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A blonde in time

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Rebekah Mikaelson lost everything. Her brothers were dead, all thanks to her traitor of an older sister. And Marcel left a few years after she took the cure, screw you and your lies Marcellus.

As a human, her life sucked. She regretted a lot of things; taking the cure, marrying Marcel and not being able to save her family.

Sixty years had passed, and she was lying on her death bed with no one at her side.

She had a wish, a dying wish, to change the past. To go back in time to save her family and change the mistakes that led to this pitiful time she had in the present. She prayed to every God and Goddess she knew in mythology, from Greek to Egyptian to Norse, to help her, to listen to her as she breathed her final breath.

Unbeknownst to her, her pleas had been heard.

Ever since the Vampire species was created, the world had a new balance. Vampires, Witches and Werewolves, in one way or another, needed each other to survive. The Vampires died out when all five of the Originals died, leaving the witches and Werewolves as the only supernatural beings on earth. The two species fought one another to the point where both died out. The world was dying as Nature became so unbalanced.

The ancestors were desperate to fix things. When they heard the prayers from the last Mikaelson, they knew how to solve the problem, and she would be the one to save everything. They had to wait for her to take her final breath before doing what needed to be done.

They sent her soul back, before the events that destroyed everything as she needed time to adjust to what had just transpired.


She woke up hungry and aching. It surprised her. She couldn’t hear the heart monitor that she was connected to as she laid dying. All she could hear was cars racing down a street and a flowing sound with a heartbeat, it made her hungrier. For some reason she felt different, stronger...younger.

Rebekah then opened her eyes; she wasn’t looking up at the white ceiling in the hospital that she had been staring at moments before, it was made of metal with lights hanging from chains. Curiously and slowly, she sat up to look at her surroundings.
Four coffins laid on the ground, each with the letter ‘M’ on the top, a few crates were stacked on top of one another against the walls and a man in a security uniform coming towards her...

Her eyes narrowed at the man as he came to a stop in front of her. “Your brother wants you to meet him at Gloria’s bar.” The guard said before tilting his neck to the side, offering himself as a meal. She didn’t hesitate to tear into his throat with her teeth and feed from him until he had nothing more to offer.

It took her a minute to realise what had just happened. She looked down at herself to find that she was wearing the outfit she wore when she was daggered in the 1920’s and un-daggered in Chicago 2010. It then hit her, “Oh my bloody god!” she gasped out, “I’m back in the past. How am I back in the past?”

Rebekah took several calming breaths and got focused on her current predicament.

“If I am back in the past, then that means...I can save them... I can save my family. I mean, I know what’s going to happen.” She muttered to herself.

She took several minutes to think of a plan, she almost missed the sound of the door opening as she was deep in thought. Her breath hitched as she heard a set of footsteps get closer.

The blonde almost broke down at the sight of her half-brother, but she held herself together.

“Hello, little sister.” Klaus greeted.

“Nik...” her voice wavered slightly, “What year is this?”

“It’s 2010. You have been daggered for 90 years.” He answered.

Niklaus expected her to get angry and stab him with the dagger, as she had done after he daggered her for the first time. He didn’t expect her to tackle him into a tight hug. The last time she hugged him like that was when he got over the hunters' curse. The hybrid felt her shake uncontrollably and looked down at her face to find that she was crying.

“I’m sorry, Nik. For everything I’ve done and for trying to leave. I don’t want to ever be alone.” she sobbed.

Klaus didn’t know what to do, he had never seen her this upset, not even when their mother died, she wasn’t this sad. “Well, I am glad to see that you have learnt your lesson.”

“I have Nik. And I am also going to tell you everything... I was really the reason Mikael came to New Orleans; Marcel talked me into it, and we talked to a witch called Genevieve into sending a newspaper clipping to him that had a picture of both you, Elijah and Marcel. I tried to fix the mistake without Marcel knowing, the witch said it was too late to take it back, so I killed her. I was blinded my love for Marcel, and it was the worst mistake of my life. If I had a chance to change it, I would tell him to go to hell and that I would never betray my favourite brother or any member of my family.” Rebekah rushed and didn’t look up at her brother at all. She did not want to see that look on his face, the look of disappointment and anger, not again.

Klaus was completely speechless. His baby sister, the one sibling he loved the most, was telling him that she brought Mikael to their home and that she was admitting that she was blindsided by her lust for Marcel, his protegee... the little boy who he considered his own son once upon a time... he felt tears come to his eyes as he thought back to the day that Mikael burned his city to the ground and Elijah stayed behind so that he and Rebekah could flee.

“I know that you were the one that killed mother, I forgive you.”

‘How could she know? No one knew what I did, besides Mikael.’ He asked then, “How did you find out?”

“It doesn’t matter. Just know that I forgive you Nik.”

“Why did you tell me about your betrayal?”

Rebekah swallowed and breathed out shakily, “I didn’t want any more secrets between us that people could use to pit us against one another.”

The Hybrid hugged her tightly, he supposed that he should forgive her. She admitted her treachery and her faults, he could admit that it was mostly Marcel’s doing by using her love for his own personal gain. Hopefully, now she would be more careful about wearing her heart so far down her sleeve.

“I forgive you, this time. If you do something like that again, I’ll do something far worse than daggering you. Are we clear, little sister?”

The blonde girl nodded furiously, there was no way in hell she was going to betray her brothers. She would rather die.

The two heard the door open and pulled away from each other. That was when Nik remembered what he was supposed to be doing and remembering his companion. What he didn’t know was that Rebekah remembered what was going on as well.

“Rebekah, I brought you a little peace offering. Think of him as an apology from me for daggering you 90 years ago.” Klaus walked up to Stefan who was just stood watching the scene, the girl in front of him. He looked Stefan in the eyes and compelled him to remember.

Stefan closed his eyes as the memories came flooding back. Him dancing with the girl, sharing a human girl as a meal, kissing her, loving her. “Rebekah...” He said quietly and started to walk towards her. He heard Klaus call his name and turned around to face him. Memories of sharing drinks, laughing with the man, being brothers. “I remember you... we were friends.”

“We are friends.” The Hybrid then looked at his sister. “Now the reason you’re here. Gloria tells me that you have what she needs to contact the Original witch.”

She brought her hand up to her neck and huffed. “I must have dropped my necklace when we left Gloria’s bar in 1920. Stefan, did you pick it up?”

Stefan frowned; he knew he couldn’t lie to her as she would know. “I think so. Silver chain... looked like a locket?”

“Yes, that’s the one. What did you do with it?”

Klaus groaned, “Please tell me you did not give it to the doppelgänger. I would hate to have to drive all the way to Mystic falls, grab it from her rotting corpse and drive back again just to find out why I can’t make any bloody Hybrids.”

“Maybe Gloria can track it down. She could use me to help as I am the one who wore it for a thousand years.” Rebekah suggested. “Unless Stefan does know where it is and saves Gloria energy by telling us.”

The two Originals looked at the 164-year-old vampire for an answer. Stefan hesitated for a moment, that was when Klaus knew that his friend was hiding something. “Come on old friend, tell us where the necklace is.”

The youngest Original smirked in her head as she just thought of what she could do. “I think he is hiding a bit more than knowing where the necklace is, brother. Is it about the doppelgänger perhaps? Do you know something that would greatly benefit my brother with creating more hybrids like himself? Speak the truth Stefan, you know you can’t lie to me.”

Klaus growled and his eyes flashed yellow in anger. “I think I know what’s happening, the reason I can’t make any hybrids. I am very disappointed in you, ripper.” That was the last thing Stefan heard before he met black. The older Original turned to his sister and said, “We are going to Mystic Falls. There is someone that needs killing again.”

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The next day, the three of them arrived in Mystic Falls. Klaus kept snapping Stefan’s neck; Rebekah felt relieved that he didn’t do the same thing to her when she told him of her betrayal, but she hated that she was stuck driving the bloody truck as her brother had all the fun. She knew today was the day Katherine took the necklace from the whiny human girl before taking off with Damon and Jeremy. That was something else she had to deal with, she couldn’t let them waken Mikael. But, one problem at a time.

First, she had to find Elena and, unfortunately, convince Nik to not kill her. He needed her disgusting blood.
Secondly, she had to find and kill Mikael. She just hoped that he had the white oak stake on him so she could kill him with it. But, she had to find a way to around Nik to do it. He wouldn't let her leave without a good reason and even then he would insist to join her.

Thirdly, she had to convince Nik to un-dagger their brothers. And find a witch to get rid of the curse that was placed on Finn, she needed to do that discreetly as no one knows that he was cursed to hate his siblings and being a vampire 900 years ago, they needed to be a united front if their mother came back like the last time. And she wanted her oldest brother back.

Then, she needed to burn the Wickery bridge and the sign so there would be no white oak stake to kill Finn, Kol and Nik, even if he didn’t really die thanks to the Bennet witch and a body jumping spell.
Lastly, she needed to get rid of Hayley. She was the reason why the hybrids turned against Klaus, help the witches lure the family to New Orleans with some bs about a magical miracle baby that wasn’t even Nik’s but the Lockwood boys. The wolf slut started off the horrid life in that goddamn city.

“Rebekah!” Klaus called from the back of the truck as she parked up.

The blonde stepped out from the drivers seat and made her way to the trailer doors. When she opened it up, she found her brother looking calmer and Stefan on the floor with his neck at an odd angle. “What is it Nik?”

“I need you to babysit whilst I go find the doppelgänger, the witch and the werewolf. When he wakes up I want you to snap his neck, do this every time until I phone and tell you otherwise. Understand?” She nodded as an answer. “Good girl.” He then took off, leaving her with the truck and the younger Salvatore brother.

Rebekah sat next to the body and frowned in thought. ‘How the bloody hell do I convince him to not kill the bloody wench?’ she pondered on several ideas but none that would go without questions from Niklaus. “This is why I leave my brothers to do the planning.”

An hour had passed, she snapped Stefan's neck twice all the while thinking of how to achieve her first goal. The young Original did think of asking the dead witches but she highly doubted that they would help her, after all, they helped her in the future so they wouldn't know what they did for her yet. Adding the fact that she wouldn't know how to contact dead witches without an actual witch with her to talk to them. ‘They really should’ve told me how to do this as they sent me back. It would be much easier.’

She then heard a groan from her right as well as ‘ping' from Stefan’s phone, which was in her back pocket for her to use till she got one of her own. Huffing, she snapped his neck once again before checking the message.

The Lockwood boy is dead, the witch is trying to find a way to save him and I have the doppelgänger with me. -Klaus

Then she got an idea. She replied with...

Once the werewolf wakes up, maybe try giving him a bit of her blood. I have a theory... -Rebekah

She just hoped that he wouldn't ask too many questions.

40 minutes had passed before she got a response.

It worked. Looks like I need Elena alive for now, how's the rippah? -Klaus

He is just waking up now. -Rebekah

Keep him alive! I am coming back now. -Klaus

The girl shut the phone off before turning her attention to the vampire next to her. “You can relax, I’m not going to break your neck again.”

“Where are we?” He groaned and rubbed his neck.

“Mystic Falls.” She smirked as his eyes widened.

“Why are we...”

“We know that the girl is alive so you can quit acting clueless. Nik is coming back with her right now, probably with his new hybrid trailing him.”

Stefan frowned, ‘Who is the new hybrid? How did he do it?’ He paled at the thought of Klaus carrying Elena’s dead body back to the truck. “What did he do?” Anger evident in his voice. It was clear that Rebekah wasn't going to answer so he tackled her to the ground with his hands around her neck.

As soon as he was about to shout his question at her again, he was thrown off. Klaus looked at him murderous glare whilst holding out his hand to his sister to take. She didn't hesitate to grab it and let him help her off of the floor of the trailer.

“What is going on here?” The powerful Original questioned.

Stefan didn't say anything, so Rebekah replied, “He just wanted to know what happened to the little wench and I wouldn't give him an answer.”

Klaus just sighed, his sister loved to wind people up. “Here, a little gift I stole from Elena. It should be with it's proper owner.” He placed the gift in her hand.

“My necklace.” The blonde grinned as she held it up. “Thank you, Nik.”

The young vampire felt his anger worsen the longer he didn't get an answer about Elena. He couldn't think about the shape she was most probably in when Klaus was through with her. ‘Please don't be dead.’ He begged silently.

“He looks like a little lost puppy begging for food.”

“I suppose I should put him out of his misery. The doppelgänger is alive and is making generous donations of blood to her friend, or the doctors think. The Lockwood boy is my first successful hybrid and I have him keeping an eye on Elena and the others.”

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Klaus brought Rebekah and Stefan to the hospital where Elena was being kept, he had compelled Stefan beforehand just to be safe. They found Tyler outside of her room to which the female Original looked at him in disgust as she remembered what he had tried to do to her brother, it was the only thing she could do as anything else would cause some problems.

“Tyler mate let Stefan through, he would like to be reunited with his... one true love.” The older Hybrid told his creation. Doing as he said, Tyler let the Salvatore pass with no problems. “Now, I would like to introduce you to my baby sister, Rebekah. Be warned, her anger is worse than mine which is an achievement as she is not even part wolf, but the both of you would be spending a bit of time together so I would suggest that you do not irritate her as she would not hesitate to tear you limb from limb.”

Tyler’s eyes widened at the thought of another Original. He had only met Elijah once and thought that he was the only sibling of Klaus, he was scared of him and hoped to never meet him again despite being the noble one. Now he was face to face with the youngest of them, one he doesn't think anyone actually knew about, and apparently, she had more of a temper than the strongest creature to walk the earth. The teen hoped that there weren’t any more siblings and it was just the two of them here.

“So, this is your little pet. He doesn't seem like much, big brother.” Rebekah provoked.

“Now... now, little sister. You, of all people, should know to never underestimate the power someone has because of their looks. How many times have people done that to you?”

The blonde shrugged as an answer. “We'll see. But it's not like I am going to trust your hybrids over you and our brothers Nik.”

The newly turned hybrid stiffened, ‘Brothers... plural... there are more Originals out there.’ He watched as Klaus had a genuine smile grow on his face and said, “Once our little problem is dealt with, we will reunite our family and be whole again. I give you my word.” If he wasn't already dead, Tyler might have just died right there from fear.

As if sensing what the recent deceased was feeling, the youngest Mikaelson looked back at the Lockwood before announcing, “I’m hungry. I'm going to see what the town's people have to offer. Should I bring anyone back for you and your little pest?”

“We are quite alright at the minute. Try not to cause a scene out there, we don't want anyone to know that we're in town, mostly the annoying Salvatore brother.”

Nodding in acceptance, the female Original walked away from the two and towards the hospital exit.

As soon as she knew she was out of hearing range, Rebekah ran to a clearing in the woods and dropped to her knees with her head in her hands. Her breathing was laboured, and her face was wet with the tears pouring down from her eyes. She was proud of herself for not breaking earlier.

She didn't realise that it would be so hard to be in the presence of her hybrid brother. ‘God, if I'm like this now from just being around Nik, what am I going to be like around Finn, Elijah and Kol?’ Just the thought of the others brought Rebekah to more tears, she didn't know whether they were of relief or grief. It had been so long for her since she had seen them last.

She remembered the day Kol died vividly, Davina’s scream of anguish at the loss of her husband before trying to bring Freya down only to die soon after. Freya had used Rebekah as bait to lure the last of their brothers to her. Freya done what their mother had tried to accomplish several times, but left Rebekah alone as she wasn't a threat because she was human.

“It had to be done, dear sister. They were monsters that needed to be put down and I couldn't let Davina live because she would have brought Kol back. But, my dear sister, you won't be killed. Live your life and have the family you dreamed of and know that no harm would come to you or your family as vampires are now extinct. I killed Marcel after he abandoned you, no one hurts you and lives. I have your back unlike the rest of our siblings.” Freya had said to her that day before placing a curse her. “I want to keep you alive so you can experience a full life, you will be able to die any time after you're 50 as a gift.”

“You will pay for this Freya!” Rebekah screamed as the older girl left.

The blonde shivered at the memory and snapped herself back to reality. She took several deep breathes and calmed down, the vampire needed a plan of action.

“I know what the tasks are but how do I accomplish them. I can't do this by myself.” She muttered. Her eyes widened as she figured out who could help but also groaned in annoyance. “Damn it, why did she have to be the only one with a brain in this town?!”

Huffing in defeat, Rebekah sped to the house of her, hopefully, new accomplice. Seeing a car in the driveway, the girl inwardly cheered in delight that she didn’t have to go running around town looking for the other girl. Walking up the steps to the porch, she thought of how to introduce herself.

‘Was she on vervain?’ Was another question that came to her head because if this went sideways then she might have to compel her to help.

Rebekah prepared herself for all the ways the conversation would go as she knocked on the door.

Caroline Forbes wasn't expecting someone to knock on the door at 2 in the morning. She was also not expecting a blonde girl, around her age, to be standing on her doorstep. “Uh, hi. Can I help you?”

“Hi, my name’s Rebekah and I really need your help.” The original swallowed her pride and added, “Please.”

Slightly wary of the stranger, Caroline stayed within the threshold of her house and asked, “What kind of help?”

“I need help saving my family, you should already know two of my brothers Elijah and Klaus.”

The young vampire’s eyes widened, either in shock or fear, Rebekah didn’t know. “Why should I help your family when they tried killing me and my friends? In case you didn’t know, Klaus wanted to use me in his sacrifice, and he killed Elena.”

The Viking rolled her eyes and said, “We know the doppelgänger is fortunately, or unfortunately if you look at it from my side, alive. You, out of all of your little friends, are the one I actually find the least annoying and I believe that we could be great allies, possibly friends. If any of us die, then so do the rest of you because of the bloodline.”

Caroline tilted her head to the side and had a look on her face that clearly said that she didn’t believe a word that was coming out of the older girl’s mouth.

Rebekah smiled, internally sighing she walked up to the barrier, looked her in the eye and said, “You will help me save my family and you are not to tell anyone about our alliance.” The compulsion took effect. ‘Thank the gods she wasn’t taking vervain.’ She thought with relief but felt a bit disappointed that she had to compel Caroline at all. “Now, go and get changed. We have much to get done before my brother gets worried.”

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It was five-thirty when Rebekah returned to her brother at the hospital. She was thankful he didn’t question her about where she was for the past three and a half hours. But he did lead her to a private room to discuss something else.

“I hope you enjoyed whoever you sunk your teeth into.” He started.

Rebekah, being as smart as she was, did find someone to feed from so she would have the smell of blood on her so it would be believable that she went that instead of what she actually went to do. “Well, he wasn’t that bad tasting, but it could’ve been better. And don’t worry, there was nothing that would trace back to vampires as I healed and compelled him.”

The hybrid nodded to show he was pleased before asking, “How did you come to the conclusion that Elena’s blood could be used to create hybrids?”

“Well, it was our mother that cursed you and she was a sneaky bitch. I just got in her mind frame. If I knew that the curse could be broken by using a doppelgänger, well more like her blood as that it was I used for the spell, I would make sure that there would be no way for more hybrids to be made. I would make sure that the doppelgänger would have to die in the ritual, that way there would be no blood to sire a new species because she would be dead. Our mother never wanted us to be happy Nik, so she had to take one of the things that would have made you feel less alone.” Rebekah had prepared for this question; she despised her mother greatly and even more so as she figured out what else she had done.

Klaus looked at his baby sister fully, there was something different about her, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. This was one of the times he wished he had his brothers by his side to help him figure it out, just like they used to do when they were human. They could always tell when something was wrong, but it would have taken all of them just to get her to talk about whatever it was. ‘Soon, I will know what is wrong soon.’ He thought. Even if Finn didn’t like the rest of them much, Rebekah was lucky that she was a girl and adorable, the oldest would want to make sure that she was ok.

“It seems that I do not give enough credit, little sister. You have a lot more brains than I thought, maybe you should stop acting dumb to get a boys attention then maybe there will be a man that I could approve of that I know won’t just be dating you for your beauty.”

The female didn’t really know whether her brother just complimented or insulted her. But she supposed it was both, he could never just be nice to someone without a little insult somewhere in his sentence. “You can’t just be normal once in a while, can you?”

Klaus laughed and said, “Let me tell you a little secret, Beka. None of us our normal, and I don’t think we would want to be like everyone else.”

‘I don’t think I’ll ever be normal, Nik. It turns out I am the most unique person in the entire world.’ She thought to herself before letting her brother guide her out of the room.

The sibling duo walked to Elena’s room and saw Tyler still standing guard. Klaus nodded his head in approval as he walked past him to enter the hospital room, Rebekah didn’t even acknowledge him as she walked in.

Stefan was sitting next to Elena on her bed, both looked as if they had been interrupted from a serious talk.

The blonde girl was happy to note that she had no lingering feelings for the younger Salvatore, she felt no jealousy towards them, Rebekah just looked on with disgust. They were never a good couple, and Elena is just like Tatia, always playing with both brothers hearts. She was thankful that neither Finn, Kol or Henrik had any feelings towards Tatia beside hatred for what she had done to Klaus and Elijah.

Not being one to let a good opportunity pass her by, the young Original looked Elena up and down, being sure to not even mask her disgust, “So this is the latest doppelgänger, Katerina was much prettier.” She smirked as the brunette looked at her in anger and a bit of fear.

“Rebekah…” Klaus drawled out her name as a start of a warning. Though, admittedly, he was quite surprised that she chose Katherine’s name.

“Fine. You’re no fun, Nik.” The sister pouted before smiling cheekily.

Stefan grinded his teeth at the girl, he remembered what facial expressions truly showed her emotions and which ones were used to deceive people. Rebekah Mikaelson was the one to truly fear, she was a great actress, and no one could tell whether or not she was being truthful or not. She did learn from her brothers after all.

Elena didn’t know what to think about the recently awakened Original. Stefan had told her that he had history with both Klaus and the sister, one that he had been forced to forget when the hybrid compelled him. Stefan had also told her about his relationship with the youngest of the Originals, she was kind of jealous as she found that the girl was beyond beautiful, but she couldn’t help but feel smug because he was with her and not with the blonde. Stefan had chosen her over a gorgeous vampire.

Elena wasn’t going to let the female Original try and drag her down. “Well, you are not what I expected when Stefan told me about you. The fact that you think that Katherine is better than me, proves that you’re a vain and selfish vampire just like she is. Let me guess, you played with Stefan’s heart in the twenties, making him think that you liked him but really you were just looking for a toy to mess with. And he said that you were somewhat independent and stood up to your brother from time to time, but I guess that was an act considering you do exactly what Klaus tells you to do.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes. ‘Why did I ever think I could be friends with her back then? Ugh, I must have seriously been out of my mind.’ She thought. But before she could say anything, the blonde heard a growl from her left where her brother was standing.

“I suggest, little doppelgänger, that you watch what you say. As I told Tyler a few hours ago, Rebekah has a temper worse than mine, and it would not do well for you to anger her. And if you insult my baby sister again, I’ll tear your tongue from your mouth and feed it to your boyfriend. Do I make myself clear?”

Elena went silent in shock. She didn’t think that Klaus would stand up for his sibling as she thought that he didn’t care much about what happened to them as long as he gets what he wants. At least that it was she assumed by the way Elijah had talked about him.

When her brother had threatened the human, Rebekah’s head snapped to him in surprise, not expecting his reaction at all. ‘Damn, I wish I recorded that so I could show Kol.’

“That’s what I thought. Now, on to business.” Klaus grinned as he thought about what was to happen next. “Elena, you will be accompanying me and Rebekah for a while as I do need your blood to create more hybrids like Tyler. Stefan will join us for a few reasons really. One of them being that I don’t trust him so I need to keep an eye on him, two, well… let’s just say if things go wrong, I do not want my sister to injured in any way despite her being an Original so she would need someone to take the brunt of whatever injury is to come. A werewolf bite to be specific. I know I have already got a few blood bags full of your blood, but more will be needed soon enough, and Rebekah used to be a nurse, so she could handle that work.”

“Why do you even need to make hybrids? You have your sister and Elijah, surely that would be enough family.” Elena questioned bitterly.

Klaus and Rebekah held back a laugh as the former answered. “It seems Elijah didn’t tell you enough. There are five of us, or at least there will be when the job I need doing gets done, then our family will be reunited once again.”

Tyler, Elena, and Stefan glance curiously at each other. The three of them were wondering ‘What job?’

Seeing the curious gazes of the youngest people in the room, the female Viking stated, “Oh, do not worry your little minds about it. The ‘job’ is none of your business. However, if you even try and find out about what it is, we’ll give a death so horrible that it would make even the devil weep. Am I clear?” Just seeing the scared looks in their eyes, despite them trying to hide it, gave the woman a calming warm feeling. “Good. Nik, should we get going before that other Salvatore you despise shows up?”

The Original hybrid smirked as he too saw the fear his sister saw. “Of course, sister. The truck is already at the front and ready to go.”

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Caroline waited in her room until her mom left for work. The blonde had work to do and her mother was not allowed to know, not like she would tell her anyway as it would get her into a lot of trouble in more ways than one.

The young vampire had to go find a witch out of town, thankfully not too far, that was faithful to the Mikaelson’s, though mostly to Rebekah as she had saved the woman’s grandmother or something from an abusive relationship. The witch knew that Rebekah was sending Caroline to her, so there would be no witch to vampire fight, which the blonde was immensely grateful for as she knew saw what Bonnie could do to vampires.

As soon as Liz Forbes left to go to work, the bubbly blonde grabbed her handbag and keys before leaving the house. When she got to her car, she had to put the satnav on as she had no clue about how to get to her destination because she had rarely gone out of town, the girl quickly sped out of Mystic Falls. Her job had to be done soon as Rebekah wanted her plans to start as soon as possible, whatever those plans were, Caroline would make damn sure that they got done fast and efficiently.

Barely three hours later, the vampire had made it to the cemetery that the witch told her to meet. ‘What is with the supernatural and cemeteries?!’ She thought as she walked around and listened with her magnified hearing.

“You got here fast.” A voice sounded from her left.

The immortal teen whipped her around to the side to see a light dark-skinned woman in a leather jacket and a short white summer dress that had little flowers on it. “You’re Tamara, right?”

“And you are Caroline Forbes, a vampire that is only a few months old but with great control of her bloodlust. Witches talk Caroline, you have better control than any new vamp, the witches are impressed. You are the one vampire that they, though they loath to admit it out loud, like and respect.”

Caroline was shocked, just as she had been when she was told Rebekah was Klaus’ sister, by the girl herself. “I don’t understand how…”   

Tamara smiled, “You may live in a small town but there are more ways than one that news gets around. The dead talk. The witches in Mystic Falls talk a lot as there is only one witch that is living in the town, one that is friends with vampires and the doppelgänger. They watch from the other side, it is their way of protecting the last of the Bennet witches, even if her mother is alive but they don’t count her as she was supposed to help the girl with magic as she grew. Bonnie, though powerful already, came to the craft long after she was originally supposed to. If she were taught from childhood, she wouldn’t be having some of the magical problems she has now or the ones she will have in time.”

She let the small-town girl digest what she had been told about her friend before talking some more. “So, you can guess that by watching her, they were watching everything that they believe would affect her, like a certain friend being murdered, by Katherine Pierce, in her hospital bed with Damon Salvatore’s blood in her system. They needed to know if you would be a threat. They saw you bite the nurse and compel her and apologising for biting her. They saw you kill a guy at the carnival but before that you apologised before you killed him, they watched you bite your boyfriend before being pinned down by the wolf form of Mason Lockwood. They watched as you killed two deputies in order to protect both Damon and Stefan but you still managed to contain your hunger for human blood.”

“I’m confused. If they saw me kill people then why would they not warn Bonnie to stay away from me? I would be a threat to Bonnie.”

“You are different than most Miss Forbes, it shows, and it makes you more dangerous. You have a good heart, you would do anything to protect your friends, any enemies of theirs would be yours too. But you have to realise, if your friends listen to your plans, you will succeed and that reputation would be known throughout the supernatural community and you would be more of a target because you would be the only one in their way of getting what they want. They see you as a protector of the Bennet, you would keep her from harm and would not lead her astray.”

The witch had been in contact with the dead witches of Mystic Falls and asked for information about the girl in front of her. Tamara trusted Rebekah, but that did not mean that she trusted whoever she sends. When the witches told her about Caroline, she knew that the girl was trusted by Rebekah, and that was a feat in itself as the Originals barely trust anyone. So, when the Original said that she was sending someone that she trusted, of course the Clarke Witch would be sceptic and curious. And the information she received was fascinating. She knew that information about a vampire who could control their urges would get out eventually, and that would lead to some interesting events from different parties, especially when they find out that that same vampire was under the protection of the youngest Original Vampire.

Even if both vampire’s don’t realise that yet.

The witches were also confused, she could tell. They told her that Klaus came back to Mystic Falls with Rebekah by his side, instead of Elijah. It worried them as they watched the events of the first person of Klaus’ ‘Hybrid army’ being turned, they knew that Klaus was going to kill Elena again, and was awfully close to doing so until he got a message from his sister about just using the blood of the girl instead of killing her. They couldn’t understand how the blonde knew it would work. So, they watched her too.

For some reason, she broke down in the woods and the things she muttered piqued their interest. Mostly when she said, “I know what the tasks are but how do I accomplish them. I can't do this by myself.” She muttered. Her eyes widened as she figured out who could help but also groaned in annoyance. “Damn it, why did she have to be the only one with a brain in this town?!” and then proceeded to go to Caroline to ask for her help to save her family.

There was definitely something going on and it wasn’t just them who knew it. Witches all around the globe felt something happen when the Rebekah was un-daggered, something that they should not involve themselves in until it was time or until they were asked to be by the girl herself. The baby Original was a part of something way bigger than anyone knew. They doubted that she knew everything about what transpired but evidently knew what she had to do. The girl knew her part and she was playing it. Everyone was guessing what piece she plays on the chess board.

Was she a rook? A knight? The castle next to either the queen or king? Or was the queen herself? Maybe the king?

No one knew. When the time came, all would be revealed.

But, until then, the game was still in session.

The Clarke Witch had a friend to help, and quite possibly, a new ally to gain.

“So… shall we get to it then?”

Caroline shook her head to get back to reality, her thoughts were really distracting her from what was about to happen.  “Yeah, I am as ready as I am ever going to be. How does this work exactly?”

Tamara felt that she was going to enjoy the girls’ company. “Don’t worry. It is just a simple spell I will be conducting and I just need to use a bit of energy for it. Not much though, if I thought I would need more energy than you could give for being one so young, I would have asked for an older vampire or a friend to help you out. It won’t hurt, just a little tingling sensation like an aftermath of an electric shock. I will just be getting inside of his mind to find the white oak stake, then we will go and get it, go to Rebekah so she can have the honour. And then our work is done for now until she needs something else.” She said all this as she picked up her bag.

“I like you. You actually explain something rather than expecting me to just do something without knowing what the consequences are.” Caroline smiled happily as she spoke.

Both girls walked to a crypt about two minutes from where they were both standing previously. The gate, that was locked by a chain which was promptly taken away by the vampire, creaked open and they entered the little building.

In the middle of the room was a sarcophagus, which Caroline assumed held the desiccating remains of the vampire/vampire hunter who feeds on vampire blood rather than human. The thought caused the eternal seventeen year old to shiver in both disgust and fear.

Tamara didn’t look much better as she pulled out sage and a candle from her bag. She lit the candle with magic and started to burn the sage.

Neither of the knew of the familial connections from the hunter to the Originals. They just knew that this was someone dangerous and had to be put down before someone could find and wake him.

“Can you pull the lid off whilst I get my ingredients ready, please?” The witch asked.

The blonde grunted as she pulled the lid off, ‘Need to drink more blood when I get back home.’ She thought to herself before turning back to her companion. “Can he hear us?”  The girl whispered.

“No. The sage is spelled with a silencing spell. As it burns, the spell will stay active. No one outside can hear us and I tweaked it a little so that I can choose how many people can hear us talk. Just you and me.” The brunette answered soothingly.

They both stayed quiet as Tamara got everything prepared, It was only a few minutes but it felt like hours, it was nerve-wracking to be in the same room as a hunter that terrified the oldest vampires in history.

The only noises in the room were coming from the human as vampires don’t need to breathe, it is just a reflex from doing it when they were human when they actually needed it, and the clinking sounds of the bottles of herbs and vials of liquids being poured into a little bowl.

“Ok. Let’s do this.” Tamara put one hand into the mixture she created, making sure to get her fingers covered before placing that hand onto the greyed and veiny head the vampire and held out her other hand for Caroline to hold.

As soon as their hands were linked, the reaction was instantaneous. The blonde felt as if she just touched metal after rubbing her sock clad feet on the carpet. Whereas, the brunette felt as if she were pulled through a tube as she reached into the man’s mind. It didn’t take long for the witch to find the location of the stake and quickly pulled out of his mind.

When the spell was broken, the sensations the both of them felt became a phantom before disappearing completely.

“I know where it is.”

Chapter Text

Rebekah was in the passenger seat of the car; her brother was driving and was completely focused on the road. Their companions were in the back and compelled to do as Klaus said, at the current moment they were told to sit still and keep quiet.

Rebekah did turn on the radio earlier on in the journey but found the music more distracting as she ironed out most of the plan in her head.

Thankfully, she had remembered quite a few witches that she had been on good terms with, ‘Kol wasn’t the only one who has a way with witches.’ She thought, though she was quite downtrodden as she remembered that she didn’t keep in contact with them in her previous life, that was something else she had to rectify.

She was grateful that Tamara’s grandmother remembered what Rebekah did for her mother, and told her family that she could be trusted. Sierra Clarke, Tamara’s great grandmother, was beyond grateful and called her a guardian angel, despite knowing who the vampire was. The blonde liked the witch and her daughter, she helped them find a nice house and set up a trust fund for the family and future generations, something Nik did not know about.

Her brothers would have said that she had a bleeding heart but, Rebekah knew abuse, not that she told her brothers what Mikael did to her whenever they were alone together, and she wanted to help them in any way she could.

She didn’t tell them to forget the trauma but instead said “Never forget what he did to you, you remember that and then you remember what you have now. You see how far you have come and you tell yourself that you are a survivor and that abuse has made you stronger. You are not weak. You are still here when he isn’t, not many people could say that. Now, you take care of your daughter, live your life the way you want to live it and don’t let anyone force you to do anything you don’t want to do. And if you need help, I may not always be available but I have a few contacts that are here in Chicago, tell them that Rebekah sent you and they will help. But I ask of you one thing, if you see an older gentlemen that you sense is as old as me, do not tell him about me or my brother.”

Sierra quickly agreed to what she was asked before taking the piece of paper that the vampire was holding out, on it had names, telephone numbers and addresses on it, along with their supernatural status.

“You seem deep in thought, sister.” Klaus commented, snapping the vamp out of her musings.

Rebekah smiled. “I am just wondering what it would be like to have our family whole once again. I miss talking to Kol and I want to apologise to him, you know what for.”

Her brother nodded, “Yes, it would also seem that I would have to apologise to him. When we do what needs to be done, we shall have to hold a family meeting and let out our frustrations with each other. Perhaps, hold the meeting in the woods so our home won’t get beaten up.”

Both siblings laugh at the idea. “Maybe we should bring the swords, deal with our problems the Viking way.”

Klaus seemed to consider the idea but before he could say anything, Elena’s phone pinged signalling that she had gotten a message.

Rebekah had been in charge of manning the phones, just like she suspected. She picked up the phone and on the lock screen it said the it was Caroline who sent the message, she said as such out loud.

“Read the message and respond back as Elena.”

The blonde unlocked the phone and checked the message.

We found the thing you wanted. It was surprisingly easy to find it at the store, it was exactly well hidden as you thought. We got it and are on our way to drop it off at your place, your brother will let us in, right? -Caroline

Rebekah instantly translated it to ‘She only had to go in his head to find the location, he didn’t even get a witch to put a cloaking spell on it. I guess he thought that it would be better than only he knew the location, Mikael is a very paranoid individual that didn’t even trust a witch to hide the stake. Tamara is tracking you now and we will meet up with you when you are alone.’

Thanks Care, I’ll let you know when I am alone but you better be close by so it could be done quickly. -Elena/Rebekah.

The Original replied to the message before deleting both texts as she knew that the messages will still be on the other phone.

“Done. It was someone named Caroline that texted.” The girl saw the smile on her brother’s face at the mention of the baby vampire. ‘Oh, Nik. You have no idea how much trouble you are in. She is very good for you and I intend to keep her around, she will be my sister-in-law if I have anything to say about it.’

Elena looked positively outraged that the female original just texted one of her friends and pretended to be her. ‘Damon would know the difference, as would Bonnie. Caroline is to self absorbed to figure out that it wasn’t me texting. Damn it, why couldn’t it have been anyone else!’

Tyler frowned at the thought of Klaus’ sister manipulating his girlfriend. ‘No one can trick Caroline. She will figure it out that it wasn’t Elena and then she will get Damon and Bonnie to stop all of this.’

Stefan paled at the thought of Damon trying to come to Elena’s rescue and getting himself killed. Klaus already let him live once but there was no way that he would let him go the next time. ‘Please Care, don’t tell Damon that Klaus has Elena. I know you already figured out that it wasn’t your friend texting but please don’t do anything about it. I need the both of you kept safe.’ He prayed silently, hoping that his best friend would hear him.

Klaus looked in the front mirror to see his passengers’ reactions to what his sister did. “Got something you’d like to say, Love?”

Knowing the question was directed at her, Elena spitefully answered “You won’t get away with kidnapping me. Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie and Alaric will figure out I’m gone, and when they do, they will track you down and kill you.”

“So you don’t think that this Caroline girl would figure out that it was someone else answering her texts instead of you? Here I thought that friends would figure this stuff out as they know absolutely everything about each other. I suppose that the word friends mean something more different than it did in the twenties.” Rebekah frowned. “Do you know this Caroline girl, Nik?”

“I met her when I was posing as their history teacher. Quite a bubbly young vampire, very optimistic and smarter than the rest of these hooligans. She is actually the first young vampire I have ever met that has control over her bloodlust, I found out that she has only killed two people by draining them of blood.”

The sister wondered for a moment before asking, “Has she tried to teach Stefan to control his?”

“No.” The brooding vampire in the backseat answered.


“Yes, Little sister?” Klaus answered politely, thought she could tell he was getting a bit aggravated.

Rebekah decided to forgo her usual bratty and bossy attitude and instead went with a kind voice, “Perhaps we should take a breather from driving. The ripper is looking more angsty than usual, he needs to feed and it might help you focus more if you had something to eat too. And I could use a little pick me up, I need a bit more energy. The doppelgänger could use something eat as you need to keep her alive and well for your hybrids. Would you like me to check if there is a bar near here?”

Everyone was stunned at the kindness in her voice, clearly not expecting it.

The older hybrid, while shocked at her display of niceness, agreed with her suggestion. “Would you like me to pull over so I could get the map up? You might not be able to get right yet.”

It was then her turn to be stunned. “Umm, no thank you Nik. But could you tell me how to get it working?”

The three in the back watched the sibling’s interaction with wonder. They watched as the girl followed her older brother’s instructions with ease, and they saw the proud look on Klaus’ face when she managed to get the map up and working. It was like a parent watching with pride as their child accomplished even the littlest and easiest of tasks.

It was a bittersweet feeling for Stefan and Elena.

Stefan remembered receiving that look when he finally beat Damon in a game of football when they were human.

Elena remembered giving that look to Jeremy when they were kids. When he showed her a drawing he made in school, or when he got a good grade. She hadn’t done that in years.

Unbeknownst to them, seeing that look on his face made Rebekah feel like a kid again. She remembered the proud looks on all of her brothers faces, even Finn’s, when she did something good. She also remembered what they said to her when that happened.

“You done brilliantly, Becca.” Elijah had told her when she showed him a tunic, she had made by herself, though it wasn’t the greatest sowing she had done, it was her first one.

When she helped make the broth with her mother when she was ten, Finn praised her. “Soon you would be able to make this by yourself and it would be the best there ever was.” It was a very rare moment and she had treasured it.

“You done it beautifully, little sister.” Klaus complimented her when she experimented with putting flowers in her braid, “Your beauty would put the Goddess Freya to shame.”

Kol was the one to compliment her brains as she helped him with a prank, one that was against a boy who refused to take Rebekah’s no for an answer. “How did you know that squirrels would be lured by that syrup?”

“I helped mother make it, though I did experiment and put it to the test and since then everyone has been using my creation during the winter.”

Kol had smiled brightly and said, “When I get my farm, I will take you to live with me. Not only to get you away from our mother and father, but I could use your knowledge to help me with it. Our farm would thrive and we would have a herb garden, perhaps maybe you could come up with something that could help the plants grow quicker and make them live longer?”

“But, Kol, you are a witch. Are you not already able to that with magic?”

Her brother kneeled down to her level as he was much taller than her, he was 13 when she was 11. “Even a witch needs help from someone that is not. However, that is not to say that you are not magical, Bex. You may not be able to cast spells, like I, but you have beauty and smarts, that is powerful magic itself.”

She also remembered Henrik complimenting her endlessly. She always said that he would make any girl fall in love with him by just using words and that his cuteness was just extra leverage to get any girl he so desired when he was ready.

It had been so long since she last saw Henrik, it hurt her severely that he wasn’t with them anymore. She wondered if he was on the other side, he did have the slightest bit of magic but he refused to learn from their mother as she tried to sway both Kol and he to perform dark magic. The both of them refused, and it wasn’t so long after that that Henrik was killed and the rest of them became vampires.

‘If Henrik is on the other side, there might be a way to get him back. Would he want to come back? If he is there, has he been watching over us? Would you hate us, Henrik? Would you still love us?’ Rebekah was saddened at the thought of her youngest brother despising her and others because of the monster they had become. She felt sick to the stomach, which was surprising considering that vampires don’t get sick, at her thoughts.

“You are doing it again, Rebekah.” Klaus drawled out her name to get her attention. He noticed her pale appearance and sped the car up a little, the bar was only a few minutes away, “Let’s get some blood in you, sweetheart.”