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What are you doing here?

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Machias couldn’t say he was surprised to see Jusis in the hot springs so late as he was also there and he knew that Jusis wasn’t one to really enjoy them in the company of others. Though they had been rivals in the past they had slowly moved into friendship and enjoyed the company of each other, which surprisingly went unnoticed by their classmates who still looked at them everytime they talked like they were going to kill each other. They had been spending a lot of time alone with each other to get over their differences which is probably why the rest of Class VII still believed them to be rivals.

When Machias did eventually walk into the hot springs it took a minute for Jusis to notice him and look up. “Oh Regnitz, didn’t expect you to be here, it is quite late after all.”

“Well everyone else has gone to bed and I had to make sure you hadn’t fallen and hit your head.”

“You do care really!”

“So what if I do?!”

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come in?” Judging by Machias' reaction he had indeed forgotten, so he got in the water sitting far closer to Jusis than what was probably appropriate but neither man commented on it. In fact Jusis moved ever so slightly closer so that their elbows brushed against eachother. It was a while before Machias broke the comfortable silence, “What are we doing, Jusis?”

“Did you get hit on the head earlier? We are sitting in the hot springs. Do you require a nurse?”

“I know that! I mean with us.”

“I’d like to consider us friends.”

“We touch eachother more than friends do, we spend way more time with eachother than friends do, we spend so much time together these days that our friends have started worrying we’ve been kidnapped since they’ve trouble believing we like each other. Am I reading too much into this?”

“Probably, though that doesn’t make it any less true. So what does the coomoner have to say to the noble?” A short while ago that comment would have started a screaming match between the two men but there wasn’t any bit in the comment. Perhaps one of the reasons the rest of Class VII still thought they hated each other was because of comments like that, though they mostly said them good-naturedly now.

“Ugh I like you ok?”

“I should hope so with all the time we spend together.”

“Damn it Albarea! You know what I mean!”

“Hmph maybe, would it make you feel better if I said it first?” Machias only grumbled in reply so Jusis kept talking. “Since you clearly won’t I’ll say it, I love you. I assume that is what you were trying to say or else this will be humiliating.”

“I, uh, I love you too Jusis.” This caused the blond to smirk and lean in while Machias met him halfway. After a while Jusis deepened the kiss as Machias straddled his lap. They continued the kiss only breaking apart occasionally to breathe, until they heard voices from outside which sounded like Rean and Laura discussing something they could quite make out until they got close enough to hear the tail-end of whatever Laura was saying.

“-no clue where they could be.”

“Why would they just disappear into the night if they hadn’t been kidnapped?”

“Why are we checking the onsen then? Of all the places that someone would kidnap Jusis and Machias I highly doubt they would be here.”

“Let me just check anyway.” Hearing this Machias quickly got off Jusis’ lap after another quick peck and moved to the other side of the water just before Rean came in looking very confused and surprised.

“Oh hey guys what are you doing here? Everyone is looking for you.” Jusis still hadn’t fully recovered from the kiss so Machias was the one to answe Rean’s question.

“It was very peaceful so we thought we would come out here.”

“Huh ok, well I guess I will tell the rest of the class not to worry about you guys then.” Rean left still looking awfully confused but accepted the answer Machias had given. After he was gone Machias went back to Jusis’ side and leaned on his shoulder, blushing furiously. They sat there content for a while before Machias found himself in another bruising kiss with the other man. Jusis broke the kiss after a bit and spoke again. “Are we not telling the rest of Class VII about our relationship then?”

“I didn’t know whether or not we were in a relationship so I didn’t want to tell Rean anything.”

“I think it would be quite amusing if we didn’t say anything and waited for them to notice.”

“Hah, you’re probably right.” Jusis leaned in for another kiss and they didn’t leave for quite some time.

Six months later…

Machias was sleeping on the couch with his head on Jusis’ lap while the latter man finished up some work concerning his province. Machias had been spending most of his time in Bareahard only leaving when he needed to do an inspection. Truthfully Jusis had discarded his work some time ago and was just carding his fingers through the commoner’s hair. He mused about how peaceful this moment was and how these past months have been so much easier on the both of them, Machias could be quite helpful with matters concerning the province when he put his mind to it. His thoughts were cut off short when Millium came barging into his office. From her view she couldn’t see Machias sleeping so she was speaking very loudly. “Hey Jusis! I came to visit, see how things arfe going in this dreary office!”

“Millium please refrain from speaking too loud he is sleeping.”

“Who? Ooooh did you get a boyfriend and not tell me?”

“Yes I did now please lower your voice.”

“Is it anyone I know?”

“That is a distinct possibility.”

“Oooh lemme see! Machias?!” Millium had walked to the other side of the office where the two men were sitting but her yelling had woken up the green-haired commoner. “Oh hey Millium.”

“Machias what are you doing here?”

“I practically live here at this point.”

“So do you know who Jusis’ secret boyfriend is? Wait, are you Jusis’ secret boyfriend?”

“Yes would be the answer to both those questions.”

“Why haven’t you told the rest of Class VII?”

“We havent’ exactly been hiding it. We’re always spending time together and I practically live here. You’re telling me in all the visits Class VII has made to Bareahard not one of you was suspicious about why I was there every single time, or how I always knew where everything was except for the guest rooms?”

“Huh well can I tell Class VII?”

“Yeah of course, why were you here anyway?”

“I came to ask if Jusis wanted ice cream!”

“Well come on since I’m awake anyway and Jusis probably finished his work a while ago.” While Machias tried to sit up he accidentally bashed heads with Jusis which turned into a kiss that they kept short since they were aware of the third person in the room. They put on their coats and went to get the ice cream.