike pointed out.

“We’ll try to put some money aside.” Vanessa said with a tinge of regret, “Maybe next year, we can get her one.”


“Cheer up, Bloom.” Rosella said as she and Bloom walked alongside their respective modes of transportation. “At least they got you something, and they even made sure to get one your favorite color.”

“I know.” Bloom admitted, “But Dad will never change. He’ll never let me ride anything faster than a bicycle.”

“Bloom…” Rosella began when a voice cut her off.

“Hey, Bloom!”

“Huh?” Bloom said in confusion, and both redheads turned to see Bloom’s neighbor and classmate, Mitzi, standing nearby.

“Vacationing in Gardenia this year?” Mitzi asked snootily as she looked at her nails.

“No, actually, we'll be going away very soon.” Bloom told her.

“The same old beach, huh?” Mitzi asked knowingly as she straightened up, “I'll send you a postcard from our vacation place. That will give you the chance to see something—” Suddenly, her attention was drawn to the two men unloading a truck nearby, “Hey, careful with that scooter.” She turned back to Bloom with a smirk. “It’s brand new, you know.”

“Have a nice summer, Mitzi.” Bloom said without commenting on the scooter, “See you at school.” She quickly climbed aboard her bike and road off, Rosella following her on her electric scooter. “What a show-off…” Bloom muttered to herself.

“No argument there.” Rosella agreed, “But Mitzi’s bragging actually plays into what I was going to say. You’re proud that your dad is a firefighter, aren’t you, Bloom?”

“Of course, I am. It’s an important job and he’s so brave.” Bloom told her.

“I agree.” Rosella said with a nod, “But unfortunately, firefighters actually don’t make a lot of money. In fact, your mom’s flower shop is probably your family’s main source of income. They don’t have as much money to spend on things like motor scooters and big vacations as Mitzi’s family. If you really want your own scooter, you should save up money to buy one yourself. Your mom wanted your help in the flower shop. Maybe you could convince her to pay you. Lots of big kids have summer jobs to earn their own money, right?”

“I guess you have a point.” Bloom acknowledged.

“Although, honestly, I think you should be happy with the bike, Bloom.” The younger girl remarked a bit more softly, “I know it’s not fancy or anything, but it is eco-friendly. It won’t pollute the air like Mitzi’s scooter will. Not to mention that since it’s powered by your legs, you don’t have to spend money on gas for it.”

“I guess that’s true.” Bloom remarked thoughtfully. “But now that I think about it, what about you, Rosella? Your scooter isn’t completely eco-friendly since it has that electric motor, right?”

“Actually, my scooter’s battery is charged by sunlight, so it doesn’t harm the environment at all, and besides, the only reason my scooter even has an electric motor is so that I can keep up with your bike. That’s the only time I use it. Otherwise, I’m fine with just using my foot.”

“Oh.” Bloom realised that Eldora must’ve given the scooter to Rosella just for the sake of her being able to follow Bloom around on days that she babysat the younger girl. Mike and Vanessa must have told the elderly woman about the bicycle ahead of time.

“At any rate, your dad has a good reason for being so worried about your safety.” Rosella told her, “As a firefighter, I bet he’s seen a lot of big kids who got into scooter accidents and were hurt really bad.”

“I didn’t think about that.” Bloom admitted, “But why are you so defensive of my parents today? You seem a little calmer now, but you’ve been giving me an earful since I entered the kitchen.”

Rosella’s expression became downcast, and she lowered her head slightly so that Bloom couldn’t see her eyes. “…I just think that you should be more grateful to have parents that love you so much…”

Bloom didn’t, or rather, couldn’t, say much to that. She knew well enough that Rosella was an orphan who had no memories of her real family, and that Eldora had taken the amnesiac child in after finding her four years earlier. When she thought about it, she could understand why Rosella had been cross with her. It was only natural to get mad at somebody who had what you lacked and didn’t seem to be grateful for it.


“Go on you two.” Bloom said to Rosella and Kiko as they ran off toward a secluded area of the park, “But stick around, all right?” She pulled an apple out of the basket of her bike and sat down to eat. She’d only taken a single bite of the fruit when Kiko came back to her, letting out an almost human scream before face-planting at her feet. He got back up and pawed at her leg, trying get her attention while making various noises.

“What's the matter Kiko?” Bloom asked, standing up and following her pet as he ran back into the woods. “Huh?” She noticed Rosella peering at something ahead from behind a tree and quickly hid behind another one to take a look, Kiko hopping onto a nearby stump as she did. In the middle of the clearing, a blonde-haired girl about Bloom’s own age wearing a sparkling orange outfit and sporting a pair of small wings on her back was fighting against some small monsters, a large staff in one of her hands.

“Rising Sun!” The girl exclaimed as she created a burst of energy with her right hand.

“Wow!” Bloom said in amazement, “Goodness, did you see that Kiko?” Kiko fainted and Rosella raised a brow, realising that Bloom seemed to have temporarily forgotten about her. Without worrying too much about that, the younger girl carefully moved so that she was standing a little farther away from Bloom, but still at the edge of the clearing, trying to get a better view of what was happening.

“Solar Wind!” The girl exclaimed as she slammed the end of her staff into the ground, sending the creatures flying. One of them was caught in the hand of a much larger creature who was standing nearby, and he crushed the small monster before stepping out of the shadows and growling at the girl. “Go away you villain, or you will feel the magic of the Sun and Moon fairy!” The girl warned. The large creature let out a primal growl and charged at the girl, knocking her off her feet.

“Oh, my goodness!” Bloom exclaimed in alarm.

“Your time is up, fairy!” The large creature exclaimed.

“Good gracious!” Bloom exclaimed again.

“Ghoulies, take the sceptre!” The creature ordered.

The blonde girl struggled as the ghouls restrained her. “My scepter…” She whimpered.

Rosella gasped as she finally got a better view of what was happening. One of the ghouls was holding the blonde’s staff, and the larger creature was approaching him. “No!” She called out while holding out her hand. Suddenly the sceptre flew into her outstretched hand, bringing the small ghoul with it. The moment it was in her grasp, the young girl swung the tail end of the sceptre in order to bash the ghoul into a tree. The large creature growled as he looked at the child.

“Rosella…?” Bloom gasped quietly.

“Give me that sceptre, little girl.” He demanded.

“I don’t think so, ogre!” Rosella replied boldly.

“Rosella?!” The blonde-haired girl exclaimed in surprise.

“Huh?” Rosella looked at the other girl in surprise. “Princess Stella, how do you know… my…” Suddenly, Rosella clutched her head with one hand, the other still holding the sceptre as her face twisted in pain. She slowly sank to her knees, grasping the sceptre tightly as an aura of energy formed around her body. It pulsated slowly as a bright light slowly formed in front of her before she cried out, the energy bursting forth in a white wave and destroying the ghouls closest to her as she did. When the energy faded, Rosella panted heavily, grasping the sceptre with both hands and using it to keep herself upright. The creature that she had called an ogre approached her and Bloom knew that she had to act.

“Leave them alone!” The red-haired teen demanded as she made her presence known. “Or I’ll… Wait, what am I going to do?” She asked with wide eyes, realising that she didn’t have any kind of a plan. She gasped as the ogre turned his attention toward her.

“Get her!!” The beast roared at his hench-ghouls, and the little creatures charged towards Bloom, who stretched out her limbs on reflex.

“Get back!” She exclaimed, an orange aura forming around her body before a bubble of energy surrounded her and slowly expanded. The energy seemed to shock the ghouls who collided with it before vanishing in a flash of light. “Huh?” Bloom said as she looked at her hand, “Did… Did I just do that?” She asked of nobody in particular. Kiko was still cowering on the stump nearby, but he looked up and began to cheer when he saw what his master had done. He continued celebrating until he noticed a ghoul sneaking up on him, whereupon he fainted once more. The ghoul moved toward Kiko, but stopped when it felt Bloom tap it on the shoulder. “Hands off Kiko!” She exclaimed before bashing the ghoul with a tree branch she had found, causing it to burst into sparks of energy after colliding with a tree trunk. Bloom smirked in victory before noticing that the ogre was now standing over her and she gasped.

“Come here or I’ll smash you like a china doll!” The ogre exclaimed as he swiftly grabbed Bloom by both arms and lifted her into the air, Bloom grunting as she dangled helplessly in his grasp.

“Oh no!!” The teen screamed in fear as an orange glow covered her body. Suddenly energy flowed from within her, an orange Chinese dragon appearing and spiraling around her, knocking the ogre away from Bloom and forcing him to drop her. The dragon then flew into the sky and burst like a firework.

“Wow! Powerful!” The blonde-haired girl exclaimed as she surveyed the damage around them. A large portion of the grass around Bloom was charred and letting off wisps of smoke as Bloom herself sat on the ground, panting. The blonde stood up and walked over to Rosella, who seemed to have forgotten whatever had been distressing her in favor of looking at Bloom in shock. Despite the surprise on her face, the child apparently noticed the blonde’s approach and quickly offered the sceptre to the older girl. “Thanks Ro.” The blonde said with a smile as she took back her sceptre and walked over to Bloom. “Are you okay?” She asked the older redhead.

“Well, yeah.” Bloom said, as if that should be obvious, even though it was a totally legitimate question.

The blonde nodded and turned to the ogre, “I have my sceptre back. You don’t scare me anymore!” She said confidently as she launched an orb of energy at the creature, and the ogre screamed as he was knocked back. “Only returning the compliment, Your Beast.” She added with a smirk.

“Watch out!” Bloom exclaimed as she noticed the remaining ghouls approaching them. The blonde spun her sceptre above her head and then grunted as she swung it, unleashing a crescent-shaped wave of energy and knocking all of the monsters away. She twirled the sceptre in her hands a few times before resting the end on the ground with a confident smile, Kiko imitating her with a small twig.

The ogre growled as he got back up while one of the ghouls ran over to him with a white piece of satin in its mouth. It was clear to the larger creature that they no longer had any chance of succeeding "We'll meet again, Blondie." He warned before clapping his hands together to teleport away.

“Thank goodness, they’re gone at last!” The blonde remarked before suddenly groaning softly and collapsing to the ground, her outfit reverting to something else entirely.

“Hey!” Bloom exclaimed in alarm, “Are you all right?!” She asked, “Answer me!” She looked over at Kiko and Rosella, “We’d better go back now guys, this girl needs help.”

“And how exactly do you plan to get her back to your house when all we have is a bicycle and an electric scooter?” Rosella asked as she walked over before kneeling on the other side of the girl.

“Um…” Bloom said awkwardly, having not thought of that.

“Princess Stella is fine.” Rosella assured Bloom, “She just used up a lot of her energy in that fight. I’m not really that good at using my powers yet, but I should be able to give her a big enough boost that we can at least take her to meet one of your parents at the entrance to the park.”

“You know this girl, Rosella?” Bloom asked in surprise.

“Not exactly, or at least, I don’t think so, but… Well, she’s a fairy princess and I’ve studied to memorise the names and faces of all royalty, or at least those that I could find information on.” Rosella explained as she held her hands over Stella, a soft white glow appearing around them as she began using her powers. “I’m happy that you’ve finally awakened your powers, Bloom.”

“You knew that I could do that?” Bloom asked. “Since when?”

“I’ve always known.” Rosella said, “Your dad wasn’t entirely wrong about us acting like sisters. Even though we aren’t actually related, there’s some kind of magical connection between us.” She sighed, “Grandma’s not going to be happy. I’m not supposed to use my powers unless I’m at home…”

“Will she get mad?” Bloom asked her.

“Not under the circumstances, but… It’s a problem all the same.” The younger girl pulled her hands away as Stella came to.

“Are you okay?” Bloom asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Stella said.

“You need to rest more, Stella. I wasn’t able to help that much.” Rosella told her. “We need to go to the entrance of this park to meet one of Bloom’s parents, so they can take us to her home, but… you should really change clothes first. What you’re wearing will stick out too much on Earth.”

“No problem.” Stella agreed, “I brought my clothes with me. Give me just one sec.”


"Knut! Come forward!" A voice called from the darkness, and the ogre who had led the attack on Stella stepped forward to face the ones waiting for him. Everything except their eyes was shrouded in darkness of their cloaks. "So, you have failed."

"Not my fault, your highness!" Knut insisted, "I had the Solarian Princess cornered, but then these two Earthly girls appear and... mess everything up." He said dejectedly.

"Earthling girls?" A second voice asked.

"Oh, but they were not your ordinary Earthlings." Knut explained, "The taller one, she's got power, this girl. She pushed back my ghouls just like that. And then the other one, she didn't seem powerful, but she knew exactly what we were and she pulled the sceptre right into her hand with her powers."

"Interesting..." Said the first voice, "Describe them!"

"Uh... well, let's see... they were, uh..."

"Knut!" The first voice demanded, "Your glasses, where are they?"

The ogre quickly dug into his pocket of his overalls. "Oh, right here, highness." He answered as he pulled out a pair of glasses from within.

"Well, put them on, you dolt!" She screamed, and he hurried to do as she said.

"A farsighted ogre, how ridiculous." The second voice said.

"If only he'd wear his glasses, he'd be all right." The third voice—who had been silent up until now—remarked.

"Oh, will you stop defending him?!" The second exclaimed.

"An ogre with glasses... looks kind of lame." Knut said dejectedly as his eyes adjusted to having their vision corrected.

"Quiet!" The first one exclaimed, "Those girls could mean something to us."

"Oh, but highness, don't worry." Knut assured her as he reached into his pocket again, "One of my ghouls grabbed this." He remarked as he pulled the white piece of satin out, "It's the smaller girl's hair ribbon. To us, this is nothing, but, to a hunting troll, it's an important clue." The ogre explained, holding the ribbon out for the hunting troll that approached him. The troll took the ribbon and began inhaling deeply as he sniffed it. "You see?" Knut asked.

"Good." Said the first voice, "Then go back to Gardenia and find the girls, and this time..."

"Don't let us down!" The three finished in unison.


“Bloom, I'm not sure I understand. Could you run that by me again?” Mike asked after Bloom had explained to him what happened while Stella slept on the couch.

“I already told you, she was attacked by some horrible creatures.” Bloom said pointedly, “She's some kind of fairy.”

“Hmm, I see.” Her father replied with an awkward smile.

“You believe me then?”

“No, I don't!” Mike exclaimed, “I think we should call the police and take this girl to a hospital!”

“N-No please... Don't tell anyone.” Stella murmured from the couch.

“She's coming to.” Vanessa remarked from where she sat on the armrest of the couch, near Stella’s head, “How do you feel dear?”

“Huh?” Stella said as she looked up at the woman, “I'm all right.” Stella confirmed as she felt her own head before looking at Bloom, “Thanks for helping me out.”

“Oh, it was nothing!” Bloom insisted.

“My name is Stella.” The blonde told them.

“Hi Stella, my name is Bloom.”

“Should we call your parents, Stella?” Vanessa asked.

“Um, that would be difficult.” Stella said awkwardly, “I come from a place that's a bit far from here. Have you heard of Solaria? It's a kingdom far, far away.”

“Stella, you’re making it sound like something out of a storybook.” Rosella commented from where she was sitting on the floor.

“Well, I am a fairy, you know.” She replied with a smile, “I was trying to get to Alfea Castle, in the realm of Magix, so I—"

“Oh, but of course!” Mike suddenly exclaimed before walking over to the house phone, “I'm calling the police.” He told the others, “It doesn't take a genius to realize that this girl is seriously out of her mind.”

Stella growled at first, but then smirked and sent a bit of power from her finger, transforming the base of the phone into a head of a cabbage, and the receiver into a carrot.

“Huh?!” Mike exclaimed in surprise.

“All right, you believe me now?” Stella asked smugly as Rosella giggled.

“I saw her and I believe her.” Bloom added for good measure.

“Those creatures attacked me and I was forced to land here: on your planet.” Stella explained to the Peters, “Your daughter and Rosella saved my life. Rosella stopped them from taking my sceptre and Bloom pushed back the ghouls with an energy shield.”

“Huh?” Mike said, a distant memory surfacing in his mind as he looked at Bloom.

“Actually, I don't know how I did it.” Bloom admitted.

“A fairy doesn't need to know how, she just does it, that's all.” Stella told her.

“I'm… a… a fairy?” Bloom asked with glee, causing Rosella to roll her eyes.

“Of course, you are. Don't tell me you're not.” Stella insisted, “Have you registered for the new session at Alfea Castle? It's the best school for young fairies like you and me.”

“No, no, stop talking nonsense, please!” Mike exclaimed with a freaked-out expression.

“It’s not nonsense, and you know it!” Rosella said in frustration. “When Stella mentioned the energy shield, it made you recall something from long ago.”

“What are you, a mind reader?” Bloom asked in confusion.

“Not exactly.” Rosella said, “I can sense people’s emotions and picking up on changes in those gives me an idea of what their thinking. It’s kind of an ability that I can’t really turn off.”

“So then, you’re a fairy too, right?” Bloom asked.

“Of course, I am. What else would I be? A witch?” Rosella asked as if that was obvious, before she turned and looked at Stella. “Stella, Bloom didn’t know that she was a fairy until today, so of course she hasn’t enrolled at Alfea. She’s never even heard of it. Why would you think that—Oh! Grandma’s here!” She exclaimed suddenly, just before the doorbell rang, and Mike went to answer it with a sigh.

“Oh hi, Eldora.” He said, “Come on—” Before he could finish his statement, Eldora all but shoved him aside as she rushed into the house, her eyes immediately settling on Rosella, who had just finished returning the phone to normal.

“Rosella, thank goodness. Are you all right?!” The older woman asked with concern as she knelt to the child’s level, “I sensed a massive wave of your magic earlier. It seemed like you were quite distressed.”

“Oh, that…” Rosella said, “I’m not sure exactly what happened with that…” She admitted, “That energy wave was kind of an accident. At any rate, I’m all right, Grandma. I wasn’t actually the one who was in trouble.” She gestured behind Eldora, who turned and looked at the two teens standing nearby, “Grandma, allow me to introduce Princess Stella of Solaria. She was on her way to Alfea when she was attacked by an ogre and some ghouls and forced to land here in Gardenia. Bloom and I helped her chase them off.”

Eldora smiled, “Ah, so that’s why I felt you using your powers for the first time today, Bloom.”

You knew that I’m a fairy too?” Bloom asked in surprise.

“Of course she knew. Grandma’s abilities are on a completely different level than the rest of us.” Rosella informed the older girl while Eldora shifted her attention to Stella.

“So, you’re going to Alfea?” She asked with interest, “My, it’s been such a long time since I was there last.”

“You went to Alfea?” Stella asked with wide eyes.

“My dear, I taught at Alfea.” Eldora informed her.

“Grandma.” Rosella interrupted politely, “I’m worried about something. The ogre who attacked Stella was after her scepter, but ogres don’t have enough ambition to go after important objects on their own. They’re content to live in peace unless called upon.”

“Hm…” Eldora said thoughtfully, “I believe you’re right, Rosella. Someone else is obviously behind this. Somebody who practices dark magic.” She looked over at the Peters, “Mike, Vanessa, I would recommend that you send Bloom to attend Alfea with Stella. It may not be safe for her to stay here on Earth right now, and to be perfectly honest, it is quite essential that she learns to control her powers. I can contact the headmistress at Alfea and get her properly enrolled before the morning comes.”


Meanwhile, in a more desolate part of Gardenia, Knut appeared in a burst of purple lightning with the hunting troll and a new group of ghouls in tow.

"Ah, here we are." The ogre said. "Troll, do your thing." He added as the troll began to sniff Rosella's hair ribbon again. "Find that girl!"

"This way!" The troll said as he led the group into the city.


"So, this is your room, huh? Wow!" Stella said with interest as she and Rosella entered Bloom's bedroom, "Did you draw these?" The Solarian Princess asked as she looked at Bloom's drawings pinned to the walls.

"Yes." Bloom replied.

"They're amazing!" Stella told her. "Sorry, I'm a bit nosy."

"Oh no, it's okay Stella." Bloom assured her before suddenly looking a bit down, "I mean—no, things are not okay. For instance, I still don't understand what happened in the park."

"Bloom, you used your powers to save me. You should be proud of yourself." Stella said as she turned to look out the window, "In my world, magic is a part of life and powers such as yours are perfectly normal."

"Is your world like that?" Bloom asked, pointing to a book on the windowsill in front of Stella.

"Hm?" Stella picked up the book and flipped through it.

"Is it?" Bloom asked again.

"Yes... almost. But it's much nicer in here. It's so different." Stella told her.

"I guess it all depends on your point-of-view, Stella." Bloom replied, "I still can't get over what happened." She added as she sat on her bed.

"Strong feelings such as fear have summoned up the wonderful powers that are in you." Stella explained, "They were always there, you just didn't know it. It's just a question of concentration. With your energy, you could do anything. Watch!" The blonde-haired princess used telekinesis to pick up a collection of colored pencils from a cup on one of Bloom's shelves and combined them into a single, massive pencil. "Okay, now it's your turn." Stella told Bloom, "Give them back their original shape." Bloom held up her hands and attempted to do as Stella said, but the pencil only dropped to the ground. Bloom grunted as she tried again. "Well?" Stella asked.

"Nothing, I can't do it." Bloom lamented as she sat back down on the bed.

"Don't worry Bloom. Learning to control your magic is hard." Rosella told her as she waved her hand and returned the pencils to normal, "And what Stella said wasn't quite right. You can't do anything with your magic. It has to be something that's suited to the kind of magic you have, or something that every fairy can do, like telekinesis." As if to prove her point, she returned the pencils to their cup.

"Thanks Rose, but even you could fix the pencils and you're only eleven." Bloom sighed.

"Actually, I can't." Rosella admitted, "At least not the way that Stella intended for it to be done. I just used my magic to reverse Stella's spell." She explained, "Grandma says that I specialize in nullification magic, so reversing a simple spell like that is really easy for me. But what Stella wanted you to do was more along the lines of performing her spell in reverse. I only used my basic magical energy to return the pencils to normal. If you used your basic magical energy for something, well, you'd probably start a fire, so best not to try it indoors."

"What do you mean?" Bloom asked.

"Like I said, Grandma says that I specialize in magic that counteracts other magic." Rosella explained, "That's my basic magical energy. The source of my power. But your basic magical energy is fire, Bloom, so there's a big difference."

"How do you know so much about this?" The older redhead asked.

"Grandma's been trying to teach me how to use my powers for four years now, but it hasn't been going well. She says that my magic is special and she doesn't really understand how it works." The child replied.

"You know, Bloom, you should come with me to Alfea Castle." Stella suggested as she sat down beside Bloom, "It's a school for fairies. A new session is about to start. You could learn to control your powers. And I'm sure you'd make an excellent fairy."

"Where's Alfea?" Bloom asked.

"It's in the realm of Magix, which is at the center of the magical universe." Stella explained.

"Grandma used to teach at Alfea before she retired here on Earth." Rosella added, repeating what Eldora had said earlier, "It's kind of like a high school, college, and trade school, all rolled into one. It doesn't really have subjects like math and English, but it does have magical history and potionology, which is kind of like chemistry, but with magic."

"If you wanna see the school, I'll show it to you." Stella said as she pulled a postcard out of nowhere and tossed it onto the floor, "This is a bottomless postcard." She explained as the postcard expanded to the size of a rug. "Watch this!" Stella added as she stepped onto the postcard. "Magix!" Immediately the girl began to sink into the postcard. "Now, follow me~!"

Meanwhile, outside the house, the troll was closing in on Rosella's location. "She's close." He told Knut. "The smell is strong. There's three other fairies."

"Two of them must be Stella and the other girl, but who’s the third?" Knut wondered.

"I just jump in like you?" Bloom asked as she sank into the postcard.

"Yes! Hurry up, before the gate closes!" Stella called.

Once Bloom was in, Rosella literally jumped in after her, using her momentum to propel herself through the barrier of the card before the gate could close.

The troll sniffed the air in confusion, "I've lost the scent." He told Knut. "She's disappeared."

"I can't believe we're sending Bloom to a school in another dimension!" Mike said, his voice traveling through the window and startling the group of beasts.

"Just another planet, Mike, not another dimension." Eldora assured him. "Trust me, this is the best thing for her. I've always known that Bloom possessed incredible powers, but now that they've awakened, she must learn how to control them, and Earth is not the ideal environment for that. The people of this world aren't used to magic. Incidents like this morning could cause a great deal of panic. Fortunately, nobody saw them, but that won’t always be the case. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be sending Rosella to Alfea along with the girls."

"So you're enrolling Rosella too then, Eldora?" Vanessa asked.

"Not exactly." Eldora explained. "Rosella is too young to enroll at Alfea. However, the truth is that I've had no luck in teaching her to use her powers and I fear that she may not be safe here on Earth anymore. The headmistress at Alfea is an old friend of mine, so I'm going to ask her to look after Rosella for a while. She should be able to help both girls master their powers and hopefully keep them both out of trouble."

"This is Alfea Castle." Stella told Bloom as they looked around the limited environment of the postcard. "Nice, huh? I'm sure you'd like it here."

"But what about my high school in Gardenia? I mean everything is happening so fast." Bloom said apprehensively.

"I don't really think you have much of a choice, Bloom." Rosella stated flatly, "You can't go to Gardenia High School with fire magic that you can't control. Think of the pandemonium you would cause."

"Rosella, what have you done these past four years, memorized a dictionary?" Stella asked.

"Grandma likes to use a lot of big words." Rosella told her.

"I guess you're right, Rose." Bloom conceded, "Now how do we get out of here?" She asked Stella.

"Easy, all you gotta do is jump up." Stella answered before doing exactly that. "Whee!"

"Wait a minute!" The troll exclaimed suddenly, "The scent is back! They're in... this house!" At that, he pointed to Bloom's home.

"Good work, troll." Knut told him, "They can't escape us now! We'll go in through the back door and take the whole happy family by surprise!"

As she put the postcard away, Stella suddenly took notice of Rosella's curls flowing down to her hips in a slightly unruly manner. "Rosella, sit down and let me fix your hair. It's a total mess after all this craziness."

"Oh, thanks." Rosella said, pulling a hairbrush out of her purse and handing it to Stella as they both sat down on Bloom's bed. "What happened to my hair ribbon anyway?"

"I think I saw one of the ghouls that escaped with that ogre holding it." Stella answered as she brushed the child's hair.

"Oh..." Rosella said softly. Suddenly, she sensed something and reached up to massage her temples with one hand as she groaned.

"Rosella, what's wrong?" Bloom asked as Stella secured the child's hair with a hairband.

"I-I feel... I feel something with bad intentions... locked onto me..." Rosella said as she tried to process the sensation. Suddenly, she looked up with a gasp. "My hair ribbon! A hunting troll!" The little girl immediately stood up and ran from the room, forcing Bloom and Stella to follow her.

"Wait, what?" Bloom asked in surprise.

"If one of those ghouls grabbed my hair ribbon and escaped with it, that ogre could've given it to a hunting troll in order to find me!" She explained as she ran down the stairs with the older girls following, only to find Eldora standing at the back door of the kitchen, prepared to face the enemies in question.

When the door was busted open by the troll, Eldora immediately knocked him back with an energy blast.

"There's more of them than last time!" Rosella stated as she entered the kitchen with Stella and Bloom. "Mr. and Mrs. Peters, go out the front door!"

"Girls, we need to keep them outside, or they'll wreck the house." Eldora said. "Beasts aren't exactly the most careful of creatures, you know."

"Right! Let's settle this! Solaria!" Stella suddenly called, activating her transformation and returning to her fairy form.

Ring of Light

Its magic lies inside

I've got power

I'm a Winx

Stella quickly jumped into the air, flying forward and kicking the troll in the face with both feet.

"You dummy! You got beat by a cutesy blonde!" Knut exclaimed.

"Hm. Yes, but... I'm no ordinary blonde." Stella told him. "Bloom, we're outnumbered. We're going to have to split them up."

"I've got an idea." Bloom replied. "Rose and I will take care of the ghouls."

"Wait, we will?!" Rosella asked as she ran off with Bloom, the smaller beasts following them for no apparent reason.

"All right, Blondie." Knut said to Stella. "Wanna see what me and the troll can do? If I were you, I'd get ready to lick my wounds, know what I mean?"

"I think that would be you, dear." Eldora stated as she launched another attack at the pair, "Or did you forget that you're up against someone with more experience this time?"

"Burning Sun!" Stella called as she launched her own attack.

Meanwhile, Rosella and Bloom were standing on their own against the ghouls.

"Ah... now what do I do?" Bloom asked.

"I knew you didn't think this through!" Rosella exclaimed, or perhaps reprimanded.

At that moment, a pot made its way over to them, appearing to move of its own accord before bumping into Bloom's feet. The teenager bent down and picked the pot up, finding nothing underneath. "Uh, but..."

"Kiko's inside it." Rosella informed her as she pulled a full-sized baseball bat out of her purse.

"How were you able to fit that inside of that bag?!" Bloom exclaimed.

"Grandma cast a bottomless well spell on my purse!" Rosella explained as she whacked one of the ghouls back with the bat.

"Burning Sun!" Stella called again, sending Knut flying toward them and causing him to crush the ghouls as Rosella jumped back.

"Wow! Stella sure knows how to command respect!" Bloom exclaimed. At that moment, the fairy in question tumbled toward them, having been thrown by the troll. "Stella!"

“Bloom!” Stella exclaimed, “Don’t worry, I’ve called the Specialists!”

“Uh, who?” Bloom asked in confusion.

“When did you have time to do that?” Rosella asked in confusion as Eldora dodged a trashcan thrown by the troll and made her way over to the girls. Rosella then blinked in confusion and looked toward Mitzi’s house. "You know... you'd think Mitzi would be a tad concerned about why there's all this noise out here instead of worrying about whether or not she can hear the TV..." Suddenly her expression transitioned to panic. "Oh no... Macy actually is worried and is coming to check! I can't let her see all this!" With that, she ran off as the troll approached Bloom, Stella, and Eldora. However, just as the beast closed in on them, a bolas suddenly wrapped around his neck, choking him, and he cried out in distress. Bloom, Stella, and Eldora looked to see that four boys in uniforms had arrived to help them.

"Guys, I'm ready." Said a boy with glasses holding a ray gun.

"Okay, let's take him to jail, where he belongs." Said the blond standing beside him.

"What's the rush? Don't you wanna have a little bit of fun first?" Asked the magenta-haired boy with the bolas.

"I wouldn't be so cocky, if I were you." Said the brunette beside him as he leaned on his broadsword in disinterest, "After all, this is only our first mission." The other boy screamed as the troll suddenly grabbed the cord of the bolas and yanked him into the air, causing him to fly over the creature's head and land next to the girls. "I rest my case." Said the brunette.

Meanwhile, Rosella had managed to catch the young girl her own age just as she came out of Mitzi’s house. "Rosella? What's going on?" The girl with long black hair that covered half of her face asked. This was Macy, Mitzi’s younger sister and Rosella’s close friend.

"Nothing!" Rosella insisted with a nervous smile.

As a loud crash was heard, the girl looked toward the alley behind hers and Bloom’s homes, "What's all that noise?"

"It's just a burglar, Macy!" Bloom called from where she was standing in the alley. "Go back inside, where it's safe!"

Macy looked back at Rosella, who sweat-dropped as her friend sniffed the air. "Ugh. What's what awful smell?" She asked as she held her nose.

"Ahh... the burglar has absolutely terrible BO." Rosella managed, "A-Anyway, I gotta go make sure that Grandma's okay, but go back inside like Bloom said. No need to call the police! Already been done! Bye Macy!" She told the other girl as she shoved her friend back through her own front door and yanked it shut before Macy could say anything else.

“Brandon, would you mind doing something?” The boy with blond hair asked as he and the boy with glasses hid behind his shield to avoid the troll’s repetitive punches.

“What?” The brunette said in surprise, looking as if he hadn’t actually been paying attention up until now. He straightened up and gripped his broadsword properly before jumping into the air and striking the ground with a yell. Just as the blond was knocked off his feet, the troll noticed a fissure in the ground forming in response to the hit.


“My turn.” Said the boy with the glasses, firing the small gun in his hands three times, causing three, slow-moving energy arrows to move toward the troll and strike the ground beneath him, causing him to fall into the fissure. “Bullseye!” The boy said before looking at his comrade with the shield, and the blond looked back up at him.

“Yeah, well done.” The blond told him, “But it’s not over yet.”


The magenta-haired boy stood up as some ghouls approached them. “Girls…” He said, sighing as if the two teenaged fairies had been in his way.

“Huh?” Bloom and Stella both said in confusion.

“Man, does that guy need an attitude adjustment.” Said Rosella as she walked back over to Bloom and Stella.

“Okay, who wants to feel my blade, huh?!” The boy exclaimed as he turned his weapon into a curved sword of some kind and began fighting the ghouls, only to get punched aside by Knut. The ogre growled, but was suddenly knocked to the ground by a trio of energy spheres that had been launched by Stella, Rosella, and Bloom.

“See, I told you that you could do it.” Stella told Bloom with a smile.

“Then I’m really a fairy?” Bloom asked in amazement.

“Of course you are.” Stella said, “I’m never wrong.”

“Never mind that two other people have said you are.” Rosella pointed out in annoyance.

Knut growled as he got back to his feet, only to realize that was surrounded by the four fairies and the four boys in uniforms. “Oh, drats!” He exclaimed before clapping his hands three times and disappearing.

“Finally, this one’s over.” Stella said as she walked over to the four boys. “Bloom, Rosella, meet our four heroes.” She told the other two. “Riven…” At this, she gestured to the scowling boy with magenta hair, “Prince Sky.” She gestured to the blond next.

Prince Sky put his weapons away and saluted to Bloom with a wink. “Hello.”

“Timmy…” Stella continued, and the boy with glasses gave them a huge grin, and “Brandon, Prince Sky’s Squire.” She finally gestured to the boy with the broadsword.

“Hey.” Brandon said with a smile.

Suddenly, the troll grunted and groaned as it struggled to pull itself out of the fissure it was in.

"Hey you! Where do you think you're going?" Timmy asked as he placed a restraint collar on the beast. As the energy from the collar flowed to restrain him, the troll was lifted into the air and a portal appeared to take the four boys away. “See you later!” Brandon, Sky, and Timmy called, and Bloom smiled to herself as she watched them vanish.


"Bloom's ready." Vanessa said the next morning as she and her daughter came downstairs with Bloom's suitcase in hand. Rosella was standing next to them with a suitcase of her own.

"You're sure about this, Sweetie?" Mike asked with concern.

"Yes Dad." Bloom told him, "I'm going with Stella and Rosella to the realm of Magix and Alfea Castle."

"Call us as soon as you get there and let us know everything." Mike told her. "I still can't believe we agreed to this. What if you get sick? What if you meet these monsters again? Wh-what if—"

"Dad, I'll be careful, I promise." Bloom insisted.

"Bloom, we love you very much, and please come home as soon as the session is over next summer." Vanessa told her. "We'll miss you."

"And I'll miss you both so much!" Bloom exclaimed.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Mike said suddenly, "Did you really think we'd let you go, just like that? No, no. We're coming along with you."

"Really? Wow, thanks Dad!" Bloom said happily as Rosella sweat-dropped.

"Then what was the point of telling her to call you when we got there..?" The younger girl asked quietly of nobody in particular.

"Ah, no sweat." Mike said as he grabbed his work jacket, not hearing Rosella, "And anyway, I really want to see this realm of Magix you keep talking about, so..."

"Stella, is it possible?" Bloom asked.

"Hm... Well, the rules don't allow it, but as they say, rules are made to be broken." Stella remarked as she took off her ring.

Rosella sweat-dropped again, "That's a horrible philosophy to have, Stella..."

"Are you ready?" Stella asked, flat-out ignoring Rosella's comment as she transformed her ring into her sceptre.

"We were born ready." Mike said, and Rosella sweat-dropped again.

"To Magix we go!" Stella called as she held her sceptre aloft and they were all pulled into a portal that developed beneath their feet. The Peters and Kiko screamed as they fell through the portal, though Stella and Rosella glided through with ease. As a result, both girls landed on their feet easily while the Peters all landed haphazardly on the ground.

"Ow!" Mike yelped as he landed, although he was quickly distracted from the pain by their new surroundings. "Wow! It really does exist!"

"Believe us now?" Bloom asked, having already gotten to her feet.

"Come on, we gotta go." Stella told them, "Classes are about to begin."