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A Heroic Beginning

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("Talking" 'Thinking' 'Telepathy')

"Bakugou! Yusika! Come in! Give me a status report. Where are you guys?"

"We have the heroes in our sight. We'll handle the situation."


"Just shut up and defend the weapon. I've got more important things to worry about." With that Bakugou turned his ear piece off.

"Don't worry Iida, we got this!" Before he could respond, Yusika put her ear piece on mute. She threw a glance to Bakugou.

"Hey Bakugou! Remember what I said, don't go crazy."

"Shut the hell up and get out of here already!" Yusika sighed and turned to Yusei and Uraraka. She let a smirk make an appearance on her face.

"Alright, if you insist." Yusika took off and ran stright for Uraraka. The girl stood, still a little sore from the earlier kick. Yusika kicked off from the ground and did an aerial over her head. She grabbed Uraraka's hair and pulled. Yusei gritted his teeth and charged at her. While still in the air and holding Uraraka's hair, she outstretched her right leg and made impact with Yusei's chest. With that, she teleported all three of them one floor up. Midoriya gasped.

'She can teleport multiple people at a time?! Where did she take them? No, they'll be fine as long as they stick to the plan. I need to worry about Kacchan.' Midoriya turned to his childhood "friend", who was seething in rage.


Yusika released Uraraka from her grip. Her foot, which was still on Yusei's chest, pushed forward and slammed him on the ground.

"If you guys wanna win, you're gonna have to actually fight back!" Yusika back flipped off of him, causing Yusei to grunt. Uraraka sat up and glared, rubbing the roots of her hair. Uraraka ran over and helped Yusei up.

"What do we do?"

"You follow the plan. I'll hold her off."

"Like hell you will." The bluenette scoffed. Uraraka nodded, she turned to go around the bluenette. 

"Oh no you don't!" Yusika was about to teleport, when she received a painful punch to the back. She gasped as she was sent to the ground. Uraraka ran as Yusika slowly pushed herself up to see Yusei, with his skin as hard a rock. Yusika jumped to her feet. Around her hands formed dark glowing orbs.

"Finally tapping in to the demon side of your quirk?"

"Whatever it takes to win."

[(Present Mic's voice) These dark glowing orbs on Yusikas hands are called Dark Matter. It's like she's tapping into her takeover quirk abilities, but not completely.]


Bakugou jumped off and swung his left foot and Midoriya, who blocked it. He smirked arrogantly before looking down and seeing what Midoriya was doing.

'He's using the capture tape!'

'Hero notebook number ten, page 18!' Midoriya thought back to all the notes he's taken on heroes.

'Luckily, I got to see Eraser Head's moves in action! What'll Kacchan do now? Knowing him he'll be inpatient and try another big punch!' Just as Midoriya predicted, Bakugou sent a large right hook and the greenette barely dodged in time. The explosion filled the area with a black smoke. Bakugou scoffed and gritted his teeth. His crimson red eyes glowing with anger and hatred all directed at Midoriya.

'I was right! He's switching things up so I can't predict his moves. Does that mean he's worried?' Bakugou gave a dangerous glare as he turned to face Midoriya. The as blond boy pointed his hands behind him. Midoriya tensed in realization and began to run.

"Get back here, Deku!" By the time he turned the corner, Midoriya was already gone. Bakugou growled and chased after him.

'I'm not gonna be able to fight him at close range now. I need a plan!' Bakugou stomped around another corner. With each turn he took the blond became more and more aggravated.

"Dammit! You were tricking me for years by acting weak. Bet you've been laughing behind my back, huh?" Midoriya gasped in shock.

'He's completely forgotten about my partners. That's good. I have to meet up with Yusei and Uraraka at the weapon. But that leaves me alone with Kacchan.' Midoriya swallowed nervously.

'I can do it. As long as I don't get too close to his hands.'

"Stop hiding! Come out and face me you coward!" Midoriya pressed his lips in a thin line.

'By the way, I've been meaning to tell you Kacchan... I take back everything I said!' As he walked, Bakugou thought back to when Midoriya stood up to him earlier.

"He's just a little bug."


Yusika grunted as she was slammed against the wall. Yusei had used a strength quirk to punch her, but she put her arms up to soften the blow. She let out a rugged breath, Yusei was relentless in his attacks. She looked up t see her counterpart breathing harshly with a smile on his face. "Had enough yet?" Yusika smirked, this was more of a spare than a test to them.

"I'm no quitter!" Yusika used her telepathy to block out Yusei as she also used it to check on Iida.

'Iida, come in! I'm using telepathy. Are you okay?'

'Ah, Yusika! Yes I am. The weapon is still secured. How are things on your end?'

'They could be better. I'm gonna check in on Bakugou.'

'Okay, over and out!' Yusika turned her attention back to Yusei who activated a flame quirk.  She gasped and jumped to the left. Right after she did an iron club came and hit her in the side. She looked and saw Yusei's right arm had turned to steel and extended itself. Yusei used the club and threw her across the room. She quickly righted herself and landed on her feet, sliding back from the force.

[Yusei Tsukamo - Quirk: Copy Cat! "He can use any quirk he has copied for however long he wants. He can also use multiple quirks at a time. But there are multiple drawbacks"]


'What the hell?! Get out of my damn head Freckles!'

'How are you holding up?'

'Worry about yourself and get the hell out of my head!'

'Remember, this is just a test. Don't hurt him too badly.'

'Just get out of my head!'

She ended the link and directed her attention to Yusei. The boy tilted his head in curiosity, his arm returning to normal. The girl raised her hands and placed them outwards. A black glowing orb appeared in her hands. Yusei gulped and activated Kirishima's quirk. Yusika fired it at him. He dodge and turned to see it following him.

"It's no use Yusei, I won't stop directing it until I got to you." Yusei knew she wasn't lying. He cursed under is breath, still trying to dodge it to no avail. In a split second decision, he stood his ground and turned to the attack. He crossed his arms and braced for the attack. But just as he was hit from the front, another hit him in the back. He yelled from the pain and fell to the ground. Yusika gave a sigh and slowly stood up. She limped her way out of the room and slowly walked to where the weapon was located.


Uraraka made it to where Iida and the bomb were.

'Found it. Now I just have the tell Deku and Yusei, then try my best to stay out of sight until they get up here.' Uraraka reached up to press the com link button, but paused at Iida.

"Bakugou definitely has a villainous side and Yusika is playing the role of it. That is exactly what we need to win. I need to temporarily devote myself to criminal intent. Yes, I won't fail this trial and risk bringing shame down on the Iida family name. Even if it means I must embrace evil to become a hero." He turned around with a "sinister" look in his eyes.

"Behold! I am the personification of evil villainy." Uraraka couldn't contain her laughter at that. 'He's so serious!' Iida turned at the discovery of the girl.

"Uraraka, is that you?" The girl gasped and slowly revealed herself, she had a nervous smile on her face.

"Just as Yusika foretold! She knew you might escape her grasp while battling Yusei and planned in advance!"

"So Yusei was right, this is all apart of her plan."

"You're quirk allows you to float anything you touch, but as you can see the room is cleared out dogooder! Our dastardly plan has rendered you helpless. Mhawawaww!"

"He really is playing the part..."


Midoriya was crouched down hiding in a corner. He was trying to come up with a plan when Uraraka was heared over his comm.

"Um, Deku? Yusei?"

"I'm here."

"Oh ok, what about Yusei?"

"Don't know, you don't think Yusika beat him do you?"

"I hope not. If so we're gonna be in even more trouble."

"Why, what's up?"

"Iida knows I'm here. Right now hes monolauging "

"Where are you?"

"Middle of the fifth floor."

"Right above me. We don't have much time left so we gotta finish this fast or they'll win." Midoriya clenched his hand into a tight fist.

"I won't let them win this."

"H-hello...?" A shaky voice came in over the com, causing both teens to gasp.


"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, but I've been better. I'm on the fourth floor somewhere. Yusika got the drop on me. I think she's heading towards the weapon."

"Yusei, try to get to Uraraka when you can. But only if you think you can move."

"I'll be okay when the time comes." Midoriya stood up, but froze when he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see Bakugou with his gauntlet raised.

"What is that?"

"Why aren't you using your fancy quirk? Don't tell me you're underestimating me Deku, get over here and show me what you're really made of!" Midoriya steeled his resolve as he tightened his grip on the capture tape.

"Kacchan... I'm not scared of you anymore." Bakugou gritted his teeth in anger, before smirking.

"Since you're such a stalker by now you probably know how my quirk, explosion, works. I secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from my hands and make it blow up. Imagine if I had a lot of it." He grabbed his gauntlet and pulled back the trigger a bit.

"That's right these gauntlets aren't just for show, they've been storing up my sweat inside for one monster blast."

"Young Bakugou! Don't do it! You'll kill him!" All Might yelled over the mic. Bakugous gauntlet began to load up with power.

"He'll be fine as long as he dodges!" With that he pulled the pin from his gauntlet and the explosion went. It ripped through the walls and the floor and shot right past Midoriya and put a huge hole through the wall. The entire building shook from the force. Midoriya breathed heavily and groaned in pain on the floor.

"Is that even allowed?" He winced in fear.

"These are awsome. The more nitro sweat that's stored in these gauntlets, the stronger the explosion is." His left gauntlet glowed as he said that. "Go ahead. Use your stupid quirk on me Deku. Even if you give me everything you got, you'll never beat me."


Yusika gasped as she steadied herself against a wall.

'That must have been Bakugou. Dammit, I told him not go all out.' Yusika quickly straightened herself up and ran towards the weapon room, she got there just in time to see Uraraka flying in the air.

'She made herself levitate?' She girl was floating right for the weapon, when Yusika raised her right hand.

"Oh no you don't!" She fired a dark matter blast at Urarakas feet, throwing her off course. The shock sent her tumbling on the ground and slamming into the wall.

"Yusika! I see you bested Yusei."

"Yup. Don't worry, she dosen't stand a chance now." The brunette growled softly and turned towards her opponents.


Midoriya twitched and crawled back from Bakugou. His face showing an underlying fear.

'The gauntlets make it so he can use his powers at long range, I'm not safe even if I stay away from him. So what do I do?' He reached up to us comn link to communicate with his partners.

"Come in, what's the situation?"

"It's not good! Yusika showed up sooner than we expected."

Suddenly, All Might's voice came in over the speakers.

"Bakugou. Use that stored-up power again and I'll stop this fight. Your team will lose."


"To employs such a strong attack indoors is compromising the struction of the stronghold you should be protect. That's a poor strategy whether you're a hero or a villain. The penalty would be a massive loss of points." Bakugou frowned and gritted his teeth his body began shaking in anger.

"Yusei if you can, get to Uraraka! Uraraka move to the pillar by the window!"


Somewhere else on the fourth floor, Yusei sat up. He took a breath and activated a quirk called eagle eyes. He was able to look through the eyes of anyone within 300 meters of him. He used this to look through Yusikas eyes see the exact room where the weapon was and teleported.


On the floor with the weapon, Yusika was suddenly punched across the face. Iida and Uraraka looked over in shock.

It was Yusei who delivered the punch.

He grabbed her hair with his right hand and her left arm with his other. He pulled with both hands and threw her across the room. She rolled before slamming against the wall. She gasped in pain from the impact, before looking up at her twin in anger.

"Sorry, but you're the enemy right now. Uraraka, are you by the window?"

"Yeah, what's Deku got planned?"

"Don't know but we'll find out." Yusei limped over to Uraraka and the two stood by the far pillar. Iida ran over and helped Yusika up.


Bakugou and Midoriya ran at one another full force. They jumped with their fist raised, both of them activated their quirks.


"Ahh!" They both continued screaming as their attacks came closer and closer together.

"Both of you stop-"

"Uraraka, Yusei now!"


The two gripped onto the pillar firmly.

'I can't beat you not in a one-on-one fight like this. But I can win.'

"Smash!" At the last moment he redirected his attack upward and blocked Bakugous with his left arm. The attack ripped through the building, destroying every floor and the roof.


With the sudden destruction, Uraraka activated her quirk.

"Sorry Iida!"

Uraraka lifted the pillar and fired rubble at them. As the two blocked, Yusei used what little strength he had left and made himself levitate. He floated towards the weapon, but Yusika moved to intervene.

"Like hell I'm letting you win!" Yusei anticipated this and activated an ice quirk. He used his right hand and fired ice at Yusikas feet, freezing her. With her delt with, Yusei went back to focusing all his attention on his other quirk. Suddenly, his left sighed pulsed in pain. He gasped, causing him to release the quirk. He fumbled to get a hold on the weapon, but when he did he gave a sigh of relief.

"Weapon secured."


"We failed!"


Back on ground zero, Bakugou looked up at the destroyed floors.

"So this was your plan, from the very beginning wasn't it? You were playing me this entire time, you bastard."

"I wasn't... going to use it... because my body just can't handle the backlash of my power yet..." As he said this the smoke around them began to clear and back ago could see what happened to Midoriya.

"Mr. Aizawa said I'd be useless. But this was all... that I... could think of. Bakugou gasped. Both of Midoriyas arms looked broken.

"This is the only way... I had any chance at winning." A look of horror overcame his anger as he stared at Midoriya. Everyone watching stood in a stunned silence.

"The hero team... wins!"