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A person manifests their quirk around the age of four. I did, but the nature of my quirk changed depending on my age. I was four years old when my mother found out that I had a quirk with strong healing capabilities. By that idea, she assumed it was a healing quirk, but I also had the capabilities of destroying objects with ease.

She thought it was a half healing-half destroying quirk. She trained me day in and day out. If I wasn't able to accomplish the tasks she set out for me, then I would only be pushed harder. There were times I went days without food. I would be pushed to the limit where I was puking and passing out on an almost daily basis. There was no escape.

When I was seven years old, she had a plan to make me stronger and ensure she was no longer fully responsible for me. As the number six hero, she was notorious for her skill and was the highest-ranking female hero in Japan. Okumura Kina, quirk: Shadow, hero name: Dark Whisper. As I got older, she had more dangerous tasks, and some of her jobs would take her from the house for days. She no longer had the capabilities of raising a seven-year-old. That's when she took advantage of the situation.

Because I never knew my father or even anything about him, my mother made every decision in my life. Her next idea was probably what fueled much of my anger on top of the three years of abuse from training. She came into contact with Enji Todoroki, commonly known as Endeavor, the number two hero.

Not a week later, I was forced to have dinner with the Todoroki family. As I walked into the large Japanese style house, I came face to face with Endeavor. He was completely intimidating to me. I looked beside him to see a boy with mismatched eyes and hair split perfectly down the middle, white over the right side and red covering his left. He had a scar over the left side of his face. How did he get that scar?

"(Y/N), don't be shy. Say hello." My mother looked at me with a smile, but her eyes were distant, uncaring. I stepped forward slightly and bowed my head.

"Hello," I said as I looked up nervously.

Neither one responded to me. Endeavor looked at my mother. "Follow me. It's only the four of us." I glanced toward the boy. He seemed as if he were frustrated that there were fewer people.

"What about the rest of your family, Todoroki?" My mother's smile dropped as we moved into the dining area.

"My other children are here, but they know that I wish not to be disturbed during this event. I only needed Shouto."

"That's a pity. I would have liked for (Y/N) to have met your other children."

Everyone took a seat at the table. I'd lost my appetite before I walked into the house. I had no idea why I was here. My mother had not made anything clear. I was startled when Endeavor started asking questions about me. "What is the girl's quirk again?" Did he already know about me?

"It's healing and hurt. She has the capabilities of healing herself and others. She also has the capabilities of destroying nonliving objects with ease."

Endeavor's eyes widened slightly at the information. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something. "That quirk would be very useful for a pro hero."

"What about your son?"

"Shouto? He has one of the most powerful quirks. Half-Hot Half-Cold. With the ability to control both fire and ice, there is no doubt he'd become the most powerful hero." Why were they discussing our quirks? I glanced at Todoroki. He had his face down, and he was messing with the food on his plate. Something was off, but I didn't have details, so I didn't know what they were planning. My mother and Endeavor stepped out of the room for a few minutes. I was completely lost.

"Todoroki," he looked up, "do you know what's going on?" He nodded but did nothing to inform me of the situation. They returned not a minute later.

"(Y/N), I packed a bag before we left the apartment. You have your daily essentials." She continued to ramble while I tried to make sense of the situation.

"What are you talking about? Mom?"

"You are moving in with the Todoroki family. You will live, eat, and train here. My job has me going out of town for weeks on end. I can no longer take care of you."

"There's something else you're not telling me."

It was Endeavor's turn to speak up, "You will live here, and once you come of age, you will marry my Shouto." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

That day, everything changed.