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The hidden secret

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Bakugou never invited anyone over to his house after his last year of middle school, he never wanted anyone to find out, if they did it’d all be over. He’d be found out and they would definitely ask way too many questions.

Everything was fine, he was more than ecstatic to move into dorms as to not have people ask to come to his house, especially kirishima, or any of the other fuckers in the ‘Baku squad’ but that old hag just had to go and ruin the peace and balance of everything.

She just fucking showed up with the brat out of the blue, no warning, nothing. Luckily he was the only one still on house arrest still or that nerd would have seen him, Bakugou rushed up to his mother taking his son from her.

“What the fuck are you thinking!? Someone could have easily been here!” Bakugou ranted waving his hand rapidly around to show how upset he actually was.

“Katsuki Bakugou! Don’t curse in front of the child, we do not want him turning out with a mouth worse than yours!” Mitsuki said as she bonked her son on the head, setting the bag she was carrying on shoulder down next to the four year old child.

“You have to watch him for the weekend, yeah, yeah I know, but he is your son! Your father and I have to go out of town for work, I’ll be back to pick little Katsumi in three days, don’t corrupt my grandson while I am gone!!” Mitsuki said as she turned and started out the door.

“Oi old hag! How the fuck am I supposed to hide him from the others? How can I explain this if they fucking find him?” Katsuki said as he looked wide eyed between his son to his mother.

“Well maybe if you told his other father about him, you might have another grandmother willing to help your bratty ass!” She said looking back at her son as she continued her way to the exit.
Bakugou immediately covered his son's ears as soon as the words had left his mother's mouth,

“Don’t bring that up around Katsu… you know he doesn’t know, at least not yet. He will one day when he’s older, but not now, he can’t know yet...neither of them can.” Bakugou said looking down at his son.

“Yeah, yeah, I know brat. I’m not stupid, I know you don’t want anyone to know yet.” Mitsuki said as she disappeared out the door, leaving the two boys alone by themselves for the first time in a long time.

Bakugou bent down in front of his son, he really did miss him a lot, that cute little round face, the freckles dusting his cheeks, the heep of curly ash blonde hair on his head, and his big duo toned eyes, one shining as bright as ruby and the other as beautiful as emerald, like his other father… he wished his son could spend more time with him, especially with all the stuff that recently has happened with the league of villains recently he didn’t want to chance the safety of his child jus because he wanted to see him, no matter how badly he wanted to see him.

With there being a possibility of a leak inside or close to UA, he never wanted to bring his child to the school, not to mention all the questions he’ll get if one of the idiots from his class, or any other class for that matter found out about Katsumi.

He was worried enough that shigaraki or one of his fucking underlings would find out about Katsumi, and that was when he was when he was with his parents in their secure home. Now with the league possibly having a fly on the wall, if people were to find out about Katsumi, and it spread, his son would definitely be in danger, and they could use it as leverage over him.

It had only been two weeks since Bakugou had been ‘rescued’ from the band of misfit criminals, but when he had finally arrived home, he saw his son’s tear stained face and puffy eyes and his heart shattered into a million pieces, Katsumi had refused to let his father go for the rest of the day.


“Katsu baby, what did you bring in your bag?” Bakugou said looking fondly at his child, rubbing his hand over the child's small chubby face. Katsumi’s face lit up in a humongous smile, one that was so blinding and beautiful, it never failed to remind Katsuki who Katsumi’s father was every time he saw it.

“I got all might and Mama things!” Katsumi said as he pulled his bag over in front of his father and unzipped it to show an array of all might clothes, toys, and even some coloring and comic books, along with some home made, courtesy of the old hag of course, clothes made modeled after his hero costume.

“Wow bud! So much stuff. Also I thought we talked about you calling me daddy…” Bakugou trailed off looking at his son.

“We did, but I chose not to listen. You’re mama!” Katsumi said, looking at his father with the biggest smile on his face. Bakugou face palmed and sighed, he could never get mad at this kid.

“Okay, Katsu do you want to take your things to Mama’s room and then I’ll make you something for lunch?” Bakugou said looking at his son for an answer, when he got a small nod he picked up both his son and the bag and made his way to his room.

Once he had put Katsumi’s things away in his own room, he took his son into the dorms kitchen to fix him up something to eat, as soon as he entered the kitchen he sat Katsumi down onto one of the counters.

“So what do you want to eat baby?” Bakugou said with a soft smile on his face as he looked at his son who was playing with the hem of his shirt. Katsumi looked up and met his father's gaze and smiled.

“Can we have curry?” He asked softly, looking as hopeful as ever, Bakugou let out a chuckle and kissed the top of his son’s head.

“Of course we can bud, let me get the ingredients out for it. Still only like regular curry right? Not spicy like Mama?” Bakugou said as he pulled out pots and pans from the cupboards.

“yeah , only regular… spicy makes my mouth hurt, feels like i’m breathing fire. Like a dragon!” Katsumi said, putting his arms out, and roaring and pretending he was a dragon.

Bakugou watched his son in amusement, the kid really never failed to make him smile, he really wished he could spend more time with Katsumi, hell he’s already four years old, time flies by so fast. It seems like just yesterday he was in the hospital scared to death, holding a small Katsumi.

He was so frightened when he first found out about Katsumi’s existence… but now? He couldn’t imagine life without his son.

He had to stay focused on his career though, all his life he had wanted to be a hero. What would that show Katsumi if he were to just give up? He couldn't, and he wouldn't. He was doing this for both of them now, because when he becomes an amazing pro, Katsu is going to have everything he’s ever wanted.

“Katsu, why don’t you take your all might doll and go play in the living room area? You can even turn on the tv if you want.” Bakugou suggested to his son as he began to chop up vegetables and spices for the curry.

Katsumi looked up from his lap and nodded with a little smile, raising his arms in a silent way of asking for help down off the counter. Bakugou smiled and set the knife he was cutting vegetables down, rushing over to help his son off of the counter.

He watched as the little boy rushed to the common room's living room area with his toy and began swinging it around in the air as if it were flying, he smiled to himself as he resumed cooking the curry, watching his son play out of the corner of his eye.


Forty-five minutes later Bakugou had finished cooking the curry, setting aside a portion for Katsumi that was regular and making the rest spicy, he knew there would be left overs and he’d be able to eat it for lunch a few more days, or those extras would bust in and eat it.

“Katsumi! Come eat, it’s ready!” Bakugou called for his son, when he received no response he looked up to the living area, what he saw almost made his heart explode. He saw that Katsumi was passed out on the couch hugging his all might doll to his chest as an old all might movie played in the background.

Bakugou rounded the corner and walked over to the couch, squatting next to his son and gently shaking him awake he smiled and whispered that the food was ready again.

Katsumi’s eyes immediately lit up at the mention of food and he was on his feet and running in no time at all. They both made their way to the table with their bowls of curry.

When they sat down Katsumi thanked his father for his food and began to dig into his curry with a spoon, Katsumi hadn't gotten the hang of chopsticks quite yet so he resorted to other methods.

Bakugou loved to watch the little boy eat, it was one of the cutest things in the world, he’d make the cutest noises after every bite showing how much he enjoyed it, and after every noise Bakugou’s heart swelled up even more.


“Yes, baby? What is it?” Bakugou asked, looking at his son who had finished his curry and was now playing with his spoon in the bowl.

“Who is my daddy? I heard what you and grannie were talking about earlier… I’m sorry” Katsumi said, as he looked up into his father's eyes, which were slowly widening at the question.

Bakugou hadn’t expected this question so soon, he thought he’d have at least a couple more years, but then again Katsu was too smart for his own good, what was he actually supposed to tell the boy?

Bakugou cleared his throat and regained his composure, giving his son a small smile. “I’ll tell you when the time is right, when you’re a little bit bigger, okay?” he said

“Oh… alright.” Katsumi said, setting his spoon down beside his bowl and looking sad, Bakugou’s heart shattered and how sad and let down his son looked. But he knew it was for the best… at least for now it is.

“Katsu, why don’t we go take a bubble bath? That’s fun right?” Bakugou said, smiling at his son, Katsumi’s gloom immediately disappeared, He jumped off his chair and started bouncing around the table.

“Bubble bath, bubble bath, bubble bath, BUBBLES!” he said as he bounded around the table, tugging on his father’s sleeve to hurry him along.

“Alright, alright! Let me clean up these dishes and then we can get your bath started okay?” Bakugou said as he collected all the dishes and utensils from the table and washed them in record time.

“Bubble time now!?” Katsumi asked excitedly, as he saw his father drying his hands on a dish towel, Bakugou laughed at his son’s antics and nodded, the little boy grabbed his father’s hand and started pulling him towards the baths.

“Woah, woah, we have to get your clothes and towels first bud.” Bakugou said letting out an amused chuckle, Katsumi puffed out his cheeks and crossed his arms over his chest, pouting.

“Come on, you’ve been a good boy for me all day, can you be a good boy for another ten minutes while we go get your things and towels?” Bakugou asked as he took a knee next to the small child.

Katsumi looked into his father’s eyes and nodded, he wanted to be good for his mama, he didn’t want to disappoint him. Bakugou smiled and picked him up and then took off for his room to collect some of Katsumi’s things.


“Look granny packed your all might towel and your all might onesie! Do you want to wear it Katsu?” Bakugou said looking down at his four year old. Katsumi shook his head no and tried to climb onto the bed, when he couldn’t he let out a big huff and pouted.

Bakugou helped him onto the bed, Katsumi began rummaging through his bag until he pulled out what he had been looking for, it was a onesie just like the all might one he had, except this one… it was designed after Bakugou’s very own hero suit.

“I wanna wear this one! Then I can be exactly like Mama, be a hero too!” Katsumi said as he held the article of clothing out to his father, sliding off the bed, “come on mama! Bubble time! Bubble time!” Katsumi said as he grabbed his all might rubber duck and rushed out of the room.

Bakugou rushed after him, playfully chasing him through the dorms until they got to the baths, he laughed as soon as he saw that Katsumi had already stripped and was ready for his bubble bath.

He uncapped the bottle of bubble bath, that had been packed with Katsumi’s things and dumped a small amount into a section of the baths, he didn’t need the others to find out.
He began to stir his hand around in the bath water, and soon enough it began to start forming bubbles, Katsumi clapped and started bouncing on the balls of his feet as soon as he saw the bubbles start to pop up.

After a good five minutes of stirring the bath was full of bubbles, Bakugou turned around and picked the small boy up, placing him in the luke warm bubble bath. Katsumi instantly began splashing around and playing with the bubbles, blowing them all around and popping the ones that went flying in the air.

Bakugou looked in amusement as he watched his son play. It warmed his heart to see his son happy, he really was weak for his son, that little freckled face just was so innocent and cute he couldn’t help it.

After letting Katsumi play in the bath for a good half hour, Bakugou began to actually wash him, making sure he was squeaky clean before rinsing him off and wrapping the all might towel around the small boy.

He watched in amusement as his son wrapped the towel all the way around himself and took a burrito-like form, bakugou made quick work of getting rid of the bubbles and all traces of them.

After getting rid of the bubbles he turned back to his son and began to dry him off, he knew when it came to the brats curly mop of hair he’d have to sneak to get one of the girls hair dryers.

As soon as he had gotten Katsumi fully dressed in his footie onesie, he rushed into Uraraka’s room snagging her hair dryer that was on her dresser, returning to the baths he plugged it into the socket and began the troubling journey of drying and brushing out Katsumi’s curly hair.

After a long while of trying to get Katsumi’s hair under control and then subsequently giving up when it kept reverting back to its original form, Bakugou and Katsumi were finally finished. Bakugou carried Katsumi out of the baths, he laid his head on his father's shoulder, clearly getting sleepy.

Bakugou put the hair dryer back into uraraka’s room exactly where he had found it, he then walked to the elevator pushing the button to go up. He definitely needed to lay Katsu down for a nap before he got cranky, a cranky Katsumi was almost as bad as a normal Katsuki.

Once he had reached his room he opened the door and sat Katsumi down onto the bed and began to cover him up.

“Please stay mama?” Katsumi asked tiredly trying to pull down Bakugou onto the bed with him, he sighed as he ran a hand over his son's head, and kissed his forehead.

“I really wish I could baby, but I have to finish the rest of the chores or I’ll get in big trouble okay?” Bakugou asked

“Like when I won’t pick up my toys?” Katsuma asked looking up at his father with sleepy eyes. Bakugou laughed and nodded his head

“Exactly like that.”

“Alright Mama can go, I don’t want you to get in trouble.” Katsumi said, as he was looking down, clearly upset.

“How about I play some of all mights old fights on my laptop for you? Since i can’t stay.” Bakugou asked his son and Katsumi started shaking his head up and down vigorously.

“Okay! But Mama… can you play, the all might fight at Kamino?” Katsumi asked with a hopeful gleam in his eyes, Bakugou was shocked but agreed and immediately pulled up the footage online from not even a month ago.

“Alright here it is, but why this one Katsu?” Bakugou asked, looking at his son who was watching the footage on the laptop through his sleepy eyes.

“Because I get to see mama get rescued.” Katsumi spoke with a small smile on his lips as he slowly drifted off into a deep sleep, the video now being the only source of sound in the room.


Bakugou smiled at his son, he pulled the cover up over his sons shoulders and kissed his head before, he then checked the room to make sure there were no dangerous objects in Katsumi’s reach before leaving, He was a very curious child to begin with but Katsumi had a bit of a tendency to sleep walk so it was better to be safe than sorry.

Bakugou returned to the living room to resume cleaning again, to his surprise the entirety of class 1-A were already there stuffing their faces with the curry he had left out, why the hell were they back so early? He groaned and walked back over to the vacuum but before he could reach it of course that loud, blond haired idiot had to spot him.

“Oi Kaachan! What are you doing coming back from your room? Slacking off is it?” Kaminari said raising his right eyebrow, bakugou looked at him and rolled his eyes.

“Fuck off dunce face, I was grabing my phone so I don’t have to listen to your shitty asses.” Bakugou said, flashing his phone that was connected to some earbuds.

“Where are your manners bakugou! Using such foul language as an up and coming hero is disgraceful!” iida said as he waved his hands around aggressively.
“Yeah, yeah, I hear you robo cop.” Bakugou said as he switched the vacuum on and resumed vacuuming the kitchen and dining area.


“Bakubro! Who’s shoes are those?” Kirishima asked, pointing to the main entrance way once Bakugou had sat down next to him after he had finished his cleaning punishment.

Bakugou followed Kirishima's finger and noticed Katsumi’s shoes were at the front with everyone else's shoes. His eyes widened slightly, with all that trouble of hiding Katsumi’s things, of course he had forgotten his sons light up all might shoes, that were way too small to pass off as any of theirs.

“Yeah Kaachan, who’s shoes are those?” Deku piped in looking just as curious as Kirishima.

Bakugou looked back and forth between the two, trying to come up with a plausible explanation that didn’t give away that Katsumi was there.

“Uhm well my mom came by earlier to tell me she and my dad were going out of town, so maybe they fell out of her bag?”

“But why would your mom have, light up all might kid shoes in her bag? Does she have a secret love child?” Todoroki asked from the dining room table, Bakugou groaned and rolled his eyes.

“No half n half, but they might be my cousins or something…” Bakugou said, trying to zone in on what was on tv.

“You have cousins Kaachan? I’ve never heard of them.”

Of course that damn nerd knew almost everything about him, including knowing most of his family members. Fuck why hadn’t he thought that through before saying it.

“Yeah, they came to visit last week?” Bakugou said, it sounding more like a question itself than an answer.

“Okay if you say so.” Kirishima said, backing off of the subject.


“Well I’m going to go put those shoes in my room, I’ll be right back.” Bakugou said, rushing off to pick up the shoes, to put them away in his dorm room.

When he had finally reached his dorm room, he slowly opened the door trying to not wake Katsumi up, the door creaking loudly anyways. To his surprise his son was already sitting up in the bed, watching the kamino footage yet again.
“Katsu, what are you still doing up bud?” Bakugou asked, setting the shoes down beside Katsumi’s bag, taking a seat next to Katsumi on the bed.


“I wasn’t tired… and I wanted to watch mama get rescued again.” Katsumi said, looking up from the laptop screen to smile at his father.


“Oh, okay. Bud you left your shoes in the entryway. Remember we have to be careful because...” Bakugou said trailing off as he looked at his son.

“Because why mama?”

“No reason at all baby… we just don’t want others tripping on your shoes now, do we?”

“No, Mama.” Katsumi said, looking to his father with a concerned look.

“No one tripped, did they mama? Is someone hurt because of me?”

Oh dear, this kid was literally going to be the death of him, of course he got mostly his other fathers caring and bright personality, which he was secretly really thankful for. He wouldn’t know how to deal with a mini version of himself, it’s amazing his mother could.

His son would make such an amazing hero… Sadly he was four years old, he will be five in the summer of the next year. He still hadn’t shown signs of developing a quirk, it honestly scared him, of course he would love Katsumi no matter if he was quirkless or had the most powerful quirk ever, he’s still his son.

He’s mostly worried for people like him of the past, mistreating Katsumi, like he had Deku. The way he had treated Izuku, just for not having a quirk, still made him sick to this day, he didn’t know if he’d ever be able to forgive himself, fully for what he had said.

“No baby, no one's hurt. Don’t worry, everythings fine. Someone could have though, so we have to be more careful okay?” Bakugou said, easing his child's worries, that he had unintentionally harmed someone.

“Oh… okay.” Katsumi said, visibly relaxing from the information.

“Now Katsumi, I need you to listen okay?” Bakugou said looking to his child for an answer, when Katsumi started nodding his head, he knew he was listening and he began.

“Okay baby, I need you to stay in here for the rest of the night, especially while mama takes his bath, and gets ready for bed okay? Can you do that for mama, baby?”
“Yes, mama.”

“Thank you, now I’ll be back in about thirty minutes. Remember, no going outside okay?” Bakugou said as he was gathering clothes to change into after his bath, he looked behind him for an answer.

“I know, mama. No going outside.” Katsumi said, smiling.

That kid really never stopped being a ray of sunshine, he was honestly too sweet to be a bakugou’s kid, or a Bakugou in general. Then again his grandfather, and other father have calm, happy deminers and personalities, thank everything he got one of those, and not one like his mothers or his own.

As soon as Bakugou left his room he ran straight into something… or well someone to be more precise. As soon as he realized he ran into someone right out side his dorm room, his blood ran cold. They could have heard him and Katsumi talking, or Katsumi in general, how was he supposed to explain having a child in his dorm room? Not even UA’s staff or Pro heroes knew of Katsumi’s existence.

Looking up to see who he had actually ran into, of course it had to be that fucking idiot, pink cheeks standing there in front of him. She looked concerned, what if she heard Katsumi? What if she had heard him call himself mama and nothing else? She must be so concerned and weirded out.

“Uhh hi Bakugou, I just wanted to check on you and make sure you were...alright?” She said, her voice slightly pitched and squeaky.

“I’m fine, it’s none of your business. Now move!” Bakugou said, pushing through the girl and heading straight for the baths, this day couldn’t get more complicated.


Once he had finished his shower and nightly routine, he had somehow gotten pulled onto the couch by kirishima and kaminari, and was roped into listening to everyone’s accounts of the big three, the amazing fight Mirio, Togata and put up, defeating everyone in one single fight.

No one had landed a hit on Mirio, of course these extras couldn’t… but if he had been there. It might have been another story, but he was starting to get worried about Katsumi, he had said he’d be back in thirty minutes, it had now been over an hour and he couldn’t find a logical excuse to leave so early, it was only five in the evening.

He couldn’t help but worry about Katsumi, even though he had made sure all dangerous things were out of his reach, Katsumi was a naturally curious child. He loved to explore and learn new things, with curiosity also comes trouble. Bakugou knows that better than anyone else, especially when he was a child, he hoped Katsumi could hold out a little while longer.


Back in Bakugou’s dorm room, Katsumi was becoming very impatient, his father had told him that he would be back in thirty minutes, he couldn’t tell time yet but he knew it had been too long.

He had grown bored of watching all might videos, and he was now sitting on the edge of the bed now swaying his legs back and forth, waiting for his father to return. After another ten minutes had passed Katsumi felt like bouncing off the walls, he was so bored and just wanted his mama to come back to play with him before bed.

He watched the door for another few minutes and then sighed, climbing off the bed and heading to the bookshelf in the corner of the room. He had seen an All might comic book he had never seen before and he wanted to look at the pictures in it.

He placed his right foot on one self and started to climb, when he had gotten to the third shelf it started to creak. Katsumi ignored it, and was reaching for the next shelf, when it collapsed beneath his weight and he tumbled to the floor hitting his head, gaining some scrapes and bruises from the fall.

He immediately started wailing loudly from the pain, he wanted his mama, he always made things better when he was hurt. Tears were streaming down his face when he heard the door creak open, there in the doorway stood a pretty girl, she had chestnut brown hair, brown eyes, and pink cheeks.

Katsumi didn’t know who this person was but he held his arms out to be picked up, he was in pain, he just wanted comfort, but his mama wasn’t there. He’d take whatever kind of hugs he could get.

Uraraka had heard the loud cries from her room and had rushed to find the source, when she had determined they were coming from Bakugou’s dorm she sat there in confusion, knowing it was a violation of privacy, she was hesitant at first, but something was crying and she couldn’t just leave it be, she grabbed the handle to the door and pushed it open.

Uraraka stood there surprised for a moment, as to why a small child was crying in Bakugou’s room with broken shelves and books scattered everywhere, but as soon as she saw that small freckled face with heavy tears streaming down his cheeks and his arms reaching for her, she rushed in and picked him up out of the mess.

He immediately latched onto her, putting his tear stained face into the crook of her neck, definitely getting tears, and snot all over her… but she didn’t really care, all she wanted to do was make sure this little boy had a smile on his face by the end of it.

“Hey little guy. Shhh, shhh it’s okay. I got you, you’re alright, everythings fine now…because I am here.” She said softly as she swayed gently back and forth with the small child, running her hand through his hair, trying to soothe him.

After she had gotten him to calm down she pulled him away from the crook of her neck and looked into his red puffy eyes, he looked sad still.

“What happened….” she trailed off realizing she didn’t know the boy's name.

“Katsumi.” The little blonde said, as he wiped his eyes with his hands.

“What happened, Katsumi? Why are you crying?” She asked, rubbing his back and wiping a few forming tears away from his eyes.

“I just wanted to look at the all might comic book, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to break it, I swear!”

“Hey, hey it’s alright. Don’t worry about the book shelf, are you hurt?”

“I hit my head, and scraped my hands and knees…” Katsumi said, showing the nice lady his hands, uraraka saw them bleeding a little.

“Alrighty then, why don’t we go get you bandaged up then?” Uraraka said, smiling at Katsumi.

“Wanna ride on my back to the kitchen?” Uraraka asked the little boy in her arms, his face lit up like a thousand fireworks,he nodded and she sat him on the bed, bending down for him to climb on.

That little smile was so cute, it made her heart do a million backflips, whoevers this kid is has the cutest child in the world. She rushed them to the commons area, bouncing along the way causing bubbles of laughter to leave Katsumi, it warmed her heart to see him so happy, she never wanted to see the little boy sad again.

When they had finally arrived in the kitchen, she sat him down on the counter and began rummaging through the draws and cabinets for bandages, after a long search she finally found a roll of bandages and started to wrap Katsumi’s wounds.

“Yo who’s kid is that?” Kaminari practically screamed from behind Uraraka causing Katsumi to jump a little, oh no...he wasn’t supposed to be out of the room.

Everyone turned in the direction Kaminari was looking at, and to everyone's surprise there actually was a small child, sitting on a counter as Uraraka continued to wrap the boy’s wounds up. Bakugou’s eyes widened and he got off the couch rushing towards the two, soon followed by the rest of class 1-A.


Bakugou was worried about his child, he had bandaged all over him and an ice pack on his head, what had happened while he was gone? Was he really such a bad parent, he wasn't there and his son got injured, he wasn’t a good parent at all...


“Who's kid is that?”

“He’s so cute!”

“Is he your kid Uraraka?”

“He is quite adorable, ribbit”

“Is he your cousin?”

“Is he your secret love child or something?”


Everyone was firing off questions and remarks, Uraraka looked at everyone before picking up the small boy and activating her quirk allowing him to float above everyone else, he squealed in glee as he floated up, Bakugou watched in terror that his son might fall or be dropped on accident and get hurt more.


“No, he’s not my kid, or secret love child, and he’s not my cousin either. I found him in Bakugou’s dorm room crying after he had broken a self by climbing on it…” She trailed off slowly raising her gaze to fixate on Bakugou, who was still intensively watching Katsumi.

Everyone's eyes followed Uraraka’s to fall on Bakugou, they all just stared at him. Bakugou felt nineteen pairs of eyes boring into him, and he knew everything was about to go up in smoke, he’d definitely have to explain or they might try to turn Katsumi into the police or to the teachers.

“Ugh quit staring, you damn nerds. I’ll explain… Just pink cheeks please bring him down.”

Uraraka brought the boy down to the ground softly, he smiled at everyone until he saw his mama’s face, he was worried he’d be in trouble. Bakugou knelt down in front of Katsumi, and rubbed his hand on his son’s cheek smiling.
“Katsu, can you go to the living area?” Bakugou asked, Katsumi smiled and nodded heading off for the living area like his mama had asked him to.


When Bakugou was for sure he was out of ear range, he sighed turning back to all of his classmates and groaning, He took a seat on one of the dining chairs and looked up.

“Guess, I have a lot of explaining to do huh?” He chuckled out causing everyone to stiffen, they had never heard Bakugou chuckle or anything unless he was up against a villain.


“Well, sit down if you nerds want to know.”

Everyone piled into seats, some even sitting on the counters and floor. They were so intrigued by the small child that had randomly appeared into their lives and dorm so they were going to listen.


“Ugh, where do I even start?” Bakugou mumbled to himself.


“How about who the child is?” Todoroki suggested.

“Shut it halfie, I know that…”

After a few seconds of silence, Bakugou knew how to say it and he began the explanation of Katsumi.

“First off he’s my son, His other father isn’t in the picture… yet”

“So he doesn’t know about Katsumi?” Uraraka asked from the right side of Bakugou.


“I didn’t want to drag him down too, his other father has dreams and aspirations of his own that he wanted to make happen. He’s too nice of a guy to have left me alone with Katsu, I wanted to see him succeed, so I’ve kept Katsumi to myself, as a family secret these past four years… only my parents and the government know of his existence.” Bakugou finished, looking around the room to see the shocked faces of his classmates.


“I had him the summer before we returned for our third year of junior high, Oi Deku, you remember how I disappeared those last few months before school ended right?”
“Yeah! Everyone had just thought you’d gotten really sick…” Deku said looking shocked to know that Bakugou hadn’t actually been sick, but was having a kid.

“Yeah, well he was born on July, sixteenth, He has heterochromia, he loves all might and all heroes, and he’s the sweetest kid in the world…” Bakugou continued, his eyes gazing over to where his son was at, watching tv.

“Why is he here all of the sudden? He’s never been here before right?” iida asked looking back and forth between his classmate and the small child.

“No, I never wanted to bring him here, but my old hag and father just had to leave town this weekend for work. Since his other father doesn’t know, neither does his other grandparents so she had to bring him to me, I don’t want some stranger watching my kid… not after what’s happened recently”

Everyone knew exactly what he was referring to, he didn’t even need to say it for them to know he was talking about the training camp and kamino incidents, it had grown eerily quiet. Deku had decided to try and break the tension in the room, with a simple question.


“What’s his quirk Kaccahn?” Deku asked, looking at his childhood best friend, clearly ready to take notes on his child, Bakugou sucked in a deep breath looking in between everyone, he sighed.

“He… he hasn’t showed signs of developing one, my mom and I were supposed to take him to get an X-ray this weekend, but it looks like that's canceled…”

“What would an X-ray do?” Mineta asked dumbly.

“They can determine if a person is quirkless or just a late bloomer, people who turn out to be quirkless usually have more than one joint in their pinky toe, it makes up twenty percent of the population. While people with quirks, which is roughly eighty percent of the population, have one joint in their pinky toes, they are a more evolved species than people who don’t have one” Deku said, rambling off the facts he had sadly learned at Katsumi’s age.

Everyone, including Bakugou stared at him with wide eyes, Bakugou gave him a look as though he was stupid for talking about quirkless like he was first handedly, of course he had been but these losers don’t know that.

“Ah, when I was younger I didn’t get my quirk at the same time as everyone else, so my mom took me to get an X-ray, and that’s just the information the doctor had said” Deku said, clearly panicked, waving his arms all around.

“Well if you all will excuse me, I really should put Katsumi to bed.” Bakugou said standing up, going to pick up a dozing off Katsumi off the couch.


When he had reached his room, Katsumi was already passed out on his shoulder, before he could enter his room he was interrupted.

“Kacchan… can we talk?”

Of course it had to be that nerd, he sighed and turned around, coming face to face with those emerald green eyes he had grown so fond of.

“Ugh yeah, whatever. Let me just put Katsumi down.”


After he had got Katsumi settled into bed he returned to the hall where Deku was still waiting for him, he sighed and sat down on the bench that was in the middle of the hall.

“Well? Are you going to sit and talk or not nerd?” Bakugou said, smirking.

“I- ah yeah! I am.” Deku flailed around as he took a seat next to Bakugou.

After a few minutes of silence of neither talking, Bakugou got agitated; he was never one for staying quiet in the same spot for long periods of time.

“Are you going to talk you , damn nerd?” Bakugou finally said, breaking the silence.

“Katsumi’s other father…” Deku said trailing off to look out the window, the mention of Katsumi’s other father had Bakugou’s heart in his throat, beating so fast and loud he could barely hear anything else.

“What about him?”

“Is he one of those selfish punks you used to hang out with in middle school?” Deku finally asked, soon after regretting it and slapping both his hands over his mouth.

“You know what? Just forget it, I didn’t ask, I wasn’t here, nothing.” Deku said rambling as he got off the bench to run out of the room, but before he could an arm shot out to stop him. When he turned he saw Bakugou’s angry face and he tried to run away again.

“You actually thought I’d get with one of those freaks!?” Bakugou shouted, clearly offended by the thought of being with one, or either of his two ex-friends from middle school.

“Well they were the people you were closest to back then.” Deku said.

“Deku think really hard about what happened that year…”

“I don’t know? School work.”

“Between us, you damn nerd!”

“Oh, OHHH” Deku said, eyes immediately widening and looking back and forth between Bakugou and the door to his dorm room.

“So- I- he- he’s mine?” Deku asked

“It’s so painfully obvious you damn nerd. He has your damn freckles and curly hair, and he has an eye that’s just as beautiful as yours are…” Bakugou said laughing.

“We made him?”

“We sure did, nerd… your mom’s going to kill me for keeping him a secret for so long.”

“So if he winds up quirkless… it’ll be my fault…” Deku said looking at his lap.

“Hey! Even if he turns out quirkless, we’ll both still love him right?”

“Of course… I’ll never stop worrying if he is though.”

“Listen… I shouldn’t have been such a dick to you about not having a quirk, even after Katsumi had been born, it was wrong of me… and I’m so sorry, if our son is quirkless who cares? He’ll still kick ass, and I sure as hell won’t love him any less and He’ll have two pro-hero dads’, and even some idiot aunts and uncles to defend and protect him.” Bakugou said with a slight smile on his face.

Deku smiled, a small tear gliding down his face and falling onto his scarred hand, he tried to rub it away before he could see it but it was too late, Bakugou had already seen it. Bakugou placed his hand over Deku’s scarred one and tiled his head up to make him look him in the eyes.

“Kacchan!?” Deku asked, surprised to be looking straight into Bakugou's ruby red intense gaze.

“Dek- Izuku, fuck this is awkward… I- uh I like you?”

“I like you too Kacchan!”

“No, Izuku… like I like you, like you!” Bakugou said, trying his hardest to get him to see that he didn’t just like him as a friend… but more.

“I know, Katsuki… I like, like you too” Izuku said, smiling, they started to lean into one another.


As they were leaning in to each other a loud explosion came from inside Bakugou’s dorm room followed by loud cries, causing both the parent’s to spring apart and dash to the door, slinging it open they saw their son on the floor holding his bleeding hands, crying out for his mama.

They both rushed in, Bakugou scooping the small hurt child up in his arms, Izuku taking a seat next to them rubbing his son’s back and whispering soothing words as Bakugou rocked him.

“This is Kacchan’s quirk isn’t it?” Izuku asked clearly, happy his son wasn’t quirkless but was also visibly worried for the state of his son.

“Yeah, mine did that too when it fully manifested. It hurt like a bitch. But… Katsumi’s Explosion seemed to be stronger than my first real explosion.”

“You’ll have to teach him how to control and use it.” Izuku said, smiling.

“As long as you also teach him your heart and determination as well.”


A small whimper drew them out of their little conversation, and back to the task at hand, making sure their son was actually okay.

“What happened bud?” Izuku asked the child as he sniffled into his mama’s shoulder.

“I-I had a b-bad dream, and then b-boom! My hands h-h-hurt.” He cried clinging to his Mama tighter.

“Can I see them Katsu?” Izuku asked, receiving a small hesitant nod from Katsumi, Bakugou turned him around and allowed Katsumi to reveal his hands.

Izuku took them into his own hand and he looked them over, luckily they weren’t major burns. They probably mostly scared the little guy with how loud they were

“They’re going to be alright. we ‘ll just have to wash your hands and then wrap you up even more.” He said smiling at the little boy.
They both went to the bathroom, gently washing his hands, then immediately rushing him to the kitchen to wrap his hurt hands up so they could heal too.

“Your grandma’s are going to kill us when they see how beat up you are from one day here…” Bakugou said standing next to Deku as he wrapped their sons hands

“It’ll be alright Kacchan, I won’t let them.”

“Who’s the nice man mama?” Katsumi asked, looking right at izuku.

“Katsumi, you remember how you asked about your other father?” Bakugou asked, looking at the small boy on the counter, Katsumi nodded.

“Well, here he is.” Bakugou said, waving towards Izuku.


“Uh yeah… Hi, Katsumi. I’m your other dad.” Deku said, rubbing the back of his neck laughing.

Izuku was nearly knocked off his feet when Katsumi jumped at him, he wrapped his little arms around Izuku’s neck, squeezing tightly.

“Please, Please don’t go away ever again.” Katsumi said, tucking his face in his father’s shoulder, Izuku grabbed the back of Katsumi’s head and middle back and whispered.

“I promise you, I won’t ever leave you.”