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Friendship Destroyed

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It was a couple of months later, Bernie had been practicing her powers with her younger brother Matthew.

Danielle knew it was finally time to reunite her children with their dad, Matthew is revealed to be the twin brother to Bernie, both of them having been conceived in rape but we were both adopted by Alistair.

Bernie and Matthew discover that they are twins and were conceived in a rape, but neither twin blamed their mother and both harboured a hateful opinion towards the man who raped their mother.

"We still love you mom, no matter what." Bernie said as she held her mother's hand.

"And we certainly do not hate our dad Alistair, he loved us as his own and raised us. We do have a very hateful opinion towards the man who caused all of this. But we love you mom and nothing will change that." Matthew says as he smiles at his mother.

Danielle hugged them both tightly, she loved her children with all of her heart. Serena smiled as she had a feeling that Bernie and Matthew are twins, but she loved them all the same.

Bernie says, "What's our surprise mom?"

"Yeah, we have been waiting and wondering!" Matthew responds.

Danielle takes her children to their grandfather's world and reunites them with someone very special;

"There you both go." Danielle says as she opens the door and they go inside.

Bernie bursts into tears, "Daddy? Is that you?'

"Hey baby, my baby girl." Alistair cries.

Bernie runs to her dad and hugs him, they both cry and even Matthew can't hold back his tears and he goes to his dad.

"Look at my boy, all grown up." Alistair says as he looks at his son.

Danielle leaves them be as they need time with their dad. She returns home and stays with Serena.

"Did they like their surprise then?" Serena says indicating that she already knew of the surprise.

Danielle smiles, "Yeah they did, they both cried but they are happy. Bernie and Matthew need time to bond with their dad, they have missed him."

Serena sat on the sofa next to Danielle, "I always had a feeling they were twins."

"How?" Danielle says to Serena as they look at each other.

Serena smiled, "Well, Matthew always knew Bernie was feeling and she knew how he was feeling."

Danielle giggles, "They have always been close them two. I was shocked when I had a scan and they said it was one baby, up until I gave birth and Bernie was born first. Six minutes later, Matthew was born and I discovered I had been pregnant with twins, but I still loved them."

Serena smiled, "Why wasn't Matthew detected then on a scan?"

"Erm, the doctors said he was playing hide and seek with them." Danielle replied.

Serena laughed, "Bless him."

Danielle smiles as she looked at her cup, just then Serena placed her hand on Danielle's knee and they locked eyes.

"You are beautiful." Serena says as Danielle smiles a little, she didn't want to move away though she knew that Serena is her daughter-in-law.

Danielle was tongue tied as she tried to speak, Serena smiled then she leaned in and kissed Danielle on her lips.

As the kiss happened, Danielle pulled away and went upstairs locking herself in the bathroom and she looked in the mirror.

Serena followed to check on her, "Danielle, you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm just washing up. I'll be out soon." Danielle responded knowing she was lying.

Danielle always believed that she was hetrosexual and now she had kissed Serena back, she was confused and denied anything had happened between them.