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would you make out with me

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words and anatomically correct diagrams blur through jeon jungkook’s glasses, he keeps staring in hope that something might finally click. he sighs, pulling off his glasses and rubs his eyes trying to remove the exhaustion through osmosis. 

it’s his senior year, the most important year of his college career, and he is so so tired. finals are coming up around the corner which provides the reason as to why he is hunkered down in the library, sitting in front of textbooks, piles of papers and enough highlighters to light the moon.

jungkook blearily looks to his left, seeing park jimin and kim taehyung, his best friends, playing an intense game of hangman next to their own long forgotten books. jimin giggles as taehyung fails to guess another letter, clutching his arm before drawing a leg onto the stick figure. jungkook smiles at them, they’ve all been having a bit of a hard time with school this semester. senior year of pre med a definite way to exhaust any twenty-one year old. spending almost every other night in the library for the past four years with them, ever since they’d basically adopted him into their friendship freshman year. jungkook will always be grateful to them for caring for him, being his friend, loving him. 

jungkook’s phone buzzes rapidly, cutting his music off through his headphones. he glances at the caller id, min beom calling.

jimin and taehyung glance over before resuming their game, but jungkook could tell they were keeping an ear on him.


“jungkook-ah! its beom hyung” min beom answers, voice a little desperate.

jungkook smiles, “i know hyung, i have caller id remember? is there something wrong?”

“i know you’re really busy with school and i’m so sorry to bother you, i really am but i’m desperate here jungkook”  min beom rambles.

jungkook frowns, waiting for him to get to the point but has a sinking feeling about what min beom needs help with.

“i really need a babysitter for the boys, jungkook-ah. they sprung a last minute meeting on me and i have to take a work trip and yoongi can’t stay the whole weekend-” 

jungkook’s breath stops a little hearing yoongi’s name, his hesitation disappearing as he thinks about his hyung. 

“-i’ll pay you double the normal amount, it’ll only be until he gets there,” min beom says. 

jungkook snaps back to what beom hyung has been saying, “wait i’m sorry hyung, how long do you need me?”

“i only need you to watch them friday and saturday, yoongi will be there by saturday night and stay with them until i get back.” 

it would be a mental break from all the non-stop studying, jungkook thinks. soobinie and taehyunie are his favorite five year olds on the planet, and yoongi is his favorite twenty-five year old on the planet. jungkook blushes at the thought.

“sure hyung, i’ll watch them. it’s no problem, i’ll be there tomorrow before you leave.”

“oh thank you, thank you, thank you jungkook-ah,” min beom says excitedly. “the boys will be absolute angels for you, i swear or they won’t get that slime kit they’ve been begging me for.”

jungkook smiles, cheeks still feeling a bit warm, “you’re welcome, it’s really no problem.”

“i’ll see you tomorrow,” min beom says before ending the call.

jungkook moves to put his phone down and turns back towards his study guide, he should probably get as much studying done now knowing he’ll be distracted tomorrow. 

“yoongi is totally going to be at his brothers house, why else would jungkook be blushing that hard,” jimin whispers conspiratorially to taehyung. jungkook snaps his head up, now blushing even harder. 

“no he’s not,” jungkook says halfheartedly. “it’s just gonna be me and the boys tomorrow.”

min yoongi, twenty-five year old graduate currently enrolled in the schools medical program training to be a cardiovascular surgeon. min yoongi, the boy jungkook has known since he was seventeen through babysitting min beom’s, yoongi’s older brother, children for years.

min yoongi who has always been so kind to him, min yoongi who has always been so gentle and understanding. min yoongi who guided jungkook into doing what he really wants to do in life when he was so lost at eighteen. min yoongi who is the reason jungkook is in pre med, hoping one day to be trauma surgeon.

“yoongi-hyung is going to be there saturday, isn’t he,” taehyung snickers, eyes crinkling.

“it’s okay jungkook-ah,” jimin says. “only yoongi hyung seems to be the only person who doesn’t know you like him, no need to be defensive.” jungkook narrows his eyes at him and throws an uncapped highlighter at jimin’s head. jimin ducks smoothly and they watch it hit taehyung in the forehead instead. 

taehyung starts at the unexpected projectile and jimin immediately rubs the spot on his head, soothing it and rubbing away the pink mark with a spit slicked finger. 

“i don’t like yoongi hyung like that,” jungkook says insistently. “he’s just really really nice and i like him as my friend. it’s not like he’d ever like me back anyways so even if i had teeny tiny feelings for him, it wouldn’t matter.” jungkook trails off, hands busy with organizing stray papers. 

he can feel jimin and taehyung looking at each other and hears one of them get up and setlle on his other side. a large hand takes his right one gently, taehyung, and jimins ring adorned hand takes jungkook’s left. 

“it’s okay to like yoongi hyung, jungkook-ah,” taehyung says in that soft, gentle voice of his. “and why wouldn’t hyung like you back, you’re smart, handsome, talented, you’re all muscley and stuff. he’d be ridiculous to not care about you like that.” 

jungkook looks at taehyung, “it’s nice of you to make me feel better and you’re my best friend, so i love you but i don’t want to assume hyung likes me. because at the end of the day, what if he doesn’t? i can’t handle hoping for that and being disappointed. i can’t blame hyung for not liking me.”

“we know, jungkook-ah. we understand,” jimin says squeezing jungkook’s hand tightly. “we love you! lots and lots. you’ve always got us.” 

jungkook grins, pulling his hands away and curling them around their shoulders. he pulls them both in for a tight hug and above their heads says, “you guys ready to be quizzed on the nervous system?” 

taehyung and jimin simultaneously groan into his shoulders, jungkook pulls away and smiles brightly at them. “we’re gonna graduate so soon, we’re almost college graduates hyungs” 

they smile back at jungkook’s newfound enthusiasm and drag themselves back to their respective stack of books and papers. 

jungkook looks down at the chapter detailing lung systems and thinks about how he’s going to get through this weekend. at least he only has to be awkward and a dork around yoongi for a couple hours before trading the kids off to him. 

jungkook sighs and goes back to highlighting, doing his very best to not distract himself anymore, doing his very best to calm the hum of excitement in his stomach at the thought of seeing yoongi again.