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As destiny had planned

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As Eleven approached his teens, so did subject of being brought to Angri-La to train. He would follow his destiny and learn to master his powers of the Luminary, the king and queen of Dundrasil deciding that he would be sent off on his thirteenth birthday. Eleven was sad to go but was willing to face his destiny, knowing the task of the luminary was one he could not just ignore. The fresh faced thirteen year old sat in his room at the moment, having spent the day doing standard birthday celebrations, now quietly getting ready to leave soon. Gemma sat with him, watching him, “How long will you be gone?”

Eleven turned to look at her, “Hopefully not long. Maybe a few years at most?”

“I know it's selfish but I really wish you could stay… I’m gonna miss you.”

Eleven gave her a soft smile and gently tucked clothes into his suitcase, “I’ll miss you too Gemma, but I do have to go... I am the luminary after all.”

“No one ever lets us forget.” She groans, “Having a legendary hero as my best friend is nice though!” she giggles and lies flat on her back, watching the young man, “Princess Jade came to send you off today.”

Eleven nodded, “Practically everyone in all of Erdrea did.”

Gemma let out an exasperated sigh, “Ugh, getting Amber to let go of you will be impossible you know.”

The prince laughed softly and stood, finished packing, “I know. You’ll be hard enough to shake off.”

The blonde got up with him, watching as a guard grabbed Eleven’s suitcases so they could go greet the public, the girl following the young hero and punching his arm lightly over his comment. They smiled as they stepped outside the room, greeted by king Irwin and queen Eleanor. Irwin smiled, setting his hand on his son’s shoulder, “Are you ready?”

Eleven smiled and nodded, hugging him tightly, “Yes.”

Eleanor kissed his forehead softly, “I know you’ll do great, Eleven.”

He beamed, turning to Gemma when she grasped his wrist, “Ready to go meet your adoring public?”

The prince blushed, “Ah, I wouldn’t say adoring…”

Gemma giggled, pulling him along, “You’ve got plenty of people to say goodbye too! C’mon!”

The prince’s parents beamed proudly at their son as he was dragged off, the young man greeted and hugged by just about everyone he saw. Lord Rabert swept him off his feet with the sheer force of his hug, reassuring him that he would come visit him and oversee his training. Eleven smiled at his grandpa’s words and was immediately pulled off by Gemma, cycling through all kinds of royals that wished him luck. Amber grinned at the young prince, eyes watering, “Aw look at you, you look so big! I’m gonna miss you so much!! Where would I be without my little helper!” she squeezed him tight, the prince gasping for air against her.

He pushed away after a moment, ruffled, smiling awkwardly at her as she sniffled proudly at him like he was her own son and in a way, he was. Their mother and son bond ran way deeper than they could ever imagine… 

Amber dabbed at her eyes, “Chalky would be so proud of you, Eleven. You’re always gonna be my little boy, don’t you forget that.”

The young luminary felt his eyes water at this, Chalky having passed away a few years ago now. His heart ached but felt a little warmth flutter at the pain; he would make sure he would become a hero Chalky would be proud of. Gemma rubbed Eleven’s back before taking Amber’s side, nonshalontly giving him a chance to escape from her tears, which the prince took as soon as he could. Eleven met with royal after royal, heaving a sigh of relief when he met the last group of people and the closest group; The Heliodorians. King Carnelian and Princess Jade both grinned at him, “Ah, you already look as bold as the hero you will become, Prince Eleven!” the king boasted, patting his shoulder.

Jade smiled at him, “Good luck, I hear Angri-La training is no easy job. Though, I have no doubt you’ll be able to handle it!” she ruffled his hair, teasing him just as an older sister would.

Hendrik watched the royals speak, waiting patiently alongside Jasper for their turn to wish the prince well. He frowned when he heard the man beside him burp and proceed to choke, turning to look at him. Jasper furrowed his brow in pain as his throat burned, feeling the sticky black fluid return once again, dribbling from the corners of his mouth. Hendrik was careful not to cause any attention to the knight’s delemina, he knew the darkness that tainted him was stubborn, voice soft, “Can you take care of it or do you need to be excused?”

“Need to go…”

Hendrik nods wordelssy as Jasper swiftly turns to leave, carefully covering his retreat. He smiled when Eleven turned to him, “I am sure you have received countless praise today so I will save my breath. I am just as proud of you as everyone else and I wish you luck with your training. I have no doubt you will succeed.”

The prince smiled at the knight’s words, frowning when he noticed the empty spot beside him, “Where is sir Jasper?”

“He has fallen ill once again. Rest assured, he will be back in a few moments.”

Gemma frowned at Hendrik’s words, having barely gotten away from the crying Amber, “Again? He hasn’t gotten sick in years!”

Eleven glanced at her, “He usually gets like this anytime I do anything kinda cool. He threw up everywhere when I casted my first spell remember?”

“Ugh. Talk about very specific times to get sick. What does he have again?”

“Acid reflux. Now, don’t be rude, young Gemma, Jasper will return in a moment, I assure you that he would not miss this for the world.” Hendrik defended, acting unbothered by their words. 

Though Jasper had sworn against the darkness, it wasn’t exactly going to take no for an answer, eating at him silently.  The closer to fulfilling his destiny Eleven got, the sicker Jasper would get, the knight refusing to listen to the whispers. He had promised Hendrik that he had no ties to the darkness and in return for this promise, he was protected. The two had a million excuses for the darkness that consumed the blonde, both coming up with him having acid reflux to excuse the fact that Jasper was very prone to vomiting. All of Erdrea believed them and therefore he could leave whenever he needed. Jasper had promised Hendrik he would never harm a hair on Eleven’s head and Hendrik trusted the man with all of his heart. The knight grumbled as he finished and carefully wiped his mouth, returning to the others. He had an oath to Heliodor to serve, he had a promise to keep, Mordegon’s whispers could never break him. He smiled at the young luminary, “My apologies, your highness.”

“You’re fine.” Eleven gave him a warm smile.

Jasper bows to him respectfully, giving him a smirk before ruffling his hair, “I wish you luck, young hero!”

The prince squeaked and ducked away from him, Hendrik and Jasper both laughing at him as he stumbled, becoming rather embarrassed. He turns away from them after a moment, the king and queen of Dundrasil calling for him. The purple haired man glanced at the blonde, tone low, “You are still pale.”

“I wasn’t going to miss saying my goodbyes.”

“If you are still ill, I demand you leave. Eleven will return. We cannot afford to let you raise any suspicions, Jasper.”

The smaller of the two grunts, watching the young prince, “It’ll be years, Hendrik, I wish to at least see him off.”

“I will accompany you if it means you get this taken care of properly.” He tuts.

Jasper sighs after a moment, turning on his heels and heading off, Hendrik following closely as they retreat. They head to a bathroom just in time, more black splattering K\Jasper’s palms. He hunches over the toilet as he spews the vile fluid, Hendrik sighing as he holds Jasper’s hair out of his face for him, “Do you think this will ever ease?”

“I do hope so. I would hate to have to avoid Eleven forever over this.”

“Hopefully it will get easier…” Hendrik let out a soft noise of worry, rubbing his back gently.

Jasper grumbled and went back to what he had been doing, the other knight gently supporting him. He was quiet for a few long moments before he spoke again, “...Have you still been having night terrors?”

“Not that I remember.”

“That is good. A sign of progress, I believe.”

Silence fell for a few long moments, neither having much more to say. It wasn’t exactly an uncomfortable silence, more worried than anything; would Jasper ever truly escape the darkness?

Hendrik certainly believed so and so did Jasper, the blonde wiping his mouth and staring down at the ground, “I’m sorry, Hendrik, I am sure you are doubtful of my claims…”

The other knight shook his head, “Not at all, Jasper. I trust you.”


Eleven found Angri-La to be both a blessing and a curse for him. On one hand, his spell casting ability improved drastically with every single day, on the other, Master Pang was hard on the young Luminary. He spent the next six years of his life there, training relentlessly for his future alongside grandmaster Pang and his grandfather Rab. They guided him along, teaching him all they possibly could for the destiny that awaited him, only finding one major roadblock in his progress; he just could not grasp his powers as the luminary. Any of the ancient Luminary’s abilties were lost to the young man despite endless attempts. No matter how many times Eleven found himself at the mercy of the naughty stick, he never could grasp the power Yggdrasil had gifted him. He spent six years trying to unlock this sacred power but to no luck, Rab and Grandmaster Pang pushing him even harder as he approached eighteen years of age, knowing they were running out of time before he had to press on - the darkness would not be willing to just sit around and wait for him to unlock his powers. Eleven found their pushing very frustrating, unsure quite what to do. Destiny awaited and he lacked the proper skills to greet it. He was eighteen years old now and finally ready to be sent home to prepare for his journey. He was excited to see his friends and family in person again, having really only heard from them via notes, pacing in his room. He turned his head when Rab stepped into the room, “Hello laddie.”

Eleven smiled at him, “I know what I want to do.”

Rab tipped his head, eyes twinkling with interest. Debate had been floating around Angri-La about what Eleven was to do without the power of the luminary mastered, Master Pang finally saying that it would be the prince’s decision in the end. Now, the young man knew what he must do. He had his bags packed much to Rab’s interest, knowing what he was going to say but surprised by the words anyway, “I am going to go on anyway. I am of age now, I can’t just wait around!”

Rab nodded, having honestly expected this from him, “Aye, I figured so. What will ye’ tell Grandmaster Pang?”

“The same thing.” Eleven said confidently, slipping past his grandfather. 

And that’s exactly what he did. Though Pang had some strong words about the subject, in the end they knew they had no choice but to send Eleven on his way. The young man was sent home the very same day, deciding he could use a little time back in Dundrasil before he was sent on his journey, Rab deciding he would accompany his grandson on his adventure. King Irwin and Queen Eleanor were content with this arrangement, knowing that Rab was very skilled in spell casting and would protect his grandson with his dying breath. Discussion after discussion came and finally it was settled that once the time came for Eleven to set off, he would head to Heliodor and collect the red orb first and foremost. Princess Jade looked at her father when he told her this, popping her knuckles, “Father, I want to go with him.”

King Carnelian spluttered at her words, “You? I cannot allow you to do such a thin-”

Jade interrupted him, “I have spent my whole life training in martial arts, I would like to think I am capable of defending him. Please, father, I really want to go.”

They bickered back and forth for a while before Jade finally agreed that she would allow him to send bodyguards with her in return for him letting her to go. They had a very brief discussion on who exactly but they quickly found their answer; Heliodor’s finest pair of knights were the only logical match. Hendrik and Jasper tried to object at first, not exactly excited to travel across the world after a bunch of kids but alas, King Carnelian believed they were a perfect choice. After just a little while of grumbling, they soon found this to be a great honour, both happy to be appointed for such an important role in the Luminary’s destiny. Jasper was tasked with being Jade’s personal bodyguard while Hendrik became Eleven’s, the two ordered to protect the young heirs with their lives. Eleven quickly amassed a party, finding himself becoming even more sure he was ready to proceed even without his legendary ability. He had his grandfather who was skilled at spell casting, Princess Jade who would never let anything happen to him, and finally he had the brains and brawn of Heliodor on his side; Hendrik and Jasper. He had a good feeling about this and so did Gemma, who commented proudly on his group. She had said she felt safe with him going but she could not go with him; this was his mission, not hers. She had known that for her whole life. Eleven respected this and decided to spend the rest of his time in Dundrasil in her company; or so he planned...