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Number One Hero

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Eraserhead is a hero who works quickly and ruthlessly. He takes down the lowest of the low- the villains so wicked they make All Might hesitate. 

Aizawa Shouta is a teacher, cutting through his students' problems with a blade of calculated pragmatism. He carefully raises them to go beyond society's standards, to become the best of the best of the best heroes, whatever that might mean to them. 

Shouta disconnects himself when he dons the role of Eraserhead, but there are still certain things he can't completely cut off. 

He-they?- loves children. That's why he's a teacher. That's why he patrols the slums every night (with extra protein pouches and scarves hidden and tucked into his capture weapon). 

And like many teachers, he doesn't expect anything in return. 

So when he enters 1-A on June 20th, a saturday*, and more importantly the last day before summer break**, he has to stop and take a minute. 

There on the whiteboard is a detailed portrait of himself, surrounded by the names and signatures of his problem children. He recognizes Yaoyorozu's neat kanji and Kaminari's barely legible scrawl. He discerns Shinsou's evenly spaced writing, with a cat kaomoji tacked onto the end. He can even make out Eri's name written in her shaky hiragana (though it should be katakana, he thinks offhandedly). 

Yaoyorozu (because she's the only one who could possibly make this) has even left an Eraserhead plushie on his desk, along with a card. 

All Might might top the charts, but Eraserhead touched our hearts. For the real Number One Hero, Teacher, and Dad. Happy Fathers' Day Aizawa-sensei! 

-Class 1-A 

He takes a quick picture of the board, pockets the card, and makes a note to give the plushie to Eri. He wonders, briefly, if 'zashi got something similar.

He shrugs. 

He and Eri could remedy that soon enough- after school, of course.