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It was the early morning of the first day at UA. Shouto and I were both accepted into the hero course through recommended entrance exams. We found out from his father that the faculty had a difficult time choosing just four students from the entrance exams, so they added one extra student to one of the classes. Shouto and I were both in Class 1-A.

The night before, we discussed our relationship and what we wanted while attending UA.

"I think that we should keep our relationship a secret," I blurted when I walked into his room. He looked up at me with one raised brow.

"Okay... is there a reason why?"

"I don't want to keep the secret from people forever. I would rather be able to prove ourselves as heroes without having the name attached to it. I don't want to become a hero because I have your father in my corner. I want them to see I am capable of being a hero on my own."

"I can agree with that. Can we still walk and talk with each other?"

"I said we keep our relationship a secret. I never said that we had to actively avoid each other. You just can't hold my hand or say sweet nothings to me, at least not while we're at school. We should be focusing on becoming heroes anyways."

"Okay. I can do that for you, love. What about when other guys try to make moves on you? Can I use my ice on them?"

"I didn't think that far about it. I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, it's you that all the girls will be fawning over. I don't think any guy would even look my way."

"First, there's no way. I've got this terrible scar covering half my face. Second, you're wrong about that. You are the most beautiful girl in the world."

"I've got as many scars as you and they are far uglier. And don't push yourself down. I love your scar. It's a reminder of mine and how much we've gone through." I cupped his face before kissing over his scar then over his lips.

"Maybe you should listen to your own advice."

"What do you mean?"

"I will make sure that you love every one of your scars the same way I do. As for your request, I will try to follow it as much as possible. I cannot guarantee that I will stand by and do nothing, though." I hugged him before looking at the clock.

"It's getting late. We have school tomorrow. We should get some sleep. Goodnight, Shouto." I walked out of his room and made my way down the hall to my own.

I heard my alarm go off and snoozed it immediately. After a couple of minutes tossing around in my bed, I got up and made my way to the bathroom for a shower. I was so excited and nervous to start school at UA. I changed in my uniform and made my way out the door with Shouto.

We walked in a comfortable silence until we made it to the campus. We were among the first students to arrive and we made it to our seats. I was student number 14, and Shouto was student number 20.

As the students filed in, the room filled with light chatter. I recognized one of the students from the entrance exams. She had raven hair in a ponytail, and she sat behind me and to the right of Shouto. I looked to my left to see a short guy with purple hair if you can call it that. He was drooling while looking around the classroom. Something told me there were ill intentions in his head. I looked around the room. I would have to become friends with these people, or I was going to suffer for the next three years.

I heard yelling and it brought me out of my thoughts. I looked towards a student with glasses yelling at another classmate with ash-blond hair. The last two students walked in at that moment. A boy with hair that reminded me of broccoli and a girl with pink cheeks and short brown hair.

There was lots of commotion surrounding the four of them. I glanced behind the girl to see what I thought was a giant yellow caterpillar on the ground.

"Go somewhere else if you want to play at being friends." There was a pause as the three students at the door listened and watched. "This is the hero course." The scraggly-haired man climbed out of the bag. "Okay, it took eight seconds before you were quiet. Time is limited. You kids are not rational enough." He then turned to the rest of the class.

"I am your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Nice to meet you." He then pulled a gym uniform out of the cocoon and asked for the rest of us to meet outside on the field.

All the girls filed into the locker room. I knew that I would have to change as quickly as possible otherwise I would be asked about the scars. I know I've tried to help Shouto feel less insecure about his, but I can't seem to love my own.

"KINA? What are those?" I guess I wasn't fast enough. I looked down before turning around. I saw the rest of the girls look at me with concern. Training with Endeavor was brutal, but I could not let them know about my connections with the Todoroki family.

"Oh, there are just scars from when I'm cooking dinner. I'm usually the first one home, so I try to make meals. Sometimes I get careless and end up burning myself." I rubbed the back of my neck nervously.

"Leave her alone, guys." A girl with headphone jack ears spoke up. "Besides, we should get out to the field before our teacher gets worried or angry." This seemed to distract the rest of the girls, and we left the locker room without another word. Some of the girls seemed cheery and bubbly. Ashido didn't stop talking the entire way down, mainly about how excited she was to be attending UA. It was quite endearing.

Our teacher wanted to put us against each other in a quirk assessment test. He called up a student, whose name I now know is Bakugo, to throw a ball using his quirk. The only rule was that he stay in the circle.

He threw the ball and shouted, "DIE," as he released the ball with explosive power.

"Know your maximum first. That is the most rational way to form the foundation of a hero," Aizawa explained before showing Bakugo's distance. 705.2 meters.

Some of the other students started a ruckus.

"What's this? It looks like fun."

"We can use our quirks as much as we want. As expected from the hero course."

I don't want to be that person, but they don't understand why we're here. I'm not trying to be cold like Shouto is, but they can't seriously expect everything is going to be all fun and games.

"It looks fun, huh? You have three years to become a hero. Will you have an attitude like that the whole time?" He smirked. "All right. Whoever comes in last in all eight tests will be judged to have no potential and will be punished with expulsion."

I could tell he was lying, and by the reactions of the rest of the class, only Shouto and the other recommended student seemed to know. Or they didn't care. With Shouto, it could honestly be either.

With the tests, I didn't want to reveal all of my capabilities. I didn't have much control over my wings, and some of my other abilities could not be displayed in these tests. I didn't want to drain too much of my power.

The 50-meter dash clocked me in at 4.39 seconds. Speed was one of my first abilities. Plus, mom forced me to run laps around the neighborhood when I was five.

Grip strength: 175 kgs. Strength was the second ability. It was the main reason for the confusion of my quirk. I can't believe I never questioned not going to the doctor. I couldn't think about that now, though.

The next test was the ball throw. I watched as Ururaka threw the ball and got a score of infinity. I decided to throw the ball with as much strength as I could. I thought that would allow more momentum. I looked at the number. 1,286.58 meters. I was pleasantly surprised. Izuku Midoriya followed me, and his quirk was stopped by Aizawa. That's when it clicked in my head who he was. Eraserhead.

Midoriya was given another chance. This time he concentrated all of his power into one finger and launched the ball. His distance just barely surpassed Bakugo's. Something about his quirk was too familiar. I looked over to Shouto, and our gazes met. We knew we had to talk about this later.

Bakugo nearly exploded on Midoriya. If Aizawa was not there, I do not doubt he would have seriously hurt Midoriya.

And we continued with the other tests: repeated sided steps, sit-ups, long-distance running, standing long jump, and seated toe touches. Everyday training routine. These were nothing new.

Aizawa showed us the results. I was in third, Shouto in second, and Momo Yaoyorozu was in first. I found out that she was the other recommended student. Izuku Midoriya came in last and looked defeated.

"And I lied, no one is being expelled. It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your quirks." The rest of the class screamed in shock.

"Of course it was a lie," I said.

"Yeah, it should have been obvious if you just thought it through," Momo supported.

We looked at each other and smiled. I walked over to her and quietly spoke, "I think you and I will get along very well, Yaoyorozu."

"Just call me Yaomomo."

"This must have been easy for the students that got in on recommendation. They are the top three students," said a boy with a black streak in his hair. I didn't think he was a bad person, just poorly mannered. I made my way over to him.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't make assumptions like that. I acknowledge I was lucky, but don't think that I or the other students didn't work just as hard if not harder to get to the point we're at now." I had to speak with as calm a tone as possible. I didn't want to blow up in his face. I was only angered because he didn't know my background. No one wants people making assumptions about them when the other person knows nothing about them

"I'm very sorry."