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You Did Everything Right, Doug:

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*Summary: Penhall found out where Hanson moved to, Before he can commit to anything, He needs to tell his former partner everything, Is he successful?, Stay Tuned, It’s a good one!!!!*


*Author’s Note: This starts my series!!!!*


Former 21 Jump Street Officer Doug Penhall was glad at a new lease on life, After recovering from the shooting, He doesn’t want to have any regrets, He was in love with his old partner, & best friend, Tom Hanson, who left a year before he did.


When he made the decision to leave, He got a letter from Tom, He heard about the shooting from Hoffs. He explained , that he needs a partner, & part owner in the bowling alley, that he owns. The Long-Haired Officer jumped at the opportunity to see him again, & to make his move.


He found out that young officer was living in Philadelphia, & was doing okay for himself. After contemplating his offer, & settled everything at the Jump Street Chapel, He was ready to make the big move with his nephew, Clavo. He was ready for a change, & knew that it would do little boy good.


As soon as they were settled in their new home, & Clavo was all set at his new school, Doug went to set out to find Tom, & confessed everything to him, He found the bowling alley, & laughed at the name, McQuaids Bowling Lanes.


He went in, & thought that the place looked great, He never thought of his best friend as a business owner. Then, He set his sights on his best friend, & smiled, as he thought to himself, “He hasn’t changed a bit”, The Younger Man smiled, as he spotted the larger man.


“Doug, It’s great to see you”, Hanson declared, & had him sit down for a round of sodas, since it was too early to drink beer. They caught each other up on each other’s lives, Then, The Portly Man started to doubt himself from the day that he got shot.


“You did everything right, Doug, Believe me, You did”, The Hunky Officer said, as he put a comforting hand on top of his. “Tom, This offer wasn’t the only reason that I came, & wanted to see you”, Hanson arched his eyebrows, & was intrigued by that. “What is it, Doug ?, You can tell me anything, You know that, Right ?”, Doug nodded furiously without hesitation.


“I know”, He took a deep breath, & said, “I’m in love with you, Had been for sometime now”. Tom got a little choked up, & emotional, He said, “Really ?”, The Big Man nodded, & said, “Yeah, I was afraid to tell you, Cause I was afraid to lose our friendship, & you”. “Our friendship is solid & better, You will never lose me”, He vowed, “I love you, Dougie Penhall”, Doug smiled the biggest smile, that outshines the sun. “I love you too, Tommy Hanson”, With that the two men became one, as they shared their first kiss.


*Author’s Note: Watch out for a possible sequel!!!!*