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An Ocean Before the Storm

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Katsuki didn’t know how Izuku did it… the nerd just pulled off tights so well. Watching him now, Katsuki had to keep a pillow over his crotch to hide his aching erection.

His eyes traveled up with Izuku’s fingers as he unrolled the thin nylon up those thick thighs.

Izuku was most definitely /not/ the childhood friend from Katsuki’s past anymore; Katsuki practically died when Izuku came back from his study abroad. He made it a goal of his to climb this massive tree of a man and damn was he glad he did.

That was almost a year ago now and Katsuki learned quickly just how passionate Izuku had become about ballet while he was away. So many people passed him off, thinking that a man so bulky couldn’t move the way one should in ballet, but Izuku proved them wrong time and time again.

“Kacchan…” Izuku whined.

“What’s wrong, babe? Is it the nerves?”

“No… I can’t get my unitard to clip! Can you help me?” Izuku pouted at Katsuki.

//How do you say ‘no’ to a face like that?//

Katsuki ditched the lap pillow and crossed the room to help Izuku’s struggling hands. His fingers were always too thick and in the way to properly finagle the small metal clasps; plus, Katsuki never minded getting up close and personal with the bulge that was unhidable, even with all the black Izuku wore.

Katsuki ran his nose up Izuku’s length and used deft fingers to click the buttons into place.

“Kacchan, stooooppppp!”

Katsuki smirked. “You know I can’t help it, plus, you’re mine, nerd.”

“But I have my audition in an hour! You can’t get me hard in my clothes!” Izuku stepped away from Katsuki’s wandering hands as soon as he was done.

“Fine, fine…” Katsuki lifted his hands in front of him, his sign of giving up. “You know what you in tights does to me.”

“And normally, I would be so grateful that the love of my life enjoys my passion as well, but I can’t today.”

“I know, babe.” Katsuki raised from his knees and stood on his tiptoes to press a kiss to his boyfriends lips. “You have no reason to be worried about today, they’d be absolute fools not to accept you.”

“You know how these places are… they want someone who’s going to /fit in/.”

“If they deny you for being the sexiest motherfucker up there, then I’ll burn the whole academy to the ground,” Katsuki huffed and took his place back on the sofa. His face burned and his heart raced, it infuriated him to no end how Izuku was treated in the world of dance.

“I love you, but please don’t do that… I can’t be denied /and/ have my boyfriend get arrested all in the same day.” Izuku giggled and it did wonders to lower Katsuki’s blood pressure.

“Sure, sure.” Katsuki sighed. He wouldn’t make any promises he couldn’t keep though.


Katsuki started picking the skin away from his fingernail; at least eight contestants had auditioned by now and sure, some of them were good. /None/ of them measured up to his nerd though.

The silence that hung heavy in the room was becoming uncomfortable, the music for each dance played, but there was never any applause… never any life in the room when someone wasn’t actively performing. It was unnerving.

The auditorium was dark, especially when the stage lights dimmed in between dancers, it added to the daunting and formidable atmosphere.

//No wonder Izuku was so damn nervous, this place is ominous and demoralizing, even for the audience.//

Katsuki’s hands trembled and the blood in his veins quickened as every second passed by. “How many damn auditions are there?” he whispered to himself.

“I know right, it’s like they want /everyone/ on edge…” a burly man next to him whispered back. “My boyfriend was the one with two toned hair that went a few rounds ago.”

Katsuki remembered exactly who he was talking about, the half and half bastard that /almost/ measured up to the beauty Izuku had while he was dancing, but not quite.

Katsuki turned to look at the dark silhouette beside him, nearly bald in the darkness, he would easily tower over Katsuki if standing.

“You waiting for your girlfriend to go?” the man asked.

“Boyfriend. But yes. He’s /going/ to get in, no questions asked.” Katsuki’s lip curled into a determined sneer.

“You’re confident.” The man had a booming laugh, even in his whispers.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Katsuki lifted a shoulder in a half shrug.

“Midoriya Izuku.”

Katsuki’s heart skipped a beat when he heard his boyfriend's name called. He hadn’t felt his stomach so twisted in knots since the first time he asked Izuku to dinner.

He padded to the center of the stage in a familiar delineation, then the lights flicked on, washing over Izuku’s body.

For a moment, Katsuki had forgotten how to breathe. The pure and raw beauty of Izuku in the all black spandex, the way you could see each and every contour and divot of his muscles… they way they stretched and contorted as he raised his arms in his starting pose. One leg crossed over the other, the top of his foot laying flat into a point… it was like Katsuki was watching him again for the very first time.

The soft cry of violin strings began and Izuku started moving. Katsuki couldn’t help but to compare Izuku’s dancing to being in an ocean just before a storm. The waves were small and you floated along, but as soon as you're comfortable and relaxed, the currents caught you and dragged you into the sea. It’s so beautiful in each of its caresses that you almost didn’t even mind.

That was the thing about Izuku’s dancing, you watched him hurt, but you couldn’t stop smiling through the pain. It was devastatingly beautiful, breathtaking, life ruining… Katsuki adored every second of it.

He didn’t bother to wipe away the lone tear that traveled down his face.

//God, to think that just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate this… that it actually would have pissed me off to see it. Thank fuck, I finally grew up and got over that shit. The hard work was /so/ worth it, just to only see this single performance, if nothing else.//

The fluid motions of Izuku’s heavy limbs were such a contrast in itself, that it almost added to the prepossessing dance… made it even more bewitching.

He didn’t miss the sputtered gasp from beside him and he wanted to whisper an ‘I told you so’ but his brain was too beguiled to complete the action.

Then the crescendo of the song hit and Izuku leapt across the stage in a perfect mid air split. He defied gravity, someone who weighed as much as all that muscle should not be able to float so high up, and yet, he did.

He continued to flit across the stage in perfect measures. He raised slowly onto the very tips of his toes and raised the other leg behind him, meeting his arms just behind his neck, spinning in perfectly languid circles.

Katsuki wished he could see the absolute shock that must be painted on the faces of the admission officers. To see how their previous doubts changed as soon as Izuku’s first movement was made.

The music started to fade out and Izuku finished by folding himself in half and allowing his legs to slowly sink him to the ground to match the painstaking mood of the song, almost as if his only life source came from the gentle sounds of percussion and piano keys.

The song ended and Izuku’s chin dropped to his chest, Katsuki knew the familiar breathing patterns he would be starting by now to regain his composure.

Katsuki stood and clapped his hands together, the sound they made echoed around the room and he got /many/ dirty looks and shushes but he ignored every last one of them. His love deserved all of the praise and recognition and if no one else was going to give it to him, Katsuki would.

“Wait… /he’s/ your boyfriend?” he heard the guy next to him finally put the pieces together. “Damn, you’re right, he /definitely/ is getting in.”

Katsuki finally sunk back into his seat and caught his breath after such a performance.

“I don’t say shit I don’t mean.”

The answering chuckle had Katsuki tilting his head, daring him to be questioned.

“Seems you have an audience, Mr. Midoriya.” One of the admissions officers chuckled into the mic and Katsuki’s heart stopped.

//That’s the first time any of those fuckers have spoken.//

“Ah, yeah…” Izuku laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “My boyfriend can be… overzealous sometimes.”

“It’s good to have those kinds of people in your life,” the man replied, “thank you for your performance.”

“Damn…” the man beside him whispered. “That’s Dean Nezu, he never speaks.”

Katsuki grinned.

//Good. My Deku deserves this.//

Izuku bowed in thanks and turned to leave the stage.

“Oh, and Midoriya?”

Izuku turned to face the judges once more.

“Expect your letter no later than the end of this week.”

Viridian eyes met Katsuki’s and the beaming smile on Izuku’s face was more blinding than any of the stage lights.

Katsuki couldn’t stop himself from letting out a ‘whoop’ of celebration, earning himself another chuckle from the dean and a face of blushing freckles.

//Congratulations baby.//


“Cheers! To the next ballet extraordinaire!” Katsuki raised his shot glass to clink against Izuku’s. They had brought takeout home and were now sharing some tequila in celebration.

“Thank you, Kacchan… I wouldn’t have done it without you.”

“Oh please, I wasn’t the one who worked tirelessly to put together such a flawless performance. That was all you, baby.” Katsuki pressed a soft kiss to the corner of Izuku’s mouth.

“But you were the one who convinced me to fill out the admissions application… I never would have done it without your encouragement.” Izuku’s eyes welled with unshed tears.

“No, no. None of this, come with me.” Katsuki put his glass down and grabbed Izuku’s hand, pulling him to the bedroom.

He spun and pushed Izuku onto the bed, his back fell against the mattress, shaking the entire frame in his wake.

Katsuki crawled up his body, losing a piece of clothing with every inch he got closer. He met Izuku’s mouth again and kissed him until he was dizzy.

“Kacchan…” Izuku breathed as Katsuki ran his mouth down Izuku’s neck, leaving nibbles and kisses as he went.

He pulled off the shoulders of Izuku’s uniform and continued to peel away the spandex as he made his way down.

Izuku lifted his hips to help Katsuki wriggle the tight fitted clothing over his ass and heavy thighs.

Katsuki didn’t miss a beat and swiped his tongue up the underside of Izuku’s cock before sealing his mouth over the head and sucking on it as his tongue lapped at Izuku’s slit, taking in the delicious saltiness of his precum.

“K-Kacchan!” Izuku yelped and Katsuki noticed that his hands curled into the bed sheets tightly.

Katsuki made his slow descent down Izuku’s throbbing length, not stopping until his nose was buried in the thick forest of pubes. His lungs burned and his throat was sore from the stretch, but he held his position there, swallowing a few times around Izuku’s cock.

“I-I… Kacchan… so g-good…” Izuku moaned out, his thighs tightening around Katsuki’s shoulders, almost as if he was fighting himself from pulling away.

Katsuki finally pulled away and stared up at Izuku, a string of saliva still connecting his mouth to his cock.

“Gods, you’re so sexy.” Izuku groaned and dropped his head back against the pillow.

Katsuki gave no warning as he allowed more spit to fall on Izuku’s cock and then he spit on his own hand as well. He lifted his knees and lined his cock up with Izuku’s, rubbing their tips together. Izuku’s drawn out moan spurred him on to keep going.

He squeezed their dicks together and wrapped both hands around them, using the spit to slide up and down both of their lengths with vigor.

He thumbed over his own slit that had a bead of precum dripping out and he used it to swipe over Izuku’s sensitive tip as well.

Twin moans rang out when Izuku’s cock jumped in his hand.

“C-close…” Izuku cried out, the desperate sound had Katsuki’s stomach tightening and his hands quickening.

“Fuck!” Katsuki gasped as his cock swelled and started shooting hot ropes over his hand. “Come for me baby!” He grunted as he jerked them both together, his cock now overly sensitive.

Relief fell over him as he felt Izuku’s hot seed join his own, dripping down his wrist. Both men trembled as he made one more long movement with his hands before releasing them.

Izuku’s heavy cock slapped against his lower stomach causing him to jump.

“Sorry…” Katsuki said sheepishly through his labored breaths and collapsed next to his boyfriend. He was immediately pulled into the larger man’s side and fingers danced their way delightfully up his spine.

“That was… um /really/ good.” Izuku said breathlessly, a small laugh following his words.

“A little congratulations.” Katsuki smirked and kissed the side of Izuku’s chest.

“Thank you, Kacchan.”

“I am… really proud of you, nerd.” Katsuki’s face heated at the admission, but it was the truth and Izuku needed to know it.

“Oh, Kacchan… thank you so much.”

Katsuki could hear the pout on Izuku’s face through his words and it made him smile, his chest swelling with pride.

“You did it, baby.”

“Yeah… I really did.”