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Jack was going to die. Simple as that. Cause of death? Most assume it would be by a fellow hitman but ironically enough the perpetrator was none other than Jack’s own boyfriend.


Zhao Zi, the man who was currently tugging Jack by his hand to their front door as he chatted away about his case at work. He didn’t give any specific information—not because of distrust but because Shao Fei made it very clear that it was top secret—about how he managed to crack the code and save the day. He was not aware that the more he spoke about  his hacking techniques the more aroused Jack grew.


It started earlier that evening when Jack showed up with dinner for Zhao Zi at work only to be forced to wait in the lobby until they cracked the case. He was unable to hear what Zhao Zi and Shao Fei were saying from where they sat at their desks but he could clearly see his boyfriend typing away like a madman.


At first he was truly enamored by Zhao Zi’s skill at the computer, only able to see it for a short period of time in the past. Today he was able to see Zhao Zi in action for nearly thirty minutes and while those thirty minutes were a blessing they were also a curse.


Apparently Jack had a thing for Zhao Zi hacking. Like a holy shit I have a hard on in the middle of the precinct just by watching him press keys on a keyboard. Thank goodness he had the container of food to put on his lap or else he would have received very weird looks from Zhao Zi’s coworkers. Well...more so than he already received since most were still scratching their heads trying to figure out why a detective and former hitman were together.


Even though he did have a thing for Zhao Zi’s skills he was genuinely amazed over it too. How was it possible that someone who has been tainted by all things bad managed to end up with someone so good? He was fully planning on praising Zhao Zi later that night though but in a different way than he was planning to now, showering him with lazy kisses and sweet nothing as they got ready for bed. 


They finally made it to the front door and just as Zhao Zi went to unlock it all of Jack’s well contained restraint went out the door. All it took was for his Zhao Zi to utter the word back door, a phase he didn’t particular under how it related to hacking, before Jack was pressing him against the door.


Before Zhao Zi could say anything Jack captured his lips into a kiss, making sure to gently cradle his face as their lips hungrily fought for dominance. At first Zhao Zi was always bashful to show this much affection outside but after a few months of dating he grew quite used to Jack’s impatience. He was not sure what the reason was for this but he would be an idiot to complain.


It was always a weird dichotomy on how Jack could be hard and rough with his mouth but soft with his hands. Zhao Zi was the complete opposite which is exactly the reason Jack was going insane.


Zhao Zi fingers rapidly typing away should have not made him this riled up but it did. He was so riled up that he would have been ready to take Zhao Zi at this exact moment, outside their home together.


Thankfully Zhao Zi's lung capacity was not that good because he had to pull away for some much needed air. His cheeks had a steady growing blush that only intensified as they made eye contact. Jack was staring at him the same way Zhao Zi normally looked at food: hungrily and five seconds away from devouring it whole. 


“W-what got” Zhao Zi stuttered out, breathless and flustered from the kiss. 


“Turns out we can add you hacking a computer onto the list of things that turns me on.” Jack dropped his hands from Zhao Zi’s face so that he could grip the young man by his waist and tug him close so that they were flush against each other. 


Zhao Zi had nowhere to hide when Jack was pressed against him, but it’s not that he would want to anyways. He liked the attention even if he failed to understand why something like that would turn his boyfriend on. “Really? Why?” 


Once again Jack was going to die at the hands of Zhao Zi. If it was anyone else Jack might of thought they were playing dumb on purpose but that was not the case for Zhao Zi. He really had no clue. 


“Your hands, Zhao Zi. More specifically your fingers. Watching you hack today drove me mad.” 


The blush on Zhao Zi’s face went even redder once everything clicked together. “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oooh. So was that why you wouldn’t let me carry the food to your motorcycle? It was because—“ 


Jack knew what he was about to say but wouldn’t let him finish. The kiss they shared this time was far more gentle than the last but it still left Zhao Zi a flustered mess. After a few beats of silence Zhao Zi finally gained his voice back only to say something that left Jack confused.


“Malware.” Zhao Zi whispered. “Polymorphic Virus. Wardriving—“


That man took him for a fool and made him believe he was an angel rather than the devil himself was trying to fuel Jack’s weird new turn on by saying phrases he could only assume was related to hacking. Yeah, that was it. Jack was as good as dead right now.


“—Adware. Keylogger. Logic bomb. Wait, Jack is this really turning you on?” 


In reply Jack just picked Zhao Zi up and slung him over his shoulder, quickly unlocking the door and rushing inside. Jack could faintly remember the time he picked Zhao Zi up like this and how much the other protested but tonight was different. All he did was laugh over how absurd this whole thing it was and held onto Jack for dear life. 


Any hesitation Jack had about leaving his job and that life behind evaporated as he listened to Zhao Zi’s laughter. It was by far his favorite sound in the world and he would quite literally do anything just to hear it again. Even if it meant playing along and pretending like the word malware got him all hot and bothered.