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Baby Mine

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Loud baby wails could suddenly be heard coming through the baby monitor, successfully waking up the tired couple, both men battling against the tiredness on favor of wanting to check up on the noise's source. The blond man untangling his arms from his lover's embrace, slowly.

"Ka'an..." The greenete says, whining because of the loss of warmth and the sensation of strong arms wrapped around him.

"I got it" Katsuki says. Izuku spent 9 months carrying their pup, making sure he was dafe and even after two months of him giving birth, the nerd still feels the toll of it all. Seldom getting up, wanting to appreciate the way his mate's face looked like, tainted with tiredness.

" 'S my day..." Izuku mumbles, hugging his lover's pillow, feeling his scent.

"Just rest, Deku" He glances at the clock on his bedside- 3 A.M, almost the same time as the past nights. The blond exits the bedroom, wearing only sweatpants, as he proceeds straight to the room beside his. He opens the door, the warm glow of a small nightlight greeting him, painting the baby blue walls softly.

Turning his attention to a corner of the room, he walks to the craddle, floorboards creaking under his weight.

He peeks his head over It, the sight he gets greeted with warming his heart.

Their son, Takeru Bakugou, clad in a striped onesie, crying and sobbing as he twisted around, begging for the attention of his parents.

Takeru wasn't even 2 months old, and the blond already felt like he knew him for a lifetime, his alpha instincts taking over as soon as he held him for the first time, arms shaking afraid he'd somehow harm the pup.

He was so beautiful, too. A perfect mix of his parents, doting Izukus unruly, curly green hair and his freckles, while also having his other father's red eyes, and sometimes even attitude, as he glared at Izuku for taking away his "food".

He smiles, reaching for the boy with strong, scarred hands. He delicately picks the boy up, embracing him warmly against his chest.

He quickly checks his diaper, still clean, before slowly rocking the boy in his arms, releasing small amounts of calming pheromones into the air.

In no time, the baby's wailing powers down to quiet sobs, reacting to his father's ministrations.

The blond then proceeds to the kitchen, settling the boy on his special chair as he goes around taking his formula from the fridge and setting the bottle in water to warm up while he goes to play with the now calm baby, his tiredness now irrelevant as he plays with the 2 month old.

He holds the baby's hands on his own, making funny faces and even noises at him as the boy giggles, a big smile appearing on his small face.

Katsuki himself also smiles, returning his attention to the now warm bottle, checking the milk's temperature on the back of his hand, and deeming it appropriate.

Once again, he picks up the baby, holding the bottle for him with his other hand.

A tiny mouth clamps around the bottle's nipple as the baby eagerly starts to gulp down on the milk.

"Oi, slow down brat" He says fondly "The nerd already eats like a bottomless pit, don't want you taking after him on that"

In a few minutes, the bottle is empty, so Katsuki settles it down, tapping on his son's back to make the baby burp. 4 burps come out before the baby stops, so Katsuki takes them back to the baby room, where he starts to sway his son in his arms.

After a few minutes, Bakugou checks on him, sound asleep.

Carefully, he sets the baby back down in his craddle.

Taking one last look at the infant, Bakugou pads out of the room, quietly shutting the door behind him.


He gets back to his room, seeing Midoryia fast asleep on his side of the bed, snorring softly.

He lays down on his own side of it, successfully not waking his mate up as he drapes the blanket over himself. He turns to his mate and closes his eyes, trying to get back to sleep, when suddenly he feels Midoryia pressing against him, opening one eye at his sleeping form to see the man had snuggled himself against Katsuki, head under his chin as his hands bawled against his chest.

He inhaled deeply, feeling his mate's scent, and he could only think about how lucky he was.

If someone had told Katsuki during his fist year at UA that he'd end up with the nerd, happily mated with a pup at 20, he'd yell at them that they were crazy, but there he was;

Izuku had forgiven him for all those years of pain and suffering the blond caused him, had eagerly accepted his courting, and has never left Katsuki's side.

Taking one last big breath, he cuddled closer against Midoriya, falling asleep with a smile on his face.