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You Are Like My Children, Guys:

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*Summary: It’s Captain Adam Fuller’s turn to offer support for Hanson, & to approve the new relationship between him, & Booker, What does he say to them?, Stay Tuned, It’s gonna be a good one!!!!*


*Author’s Note: This is part of my series, Enjoy with my compliments!!!!*


The Jump Street Gang were glad to see Tom Hanson back to work after recovering from his injuries, & staying away from his ex, Billy Myers, who has no idea that he moved out of the apartment. It felt like freedom to the young officer, & he is taking it, while he can.


He is so lucky to have a real man in his life, His friend, teammate, & partner, Dennis Booker. Tom never thought that Booker would never forgive him for breaking his heart, the way that he did. But, It’s water under the bridge, & he is very happy being him at that moment.


While they are taking it slow, & navigating through their new relationship, They still like to kiss each other, while the opportunity rises, Tom loves that Dennis lets him control their relationship sometimes, & trusts him enough to do it. There was one particular thing they needed to do, & it was to tell their captain, Captain Adam Fuller, who is the leader of the Jump Street Chapel.


“Are you okay, Baby ?”, The Cocky Officer asked his love of his life, as they were coming in to do some paperwork. “Yeah, I am just glad that we are gonna tell Fuller, & this first half of this nightmare will be over”, Hanson said, as he was feeling confident. Booker hated to admit it, but he agreed with his lover. He just wanted them to get on with their lives.


The Others saw them coming in, & offered their support silently, & everyone continued doing what they were doing. Fuller came out to check on how everything is going, & was pleased that flow hasn’t stopped. He saw Hanson, & called out, “Hanson, Can you come into my office for a second ?”, Hanson nodded in response, He turned around, & arched an questioning eyebrow at Booker.


“I am coming”, The Former IA Officer said nodding, Fuller hadn’t expected come in with Hanson. “Just here for moral support”, He said, & the older man nodded. He lets them in, & closed the door, so fart can have privacy. He went back to sit behind his desk, & looked at his two best officers.


“Okay, First off, The others told me about you guys, I am very happy that you guys got your heads out of your asses, You guys belong together”, The African Member of Jump Street smiled at them.


“Thanks, Coach”, The Young Officers replied in unison, & then the older officer said with a sigh, “Okay, Hanson, I got only bits, & pieces from the others, Tell me what’s going on, Please ?”, He got straight to the point. Tom was ready to tell his friend, & supervisor the hell that he had endured for months. “It’s like this, Captain”, He went into full explanation, as Fuller listened to him.


The Man was full of anger, as he listened to Tom about the punishments that he had to endure, “Son of a bitch”, He cursed to himself, Hanson was emotional by the end of it, “I just want him out of my life,” Fuller comforted him, as he sobbed into his shoulder.


“We will make it happen, Hanson, I guarantee it”, Fuller promised, He looked over at Booker, He said to him, “Stick to him like glue”. The Handsome Cop nodded, & said, “Planning on it”, “You guys are like my children, Guys”, The Couple smiled, & thanked him, They left the office.


Doug Penhall, Their Teammate, & Friend, wanted to make sure that everything is okay, “You okay ?”, He asked them, Booker smiled, & said, “Peachy”, Tom took a deep breath, & composed himself, “Better now”, Doug nodded, & was glad to hear that.


“How about we go to Enzo’s for lunch ?, I am craving pizza”, “I am down with that”, Booker said, as he gave his approval. “Me too”, Tom said with a nod, as he concurred with the both of them. They got ready to leave the chapel.


“Hey, Booker, You don’t do pineapple on your pizza, Do you ?”, He asked his friend. “Hell no, Meat Lover all the way, Babe”, That impressed the larger Officer. They were out the door, as he said this to his best friend, “Tommy, You got yourself a good one here”, Hanson just smiled bigger, & said, “Don’t I know it”, They were making to Tom’s Mustang, & in a matter of minutes, They were on their way to the local pizzeria.


*Author’s Note: Watch out for a possible sequel!!!!*