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I have absolutely no idea

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Of all the ways Machias thought his day would begin, getting a frantic message on his ARCUS from his boyfriend saying he had accidentally announced that they were getting married to a bunch of nobles was not one of them.


Jusis was well aware that the entire point of the party he was invited to was for low-ranking nobles to inflict their daughters upon him in hopes of marriage, some which would be startlingly young. Now that he was the most powerful noble currently in Erebonia he had been dealing with hints of marriage from practically every other noble hoping to increase their rank. Not only did he have no interest in women but he was already in a relationship with a certain loudmouthed commoner. He did take a slight offence at the fact that all the nobles presumed that he was interested in women even though he gave no prior indication of the matter.However he still ended up attending the party, to his immense chagrin.

He had not been in the room for more than a few minutes before the first noble approached him, presenting his daughter. “Ah Lord Albarea this is my daughter, she is equal to you in age, and in looks.”

“Is she? Well it is an honour to meet her.” He had barely finished his sentence when he was approached by another noble, a baron this time, who began listing all of his daughter’s finest qualities though she was definitely not near his age. After 2 hours he was about ready to crack, then a count started talking about how much a marriage to his daughter would help for half an hour which broke Jusis and compelled him to tell the old man that he was already spoken for. He hadn’t announced his relationship to the public before because he and Machias hadn’t wanted constant publicity. ‘There’s no time like the present’ he told himself and began talking.

“Actually I am already engaged to be married.” Though he hadn’t spoken particularly loud, silence spread across the room indicating he had been heard. He decided he might as well keep talking since he had probably already angered most of the fathers in the room by realising their daughters had no chance but he could see the rest plotting how they would separate him from this mystery woman. Though one baron spoke up.

“Lord Jusis if you are engaged to be married surely we would have heard about it, if not from you then from the family of the woman that would surely never cease talking about being brought into one of the four great houses.”

“That is because he is a commoner, and I’ll have you know he speaks a great deal about it with his commoner friends.” Machias couldn’t possibly talk about their engagement with their friends since no such engagement existed, though that didn’t stop him from talking about how ridiculous falling for an ‘arrogant uppity noble’ was though most insults were said with a certain amount of fondness these days. Jusis was so deep in thought and longing about his soon to be fiance that he had completely missed the barrage of questions that the nobility had begun to ask him. Most questions were along the lines of asking why a high ranking noble such as him would lower himself to marry a commoner and whether or not this commoner had compromising information on him and he was being forced to marry them. He answered the questions by simply laughing and going through the door and back into his car, he would have to tell Regnitz later that they were getting married but he figured the other man would already be asleep so he left a message, already anticipating the confused call he would be getting so he elected to just go see the other man in the morning so he could explain in more
detail the hilarity of the situation.


“Good morning Machias.” It wasn’t completely unexpected for Jusis to show up unannounced but it still took Machias by surprise, especially after the odd message he had woken up to. He saw that Jusis had made him coffee, it was still steaming on the coffee table. “What did you do you insufferable noble?”

“Nothing too grievous, I was merely invited to a party whose sole purpose was to find me a wife and after 3 hours without being able to escape I told them all I was going to be married.”

“Did you say to whom?”

“Well I told them I was marrying a commoner man. So they could always use their intuition to figure it out, I only know so many commoner men and only one of those come to my mansion on a regular basis.”


“Is that all you have to say? I’ll admit I thought there would be a lot more yelling and insults.”

“I’m not overjoyed you told a bunch of low-rank nobles that we’re getting married before me but I’m not adverse to marrying you.”

“You do care!”

“You know I love you, insufferable prick!”

“Well there are moments I doubt it.” After his last comment Jusis stood and walked over to where Machias had sat and straddled his lap. He cupped the other man’s face and leaned in for a bruising kiss which Machias immediately deepened. When they pulled apart to breathe Machias managed to say “Bed now.”

“At 8:30 in the morning?”

“You’d rather have sex on the couch?”

“Fair enough, bed it is.”


Machias was getting lunch when Jusis’ ARCUS started ringing, when he logged on the rest of Class VII was there excluding Machias who was still in the kitchen. Emma was the first to address him. “Ah Jusis, just the man we wanted to see.”


“We hear you’re getting married.”

“Not even a day later and you all have already heard. Who told you?”

“Rean, apparently all the low-ranking nobles are crazy upset that you’re marrying a commoner. Anyone we know?”

“Yes actually.” They all looked puzzled trying to figure out what commoner they know that Jusis liked enough to be friends with let alone talk to excluding the rest of Class VII since they all knew he wasn’t marrying any of them. The silence was broken by an oddly familiar voice.

“Do you want some of that fancy noble tea you insist on buying since I’m in here?” To which Jusis replied.

“Yes thank you dear.” This further puzzled Class VII since that voice was oddly familiar but the sound quality wasn’t good enough to tell for sure, they only knew one person that spoke to Jusis like that but there was no way Jusis could call Machias ‘dear’ without getting shot in the face. When the mystery commoner came to bring the noble his tea and lunch Jusis looked astonishingly smug and said. “Would you like to say something to the rest of Class VII?”

“Sorry I didn’t answer the call. I was busy making this pompous ass his lunch.” They couldn’t deny now that Jusis was getting married to Machias, most looked absolutely dumbfounded but Fie looked immensely suspicious as if it was some elaborate prank. Millium was the first to speak. “Machias! Do you know who Jusis is marrying?”

“I have absolutely no idea.” Which earned Machias a kick in the shin until he amended his response. “Millium he’s marrying me, oh don’t act so surprised it’s not like we kept it from you I didn’t know until this morning.” Fie finally expressed her concerns.

“Is this some kinda joke because you guys barely like eachother last time we checked.” Machias was about to respond when he was pulled down by his tie into a chaste kiss
with his new fiance. “Well you have me convinced, if you guys weren’t dating there is no way Jusis would still be alive after doing that.” The rest of Class VII still looked like they hadn’t internalised the information and hadn’t moved since the beginning of the conversation and Jusis took the opportunity to leave the call with, “Well I must be off lunch looks somewhat edible today.” which warranted the response of, “Hey!” before Jusis left the call.

“Well wasn’t that enjoyable, my dear?”

“You could have warned me that you were on call with Class VII!”

“How was I supposed to know you didn’t have your ARCUS?”

“I’m not winning this argument am I?”

“He learns! I was afraid you’d continue with these pointless arguments for the rest of your days.”

“Well I’m going to be a married man soon, I can’t get predictable on you.”

“Indeed not.” He leaned in for another brief kiss with the green-haired man before starting to eat his lunch and ponder upon how he ended up in this situation though he wouldn’t change it for anything.