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The Ultimate Crush

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The following months, are hell for Jill, she is in court for a crime she didn't commit. During the trial, Jill is painted as a predator and a dangerous person.

Scotty is called to the stand, he testifies for Jill, "Jill isn't a bad person, all she has done since she arrived at London Philly, is try to make friends with Lily."

When Lily is called to the stand, she testifies against Jill and claims that she is nothing more than a vicious, vindictive and selfish bitch. Scotty notices Jill's reaction and realises the truth;

"Oh no, this is worse than we originally thought." Nick hears him and they whisper to each other, however the following day, the jury reaches a verdict.

Jill is found guilty, but is let go due to 'Time Served.' This doesn't make Lily happy, but she plans to use it against her.

As Jill leaves the court room, she decides to move away from London for good. She moves in secret, the trial itself, left a massive impact on Jill's mental health and she began to suffer from panic attacks and depression.

She goes to work and hands in her badge and gun, Jill leaves them in her boss's office and leaves the building.

Scotty and Nick see her, "Jill, wait!" As they run, Jill gets in her car and speeds off, they stop as they watch on. "She is innocent, why is she leaving."

"We have to tell boss, let's not tell Lily." Nick responds, Scotty nodded, "Yeah."

Jill continues to drive out of London, she arrives in an unknown location and starts a fresh, though she retired from police work.

She gets better, though the nightmares still occur. Jill becomes self employed as a clay maker and makes pots, plates and cups.