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A Heroic Beginning

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Our family comes from a long line heroes. The last 6 generations in fact. Our mom was born in Rio de Janeiro. Her first language was Spanish and her second was English. Her family moved to Japan when my mom was 13, and learning Japanese was difficult. But my dad helped her learn and I guess they fell in love. Her Quirk is called light/life energy. She draws in energy from life all around her. Sun, air, water, animals, people, the ground, everything. Life is everywhere so she always can use her quirk.

My father has a quirk called Force. It can do multiple things. He can channel incredible amounts of blue energy. With that energy he can blast things or he can let it run through his veins and punch/kick things with incredible force. Hence, the name.

He's always competing for the top hero spot against All Might and Endeavor. At one point, my dad was the number one hero. But it was only for two years. As it stands, the top six heroes are as follows.

#1: All Might
#2: Endeavor
#3: Ground Breaker
#4: Spade
#5: Hawks
#6: Best Jeanist

Because of this competition my sister and I have met Endeavour's youngest son, Shouto. He has other kids but we only met them in passing. Our sister, Anzu, used to sneak us over to his house all the time when were were little. One occasion stood out to me the most. It was when we were 11. Anzu snuck us over to his house. Apparently his father was gone for the week. I remember Anzu talking to Fuyumi and Natsuo. They seemed nervous, but Anzu looked calm. I remember me and my sister sitting in his room. There were no toys and my sister kept talking. Shouto never responded but her talking seemed to fill the void. Soon she got up saying she had to go to the bathroom. Shouto only spoke to tell her where it was.

After my sister left I looked at him and tilted my head. I asked him why he doesn't talk but he didn't respond. After that I just stared at him. He began to get uncomfortable and asked why. I smiled and said, it was because he has such pretty eyes. He seemed flustered and looked away. He mumbled something about his scar not being pretty, and that the whole left side was terrible. I just insisted that he always looks pretty. He mumbled out a thanks. My sister soon came in and sat down. She seemed to sense something was wrong and settled for singing a song softly. Shouto seemed grateful for this. Thirty minutes later Anzu came in and said that we had to go. As we got up to leave, I remember him looking sad. He looked like he wanted to say something to us.

That was the last time I saw him.

I wish he had said something.

I wish Yusika had said something.

I wish I had said something.

My big brother, Hibiki, has a quirk called Anima. It's an element quirk. Fire, thunder, lightning, water, wind, ice, & earth. Hibiki doesn't want to be a hero, but mom still taught him and the rest of us how to fight, just to be safe.

My big sister, Anzu, has a quirk called solid script. Her finger tips glow and she writes a word. If she wrote the word sword, the words would appear before transforming into the word it was. If she wrote water, the word water would appear before actually changing into water. She'd be able to control and manipulate it. But the bigger the word the more energy it takes.

My twin sister, Yusika, quirk is called Takeover. Takeover could be described as demonic due to how it changes her appearance. It's called takeover because it seems like someone takes over her body when she uses it. With Takeover comes two other abilities. Telepathy and teleportation. They're only two documented people in the world with this Quirk. My sister and the #4 pro hero, Spade.

Then there's me. My quirk is copying.

The specific name is copy cat. I can copy a persons quirk after making skin to skin contact. Like shaking hands. After I touch someone, their Quirk will be permanently embedded into my system. I can use it for however long I want or until my body tires out. Once I start using a quirk, my body immediately adjust to it.

But my quirk also has side effects. I can see into a person's memories when I use their quirk. Only small glimpses and I only see memories that directly revolve around that person's quirk. Sometimes I also have dreams about those memories. They come out of nowhere and at random. Certain Quirks also activate in my sleep. It's actually quite annoying.

Not too long ago my sister and I were getting ready to registered for UA. Our mom and dad said they would both give us a hero recommendation. On top of that Hibiki and Anzu also sent in recommendations, so we got in with no problem

I ended up passing fourth of the recommended. Yusika passed sixth. In total, eight first years got into UA on recommendation. Four in Class 1-A and four in Class 1-B. Before we knew it, it was our first day of school. Everything would be different from that point onward.

Even though I'm the one telling the introduction, Izuku will be the one to tell you everything else. The story you're about to hear is how Izuku Midoriya became the greatest hero in the world.