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Wicked Whimsy

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Wen Xu couldn't move for the weight above him. More than physical with burning red eyes wide with wild energy and blood dripping from his chin. Dark resentment drenched the too heavy form as the man leaned close to stare him in the eye.

"Ah, you're not one of my Wen."

"I..." Could be he didn't finish like the suddenly hormone struck teenager he most assuredly wasn't. "I am Wen Xu."

Bloody red eyes blinked slowly as the man leaned even closer. His breath smelled of blood and honey cakes.

"If you were your brother I'd gut you screaming."

Xu was Wen enough to admit that those words were very attractive, and he also was sane enough to know that wasn't normal. Dark hair tickled against his cheeks and he couldn't help the hand that lifted to touch it.

"Wen Xu will come with me to kill your father," the resentment powered being above him said easily. "And then we will fix the Wen. Won't that be nice?"

Wen Xu swallowed thickly.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, you can call me Wei Wuxian for now. I suppose I'll think of something else later."