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What You Lack as a Cultivator

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Wei Ying turned on his bed, feeling cozy and warm. Last night, Lan Zhan had told him he would bring breakfast to his room from now on. Wei Ying had insisted he didn't mind bringing their food to the Jingshi each morning, but Lan Zhan insisted in turn that Wei Ying had been doing it for months now and Lan Zhan wanted to return the gesture. Wei Ying couldn't refuse when put like that. Also, it meant he got a little extra sleep, so he couldn't really complain.

He miscalculated the amount of extra sleep though, because he was still deeply asleep when Lan Zhan's voice woke him up.

'Wei Ying.' Lan Zhan called from right out of the door.

Wei Ying moved to the other side and covered his head with the blanket, moaning in protest. He was so cozy, so warm.

'Wei Ying… I brought breakfast.' Lan Zhan called again.

Wei Ying pressed his eyelids tightly shut, almost falling asleep again before realizing Lan Zhan could not open the door with both hands holding a tray. Lan Zhan was always ready and waiting and opened the door for him before he even arrived, so he could go inside without trouble. Remembering this, Wei Ying's eyes opened wide and he jumped out of the bed.

'I'm sorry Lan Zhan!' He exclaimed from inside as he rushed for the door. 'I overslept!' Wei Ying explained as he slid the door open to let Lan Zhan in.

Lan Zhan looked at him, eyes a little wide and mouth slightly open.

'Come in, sorry I left you waiting outside.' Wei Ying gestured with his hand so he would come inside as he retreated from the door to leave space.

Lan Zhan visibly swallowed and stepped inside. He was quick to find the table and place his heavy tray there.

Wei Ying closed the door behind Lan Zhan and sniffed the air. The smell of the food filled the room and Wei Ying couldn't help but notice the scent of spices and fried food.

'What's that? It smells great!' He said quickly.

'New menu.' Lan Zhan said.

Wei Ying smiled at the food. It looked so much better than the usual. 'A new menu?' Wei Ying repeated, pleased with the change. 'What? Uncle Lan didn't fire the chef over my complaints did he?' He asked in jest. It was very doubtful the Cloud Recesses would change personnel over him not liking bland food.

Lan Zhan shook his head, but didn't say anything else. Wei Ying sat down across from him by the table and took a pair of chopsticks. 'Let's eat then.'

Lan Zhan was looking everywhere except him though and had not taken his own chopsticks.

'Lan Zhan?' Wei Ying asked. 'Something wrong?'

Lan Zhan's ears picked out from between his hair as he looked down. 'Will you not dress before eating?'

Wei Ying blinked at him and then looked down. His eyes opened wide again. He was only wearing trousers! He was barefooted and his chest naked, his hair was down too. He felt the colors go up his face and let his chopsticks down.

'Ah- I- I- will put on some clothes first!' He stood up and almost threw himself behind the privacy screen.

'Mn.' Lan Zhan agreed quietly from the table.

Wei Ying emerged not five minutes later fully dressed and hair in his usual ponytail, and tying up the forehead ribbon.

'Sorry about that Lan Zhan. You always waited for me dressed and ready to go.' Wei Ying pouted as he sat down again. 'I will be ready tomorrow, I promise.'

'Mn.' Lan Zhan nodded, but Wei Ying could still see his reddened ears. He hoped he hadn't made Lan Zhan uncomfortable with his nakedness. He was always so proper…

'Let's eat then.' Wei Ying smiled, once again tempted by the delicious aroma of the food.

Lan Zhan nodded and took his chopsticks this time and they started eating at the same time.

Wei Ying put the first bit of food inside his mouth and his taste buds exploded in pleasure. 'This is so good!' He couldn't help but moan. 'What truly happened in the kitchen? I don't believe this was made by the same people that made our usual breakfast.'

Lan Zhan looked at him for a second and then shrugged, closing his eyes.

Wei Ying ate some more with gusto. 'Are you sure you don't know? Maybe Xichen-ge said something?'

Lan Zhan shook his head. 'No talking while eating.'

'Oh, right!'

They continued eating in silence. Wei Ying had learned to live with the usual breakfast spiced by him after it was done, but having breakfast cooked with spice was infinitely better! He was sure the whole day could not be bad after having such a delicious start, no matter what happened later. He finished in record time and didn't leave a single crumb behind.

'How was it?' Lan Zhan asked once he was finished as well.

'So yummy. I wish I could have breakfast like this everyday.' He sighed, content. 'Ah, but the usual is fine too.'

Lan Zhan shook his head. 'I'll arrange for this to be everyday's breakfast.'


Lan Zhan nodded.

'That's great! You're really the best Lan Zhan.'

Lan Zhan ducked his head away in a gesture Wei Ying had begun to read as embarrassment. He chuckled at that and fell silent, feeling very happy and relaxed after such a nice meal.


'Hm?' Wei Ying said, refocusing his attention on Lan Zhan. 'Did you say something?'

Lan Zhan looked down before speaking. 'Which food would you say was more delicious?'

'More delicious? Between this and… what else?'

Lan Zhan shrugged with one shoulder, seeming very nonchalant. 'Lady Jiang's, for example.'

Wei Ying hummed in thought. 'Breakfast was really yummy, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's better than Yanli-jie's cooking.'

Lan Zhan didn't say anything to that, but to Wei Ying he looked a bit pouty. Before he could ask what was wrong though, Lan Zhan stood up.

'It's time for class already?' Wei Ying wondered out loud as he hurried to gather the empty dishes in the tray.


They walked out of Wei Ying's room a few minutes later. Wei Ying left out the tray and they walked to class.