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Black Masquerade

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All throughout the morning, a ball of nerves continued to grow in your stomach. No matter how many deep breaths you took, it wouldn’t dissipate. Of course, this was something totally normal. Your first day of high school is very important. Today will determine your social standing in the school. 

Over the summer, it was everyone’s goal to become a better version of yourself before school starts, to get new friends or possibly a boyfriend. You were one of those people too, but deep down you knew that you didn’t have to do that. You knew that Koichi, your best friend since you could remember, wouldn’t ever think of ditching you for someone else. 

You had met Koichi in elementary school. You had missed the first week of school due to you and your parents settling down. You had moved to Morioh when your dad received a better job offer at the nearby hospital. As a doctor, he worked constantly to ensure that the three of you lived comfortably. However, after noticing the lack of attention and time he gave you, your parents decided to move to Morioh, where he would work less hours, allowing him to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. You weren’t that upset with the move. While it was heartbreaking to leave your friends, being in a new place was exciting. Your excitement to make new friends and explore your new home outweighed your sadness. 

On your first day of school, your teacher had assigned you the seat right next to Koichi. While you immediately greeted him, eager to make a new friend, Koichi was feeling very nervous about school, despite it being the second week already. 

While it took awhile for him to warm up to you, as soon as he did, the two of you were inseparable, always pairing off together to work on projects and eating lunch together. By middle school, everyone knew that if they tried looking for one of you, most chances are the easiest way to find one of you, would be to look for the other one, since you and Koichi are always together. 

You were drawn out of your thoughts when Koichi asked, “You think the upperclassmen are going to be mean to us? Boss us around since we’re basically fresh meat?”

Thinking about it for a while, you answered, “I didn’t even think of that, but I hope not.” Sighing, you continued, “That just made me even more nervous.” 

After that, the conversation soon dwelled down. The only noise heard between the two of you were your footsteps and the rummaging of your pens from how the two of you were swinging your bookbags. Soon enough, the two of you reached the main plaza. 

Passing the plaza was one of your favorite parts of walking to school. For as long as you could remember, you’ve loved animals. But, no matter how much you’d beg your parents to have a pet, they’d shake their heads, ending the discussion. Once you mentioned this to Koichi, he immediately took you there, showing you the animals that would frequently stop by to drink water. 

Your favorite one was this turtle that’s recently showing up. It started showing up a few weeks ago, so whenever you passed by it, you always helped it cross the plaza and take it to the pool. Today was one of those days where you were eager to see it. 

Quickening your pace to a slight jog, you yelled over your shoulder, “Hey Koichi! Do you think the turtle is there already?”

Shocked from your sudden change of pace, Koichi began jogging after you. “Hey, wait up! Watch out!” But as soon as he said this, he saw you ran into a tall man. Wincing as he saw you fall back harshly, he was surprised to see you on your feet. 

As soon as you heard Koichi’s warning, you turned your head to look at him while still running forward, but once you processed what he said, it was too late. Quickly turning back, you attempted to stop, but you still ended up running into the man who appeared out of nowhere. Feeling the impact, you braced yourself for your harsh landing, but surprisingly, you didn’t fall back, instead you were on your feet with your bookbag in your hands. 

Noticing the large shadow casting over you, you glanced up, meeting the man’s hardened gaze. Shrinking under it, you jumped slightly when he spoke up. His deep and low voice broke the silence surrounding you two. 

“Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” 

Quickly recalling how you were the one who ran into him, you furiously shook your head and bowed deeply. “No, no, no! It was entirely my fault! I was the one who wasn’t paying attention! I’m sorry!”

Hearing labored gasps approach you, you turned around to see that Koichi had finally caught up to you. 

“Are you okay, [name]?” Nodding at his question, you gave him a small smile, confirming your sentence. 

Before Koichi could ask any other question, the stranger cleared his throat, grabbing your attention. Reaching in his jacket, he brought out a small notebook. As he did this, you noticed his appearance. What stood out the most was his long, oversized jacket and matching hat. He definitely looked like someone who was new to town. 

Flipping open his notebook, he asked, “Do you either know of any Higashikata living around here? I have urgent matters to talk to them about.”

You and Koichi glanced at each other, desperately scanning your brains for anything relating to Higashikata. While you knew you had no clue who this Higashikata person is, the least you could do after practically ramming into him is try helping him find this person. Coming up empty, you glanced at Koichi one more time to see if he had better luck, but his confused expression said otherwise.

Feeling guilty, you softly shook your head and spoke up for the two of you, “I’m sorry, sir, but there're so many people in this town.” 

Raising his hand and shaking it slightly, he said, “It’s alright. Perhaps you could point me towards 6 Dingchan road?” 

This was something you two knew. It was one of the streets near your houses. Pointing towards the bus stop, Koichi said, “You can get there by taking bus #3 or walking down that way and taking a left once you reach the grocery store.”

“Koichi’s right, but it’s much easier taking the bus! It’ll get you there in no time!” You added on with a smile, relieved that you two were able to help him somehow.

The two of you were able to lead him towards the bus stop when a group of four guys caught you attention. They wore similar uniforms to yours and Koichi’s, meaning one thing they’re either in your grade or they’re your upperclassmen. 

Walking past you three, the one leading the group, presumably their leader, spit on the ground before saying, “Damn, these first years don’t have any manners. Look at these two, not even a good morning.” 

The man with the long coat didn’t seem fazed by this, only tilting his hat downwards to hide his scowl. Neither you or Koichi noticed but he grew annoyed at the sight of those four. He absolutely hated stuck up guys who acted better than everyone else. You and Koichi, on the other hand, were terrified. It seemed like what the two of you talked about earlier was coming true.  

Immediately, the two of you bowed and greeted them, hoping that would be enough and they’d go on their way. Luckily, the group leader scoffed and walked away, with the other three following close behind. Letting out a sigh in relief, you felt your shoulders slack once they walked away. Returning to your original goal, Koichi waved the man over to follow you two again. 

Before you could get far, you took one last glance at the group, sticking your tongue out at them after you made sure they couldn’t see you. Throughout elementary and middle school, bullies would sometimes go after you or Koichi since you were always alone with each other. However, you didn’t back down.  

Noticing they were approaching someone, you watched in worry as you saw them circle around their next victim. You hadn’t noticed him before when you were running towards the fountain. You were sure you’d notice someone like him. His appearance was memorable, considering how his hairstyle stood out the most. His hair was styled in a pompadour, which wasn’t that common nowadays, but he still managed to pull it off nonetheless. 

Looking closely, you noticed how he was tentatively reaching his hand towards something in the fountain. It was as if he was scared of it. Stepping a bit closer, you let out a gasp in surprise at what you saw. It was the turtle you wanted to see! Laughing slightly as you realized it was the turtle he was scared of. A fear of turtles is sort of cute. I wonder if he’s in our grade, you thought while laughing quietly. 

You were about to turn around to help Koichi and the man when the leader of the delinquents reached forward and roughly grabbed the turtle out of the water. Frowning, you worried whether they would do something to the turtle or the boy with the pompadour.

Unconsciously, you began walking slowly towards them. It wasn’t until he backhanded the boy with the pompadour. Sharply inhaling, you started jogging towards them. You didn’t even see him do anything to make him deserve that. You abruptly came to a halt when you saw the leader pick up the turtle and fling it towards a nearby wall, injuring it badly. Not only were you already pissed off by how they treated the boy, your anger grew even more once you saw how they treated a helpless animal. 

Fueled with anger, you ran towards the boy with the pompadour, placing yourself in front of him, while yelling, “What the fuck was that? You can’t just go around hitting people or animals! Especially if they haven’t done anything to you!”

Your sudden outburst shocked everyone, mostly the boy who was now behind you. Hearing your angered voice, Koichi turned around and was completely shocked to see you facing off the group of delinquents who just bothered the two of you moments before. 

While it shocked them, they mainly grew even more angry. You noticed how the leader’s eye twitched in anger before yelling at you. “What? This your boyfriend or something?” Looking past you, he spoke again, this time towards the boy behind you. “You should keep your girlfriend under control. Maybe she just needs someone to put her in her place, right you guys?” 

Rolling up his sleeves, him and his friends grinned maliciously. Slowly, they approached you two, resulting in you shrinking under their glares. The more they stepped forward, the more you stepped back. This isn’t going as planned.  

It wasn’t until you bumped into the boy behind you. Glancing up at him, you hoped he came up with a plan because you surely didn’t, which was something you were regretting because four against two didn’t make you very hopeful that you would come out of this unscathed. However, the moment you glanced into his eyes, you felt your heart rate calm down. Giving you a small smile, he maneuvered you behind him before returning his gaze back towards the delinquents. 

“What’s that smile for? You happy to get beat up? What’s your name, dumbass?” 

Standing straighter, he responded, “My name’s Josuke Higashikata. I’m in class 1-B.”

Hearing his last name, you, Koichi, and the man from earlier turned to look at him. He was the one that he was looking for. Noticing how fast he whipped around to look at Josuke, the reason he has to talk to him has to be incredibly important. 

“Josuke? Well, whatever! Hurry up and give us your money! Try to pull something funny and I’ll shave your fucking head! You too, bitch!” He growled, while glaring at you when he finished up his sentence. 

Before you could pull your wallet from your bag, Josuke began to give off a furious aura. Unlike before, the calm energy that was surrounding him was no longer there. Noticing his pissed off expression, you could only hope that this wouldn’t turn out bad.

“What did you say about my hair?!” Josuke yelled. Before either of you could process it, the main delinquent stumbled backwards as he got punched in the face. Grimacing, you watched in disgust as you heard the sickening noise of his nose cracking and the rapid outflow of blood. It took you a bit, but you took notice of the distance between you two and the group of delinquents. There was a large amount of space. Josuke had to have stepped forward to punch him, but he didn’t move one step.

“Do any of you have anything else you’d like to say about my hair?!” 

“Nothing! Nothing!” The main delinquent rushed to say. It came out muffles as his hand covered his mouth and nose, attempting to stop the flow of blood. However, his response was worthless as Josuke proceeded to slam his foot onto his head, slamming it onto the ground, resulting in his blood spilling on the concrete. 

Pressing down slightly, he said, “Then what did I hear, huh?” You were about to rush in and stop Josuke before he overdid it when he stepped off and walked towards the direction of where the turtle was thrown. In the midst of everything, you had forgotten about the turtle. Immediately thinking of where you were going to bury it, you prepared yourself to see its mangled body in his hands. However, to your surprise, the turtle was perfectly fine -  as if nothing has happened. 

“W-what? How is it okay?” You asked as he approached you. Once he was close enough, he handed you the turtle, slightly shivering as it moved in his hands. Gesturing to the fountain, you figured out what he meant and gently placed the turtle on the fountain.

“Are you okay?” he asked. Realizing he was talking to you, you looked away from the turtle and opened your mouth to respond, but it wasn’t your voice that he heard. 

“Look! His twisted nose went back to normal!” 

After a beat, another one of the delinquents yelled, “It’s healed! B-but that’s not his normal nose!”

Raising his index towards you, signaling to give him a minute. He walked towards the group of delinquents, stating, “You forced me to touch that turtle, even when I didn’t want to and even dragged an innocent girl into this! What are you going to do about that, huh?”

It was definitely a weird sight to see a group of four intimidating, buff guys shrink at the sight of Josuke. Instead of attempting to make peace with him, they scrambled to pick up their leader before running away.  

He was on his way back towards you, wanting to make sure you’re okay when his path was intercepted by the same tall man who you ran into earlier. You noticed how Josuke’s surprised expression quickly turned sour. You could only assume that the man was glaring at him as well. The air soon grew tense. Feeling uncomfortable with the energy they were creating, you turned toward Koichi, trying to see if he was feeling the same. Your suspicions were confirmed when you saw the worried expression on his face. 

You glanced at everyone, trying to quickly think of ways to ease the tensed aura surrounding you all. However, you were saved from having to do anything as the turtle you placed in the fountain suddenly jumped out. The sound of water splashing disrupted the silence. The sudden noise startled you and Josuke, resulting in Josuke letting out a yell. 

“Gah! That scared me!” Giggling at what he said, you thought back to when he was slowly reaching towards the turtle. I guess he is scared of them

Noticing the air no longer being tense, Koichi approached as well. Up close, he was able to see the turtle clearly. He felt even more confused when he saw it was completely fine despite it getting slammed against a wall.

Soon enough, the voice of the man in the long coat filled the silence. “Josuke Higashikata. Born in 1983. Your mother’s name is Tomoko, she went to college in Tokyo when she was 21. You’ve been living here ever since you were born.” Glancing up to gauge his reaction, he continued, “In 1989, you had a bad fever, almost deadly, for 50 days for no apparent reason.” 

Deeply sighing, he took a moment to prepare himself for what he was about to say next. “Your father is Joseph Joestar. He’s a real estate mogul in the US. He’s currently 79, but still very healthy. Despite that, he asked me to divide his inheritance. While I was figuring it out, I found out he had a son living in Japan, which he had no clue of.” Shaking his head slightly, “The old bastard kept saying he only loved his wife, but turns out he had an affair when he was 65 and had you.”

Tucking in his notebook back in his jacket’s inside pocket, he spoke up once more, “I’m Jotaro Kujo, technically your nephew despite me being older than you. How bizarre, huh?”

Silence enveloped everyone once he was finished. From where you were standing, you could clearly see Josuke’s expression. He was no longer glaring at him, but guessing from his slightly opened mouth, you assumed he wasn’t expecting this. Closing his mouth, he cleared his throat, trying to ease his nerves before saying, “My nephew? Oh, uh nice to meet you.”

Jotaro glanced at his wristwatch and then back to Josuke, “Let’s talk while we walk.” As you watched them walk off together, you quickly stood up from your crouched position near the fountain and jogged toward Koichi. “You okay?”

Nodding his head, he looked at you shocked, “What about you? You literally cursed at our upperclassmen and almost got killed!” 

Laughing nervously, you nodded as well. “Yeah, but I didn’t get killed! So that’s good!” Noticing the direction they were walking, you whispered, “Let’s tag along with them. They’re heading towards the school anyway.”


“So you’re going to inherit ⅓ of all his possessions. The whole family was in total chaos over this.”

Concerned, he looked at Jotaro and asked, “Chaos? Why?”

Chuckling, Jotaro responded, “Why else? My grandma just found out her husband had an affair. She was the angriest she’s ever been in their 61 years of marriage.”

Almost immediately after hearing this, Josuke bowed deeply, and sounding very genuine and upset, he apologized, “I’m so very sorry! I apologize for the troubles I brought upon the Joestar family!” His apologies shocked you all. It wasn’t his fault, yet he was taking the blame for it. It was his dad, this Joseph Joestar who’s to blame since he’s the one who cheated. 

Jotaro was also shocked by this. His eyes slightly widened. This wasn’t what he expected at all. In all honesty, he was expecting to take some punches for his grandpa. He didn’t consider this at all. Feeling a tad uncomfortable from his apologies, he titled his hat downwards to cover his eyes. 

“But I do know that my mom was in love when she had me. I know that for sure.” Still bowing, “Just go tell my dad, well, um, Mr. Joestar, to not worry about us. We’re doing alright without him.” 

Before Jotaro could respond, a group of girls around your age walked by. Noticing Josuke, they walked around and started swarming him. They all began calling out his name, complimenting on his hair. Whether he was feeling uncomfortable with the overwhelming chatter, he didn’t show it one bit. Politely accepting the compliments and thanking them all. Unlike him, you and Koichi could tell that Jotaro was slowly getting fed up with the loud, neverending chatter. As he clenched his jaw, you and Koichi glanced at each other.   

It wasn’t long until he spoke up, completely tired of the noise. “Josuke, I’m not done talking to you. Run these girls off. They can talk about your stupid hair later.” Almost immediately, the group of girls nervously glanced at each other. It was like they were afraid of what was to come. Trying to figure out why they looked so scared, you remembered how upset Josuke got when the delinquent insulted his hair. He ended up completely changing that guy’s nose. Realizing he doesn’t like having his hair insulted, you immediately thought of one thing and one thing only, This isn’t going to end well.

It seemed like Jotaro figured it out as well because he started to take back what he said. “Wait, Josuke. I wasn’t insulting you-” Getting cut of by what seemed to be a punch - you weren’t so sure what it was, but something clearly hit him. He staggered backwards a bit before he found his foot, wiping the small amount of blood from his busted lip, he glared at Josuke and took a step closer to him. 

You and Koichi were extremely confused. They were hurting each other, without even getting close to one another. Whatever was going on, was clearly not visible to you or Koichi. Things started getting even more confusing when Jotaro began talking about stands - something about how they’re the manifestation of someone’s soul, whatever that meant. 

Leaning towards Koichi, you whispered, “Hey Koichi, do you have a clue on what they’re even saying?”

“I was about to ask you that.”

Your attention was dragged back towards the fight when Jotaro suddenly appeared behind Josuke and ended the fight with an actual visible punch. While you were distracted, you should have been able to see him sneak behind Josuke. He was in front of Josuke one second, then not even a second later, he was behind Josuke. 

The punch managed to knock Josuke to the ground, resulting in the group of girls screaming. They were about to rush towards him to help him up, when Jotaro yelled, “Shut up! Leave right now!” His voice halted their movements, with a slight blush, they ran away. Once they were gone, he extended his hand, helping Josuke up, despite Josuke saying he’s okay. 

“What I was going to say before you interrupted me was that there’s another reason why I came here,” pausing to pull out a collection of polaroids, which all contained this weird and ominous face, “Grandpa was trying to get a picture of you using his stand, but these showed up instead. They might not even have anything to do with you, but I wanted to warn you about them.”

Finally acknowledging your and Koichi’s presence, Jotaro said, “[name], Koichi, you probably won’t understand why, but avoid this guy at all cost, not even calling the police will help.” Nodding at him, the feeling of anxiety rushed through you. What did this person have that made him so strong?

Glancing at his watch, Jotaro cleared his throat and announced, “It’s 8:29 A.M. The three of you should head to school.” All at the same time, the three of you all came to the sudden realization, you were all late to your first day of school, practically the most important day of the school year. 

“The opening ceremony! We have to go!”

Grabbing his backpack from the ground, Josuke yelled, “[Name] and Koichi, was it? C’mon let’s go!”

After this, the three of you began running as fast as you could. This ceremony was when you’re supposed to get your class schedule and your locker combination. Glancing back at Jotaro, you watched him glance at his watch one more time before walking away. You had a gut feeling that this wasn’t going to be your last meeting with him. At the sound of Koichi reminding you to be careful and look forward, you looked straight ahead and tried to keep up with Koichi and Josuke.

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Stopping momentarily to catch your breath, you felt a rush of relief flow through you once saw that the front gate was still open. In your past schools, they would shut the gates after a certain amount of time, discouraging students to come late or ditch school. The gate still being opened could only mean one thing, the ceremony was still going on, so class hadn’t officially started, at least that’s what you hoped it meant. 

After finally being able to breath without feeling as if your chest was about to explode, you asked, “Where was the opening ceremony supposed to be again?” 

Rummaging through his bag for a bit, Josuke eventually took out a crumbled scrap of paper. Unraveling it and smoothing it out the best he could, he said, “The gym, I think.” 

Leaning towards him, both you and Koichi tried to read what he had in his hands. Upon closer inspection, you realized it was one of those flyers that school handed out during registration. Scanning it, you nodded enthusiastically, confirming what Josuke said. 

Giving him a smile, “Okay, now to find the gym building.” 

It was actually pretty easy finding it. The school had placed flyers practically on every surface they could. It seemed like they knew students would have trouble finding the gym. Following the arrows on the flyers, the three of you eagerly made your way across the school. 

Noticing the gym doors were opened, the three of you shared a glance with one another. After a moment of hesitation, you all dashed towards the door, halting almost immediately. If it wasn’t for your quick reflexes, you would have slammed into Josuke’s back. 

Despite you not actually hitting him, you muttered an apology, to which he waved it off, giving you a small smile, non verbally telling you it was alright. The three of you began to look around the gym, in hopes you’d find a teacher or someone who could help you all find your class schedule at least, but to all of your disappointment, the gym was completely void of anyone. All at once, the three of you came to the same realization, you were all late to first period.

“Aw man, what do we do now? We missed it completely!” Koichi complained, while stuffing his face into his hands. Similar to you, he was also looking forward to his first day of high school. Out of nowhere, the plans he had for this day were completely ruined. Giving him a sympathetic smile, you reached over and began to comfort him. 

Feeling a bit guilty since it was his fault that you had all missed the ceremony, he apologized. “Hey, I’m sorry, you two. You both would have been here if it wasn’t for me.” 

The two of you were surprised at this. Neither of you were blaming him for it, while it did suck that you were late, neither of you were upset with him because of it. Shaking your heads, the two of you began explaining how you weren’t blaming him. Both of your voices were overlapping one another, but Josuke could tell that you two were being honest. It was actually quite funny seeing you two talk over each other. 

Laughing slightly, he spoke up again, no longer feeling guilty, “Thanks, you two. But hey, what class are you guys in? Jotaro said it earlier, but in case you both forget, I’m in class 1-B.”

“Oh, yeah! We haven’t properly introduced ourselves! I’m [First Name] [Last Name] and,” pointing at Koichi, “He’s Koichi Hirose-”

Butting in, Koichi said, “You can just call me Koichi, though, everyone does! We’re in the same class as you, so hopefully we can become friends!” 

“Jotaro basically told everyone my entire life earlier, so I think we’re considered friends now.” Sharing a laugh at his joke, you realized just how comfortable you felt around him. Despite just now being properly introduced, it felt as if the three of you had been through so much already, when in reality it wasn’t even noon yet. His joke had resulted in the mood no longer being down. Having made your first high school friend already, you were looking forward to getting to know him since you all were in the same class. 

Motioning towards the exit with his head, he soon started to lead you two outside the gym, but before you could all get far, he stopped and turned around with a sheepish smile, “Okay, I actually have no clue where our class is.” 

Taking over the position as the leader, you smiled at your newly made friend and said, “I’m sure we’ll find it soon! First though, we should come up with a lie so our teacher won’t give us detention.”


Finding your class was actually more difficult than you thought. After walking past so many classroom doors that you completely lost count, you were confident that the door you now stood in front of was your class, well at least 85% confident. That confidence quickly dropped the moment you stepped in. You could immediately tell that the students in this class weren’t first years. 

Embarrassedly, you asked the teacher, “This isn’t class 1-B, isn’t it?” The sound of scattered laughter only worsened your embarrassment. Seeing the teacher shake his head, you politely excused yourself and closed the door. Red faced, you look at Koichi and Josuke and said, “Let’s keep going.”

It didn’t take much longer from that moment to find the right class. However, you were nervous a repeat of what happened earlier was going to occur. “Okay, so we’re here. I think.” You said, while whispering the last part to yourself. 

You let your hand hover hesitantly over the door handle. All of a sudden, you began feeling nervous again. What if it’s the wrong class again? Or what if the teacher is insanely strict and yells at you all for being late? You shook your head slightly at the thought of this. You had managed to go against four intimidating, buff guys, but here you were, scared of getting yelled at. 

Taking in a deep breath, your hand was about to grasp the handle when Josuke suddenly pushed your hand away gently. Confused that it was taking a while for you to open the door, he glanced at you and was surprised to see you looking extremely nervous. His eyes trailed down your arm and he noticed how badly your hand was shaking. Ah, she’s worried it’ll be the wrong class again.

Whispering, “If you want, I can go in first this time, [name].” Relieved, you gave him a smile and moved aside, letting him stand in front of you, whispering thanks. He took a second to collect himself before taking in a deep breath and opening the door. Following Josuke inside the class with Koichi walking in last, the three of you stood awkwardly in front of the class. 

Since he was the first one to walk in, Josuke began telling the lie that you three had agreed upon. He explained to the teacher that you had all come across an injured person and helped him out, except the injured person was actually the turtle from the fountain. Eyeing the three of you, trying to spot if any of you were lying. After a second, he nodded and gestured towards the rows of desks, telling you all to take a seat. While you would have preferred to sit next to your friends, there weren’t any open seats that were right next to each other. 

Making your way through the rows, you ended up sitting in the middle of the class near a window. Your view wasn’t of the outside courtyard, instead it was of the hallway, but a window was a window and you now had your outlet for when class was getting boring. Koichi ended up in a seat near the front of the class near the door. He was close enough that you could see him rapidly jotting down what was written on the board, but far enough that you couldn’t pass notes to him. 

Mindlessly glancing around the classroom, your eyes landed on Josuke. Out of the three of you, Josuke lucked out. He managed to get a seat near one of the windows that showed the outside. While it was all the way in the back, he had a perfect view of the scenery just outside the building. You hadn’t really looked at him fully, considering how hectic your morning went. From the get go, you could tell he wasn’t like any other guy that you met. Excluding Koichi, pretty much every other guy acted very macho, acting as if nothing fazed them. It wasn’t really something that you found attractive, instead it was the opposite. Josuke, however, showed his sensitive side immediately with the turtle without a care in the world who would see. He didn’t act as if it was unmanly for him to be scared of it. Not only that, his unique appearance also added to his charm. While his hair sported a style that wasn’t so frequent, he still managed to pull it off. 

Without realizing it, you had been staring at him for a while. Josuke, who had been trying to write down what the teacher was saying, couldn’t focus as he felt a pair of eyes watching him. Scanning the room, trying to find the perpetrator, his eyes quickly found their way to you. The instant you made eye contact with him, you lifted your head that was resting against your palm and awkwardly smiled at him. Giving him a small wave with your hand, you turned back towards the whiteboard. You couldn’t believe that you had just been caught staring at him. He must think you’re such a creep. Sneakily you peeked through your arm, trying to see what his reaction was when you noticed he was still looking your way. 

Noticing what you were doing brought a smile to his face. It was kind of cute seeing how shy you’re acting. Seeing him wave at you made you quickly snap your head towards the front of the class again. You were for sure not going to check again. Shaking his head while letting out a small chuckle, his attention was drawn back to the teacher when the word ‘homework’ was mentioned. 


Before you knew it, your first day of school was over. Despite having the weirdest morning you’ve ever had in your life, everything else was going smoothly. You never would have thought that you almost got beat up by a group of delinquents trying to save a stranger. You definitely wouldn’t have thought you would see two people fighting and causing physical pain to each other without even approaching one another. Nonetheless, you were glad nothing else was disrupting your day. Your favorite part so far was finding out that you shared most of your classes with Koichi and Josuke. It seemed like your wish on getting to know him more was going to come true.  

During lunch, you had planned on getting to know him a bit more, but a teacher told you all to report to the main office to get any missed papers and announcements you had all missed during the ceremony. This didn’t really leave much time afterwards to get to know each other, but before you all went your own ways, you had promised to meet up with each other after school to walk home together. 

As promised, you made your way towards the front of the school once your teacher dismissed the class. Nearing the entrance, you looked around and found that Koichi and Josuke had already met up with one another. Noticing you, Koichi waved excitedly which Josuke began doing as well. 

Jogging the remaining distance, you called out, returning their waves, “There you guys are! Thanks for waiting up.”

Once you were close enough, Koichi spoke up, “Hey, [name]! I was just telling Josuke that it might be a good idea to go hear what Jotaro has to say. He made it sound like there’s something really big in this town, something dangerous and I think we should go.” 

“Oh, what do you think about it, Josuke?” You asked. 

“I’m not so sure. I mean, my mom and I have been doing just fine without them and I’ve already caused enough trouble for the Joestar family, I don’t wanna cause even more.”

Slowly nodding, you took in what he said. He clearly felt terrible for something that wasn’t even his fault. Not only that, if he doesn’t want to meet his absent father’s family, then he has the complete right to avoid them. You completely understand his reasoning though. Despite how angry he gets over his hair, he’s so considerate of others feelings. 

“It’s totally fine that you don’t want to go. This is a big thing, so you shouldn’t do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with, but I do think that we should at least walk home together. If what Jotaro and Koichi said, then we should try being safe.”

Josuke couldn’t think of anything to say at this. He was surprised to hear what you thought of it. He was mostly expecting you to side with Koichi since he is your best friend, but hearing you side with him made him feel almost relieved that he wouldn’t have to explain himself further. 

“I didn’t even think of that, [name]. I’m sorry, Josuke. We don’t have to meet up with Jotaro, if you’re not comfortable.” 

Smiling at the two of you, he simply shook his head and said, “Let’s go home.”


While you were nervous that neither of you would have anything in common, conversation flowed easily between you three. As the conversation jumped from topic to topic, you let a smile grow on your face when you realized you were nervous for no reason.

“You like turtles? Really?” 

Laughing when Josuke scrunched his face while asking that, you nodded excitedly. “Yeah, they’re cute! They’re in my top ten favorite animal list.” 

The conversation soon changed into where you lived since you were all getting pretty close to your houses. Shockingly, you all lived in the same neighborhood, just a couple of blocks away from one another. 

“No way! We’ve walked by there before! It’s near the house that’s all abandoned and creepy looking, right?” Koichi asked once Josuke said his house address. 

“Really? How come we’ve never met then?” Josuke asked while tilting his head a bit. He was met with both you and Koichi shrugging your shoulders. 

Giving them a big grin, you said, “Maybe you were already on your way to school when we passed by? Either way, it doesn’t matter now! We’re friends now!”  

Josuke and Koichi were about to agree with you when a police car rushed past you three; its loud and bright siren catching your attention. Tracking it with your eyes, the three of you noticed a large group of people, causing a commotion. Quickly sharing a glance, it was easy to see that you all shared the same thought, is this all from the man Jotaro mentioned earlier? All at once, the three of you ran towards the same direction as the police car. 

As the three of you got closer, the crowd seemed larger than it originally did. Quickly, you found a clearing. Turning back and reaching for Josuke and Koichi, you quietly whispered excuse me as you pulled them slightly towards the front of the crowd. Upon seeing what the main reason was for this large crowd, you immediately let go of their hands and covered your mouth in shock. 

In front of you all was a woman in her 20’s being held at knifepoint by a rugged man. Whatever had happened earlier clearly made him pissed. Ignoring the commands being shouted by the police, he dug the knife even further into her neck, breaking the skin. 

Gasping in realization, Koichi stated, “I know her! She’s ringed me up before. Oh my god, is there anything we can do to help her?” His eyes were stuck on the ongoing scene in front of him, refusing to look away. 

Opening his mouth to speak, Josuke slightly turned to Koichi when the man took the knife off her neck and pointed it towards you three, yelling, “Hey, you brats! Step away from my car!” In shock, you all nervously glanced at each other. 

“Yes, you three! The one with the fucked up hair! I’m not going to tell you again!” 

Josuke’s head snapped towards him. Rage quickly filled him and the urge to confront the man who disrespected his hair overpowered the fact that this is a dangerous situation where he could get hurt. Nonetheless, he stepped forward despite Koichi's and your pleadings for him to stay back. 

The moment the two of you heard what the man yelled, you both slowly turned your head, fearing what Josuke’s reaction would be. From the get go, it was obvious that he cared deeply about his hair. The reason why was something you both were curious about, but it didn’t seem appropriate to ask since you’ve barely met today. 

Noticing him step forward, the two of you lurched forward, hoping to reach him before he was out of range, but it was a second too late since your hands grasped at nothing. The two of you began yelling for him to return, but your shouts were overpowered by the police officers who yelled at Josuke to stop this instant since it can worsen the situation. 

However, similar to your and Koichi’s warning, they fell on deaf ears. He continued walking forward, angrily yelling, “What did you say about my hair?” 

Like how the officer predicted, this simply aggravated the man further. “I’m not going to let a dumb kid like you tell me what to do!” As soon as he yelled this, he tightened his grip on the knife and was about to stab his hostage when all of a sudden they both coughed up an alarming amount of blood, but in a blink of an eye, they appeared normal once Josuke approached them. I’m definitely seeing things , you thought. Despite how confident you felt on knowing you actually saw them get hurt, there were no signs of it ever happening. 

Glancing at Koichi, you whispered, “Did you see that too?” 

Slowly nodding his head, it was apparent that he was just as confused as you were. “I’m not so sure what I saw.” 

About to agree with him, the sound of Josuke grunting grabbed your attention. Turning your head forward again, you realized that the police officers had tackled Josuke onto the ground. Immediately running towards them, you attempted to plead with the police officers, trying to clear his name and save him from getting arrested. 

“Wait! He didn’t actually mean to do any harm! In a way, he kind of helped save her!” 

Leaving Koichi behind, he was left alone with his thoughts. He found it to be a weird coincidence that you all happened to stumble upon something this dangerous, especially after meeting with Jotaro. Not only that, it seemed like you didn’t notice the worried expression Josuke had after defeating the man. This and what Jotaro said seemed too similar. There’s something in this town. Something bad.

Chapter Text

After plenty of convincing, the police officers decided to let Josuke go with a warning, claiming that they didn’t want to get on his grandfather’s bad side after arresting his grandson. Helping him off the ground, he started dusting off his pants and fixing his hair.

“That was pretty reckless, Josuke. You could have gotten badly hurt,” You told him, while crossing your arms across your chest. “But, hey, I have something to ask you. I noticed it before with the turtle and then now with the lady. How are you even healing them? Is this that thing that Jotaro mentioned? Stands, was it?” Hearing this, he straightened up a bit and looked around nervously, almost as if he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have. 

Finally looking at you, Josuke took in your appearance. You had your arms crossed against your chest, it made him feel as if he was being scolded for doing something bad, which in this case, he did do something bad. He recklessly jumped into a dangerous situation, without thinking it through. While he did want to tell you about his stand, he wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea. It could drag you into this crazy mess. You couldn’t even see stands and it would be extremely dangerous if you had to go against one. But, he also felt a bit bad keeping this from you, when you clearly just want to know what’s going on. You guys had just become friends and it didn’t feel right starting off the friendship by lying to them. You and Koichi were his first real friends and it made him feel bad having to keep something from you two. 

Before he could say anything, a police officer walked up to you two and said, “You both should head home now, and you,” pointing at Josuke, “try your best to refrain from jumping into any other dangerous situations. Don’t go making trouble for your grandfather and mother.” Feeling slightly embarrassed, Josuke nodded his head and bashfully agreed. 

As Josuke waved Koichi over, you began talking again, “You don’t have to tell me. It’s none of my business anyway, but please don’t jump into a fight, especially when the other guy has a knife.” 

“I promise I’ll tell you one day, [name] and I’ll try my best.” He said, while finally looking at you face on. Sighing a bit, you smiled back at him. 

“If I see you doing that again, I’ll make sure to bring that turtle to school one day and place it on your desk” You jokingly said, laughing when Josuke started stuttering out a promise to avoid trouble as long as you don’t bring that turtle anywhere near him. Once Koichi reached you two, he started to feel better when he saw you messing around with Josuke. It helped get rid of his fears of something dangerous being in town. 

Beginning to walk home, Koichi brought up Jotaro, saying how he wasn’t going to meet up with him today. When Josuke asked why, he simply said that he’s been through enough for the day. Leaving it at that, you three began talking about today on how crazy it’s been. It didn’t take long before you all reached your house first. Saying your goodbyes, you all exchanged numbers to stay in contact in case something popped up. Waving goodbye, Josuke and Koichi waited until you were inside before continuing their walk home. 

They didn’t live that far from where you lived, so the walk wasn’t that long, but that didn’t stop Koichi from asking Josuke about earlier. “Hey Josuke, what happened after you helped that lady earlier? You were staring at the storm drain for a while, but I didn’t see anything.” Oh no, Josuke thought. Why did you two have to be so attentive? Telling him the same thing he told you, he promised to tell him about it later once he knew for sure it would be safe. 


Getting ready for school the next day, you were so focused on getting your hair just right that the sound of your phone ringing scared the crap out of you. Rushing out of the bathroom and into your room, you answered without even looking at the contact name. 


“Hey [name], it’s me, Josuke. Are you still at home?” Realizing it was him, you placed the phone between your ear and shoulder and continued doing your hair. 

“Oh, hey Josuke! Yeah, I’m almost about to leave. What’s up?” 

“I just wanted to tell you to be safe while walking to school. I might be a bit late, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk with you guys today. I already told Koichi about it.” Noticing that he sounded a bit out of breath, you decided to ask why, to which he said he’d explain after school. Not trying to intrude, you hummed in response. 

“Do you want me to get you today’s assignments from first period or do you think you’ll make it in time for class?”

“Yes, please! I’ll try to get there to at least make it to first period, but I’m not sure. Anyway just be safe while walking to school. Call me if you see anything weird, alright?” 

Thinking it’s a little strange how worried he sounds, you decided to do as he says to not make him worry even more. He’ll probably tell me later, so I shouldn’t stress about it, you thought. 

“Alright. You too, be safe. Make sure to bring an umbrella, it looks like it might rain later on.”

Over at Josuke’s house, he had called Jotaro immediately when he discovered that Angelo’s stand had invaded his mom’s body. Thinking fast, he was able to trap it in a water bottle and keep it trapped until Jotaro came to pick it up. Once Jotaro hung up after saying he’s on his way, the next people he thought of were you and Koichi. Knowing that the stand user was still somewhere in Morioh, he knew he had to tell you two to be cautious until they defeat Angelo.  

Looking at the bottle that contained the stand, he shook it vigorously to make sure it was still there. Chuckling to himself when the stand appeared looking angry, he thought to himself, this is fun. Deciding the best way to best pass time was to play video games, he started playing until Jotaro arrived. 


Looking out of your bedroom window, you saw Koichi walking up. Rushing out to meet him, you yelled bye to your parents as you ran down your stairs. 

“Good morning, Koichi!” 

“Morning, [name]. Josuke called you, right? I’m already freaked out a bit from yesterday and now with him saying that, I feel like there actually is something here.” 

“Yeah, you’re not the only one, but I’m sure everything will be fine. Maybe we can ask him about it later on during class or lunch.” 

Continuing on, the two of made it to school without any trouble. Nothing seemed strange during your walk, so maybe Josuke just got paranoid from yesterday. Clearing your head, you began focusing on today’s lecture. However, as the day went on and he didn’t show up, the thought that something was out there kept popping up. You started to freak yourself out. What if something happened to him? What if the guy from yesterday escaped and wanted to hurt him as revenge for yesterday? 

The bell began ringing, snapping you out of your thoughts. He had missed the entire school day. Making up your mind, you decided that you would head over to his house after picking up all of the work he missed. However, before heading to the other teachers, you looked for Koichi to tell him your plan and see if he wanted to come too.

“Sorry, [name]. I’d really like to go with you, but I just couldn't stop thinking about what Jotaro and Josuke said. I’m heading over to the library today to see if I can find anything about it. Would you let me know if he’s okay, though?”

“Yeah, of course. Be safe getting there, okay?” Nodding his head, he slightly waved at you before walking towards the library. After waiting until you couldn’t see him anymore, you jogged back into the school building to meet up with his teachers. As you got all of his work, all of them began praising you on being a good friend, with one even saying how you’re a good girlfriend. Bashfully, you told him that you weren’t dating him and that you had just become friends with him yesterday. Finally getting everything, you embarked on your walk to his house, making sure to get out your umbrella since the sky was starting to turn grey. 

Reaching his house, you knocked on his door and waited politely. Maybe it was the gloomy weather, but something seemed off. Glancing at the windows, your eyes snapped back to the door when you heard the door open. 

Not really expecting his mom to open the door, you stammered out, “Uh, hello, Ms. Higashikata. I’m [first name] [last name]. I’m one of Josuke’s friends. I was wondering if Josuke is okay. He said he was going to come late, but he didn’t even show up at school today. I also got all of the work he missed out.” 

Before you could say anything else, she raised her hand as a way to stop you and quietly said, “Hi, dear. Something bad happened earlier today. My dad, his grandpa, passed away. He’s been in his room ever since. I don’t know if he’s up for visitors, but I’ll let him know you’re here.” Feeling terrible that you just barged in while they’re grieving, you quickly shook your head and told her it’s fine. 

“I’m really sorry for your loss, Ms. Higashikata. If it’s alright with you, would it be okay for me to go to the store and buy Josuke some snacks. I’m not sure if it’ll really help, but I heard food sometimes help.” Slightly surprised, she smiled gently and nodded. She was glad that Josuke had a good friend that cared about him. 

“Is there something I could get for you as well, Ms. Higashikata?”

“Thank you for asking [name], but I’m okay.” Handing her Josuke’s assignments, you quickly said goodbye, promising to return quickly. Opening your umbrella, you carefully ran to a nearby store. It was still raining and the ground was extremely wet, so you made sure to be careful so you don’t slip. 

Reaching the store, you came to the realization that you had no clue what he likes and dislikes. You didn’t even know if he was allergic to anything. Heading towards the junk food section, you grabbed chips, chocolates, and other candies that seemed safe for people with allergies. You regretted not grabbing a basket since the snacks were almost falling out of your arms. Walking towards the cashier, you passed by the frozen food section. Maybe I should get him ice cream, you thought. Looking at your options, you didn’t know which to get. There are so many options, but you ultimately decided on vanilla. Everyone likes vanilla, so that was the safest bet. Finally reaching the cashier, they gave you a weird look considering how much food you had. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, you told them it was for a friend. Fishing out your wallet, you paid for everything and carefully placed them into your book bag. 

While organizing everything so it could fit well, you had an idea. He probably doesn’t want to talk to anyone soon, so leaving a note would be a perfect way to let him know that you were there for him. Crouching down, you pulled out one of your notebooks and tore out a page from the back.

Quickly jotting down your thoughts, you told him how he could come to you if he needs someone to talk to or that if he needed something, he can ask you and you’d go get it for him. Looking over it to see if it made sense, you made small changes here and there to make it flow better. Satisfied with the final product, you folded it in half and placed it back into your bag. You held onto your bag with one hand and held onto the ice cream container with the other since it didn’t fit. With that, you started your trip back to Josuke’s house. The rain had lifted into a slight drizzle, so you didn’t need your umbrella. Good thing, too, since your hands were occupied. 

Walking up to his door, you knocked on the door softly, this time trying not to interrupt them in case they were talking. When she opened the door, she smiled at you, noticing how overfilled your bag was. Moving to the side to let you in, she told you where his room is. Smiling back at her, you quietly made your way to his door and took everything out from your bag. You neatly placed them all in front of his door, except for the tub of ice cream, which you were planning to give to Ms. Higashikata to place in the freezer. After getting everything out, you hesitated on what to do with the note. You weren’t sure whether to slide it under his door or place it on top of the snacks. Opting for the latter, you made your way to the front of the house to ask his mom if you could place the ice cream in the freezer. Not finding her in the living room, you quietly made your way to the kitchen in hopes that you would find her there. 

Sighing in relief when you found her, you quietly said, “Hi, Ms. Higashikata. I don’t want to bother you, but I brought over vanilla ice cream and I was wondering if it would be okay if I put it in your freezer?” 

Looking at you from her seat at the table, she said, “Did you know that vanilla is my favorite flavor, [name]? Come here, let’s eat a bit.” Getting up to get two spoons and bowls, you moved over to help, but she ushered you to sit down instead. 

Not knowing what to say, you started complimenting their house. “It’s a lovely place, Ms. Higashikata. It’s very homey and nice.” Thanking you, she handed you a bowl of ice cream and a spoon, to which you thanked her for. 

“I would do this with my dad, you know? Whenever I would get upset, he would take me to the nearby ice cream parlor down the street and we’d share a banana split. He’d always pester me about always getting a simple flavor, like vanilla, but I can’t help that it’s my favorite flavor” Smiling at the memory, she scooped up some ice cream and began eating it. You felt glad that she trusted you enough to tell you this, despite just meeting her today. 

“He sounds like an amazing dad, Ms. Higashikata. I’m sure he was an amazing person, as well."

“Thank you [name]. I’m glad Josuke has a friend like you.” 

“You know, we just met on our first day of high school. He gets into trouble a lot when it comes to his hair, but he’s a really nice and genuine person. I’m glad we’re friends.” Chuckling, she agreed. The two of you began talking about Josuke, mostly her telling you funny stories about him. During that time, she realized that she finally started thinking about something else that wasn’t about her dad. It made her feel better about everything. Before the two of you realized, your bowls were empty and it was getting late. Realizing this, you got up to wash your dishes, but she told you it was fine.

Walking with you to the door, you turned around and said, “It was really nice meeting you, Ms. Higashikata. Thank you for the ice cream and again, I’m sorry for your loss. If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.” 

“Thanks, [name]. You’ve done plenty. I’m sure Josuke will appreciate it. Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you home?” 

“It’s okay! I live pretty close, so it isn’t a long walk. Thank you though.”

Waving goodbye, you started walking home. Looking back at their house, you could only hope that they start feeling better soon.

Chapter Text

The next few days went by slowly. You didn’t do much these days that didn’t revolve around your school work. Since Josuke never contacted you two since that day, you figured that Josuke and his family were taking space to grieve and heal. You decided it would be best to leave them be. What you did instead was take an extra set of notes for Josuke on things that he’s been missing. 

Josuke wasn’t the only one who wasn’t talking to you that much. Once the school day ends, Koichi immediately leaves the school and heads to the library. Normally you would have followed him, but it seemed that whatever he was doing was something important and you didn’t want to disturb him. Sighing to yourself, you began packing up your stuff once the bell rang. Expecting today to be like the rest, you headed straight home once you were packed up. 

Hearing footsteps heading your direction, you quickly turned around. While it's been a few days since you met Jotaro, what he said about there being someone dangerous that not even the police could do anything would randomly pop in your head, making you feel paranoid lately. Seeing that it was just Koichi, and not some murderer, you sighed in relief and waved at him. 

“Long time no see, buddy. What have you been up to?”

Awkwardly chuckling a bit, “I’m really sorry, [name] for sort of ignoring you these past few days and I probably should have told you what I’ve been doing, but I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t making things up.”

“Making what up? And it’s okay, just next time tell me, okay? It was getting lonely.” Feeling a tad guilty when he heard you say this, he apologized again, which you waved off saying it’s fine. 

“But what do you mean, making things up? What are you even talking about?” 

“I think it might be better for me to show you.”

“Oh, wow, Koichi. You really spent a lot of time here.” In front of you was a table with piles of endless files and notebooks. They ranged from police records to old newspapers. 

“Yeah, but it was for a good reason. Here, look, since the beginning of this year, 81 people have gone missing, 45 of those being young girls and boys. That’s so much higher than the nation’s missing people rate.” Opening the nearest folder, everything he was saying was true. It contained over 20 missing people flyers and you were sure the other folders had even more. Seeing all of these pictures of people who were missing was very depressing. All of these people have been missing for a while and they’ll most likely not be returning home. You felt guilty for not realizing what has been going on in your town. 

“I think it has something to do with what Jotaro said, [name]. Whether it’s the guy in the polaroid he showed us or something completely else, there is something out there.” Handing you his notebook, you read over all of his notes and started making even more connections. It’s astonishing that neither of you had not noticed what’s been going on. Pulling up chairs to the table, the two of you began looking over everything to see if there’s something Koichi didn’t see the first time. 

Getting startled at the sound of your phone ringing, you quickly exited the room to not disturb the library’s silent environment. Finally outside, you looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Josuke. You really missed him these past few days, even though you just recently met him. Excited to talk to him and see how he’s doing, you answered it as fast as you could. 

“Josuke! Hi! How are you?”

“Hi [name]. I’m doing good, better now. I just wanted to call to see how you are and thank you for what you did. It was really thoughtful of you.”

You started smiling once you heard he was doing well. “It was nothing. It was the least I could have done. I’m just glad you’re doing well.”

“My mom was telling me how you even helped her feel a bit better as well. So thank you [name], for helping us both out. I also wanted to ask you how much everything cost, so I can pay you back.”

“No, it’s okay! Don’t even worry about it! I’m just glad you’re feeling better. That’s what’s most important.”

“Still, let me repay you, it’ll make me feel better about everything. Do you like coffee? I’ll pay!” 

“Um, I don’t really like coffee, but if you insist, I’ll take a milkshake instead, if that’s okay.” He then told you that it’s fine and that he prefers milkshakes over coffee anyway. Chuckling at that, you two agreed to meet up this upcoming weekend. 

While you knew it wasn’t an actual date, you couldn’t lie and say it didn’t make you feel warm inside. Josuke is very handsome, he has a bunch of fangirls to prove it, but you guys were just friends. You just met him, too! You didn’t even know if he was dating someone. You’ve never seen him with someone else but who knows? They might go to a completely different school. Despite all of this, you started feeling nervous, yet excited for the weekend to come. 

Asking where you guys are, you told him that you and Koichi were at the library. Telling you he’s on his way, you told him to be safe and walked back inside to tell Koichi about it.

It wasn’t that long until he showed up, slightly scaring the both of you since neither of you were expecting him to get there so soon. Waving as he walked in, the two of you hurried towards him. You weren’t the only one who missed him, seeing as Koichi was just as eager as you to finally see him in person. 

When you had called him that day you went to check on Josuke, he was devastated when he heard about his grandfather’s death. While he wanted to go check on him, he couldn’t help but think that his death was connected to what Jotaro said. However, he made sure to send him text messages and leave voicemails to let him know that he’s there for him. Seeing Josuke made him feel a lot better, since he was joking around and acting like normal. 

Quickly reassuring the two of you that he’s better, the two of you began telling him about everything that he’s missed from school. Without either of you realizing it, your voices began getting louder and louder. At one point, the three of you began laughing over something funny that had happened during P.E. Soon enough, your laughs had caused the librarian to quickly make her way to you three and proceeded to kick you guys out. 

Leaving the library with your faces flushed with red from embarrassment, you all looked at each other and started laughing even harder. 

“She’ll never let me come back! I’m so embarrassed!” Koichi exclaimed while shoving his face into his hands. Despite Josuke and you reassuring him that it’s fine and that the librarian will let him back in, he still refused, shaking his head. As an attempt to cheer him up, Josuke invited you both to his house to play videogames. 

During the walk there, you noticed a weird looking rock that wasn’t always there, but Josuke paid no attention to it, simply saying, “Yo, Angelo.” Looking at Koichi who simply shrugged, the two of you repeated what he said and continued on.

Out of the corner of your eye, something bright caught your attention. Quickly looking towards it’s direction, you found out that it was coming from the second floor of this abandoned home. However, the light quickly went away when you turned around.  

“Hey, you guys. Is someone living here? I could have sworn I saw a candle lit.” Turning around at the sound of your voice, the two of them now stood slightly behind you as you all stood in front of the house. 

“I think I saw it too, but it went away so fast, so I just thought I was seeing things.” Shaking his head, Josuke quickly told you that no one’s lived there since he could remember because it’s so broken down and that he’d noticed if someone moved in since his house is right across the street. 

“Yeah, I guess you're right. What if you saw a ghost, [name]?”

Josuke quickly exclaimed, “Don’t say that, Koichi! Ghosts are scary and we’re right near my house. What if you lead them to it?” Laughing at how scared he got, you turned around and in your best creepy voice, while wiggling your fingers at him, you said his name to freak him out. It was pretty funny seeing him get so scared over so many things, despite him being so brave and sometimes intimidating when it comes to his hair. 

As the two of you were messing around, you mainly trying to scare him a bit, Koichi looked back at the house and saw the light flicker on again. Glancing at the two of you to see if you saw it as well, he saw that you both were facing the opposite way, still messing around and laughing. Walking closer to the house, he peeked his head through the gate to get a closer look, despite there being a ‘No Trespassing’ sign. However, out of nowhere, the gate slammed closed on Koichi’s neck, trapping him and choking him at the same time.

Hearing the gate creaked, you stopped joking around with Josuke and turned towards the house. Upon seeing Koichi’s neck being trapped and him struggling to get free, you yelled out, “Koichi!” Before either of you could get close to him, the two of you noticed a tall boy with two scars on his face crossing together to make an ‘X’. 

Josuke yelled, “What are you doing?! Let him go!”     

“What are you three doing in front of my house?!”

Noticing he wasn’t doing anything to help set him free, you stepped forward to hellp Koichi. You couldn’t take hearing anymore of Koichi’s stuttering, ugly gasps for air. However, before you can get too close, he yelled at you to back away. Fearing for your safety, but still wanting to save your friend, you were about to take a small step back towards Josuke, when out of nowhere an arrow shot from the second floor impaled Koichi’s neck. 

Screaming in shock, you rushed forward to help him, but were pulled back by Josuke grabbing onto your hand. Glancing at him, his face was consorted with fear and shock. You were sure that you had the same look on your face. 

“I was hoping to turn him into a stand user, so we could use him, but I guess that’s not happening. My next choice is you, babe,” a new voice called out, “Okuyasu, he’s the one who defeated Angelo. Make sure to get rid of him.”

You unconsciously tighten your grip onto Josuke’s hand, hearing this. Tugging your hand slightly, Josuke quietly whispered, “[name], get outta here. I’ll take care of Koichi.” Letting your hand go, he motioned for you to start running, by tilting his head to the left. Koichi had already gotten hurt, he couldn’t let you get hurt as well. He had no idea what he was going to do, but he had to protect his friends. 

Before you could start to run away, you were dragged closer to Okuyasu. You had no idea how he did it, since he was still near the gate. 

“Not so fast! Josuke Higashikata! I, Okuyasu Nijimura, will make you disappear,” pointing at you, “and bring you to my brother!” 

Okuyasu moved to grab you, but Josuke ran in front of you and punched him, despite not moving his arm. 

“Use your stand, Okuyasu! Make sure to kill him and take the girl! Maybe she’ll become a stand user, unlike their friend.”

“I know! I know!” Sounding a little annoyed when he said this, his brother continued on giving him orders, believing Okuyasu wasn’t giving it his all. 

Taking advantage of this, you slowly inched towards Koichi. During their bickering, the gate had opened, letting Koichi fall to the ground. You shakily placed your hand to his wrist to check for a pulse, and sighed in relief when you felt one. Your main concern now was the amount of blood he was losing due to the arrow in his neck. Glancing at Josuke, he was slowly approaching as well. Mouthing to him, “He’s okay.” Receiving a nod from him, you decided to let him deal with Okuyasu, while you stayed with Koichi. You stayed low and placed your hands on his neck to try to stop him from bleeding out. 

Out of nowhere, you got pushed to the side. You weren’t sure whether it was from the push or something else, but you felt a gush of wind. Quickly, getting back up, you turned around and saw nothing. You glanced over at Josuke to see that he was worriedly staring at you. 

Josuke felt relief flow through him when he realized that his stand made it. If he was a second late, Okuyasu’s stand would have gotten you two. For someone whose brother had told him to bring you to him, he was acting recklessly and almost hit the both of you. Looking away from you, he noticed the ‘No Trespassing’ sign looked different. Instead, it said ‘no passing’. 

Coming to the conclusion, he exclaimed, “Your stand can erase things.”

“You’re right! It has the power to scrape away things! Things that don't get scrapped get stuck together. If it wasn’t for you, these two would have been gone. I don’t even know where they go, but they wouldn’t come back ever.” 

Without warning, Josuke was dragged towards him and punched. Despite jumping back, he kept getting dragged and hit. 

“I scraped the space between us, Josuke! No matter what you do, you won’t get away!” He continued dragging him and punching him. As Josuke jumped back one last time, you noticed the plant pots on the wall behind him were close to falling off. 

Before you can even warn Josuke of them, a hand wrapped around your nose and mouth, muffling any noise to try to yell for help. 

Clawing at the hands that were now suffocating you, you stopped once when he leaned down and whispered in your ear, “You should calm down, unless you want me to kill him right here.” Reaching around you, the owner of the hand grabbed onto the arrow, yanking it out, causing even more blood to gush out.

“It’s my duty to retrieve and protect this. I can’t let anything happen to it.” 

Dragging you away from Koichi, you kicked and thrashed around in fear of getting separated from Koichi and Josuke. Yet, no matter what you did, you couldn’t break free. He was insanely strong. Tears started flowing out when the two of you went through the doorway. As you were dragged in, you started to remember the 81 missing people. The only thing going through your head was that you were going to be the 82nd missing person.

“Don’t cry, sweetheart. You’ll thank me once you become a stand user. But if you don’t, and end up like your friend, then whoops.”

Hearing footsteps, your head snapped towards the door. Relief flooded through you when you realized it was Josuke. 


Before he could finish saying your name, the man holding you stabbed you in the chest with the arrow, cutting him off.

Chapter Text

Jumping back after getting punched, Josuke heard slight clattering behind him. Before Okuyasu could drag him back, he quickly glanced behind him and saw that the wall was now closer to him than it originally was. The plant pots on it were on the verge of falling off as well. Quickly forming a plan, Josuke decided that letting the pots hit Okuyasu would be the best option there is to end this fight. Getting dragged once again, Josuke crouched to avoid the flying pots. Luckily for him, his plan worked out perfectly. The pots hit Okuyasu straight on, knocking him out. 

Walking over, he debated whether he should do anything else to make sure he stayed down. Snapping out of it when he heard groaning, he quickly made his way to Koichi to find him alone. Frantically looking around to see where you went, he managed to catch a glimpse of your foot before it got dragged inside the house. Gritting his teeth, he kneeled down and gently hovered his hands over Koichi’s neck and brought Crazy Diamond out to heal him. Before he could go save you, he had to save Koichi first. ‘[Name] would kill me if I let anything happen to Koichi,’ he thought to himself. 

Slowly opening his eyes, Koichi furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, “What happened? Where’s [name]? Wait,” pointing at Okuyasu, “Who is that and what happened to him?” Koichi’s eyes drifted from Okuyasu to the blue and pink stand floating behind Josuke. Loudly gasping, he shoved himself back and began pointing at it. Not being able to say a word from how shocked he is, he kept pointing at it. 

Josuke worriedly turned around, in fear that Okuyasu got up. Seeing only his stand, he turned back around and asked, “Wait, Koichi, you can see him?” Confused at how calm Josuke is, he furiously nodded in hopes that he can explain what it is. Josuke’s eyes widened. Thinking to himself, he tried figuring out how he can see him. He’s used his stand before, but neither you or Koichi said anything. You guys suspected there was something going on, but neither of you actually saw it. The only difference now was that Koichi was stabbed by the arrow. That must be it! 

“Koichi, I think the arrow gave you a stand. I’ll explain this later, but for right now, head over to the Grand Hotel and ask for Jotaro Kujo! Go and tell him about this!” Quickly getting up, he sprinted towards the front door without giving Koichi the chance to say anything else. Who knows what Okuyasu’s older brother has done to you. He shook his head. He refused to think about all the bad things that could have happened to you. Reaching the entrance, he looked inside and saw you being held by his brother. 

“[Name]-” As soon as he heard Josuke call out your name, he stabbed you with the arrow. Coughing up blood, your vision slowly darkened and eventually turned pitch black. The last thing you saw was Josuke’s terrified expression. 

“You bastard!” 

Going limp in his arms, you almost fell onto the ground but Okuysau’s brother caught you, saying, “I have to make sure nothing happens to the arrow. I gotta keep it safe and properly put it away.” Moving his hand to grab the arrow, he was interrupted by Josuke.  

“Don’t pull it out! It’ll make her bleed even more!” 

However, his warning did nothing. He proceeded to pull it out, causing you to bleed out even faster now that nothing was applying pressure to the wound. Once it was out, he let you go. Seeing this infuriated Josuke, he ran towards you in hopes of catching you before you fell on the ground. However, he didn’t get very far before movement in the shadows caught his attention. 

From behind him, Okuyasu yelled out, “I haven’t lost yet, Keicho! Hold off on attacking him!” However, that didn’t stop his brother as whatever was in the shadows began shooting at Josuke. Before he could even think to dodge, he was shoved to the side by someone else, leaving Okuyasu in the firing range. Looking back, he saw that it was Koichi who had pushed him. 

“Koichi?! What’re you doing here?” 

“I’m not going to leave my friends behind when they’re in trouble! I’m staying to help save [name]!” Surprised at Koichi’s exclamation, Josuke smiled slightly and nodded. He’s actually really brave, Josuke thought. Their attention was then drawn to Keicho when he started talking.

“How stupid you are never ceases to amuse me, Okuyasu. If you hadn't blindly run in here, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Your stand might be strong, but you’re pretty incompetent.” Despite hurting his younger brother, he continued firing, not caring who gets hurt. Pissed that he was acting this reckless and even risking his brother’s life, Josuke grabbed onto Koichi and pulled him towards Okuyasu. They had to get out of his aim if they wanted to get out alive. Reaching to grab onto Okuyasu, his hand got shot at. However, that didn’t stop him and firmly grabbed onto the front of his uniform and used Crazy Diamond to punch a hole in the wall to escape. Once they were outside, he quickly fixed the wall to prevent anymore firing. 

Sighing once he realized they escaped, Keicho said, “I doubt they’ll leave without her. I’ll just kill him when he comes back to get here. I’ll make sure to keep this bow and arrow safe, even if it means killing them.” With that, he picked you up and began walking up the stairs.


Outside, Josuke and Koichi were trying to figure out Keicho’s stand. 

“Tell me about your brother’s stand and I’ll heal you in return.” 

Coughing slightly, Okuyasu said, “Like hell I’d tell you.” Josuke glanced at Koichi and back at the house. There isn’t a lot of time left before you bleed out. Quietly sighing, he brought out his stand and healed him anyway.  

“Wait, why’d you heal me? I didn’t tell you anything.”

 “I’ll tell you later. We have to go save [name].” 

Motioning for Koichi to follow him, they entered through the front door again and quietly creeped towards the stairs, following the blood trail. Digging through his pocket, Koichi took out a handkerchief and gave it to Josuke. Giving a smile as thanks, Josuke wrapped his bloody hand. Trying to be as quiet as possible, they began climbing up the stairs. As they got closer to the second floor, it started getting more and more ominous.

“Wait! I still have more questions!” Jumping from how loud and unexpected it was, with Koichi letting out a small scream, they both turned around to find Okuyasu behind them. 

Quickly shushing him, Koichi whispered, “Please be quiet! We’re trying to save [name].”

“But why did he save me and why can’t he use his stand to heal his hand?” 

“Look, earlier I thought, there’s no reason for him to die. My stand can heal anyone except me, I have no way of bringing back people who have died. If [name] dies, I don't know what I'm gonna do to your brother, so don’t hold it against me. Got it? If you do, please go outside.”

Continuing up the stairs, they find you laying in the center of a room. 

Koichi looked at Josuke and said, “It’s gotta be a trap. There’s no way he’d just let us get her this easily.”

“Even if it’s a trap, we still have to go. [name] doesn’t have a lot of time left. I’ll go in first and then-” Before he could finish his sentence, Okuyasu brought out his stand and brought you closer to them. 

“Because I’m stupid, I just act on what’s in my heart. Just this once, I’ll repay my debt to you, Josuke. I won’t help you anymore.”As quick as he helped, he descended down the stairs and left. Not wasting any second, Josuke started healing you. Both him and Koichi held their breaths as they watched for any sign of life. However, it was quickly released when they saw your chest move up and down as you breathed. Opening your eyes, you looked around confused as to how you got there. All you could remember was seeing Josuke look worried. 

“Where are we?” Considering how lifeless you looked a couple of seconds ago, the two were extremely happy seeing you back to normal. Looking from Josuke to Koichi, you suddenly remembered that Koichi was bleeding from his neck earlier. 

“Wait, wait, wait! How are you okay, Koichi?! You got shot with an arrow!”

Awkwardly chuckling, Koichi started explaining how Josuke saved him using his stand, but that made you even more confused. 

Noticing how even more confused you are, Josuke said, “There’s not enough time right now, but I’ll explain everything, I promise. If what it did to Koichi happened to you too, then you’re going to be really confused. But for right now, we have to leave. I’m just not sure whether Okuyasu’s brother will let us go.” Extending his hand towards you, you grabbed onto it and he gently pulled you up. 

Before you could leave the room, you noticed slight movement near the ceiling. Seeing it as well, Josuke pushed you and Koichi behind him.

“For now, don’t ask any questions and just stay close to me. We’re getting outta here.” 

Out of nowhere, a bunch of toy soldiers began falling from the ceiling. They started firing again. While Josuke took the most hits, a few managed to hit you. Hearing you yelp, Josuke used Crazy Diamond to attack them. He managed to hit some, but there were too many of them to make an impact. Completely overwhelmed with what’s going on, you decided to do what he said and stay behind him. 

Looking around for an exit, Koichi found an opened door that led to the room next door. Tapping Josuke’s shoulder, he pointed towards the door. Getting what he meant, Josuke covered you and Koichi as you all ran to the other room. Slamming the door shut once Josuke ran in, you all began looking for a way to escape. However, the room was pretty much empty. Even the windows were boarded up. 

Gasping, you exclaimed, “The windows! I know we’re on the second floor, but I think that’s the way out!” Running up to the windows, you abruptly stopped when you noticed small flying helicopters. Backing up, you yelled, “Watch out!” Grabbing Josuke and Koichi, you dragged them to the floor to dodge them.

“Wait, so you can see them too? Just like Koichi?” Josuke whispered. 

“Yeah, but I have no idea what’s going on.”

Hearing footsteps, the three of you looked towards the door and saw Keicho. 

“Oh, so your friends did survive, and they both became stand users? What luck I have.” Figuring that it’s best to take advantage of him while he’s talking, Josuke grabbed a few nails behind him and threw them at him, but his stand fired at it, turning them into small harmless pieces. 

Laughing, Keicho said, “No matter what you do, it won’t reach me. My stand is-”

Cutting him off, Josuke angrily said, “You really came out here to brag about your stand?”

Shaking his head, he said, “Not at all, I’m here to watch them. Koichi and [name], was it? I knew you two would become stand users. One of you might have the ability I'm looking for,” walking closer towards you two, “If you do have it, I’ll let you live.” 

“What the hell are you looking for?”  

“Shut the hell up, Josuke! I haven’t changed my mind on killing you, but for right now, be a good friend and show them how to bring out their stands.” 

Looking at the two of you, Josuke knew that the only way out of this was if one of your stands could defeat Keicho’s. Leaning down, he whispered, “Just picture yourself trying to protect yourself or beating his ass. After that, the rest is natural.” You and Koichi, however, were still confused. It wasn’t even that long since you two got your stands and neither of you knew anything about them. Looking at you, Koichi saw how stressed and worried you were. Earlier when he was trapped in between the gate, moments before he passed out, he remembered you trying to help him. Even though you were risking getting hurt by Okuyasu, you didn’t care and made your way to him. Koichi thought, ‘I have to protect my friends.’ 

Without waiting any further, he stepped forward, with a look of determination on his face. Suddenly, a green and white patterned egg appeared. It landed in front of the three of you. You all looked astonished. Koichi has successfully called out his stand. 

“Woah, Koichi. Can you try moving it?”

Attempting to move it, the only thing that happened to the egg shaped stand was that it cracked slightly. No longer feeling brave, Koichi began apologizing for not being much help. However, none of you noticed that Keicho seemed alarmed at the cracking. Making up his mind, he decided that maybe Koichi would be the one to save his dad. He didn’t even want to bother seeing what type of stand you had. Moving to attack the stand to make it hatch from the egg, he sent Bad Company towards it. 

“Wait, Koichi! Move it! If it gets hit, you’ll get hurt as well!” Not being able to move it any more, Josuke kicked it out of the way, which led to Koichi getting thrown to the other side of the room. Yelling out an apology, he tugged you behind him and protected the two of you with his stand. This time, Josuke was able to block most of the shots. However, while you two were unscathed for the most part, the room was almost destroyed. 

“If you’re gonna make flashy attacks and destroy this house, then I’ll do the same.” Reaching forward to slightly tug on the edge of his jacket, you whispered in his ear if there was anything you could do to help. Shaking his head, Josuke kept you behind him. He already felt bad for kicking Koichi across the room. If only he had distracted you two from the house earlier, then none of you would be in this situation. Something Jotaro told Josuke popped in his head, ‘Stand users attract other stand users.’ Not only did the two of you have to figure out and get used to your stands, but now you’re at a risk of getting injured from other stand users. It was up to him to get everyone out safe. He was the only one who could do something, even at the cost of him getting hurt. 

Glaring at Keicho, who simply smirked, he said, “Hey, Josuke. Is it true that you absolutely hate it when someone insults your hair?” 

“I don’t know. Why don’t you try and see for yourself?”  

Seeing him approach made Josuke shuffle a little to the left to make sure you were completely behind him. You were feeling completely useless right now. You were trying your best to summon your stand, but to no avail. No matter what you did, it just wouldn’t come out. You were beginning to think that maybe the arrow didn’t turn you into a stand user like they said. Looking to see if Koichi was okay, you felt a bit relieved to see that he appeared to be okay despite getting flung. Realizing Keicho was talking, you shifted your eyes towards him. 

“First, I'll take out your legs, then your arms, and finally I’ll blow your brains out.”

Taking a step forward to attack, Josuke unknowingly stepped onto a toy landmine, triggering it, injuring his right leg. It effectively took him down. Groaning in pain, he grabbed onto his leg as he fell. While laughing, Keicho exclaimed, “Everything’s going exactly as I planned. It feels so good when things go as I said.” True to his word, Keicho didn’t stop his attacks. He was set on killing Josuke. The group of helicopters came back and started aiming at Josuke’s arms. 

Feeling a rush of adrenaline, you jumped in and yelled, “Josuke!” Without realizing it, you had summoned your stand. A dark shadowy figure swiped at the helicopters with it’s claw shaped hand before they could launch the next round of missiles. However, seeing that honestly scared you a bit, so you hesitated on what to do next. You weren’t expecting your stand to come out, so you were stuck on what to do next. You nervously looked at Josuke to see if he had any advice on dealing with your stand, but he was busy looking at your stand. However, before you could ask Josuke for help, Keicho spoke. 

“Oh? So you figured out how to summon your stand, huh? You got a pretty good hit, but it’s useless. You don’t even know how to use it yet.” You tensed up when you heard this. He was right. You had no clue on how to ask your stand to attack. You don’t even know how you summoned it. Trying to appear unbothered, you mimicked a similar fighting stance that you saw Josuke do earlier. ‘Josuke did say the rest was natural. Maybe it’ll move by itself,’ you thought to yourself. 

But before you could try attacking again, Josuke spoke up, “She doesn’t, but I do.” As soon as he said this, the missiles from earlier flew towards Keicho and successfully knocked him out from the explosion they caused. 

“In case you forgot, Crazy Diamond can repair what’s been destroyed.”

Chapter Text

Raising your arms to brace yourself from the explosion, you unknowingly brought back your stand. It had disappeared into a nearby shadow. Once the smoke began to clear out, you and Koichi ran towards Josuke. The two of you made sure to avoid stepping in any glass shards or pieces of rubble left from the explosion.

“Is your leg okay? Can you stand?” The two of you helped him up on his feet. You went to his right side to help support him. Wrapping his arm around your shoulders, you hooked your left arm around his waist to support him. 

“Yeah, I’ll be okay for the most part, but what about the two of you? Your stands didn’t get hit, did it?” 

You said, “I’m okay, I think. I’m not sure where it even went, but I think it’s okay.”

“Yeah, me too. I think I called it back.” 

After waiting for Josuke to adjust himself, you began helping him walk towards the stairs, but stopped when Koichi spoke up.

“But what about the bow and arrow? We have to go get it. What if they end up using it again on someone innocent and it kills them? Josuke, you’re not going to be there to save them.” He’s right, you thought. The two of you were lucky that Josuke’s stand could heal, but you doubt that there was someone else in this town who could do that. If you guys don’t retrieve the bow and arrow, more people would end up dying. 

“Josuke got hurt pretty bad, Koichi,” looking up at Josuke, you continued on saying, “but you’re right. I’ll help you get outside and then I’ll come right back to help you look for the bow and arrow, Koichi.” Nodding his head in agreement, Koichi stayed behind while you and Josuke began walking towards the stairs. Starting to go down, Josuke stopped you from going down any further. Thinking you hurt him by accident, you looked up at him in concern and asked him what’s wrong. He simply shook his head and started turning towards Koichi. 

“I’m not going to leave you two here. Let’s just hurry up and snap it. Then, we can finally get the hell outta here.” Whether it’s because you two recently got stands, but the both of you were being extremely brave and strong in his eyes, despite the dangerous situation. 


After a few minutes, you three reached the door to the attic. Seeing it was slightly opened, Koichi slowly got closer. Koichi carefully peeked through the gap and saw the bow and arrow hanging on the wall. He was about to push the door open when something inside started groaning. 

Slightly regretting this, Koichi jumped back immediately and whimpered out, “I’m scared, you guys. What should we do? It sounds like something is tied up in there.” 

“I don’t know. You’re the one who insisted on getting it,” Josuke told him. Looking at the door, you quickly shushed them. 

“Okay, you guys, we have to go in there somehow. We should do it soon before Keicho wakes up,” seeing them nod in agreement, you said, “Since it hasn’t noticed us yet, we should sneak in quietly. This way neither Keicho or what’s inside can hear us.” 

Koichi moved towards the door again and began to carefully push the door open. However, before he could open it wide enough, a green bumpy hand grabbed onto his hand and yanked him inside. Yelling his name, you and Josuke grabbed onto him to pull him back. With both your strengths combined, you two were able to free Koichi from its grasp, but it led to the hand grabbing onto Koichi to break off from its owner. 

Screaming from shock, you came to the realization that it wasn’t a stand, but instead a real body. The door flung open when it lurched back after losing it’s hand. It quickly grabbed its hand and ran towards the back of the room. Figuring it was more scared of you guys than you all were of it, you figured now would be your chance to get the arrow. 

You whispered, “I’m gonna go get it. Be on the lookout, okay?” Getting up slowly, you cautiously walked towards the wall. They were both worried for you. If something happened, Josuke wasn’t sure if he could protect you. You were completely out of his stand’s range now. You proved earlier that you had a strong stand, but you most likely wouldn't know how to call it out on command. Furrowing his eyebrows, he slowly got up and started to take a few steps towards you to shorten the distance between you both. Seeing him get up, Koichi did the same. 

You were only a few feet away before a hand snatched the bow and arrow. Jumping back from how sudden it was, you gasped when you saw who the hand belonged to. 

Walking in, Keicho said, “Maybe you didn’t hear me earlier, [name], but I can’t just let anyone have it. I’ve got to keep this safe,” walking towards the green thing from earlier, “That thing over there is our dad. I need this bow and arrow in order to find a stand that is capable of helping him.”

Stepping closer, Josuke asked, “So you want a stand user to fix him?”

“Fix? No, it’s the opposite. I want someone to kill him.” As he said this, his eyes began tearing up from frustration. “Nothing is working! My dad will have to live like this for the rest of his life because of Dio!”

Hearing that name made Josuke’s eyes widened. This Dio guy is the one that Jotaro and his friends fought and beat years ago. Why is he still causing trouble even after 10 years?

“It all started in 1988. We used to live in Tokyo and everyone around us were living carefree due to the bubbling economy, everyone except my dad. He’d hit us for no reason. He was a complete loser! But out of nowhere, money, jewels, and even precious metals started flowing in. He had sold his soul to Dio in exchange for this,” walking closer to his dad, he then said, “But it all came crashing down. I came home to Okuyasu crying one day. At first I thought dad had hit him again, but when I walked in the kitchen, I saw him like this! The flesh bud he implanted in my dad was to control people he couldn’t trust and when he died, it turned him into a monster. Now, all he does is dig in this stupid box!” 

Finishing his speech, he started kicking his dad and wouldn’t stop. Seeing this pissed Josuke off. Despite him being his dad, that meant nothing to Keicho. He kept on attacking him. Getting closer to stop him, he noticed Keicho’s dad was trying to put something together.

“Stop that!” 

Despite the pain from his right leg, Josuke ran towards them and used his stand to fix whatever it was. Stepping back, Keicho was stunned at seeing what his dad was trying to put together. It was a family picture. Seeing the picture was finally together, his dad began crying and held the picture close to his chest.

“Look, Keicho, he might not understand, but deep down he still remembers his past. Instead of looking for a stand user to kill him, look for someone to help him. I can try to help him, but first, hand over the bow and arrow.” 

Walking in, Okuyasu said, “C’mon, let's stop all of this please. Dad might get cured. Even if his body doesn’t go back to normal, his memories might come back and that’s all that matters.” 

Without any of you knowing, Okuysau had rushed inside when he heard the loud explosion from outside. While he was mainly worried for his brother and father, he couldn’t stop thinking about Josuke, Koichi and you. Ever since Josuke saved him, he started reconsidering what him and his brother were doing. This wasn’t the only way to save his dad. 

Reaching the attic, he saw Josuke fix the family picture and offer to help him. Upon seeing this, he immediately regretted everything. If his brother gave them the bow and arrow, their dad could be saved and stay with them. They could even be a normal family. However, it seemed like Keicho wasn’t as sure as he was.

“Outta the way, Okuyasu. I can’t go back. I already killed so many people. Besides, you’re not my little brother anymore, so I won’t hesitate to kill you, along with them.” 

Before Okuyasu could try to convince him, electricity started sparkling from an outlet near Keicho. It quickly formed into a stand and launched towards Okuyasu. However, his brother was quick to run towards him and punched him out of the way, taking the hit for him. Delivering a punch through his chest, the stand snactched the bow and arrow from his grasp. 

“I’m taking this bow and arrow, Keicho Nijimura.” 

Despite the alarming chest wound, he tried to use bad company to escape, but he was quickly enveloped in electricity. The stand began dragging Keicho into the outlet. Okuysau ran towards him to help him from fully disappearing into the outlet. However, he stopped once he heard his brother’s words.

“Don’t touch me, Okuyasu! You’ll get sucked in too!”  

As soon as he said this, he was sucked into the outlet. Hearing movement above, everyone glanced towards the window on the ceiling. Josuke was the first one to look up and managed to catch a glimpse of someone before they left. Springing into action, he called out his stand and used it to break through the window and get on the roof. Looking around, he sighed realizing that he was too late and whoever took Keicho was gone. Following him, Okuyasu climbed onto the roof as well. 

Turning towards him, Josuke asked, “Hey, Okuyasu, do you have any idea of who it could be?” 

“I’m not sure. My brother’s found a lot of stand users that I didn’t see. He didn’t mention anything about it to me.” Looking down, he saw that Koichi and you were trying to climb up. Crouching down, he extended his hand and pulled Koichi up first. After he was up, he whispered thanks. He was a bit apprehensive being near Okuyasu, since he did trap him in between the gate earlier. However, after seeing Okuyasu help him and Josuke save you and hearing their reasons for doing this, he began feeling sympathy towards him. 

Carefully kneeling down and avoiding the glass shards, the two of them gave you their hand and pulled you up. Giving them your thanks, you all looked around to see if any of you could find out where the stand user escaped to.

Turning around to look, Okuyasu choked at the sight before him. He grabbed everyone’s attention by stammering out, “H-hey.” 

Looking at where he was pointing at, everyone was in shock. You covered your mouth in shock when you saw Keicho draped across the powerlines, dead. Turning around to face you three, you all felt terrible when you all saw his facial expression. His eyes were tearing up and his lower lip was quivering.    

“He did a lot of bad things, I know, but in the end he defended me! He saved me from the stand user! You all saw it, didn't you!”

Stepping forward, Josuke placed his hand onto his shoulder and said, “Yeah, we all saw.” Koichi and you approached him as well. You didn’t trust him yet, but if Josuke and Koichi did, then that means he can’t be a bad person. Also, despite what's happened, you thought that he didn’t deserve to see his brother like this. The four of you stood together in silence, taking in everything. It wasn’t until the sun was close to setting when you all began climbing down. 

Using his stand, Josuke helped you and Koichi go down. Going first, Crazy Diamond carefully wrapped its arms around your waist and gently placed you down. It was a bit weird feeling it's cold armour on your back, but it was oddly comforting considering all that's happened. 

Once you were on the ground, it nodded at you before going up to help Koichi. After him, Josuke looked at Okuyasu to see if he needed help, but he shook his head and motioned for him to go down first. Taking one last glance at his brother, he shakily sighed and wiped away the tears that were threatening to fall. Goodbye, brother.


After leading everyone out, Koichi stopped Okuyasu and asked him if he was going to be okay staying here. Hearing this he nodded his head and said he needed to be here with his father. Waving goodbye at him, the three of you started walking towards Josuke’s house. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? Your leg is hurt pretty badly.” Koichi said, trying to convince him, but Josuke shook his head and said it just needed to be bandaged up and he’s all good. 

After walking for a bit, you asked, “Hey, Josuke, is your mom home? Won’t she get worried if she sees her son all beat up?” As soon as you said this, he started panicking, saying that if she sees him like this, she’ll for sure scold him for getting into another fight. Koichi and you quietly laughed. While the mood between you all is still down, it was slowly going back to normal.

Reaching his house, Josuke visibly paled when he saw his mom’s car in their garage. She’s home, he thought. Grimacing as he approached his front door, he turned around towards you two and asked, “How about we go to the hospital instead? I think you were right, Koichi.” However, before anyone could say anything, the door flung open, revealing his mom who looked really pissed. 

“Josuke! What did you get into now?!” Jumping back from her sudden voice, Josuke tried explaining what happened, but he was cut off by his mom, who didn’t want to hear his excuses. Pinching her nose, she exhaled sharply before looking at you and Koichi. Standing up straighter, the two of you were ready to get scolded as well, but to both your surprise, she didn’t.

“Hi [name], it’s nice seeing you again,” looking at Koichi, “Hi, I’m not sure we’ve met. I’m Josuke’s mom.” 

“Hi, Ms. Higashikata. I’m Koichi Hirose. It’s nice to meet you.”

Smiling at him, she quickly wiped it off before slightly glaring at Josuke, who cowered under her stare. Moving to the side, she motioned for you all to enter. 

His mom while walking towards the kitchen, said. “You know where the first aid kit is, Josuke. And next time, try not to get into a fight please.”

The three of you awkwardly stood in his living room, not really knowing what to do. Seeing Josuke wince after putting weight on his right leg, Koichi moved towards his side to help support him. 

You asked, “Where’s the kit? I can go get it.” Smiling gratefully, he told you how to get to the bathroom. It seemed like all the adrenaline finally wore off and the pain was starting to set in. Koichi helped him to the couch after you went off to look for it. 

“Hey, Josuke. I wanted to tell you thank you. You saved me and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.” Shocked at his words, Josuke could only smile at him. Finally figuring out what to say, he placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “You’re my friend, Koichi. I just did what any other friend would do. Besides, I couldn’t just do nothing. I had to help.”

“But still, thank you. I think I’ll be needing your help more now with my stand. I have no idea what to do with it.”

Slightly gasping, Josuke sat up and reached for the phone nearby, “I just remembered we have to tell Jotaro about this. He can explain everything way better than I can.” Dialing his number, it didn’t take long before he heard Jotaro’s deep voice answering.

“Hey, it’s me, Josuke. I have something to tell you.”

Chapter Text

After rummaging through their cabinet under the sink, you finally found the first aid kit. It wasn’t where Josuke said it was. It was behind an endless amount of hair products. Putting everything back to its original spots, you started walking back towards the living room. As you walked in, you managed to hear Josuke say. “Yeah, we’ll all be there tomorrow after school. Okay, see you then.” 

After Josuke hung up the phone, you asked, “We? What are we doing tomorrow?” Not hearing you walk in, they both slightly jumped. 

“Meeting up with Jotaro after school tomorrow. Josuke told him everything that happened today and he wants to see if we’re okay. He also wants to ask us some questions about the bow and arrow.” Nodding your head, you walked over and sat on the ground to the right of Josuke. You placed the kit near you while Josuke started rolling up his pants leg. You didn’t have much experience in bandaging people up but it’s the least you could have done to repay him for saving you and Koichi back at Okuyasu’s house.

“Wait, Jotaro has a stand too?” Both you and Koichi looked at Josuke, waiting for his response. If he did, that would definitely explain how him and Josuke were able to fight each other without even approaching one another.  

“Yeah, he does. I found out during our fight that day we met.” Thinking back on that day, it felt like ages ago. You remembered being completely confused. It seemed like there was something going on, but neither you or Koichi could even see. The two kept on inflicting damage to one another despite being feet away. You thought you were going crazy and imagining things, but it turns out there actually was something going on. 

“So that’s how you two were fighting each other. What about before? With that group of delinquents and the turtle?” Koichi asked while handing you an antiseptic wipe. You were curious about this as well. Since he healed you and Koichi, maybe he can heal animals too. You grabbed the wipe and told Josuke that it might sting. However, he didn’t hear you since he was busy explaining what happened that day, but you were too focused on reading the instructions to notice.

“At first, I wasn’t even going to use my stand to fight them. I’ve been in a couple of fights before so it was nothing-” sharply inhaling when you started dabbing at his wound, you glanced up apologetically. “Sorry, I should have told you when I was starting, but I did tell you it would sting. I’m almost done disinfecting it though.” 

Shaking his head slightly, he gave you a small smile and said, “Nah, I’m fine. Thanks for patching me up. If you want, I can do the rest.” However, you waved it off, telling him to not worry about it and continue telling the story. Nodding his head, he continued on, “but then he insulted my hair and I couldn’t let that happen. After beating them, I healed their face, but I made it look different just for the fun of it. My stand can turn things back to its original state, like what I did with the turtle and you guys, but I can also change it into something else.” 

Curious as to why he gets really upset when his hair is insulted, Koichi asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, why is your hair really important to you? I mean, I like my hair a lot too, but I’m not sure if I would fight someone over it.” Leaning towards Koichi, you held up the bandage towards him. Grabbing the pair of scissors that were in the kit, he cut the bandage. You smiled at him and whispered thanks before you started to carefully wrap it around Josuke’s calf. You made sure to not wrap it too tight or loose. 

“When I was 4, I got really sick, to the point where the doctors weren’t even sure I was going to survive. One night the fever got extremely high and my mom tried taking me to the hospital in the nearby town, but Morioh was hit with one of its heaviest snowstorms in forever. It made the roads incredibly difficult to drive through and at one point, it was impossible to keep going. The thick layer of snow got the car stuck in the road. We were stuck there for a while until a man with a pompadour came and helped my mom move the car. If it wasn’t for him, I would have died.” 

Upon hearing this, you stopped wrapping his leg. Koichi and you were speechless. It must have been terrifying for both him and his mom, Josuke could have died out there. Noticing you stopped, he looked down and saw you were almost done wrapping his leg, just needing to place the bandage fastener. He leaned down and gently grabbed it from your hand, “Thanks, [name]. I really appreciate it.” 

As he smiled at you, you were slightly taken aback from how close his face was to yours. Up close, you noticed his eyes weren’t just blue, instead they were lapis colored. They looked really beautiful. Your eyes drifted away and noticed the small scratches on him and how his hair was slightly out of place. Despite looking slightly disheveled, he looked utterly handsome. Quickly snapping out of your daze, you smiled back at him and looked away, feeling your cheeks slightly heat up. 

Josuke felt shy while you were looking at him. It wasn’t the first time he caught you staring at him. It took him back to that time during class when he caught you looking at him. He didn’t mind it, he’s used to people staring at him because of his hair. However with you, it made him feel shy, especially when he saw the slight blush on your cheeks. Sitting back up again, he slightly coughed and cleared his throat. “Um, back to what I was saying. Despite me not even meeting him, I was amazed at what he did. In my eyes, he was my hero and I copied his hairstyle because of it. I won’t accept anyone insulting my hair, because it's the same as insulting him.”

You and Koichi were shocked at the backstory his hair had. Who would have thought that’s why he’s so protective over it. 

Smiling at him, Koichi spoke up first, “That’s such a crazy story, Josuke! Did you ever find out who he was?” Shaking his head, Josuke told him that no matter what him or his mother did, they never found him. 

“I think it’s really cool what that guy did, Josuke. It sucks you never had the chance to say thanks. Maybe one day we can help you look for him. You never know, he could still be living here.” Koichi nodded his head in agreement. Looking at the clock on the wall, Koichi jumped up, alarmed. 

“It’s almost 10! I have to go home! My mom is gonna be so upset!” Quickly grabbing his book bag, he yelled out, “C’mon, [name]! We gotta go!” 

Just imagining your mom angrily waiting for you at the door made you rush to get your things as well. Running towards the door, you looked at Josuke and told him, “I hope you feel better tomorrow, Josuke and tell your mom I said goodnight! See you tomorrow!” You and Koichi quickly waved goodbye before he pulled you through the door. While Koichi started running home, you tried jogging instead, but since he was holding onto your hand, you had to match his pace to avoid being dragged along. Passing by someone’s house, a dog started barking at the two of you, scaring you both. The two of you screamed in shock. Realizing it was just a dog, the two of you began laughing at each other for getting so scared over a dog. After that incident, the two of you jogged instead, making sure to be quiet when passing by houses that had dogs.


After getting scolded, you apologized to your mom for being home so late and headed towards the kitchen to make something to eat. It’s been hours since you ate lunch and you were reminded of that when your stomach started growling loudly on your way home. Seeing it was kind of late, you decided on getting something easy to make like cereal. Grabbing your bowl and spoon, you started going up the stairs when your phone started ringing. You had almost spilled cereal onto your shirt trying to get it out of your pocket. 

Placing it between your ear and shoulder, you pushed your room door open and answered your phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, [name]. I was just checking in to see if you got home safe.” Smiling from who it was, you carefully sat on your bed. 

“Yup, I made it home safe and sound, thanks for asking. How’s your leg? If it’s hurting, try taking some pain medicine before you go to bed.”

Leaning up on his bed, Josuke moved his leg to see if it’ll hurt. It did a little, but nothing bad enough to take pain medicine. “I’m okay. Thanks again for bandaging me up. You really didn’t have to do it.” 

Having a spoonful of cereal in your mouth, you attempted to say that it was fine, but it sounded really muffled. Laughing at this, Josuke asked if you were good. Loudly swallowing, you embarrassedly said, “Yeah, I’m just eating cereal. But you saved me and Koichi earlier, Josuke, think of it as me thanking you for that. Hey, what do you think Jotaro is going to ask us about tomorrow? We’re not really experts on the bow and arrow.” 

“He told me that when he was around our age, he fought Dio with a couple of his friends. But that was in Egypt, so I don’t know how the arrow made its way here. Maybe he’s here to find that out and see what else it can do.”

Nodding your head, you made sure to swallow this time before saying, “Really? It’s probably really hard for him having to deal with it all over again. Hopefully, nothing bad happens though. We could help him find the arrow and save the town now that we can see stands! Koichi and I probably need help figuring out our stands first, though.”

“Oh, yeah! How are you feeling about that? I’m sure it’s a whole new experience.”

“Mmm, I’m okay. It’s a bit weird being able to see them though. I never would have thought something like this even existed. I’m not even sure how I even managed to call it out earlier. It wasn’t as easy as you said, Josuke.” You jokingly said. 

Chuckling a bit, he responded, “Yeah, my bad, I probably should have explained it better. Maybe Jotaro can help. But, hey, it’s getting late so we should head to sleep. Today was eventful to say the least.” Nodding your head, you quickly spoke up, realizing he couldn’t see you. 

“You too! You went through a lot today as well.” Finishing up your cereal, you decided on washing the bowl tomorrow morning. Getting up, you placed the empty dish on your desk and headed towards the bathroom to get ready for bed.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow, [name]. Goodnight, sleep well.” 

You were about to say goodnight when you remembered something Koichi told you earlier. “Wait, I just remembered Koichi’s new bike came today! He texted me saying that he’s riding it to school tomorrow, so it’ll just be us walking to school.” 

“Really? Hopefully we get to see it.” 

“Yeah, he was gushing over it, so it’s probably a really cool bike. But anyway, goodnight Josuke. Hopefully your leg feels better tomorrow.” 

“Thanks, goodnight [name].”

Hanging up, Josuke placed his phone on his nightstand. Leaning back onto his bed, he covered his face with his hands and sighed loudly. All he could think about was how cute you looked earlier when you were bandaging him up. Maybe it was due to everything that’s happened since meeting you, but he hadn’t noticed how pretty you are. He tries clearing his head but it wouldn’t work. This is going to be a long night, he thought.


Hearing knocking on the front door, Josuke chose to ignore it and continued styling his hair. Even as the knocking continued to persist, he was more focused on making his hair just right. It wasn’t until his mom started yelling at him to open it that he got up and walked toward the door. Opening the door, he was surprised to see Okuyasu standing there.  

“Hey Josuke! Took you awhile, but c’mon let’s go to school, buddy.” Josuke couldn’t find the words to say as he continued to stand there in shock. It was his mom who spoke up first. 

“Hey, are you another one of Josuke’s friends? Come on in. Do you want some coffee or orange juice? It might take a while for him to finish with his hair, so you can just wait inside.” 

Squeezing past Josuke, Okuyasu let himself in. “I’d love coffee, thanks! Do you have any milk?” This only shocked Josuke even more. He was clearly making himself at home. Sighing, he closed the door and walked back in. He had already come to the conclusion that Okuyasu wasn’t a bad person, so he wasn’t worried about having him in his house. Sitting next to him at the kitchen table, he held up the small mirror and went back to adding the finishing touches to his hair.

Pouring him his coffee, Okuyasu introduced himself to her. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Higashikata. I’m Okuyasu Nijimura. I live right down the street. We just moved in, so the house still looks a bit worn down.” The two continued talking about his house when his mom brought up Josuke showing him around Morioh tomorrow. 

“Hey, Josuke, since Okuyasu just moved to town, why don’t you show him around tomorrow?”

Putting the mirror and comb down, Josuke said, “I actually can’t, sorry. I’m hanging out with [name] tomorrow. We’re going to a cafe.”

Smiling widely, Okuyasu started teasing him, “Ooh, I see. You two are going on a date, huh? She’s pretty cute, Josuke, so no hard feelings.” Laughing a bit, he slightly elbowed Josuke in the side.  

“Really? She’s a nice girl, Josuke. I like her so there’s no complaints from me whatsoever,” looking him in the eye, his mom continued on saying, “But treat her right, Josuke, or else.” 

Slightly flinching from her threat, he raised his hands in surrender. “I mean, yeah she’s pretty and really nice, but it’s not a date. I’m just paying her back from what she did when grandpa died.”

“And you’re sure she doesn’t think it's a date? Besides, you two would look cute together.” 

Before he could say anything to his mom, someone knocked on their front door. Not really knowing what to say to his mom and wanting to escape the conversation, Josuke rushed to get the door, making his mom and Okuyasu laugh. Flinging it open, you jumped in surprise at how harsh the door was opened. 

“H-hi [name].” Perhaps it was what they were talking about a few seconds ago, but he felt his ears get hot. He faked fixing his hair to cover up his ears. However, you didn’t seem to notice. 

“Good morning, Josuke! You ready to go?” 

“Uh, yeah! Let me go grab my bag and I’ll be out in one second,” before he walked in, he turned around and said, “Oh, and Okuyasu is walking with us too.” 

You raised your eyebrows in shock. Even though Koichi called you after Josuke hung up yesterday and told you about him, you were still a bit nervous to be around him; he did almost kill Koichi yesterday. If Josuke let him inside his house, then maybe he really isn’t a bad person, you thought. When the two of them walked out, you politely waved at him and he did the same. Please don’t let this be awkward, you thought as the three of you began walking to school.

Chapter Text

The walk to school was anything but normal. It was mainly Josuke keeping the conversation going, with you and Okuyasu piping up whenever the other didn’t. Feeling slightly awkward, Josuke was about to bring it up when you spoke up, “Hey, isn’t that Koichi over there?” Turning to look at where you were looking, they both were surprised to see that it was him. They thought that by now, Koichi should have been at school already. Squinting a bit to see who he was talking to, Okuyasu noticed that Koichi looked extremely uncomfortable. 

Looking at you, he asked, “Do you know who he’s talking to? He seems sketchy.” Looking back at Okuyasu, you shook your head. You began squinting as well to see who it was. You quickly realized that he was right. Whoever that guy is was clearly making Koichi nervous. 

“Yeah, you’re right Okuyasu. I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go see who it is.” You didn’t even take a step forward before Josuke grabbed onto your hand and slightly tugged you back. 

“We’ll go with you, alright? He could be a stand user.” 

With this, the two of them followed you as you lead the way to Koichi. Considering what happened recently, Josuke wasn’t going to risk having his friends hurt again. Getting close, you all noticed that there was a huge lock that appeared to be growing slightly on his chest. 

“Pay up, kid. These shackles won’t come off unless you pay.” Upon hearing this, Koichi felt the lock grow even heavier. With the new overwhelming weight, it was beginning to feel difficult to stay standing up. Starting to tip over, Koichi felt his wallet fall out of his pocket as he fell down. Reaching over, the older man picked up the wallet and whispered in his ear, “Hopefully with this, I can pay to give my poor kitten a nice burial.” Feeling even more guilty, the lock grew, holding him down and making him unable to get up and grab his wallet back.

Clearing his throat, Josuke said, “A grown man stealing money from a kid, isn’t that pathetic? Try getting a job.”

Jumping slightly at the sudden voice, he looked up and saw the three of you looking pissed off at him. Raising his hands slightly, he decided his best option to get rid of you all was by guilt tripping you three.

“C’mon you guys, I’m just making this kid pay for what he did to my poor kitten. He ran them over without even stopping to check on them! He didn’t even apologize for what he did! Having him pay for my kitten’s funeral expenses is the least he can do, right?” 

However, that didn’t work one bit. You’ve known Koichi for years and he would never do something like that. It could have been an accident, but you know for sure that he’d do whatever he can to make it up. Stepping closer, you asked, “How do I know you’re not lying? I know Koichi and he’d never do something like this, so please just take off that lock and let him go.”

Shocked that you could see it, he approached you and yelled out, “You can see it?! Can all of you see it?!” Seeing how close he got to you, Josuke and Okuyasu stepped up as well. They were now slightly in front of you. This guy is a stand user and you guys don’t know the extent of his stand’s abilities. You all had to proceed carefully to make sure no one gets hurt. 

Noticing Koichi trying to take the lock off, Okuyasu went over to him and tried pulling it off, but to no avail. No matter how hard he pulled, it wouldn’t come off. All he ended up doing was shake Koichi back and forth. It’s like it’s permanently stuck to him, he thought. Looking up at the stand user, he said, “Hey! Do what she said and take it off.” 

Laughing at this, he said “Don’t underestimate me, you brat!” Walking up to Okuyasu, he stood right in front of him and said, “Don’t you think sinners must pay for their sins? If he can’t cough up the cash, then what about you three? Surely between the three of you, you all can figure out how to come up with five hundred grand.” 

You all immediately stopped what you were doing and started staring at him incredulously. Five hundred grand?! You totally understand being upset over the death of your pet, but wanting that much is a little excessive. Okuyasu was stunned hearing this. However, not going to back down from this, he punched him, yelling out, “Just give back Koichi’s money and let us go!” 

Trying to think of a way to get out of this, you glanced over at the kitten’s corpse. Tugging on Josuke’s sleeve, he leaned down enough for you to be able to whisper in his ear. Slightly leaning up, you whispered in his ear, “Maybe the kitten might still be alive. If you heal him, then that solves everything, right?” Nodding, he carefully snuck towards the kitten while everyone was distracted. 

While the punch wasn’t that bad, it still managed to knock out his front tooth. You all watched as the guy dramatically fell backwards. Surprised at what he caused, Okuyasu carefully walked towards him to help him up. He started feeling bad for what happened. He started to apologize once he was close enough to him, “H-hey, c’mon now. I didn’t hit you that hard.” 

Noticing how concerned he looked, Koichi attempted to sit up and warn him, “Okuyasu! Wait! Don’t feel bad! He’s doing it on purpose, you’ll get a lock too!” However, his warning came too late as a large lock appeared on Okuyasu’s chest. Upset that he fell for his trick, Okuyasu ran up to him and his fist was merely inches away from his face when he spoke up, “Wait, wait, wait! You can’t hit me! Anyone who has a lock can’t hit me because it’ll just return any pain you inflict on me!” 

Pulling his hand back, Okuyasu looked around for a clue on what to do. Meeting your eyes, you mouthed ‘It’s okay.’ Feeling a bit more at ease, he wondered what you were going to do. He was a bit worried that you’d never like him after what he did to Koichi, but seeing you try to help him meant a lot. 

“But I can. I don’t have a lock, so I guess that means I can still hit you.” While you weren’t actually planning on attacking him, you were mainly trying to stall and give Josuke more time to heal the kitten. You’ve never even been in a fight before, except for that time at Okuyasu’s house where you had to fight Keicho. You weren’t even sure how you did it, but if it meant saving your friends then you would do anything to save them. Before you could try summoning your stand, Josuke walked towards you all, holding a kitten doll. 

“You want us to feel bad over this? This is all part of your trick to scam people into giving you money.” Throwing the doll in front of him, he began to stutter out a response in hopes to keep the locks chained up on them. Josuke walked up to him and used his stand to fix his missing tooth. Despite his attempts at keeping the locks on them, they did nothing as the guilt that Koichi and Okuyasu felt completely went away after seeing what Josuke discovered. Rushing over, you helped Okuyasu up, while Josuke helped up Koichi. After helping him up, Josuke looked at the stand user and said, “I think it’s time you gave Koichi back his money, no?” 

Furious that his plan didn’t work, he scrambled up and yelled at Josuke, “Who the hell do you think you are?” 

Stepping up, “Josuke Higashikata. Now, what about his money?” Scoffing, he tossed Koichi’s wallet towards him and ran off. Figuring that he wasn’t a danger to Morioh and the most he would do is scam someone, he didn’t try to catch him. Leaning down, he picked up the wallet and handed it to Koichi, who gratefully accepted it, feeling relieved to have his wallet back. However, it quickly went away.

“It’s just the corners of the bills! Wait! Come back!” Looking at the direction where he ran towards, he found no trace of him at all. Feeling hopeless, he started whining about how he would not be able to buy his new gym shoes. Feeling sympathy for him, you all tried your best to cheer him up, even offering to pay for it, but he politely declined. Despite wanting to chase after him, Koichi figured that there was no way he’d find him and get his money back. Feeling dejected, Koichi sadly walked the rest of the way to school with you three. No matter what you all said, nothing seemed to uplift his mood. Wanting to stop talking about what happened to him, Koichi brought up how it was Okuyasu’s first day at school. “Are you nervous today, Okuyasu?” 

Nodding his head, Okuyasu said, “A bit, yeah. I’m excited to start going to school with my friends!” Laughing slightly, Koichi brought up showing Okuyasu around school during lunch. 

“That’s a good idea! Do you know your schedule yet, Okuyasu? We might have the same class before lunch together.” Rummaging through his book bag, Okuyasu pulled out a slightly crumpled paper and showed Josuke. Running his finger across the paper, he started smiling when he saw that they were in the same class. 

“This is great! We’re all in the same class together, so we can head straight to lunch together!” Okuyasu wrapped an arm around him and the two started laughing while Josuke was making sure his hair didn’t get messed up. 

Remembering you all were going to meet up with Jotaro after school today, you brought it up. “Hey, how are we going to get to Morioh hotel later on? It’s a bit far to get there walking.” 

Perking up, Josuke looked at you and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, but Jotaro said he’d send a taxi to our school to pick us up,” looking at Koichi and Okuyasu, “so everyone make sure to be at the front of the school. We can wait for it together.”

Soon enough, the four of you reached the school’s courtyard. Almost immediately, a small group of girls rushed over and began saying good morning and complimenting Josuke, to which he politely thanked. They all surrounded Josuke, separated you three from him. You and Koichi went over to Okuyasu’s side. 

“This happens sometimes. C’mon Okuyasu, let’s go find your first class.” 


Josuke made it just in time before the bell rang. As he raced to his seat and sat down, the teacher walked in seconds later and greeted everyone. Sighing in relief, he took out his notebook and started jotting down what the teacher was saying. 

It wasn’t long until the bell rang and it was time for lunch. Luckily, you all had the same class so meeting up with each other was easy. You all preferred eating lunch outside near the pool over the noisy cafeteria. It was empty and quiet, completely the opposite of the cafeteria. 

Walking out to the pool’s courtyard, you realized you left your lunch in the classroom since you were in a hurry to get here. “I’ll be right back. I left my lunch in the classroom. Watch my bag, please?” You held your bookbag towards Josuke and quickly said thanks when he grabbed it.

“Wait up! I’ll go with you!” Glancing back, you were surprised to see that it was Okuyasu. “If that’s okay.” He later added. Smiling slightly, you nodded and waved him over. 

The walk there was slightly awkward. Without Josuke or Koichi there to talk to, it was mainly quiet, except for the slight chatter from passing students. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with the silence, you spoke up, “How’s your first day, Okuyasu? You’re liking it so far?”   

Glad that you spoke first, he said, “Yeah! Everyone’s been so nice. The stuff in English is hard though. Hopefully, they don’t give any pop quizzes anytime soon.” A few seconds ago, he was debating whether or not to say something or stay quiet. He was thankful that you spoke up first, saving him the trouble of embarrassing himself by saying the wrong thing. 

Slightly laughing, you said, “Yeah, I hate pop quizzes too. They sometimes give extra credit opportunities, so if you don’t do so great on the quiz, there’s still a chance to do well in the class. Also, you need help with anything, I’m doing decent so far.” 

Smiling at you, “Really? Thanks for letting me know, [name].”

Smiling back, you said, “No guarantees, though. I’m barely getting it myself.”

Reaching the classroom, you walked in while Okuyasu waited outside. Inside the room, there were a couple of students talking, sitting near the windows. Reaching your desk, you grabbed your lunch bag, glad that no one took it and ate it. Walking by out, you showed Okuyasu your lunchbag and said, “Okay, got it! Let’s go back.”

Turning around to walk back to the pool, you got a few feet ahead when you realized Okuyasu wasn’t following you. Looking back, you asked, “Everything okay? Did you forget something too?” 

Tilting his head to the left, “Can I talk to you about something? It’ll be quick, promise.” Nodding your head, you followed him into a nearby empty hallway. Curious on what he wanted to talk about, you thought of all the possibilities. 

Taking in a deep breath, he turned around to face you, “I wanted to ask if we can start all over again. I know that our first meeting wasn’t the best. I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing, just doing what my brother told me to. Meeting you guys helped me realize that what I was doing wasn’t right and I know that you might not want to be friends, but I hope that in the future, we can be friends.” After saying this, he looked down, not wanting to see your reaction. 

Smiling at him, you placed your hand on his shoulder. His sincere words really meant a lot to you. “Of course we can be friends, Okuyasu. Koichi told me you helped them out in saving me, so in a way, I have to give you my thanks. Besides, you were doing what you thought was best for your dad, so I can’t judge you on that. If I was in your position, I’d probably do anything to save my dad.” 

Snapping his head up, his worried expression quickly turned into a wide grin. He was worried that you’d say no. He quickly brought you in a tight hug. Surprised at this, it took you a second but you hugged him back. 

With the loss of his brother still being pretty recent, he’s been feeling really down lately. Not only does he have to take care of his dad by himself, his brother is gone. However, he knew that he wouldn’t be alone. He had found himself a group of friends that would always be by his side. He felt relieved that he wasn’t going to be alone.     

Chapter Text

The walk back to the pool was the complete opposite of when you two walked towards the classroom. Instead of an awkward conversation, it was filled with lightheartedness as you gave him a mini tour of the school. “And that’s where the counselor’s office is. I know this isn’t the best tour in the world, but-” 

Cutting you off, Okuyasu furiously shook his head and said, “No! It’s great! I really appreciate it, [name].” Smiling at you, he held the door open for you. Walking onto the pool deck, you turned to face him and told him, while returning his smile, “If you have any questions on where something is, just let me or the guys know!”

“You guys are back! No one took it?” Raising your lunchbag, you shook your head and sat down next to them on the ground. Looking up at Okuyasu, you patted the ground next to you and he didn’t hesitate sitting down next to you. At this, Koichi and Josuke exchanged looks. This was new. This morning, you and Okuyasu barely looked at each other and now it’s like those two weren’t even here. Nonetheless, this brought a smile to their faces. They were both glad that everyone was getting along. The two went back to eating their lunches, while catching you and Okuyasu up about what they talked about. 

It wasn’t long until you all finished eating. Making sure to clean up after yourselves, you all headed out to show Okuyasu the rest of the school. Being the closest to the exit, you reached it first and held the door open for them to go through. One by one they walked through the doorway, with Josuke being the last one. After he walked in, you let the door close behind you. Josuke lightly dusted off your bookbag before handing you it. He had been holding onto your bag since you gave it to him earlier. However, since you didn’t ask for it back when you came back from getting your lunch, he decided to keep it safe with him. 

“Oh! Thanks, Josuke. I completely forgot you had it.” You said smiling. Slightly scratching his neck and smiling back at you, he said, “It’s no big deal, [name].”

Glancing behind him, Okuyasu felt a smile grow on his face. He quickly remembered the conversation they had this morning at Josuke’s house. Leaning down towards Koichi, he whispered, “Hey Koichi, does [name] like Josuke?”

Looking behind him, Koichi shrugged his shoulders and said, “Uh, I don’t know what you mean. They’re friends, so of course she likes him.” Shaking his head, Okuyasu whispered a bit more forcefully, “No, I mean does she like him? Josuke told me they’re going on a date tomorrow.”  

Slightly shaking his head, Koichi said, “She told me about that, but she didn’t say anything about it being a date. He just wants to pay her back. Besides, she would have told me if it was a date.” 

“Maybe, who knows? Wanna spy on their not date ? Josuke said something about them going to a cafe.” Okuyasu said, while making air quotations when he mentioned ‘not date’. Koichi looked uncomfortable at that idea. It didn’t feel right to spy on his friends, but looking back one more time, he realized that Okuyasu might be onto something. Upon looking closer, it did seem like there was something going on between you two with the way you were smiling at each other and looking a bit flustered. 

Turning back towards Okuyasu, he said, “Okay, fine. But just for a little bit, I don’t wanna get caught.” Happy with his response, Okuyasu slung an arm around Koichi and laughed. Quietly, Okuyasu said, “I’ll text you the details later,” He turned around and motioned for you and Josuke to catch up, while shouting, “C’mon you guys, let’s start this tour!”


Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to show Okuyasu the rest of the school. After getting called by Okuyasu, you and Josuke started leading the tour, making sure to skip past the places you showed him earlier. You and Koichi made sure to steer Okuyasu away when Josuke started mentioning the best places to go to if he wanted to skip class. Soon enough, Okuyasu knew where pretty much everything was. Seeing as lunch was almost over, you all went your own ways, promising to meet up with each other in front of the school once the day was over.  

All throughout your remaining classes of the day, you couldn’t stop thinking about meeting up with Jotaro. Hopefully, he can help clear up everything, you thought. You had plenty of questions about stands. While you were tempted to bring out your stand and figure it out yourself, your curiosity was overpowered by your fear of your stand. When you first called it out, you couldn’t believe it at first. You thought it was Koichi or someone else. While you felt insanely cool that you were able to call it out and protect your friends, you were surprised at the appearance of your stand. It looked scary, almost like a ghost. I was joking about ghosts that day. Who would have thought my stand would look like one, you thought. 

Without realizing it, you had called out your stand. However, instead of taking the large shadowy figure it did at Okuyasu’s house, it took on a smaller form. You honestly thought it was just a large piece of lint, so you didn’t pay it any attention and looked away. However, from the corner of your eye, you saw it blink at you. You hastily turned around, knocking your notebook and pencils off your desk, attracting everyone’s attention. 

“Something wrong, miss [name]?” Snapping your head towards the front of the classroom when you heard your name being called by your teacher, you looked around and noticed everyone was staring at you. Feeling your face flush, you slightly shook your head and muttered an apology while picking up your things. Nodding at you, the teacher went back to teaching the class. You kept your eyes focused on your desk to avoid making eye contact. 

Peeking back down, you noticed it was still there. Looking at it curiously, you thought, is this really my stand? It blinked twice at you as if it was saying yes. Glancing around nonchalantly, you noticed that everyone wasn’t looking at you, so you leaned down as if you’re picking something up and opened your palm in front of it. It floated onto your hand and you placed it in front of you on your desk. It looked so much different from the first time you called it out. 

Blink three times if you’re my stand. It stared at you and quickly blinked three times. Smiling at this, you were glad that your stand had a more friendly looking form. Noticing your smile, your stand started lightly bouncing from side to side. It was glad that its owner was warming up to them. For the remaining part of class, all you could do was play around with your stand. You made sure to make it seem as if you’re doing something else, so no one stares at you strangely. Once the bell rang, you scooped up your stand and quickly made your way to the front of the school.         

Reaching the front of the school, you realized that you got there a bit early, everyone was probably still packing up. Looking around, you carefully opened your hand and looked down. Looking up at you, your stand blinked a couple of times. You were about to say something when a hand latched onto your shoulder. “Wow, you got here fast, [name].” 

Letting out a loud yelp, you quickly turned around, hiding your hands behind your back. You had thought someone had caught you with your stand, but seeing that it was just Josuke, you let out a sigh in relief. Josuke raised an eyebrow at this. You looked like you were hiding something behind your back. He was about to ask what you had when you shoved your hands in his face. 

“Look, Josuke! I managed to call out my stand. It looks way different, huh?” Going cross eyed, Josuke looked at your palm and was shocked at what he saw. In your palms was your stand happily bouncing around. It looked way less intimidating than it did last time. It looks kind of cute, he thought. Looking beyond your palms, he noticed your excited expression and bright eyes. You looked beyond happy with your stand. 

Lowering your hands while smiling, he said, “Yeah, it actually looks pretty cute. How did you make it change forms?” Shrugging your shoulders, you told him that you had no idea. It just appeared like that. Since Josuke was still holding onto your hands, your stand floated onto his hands. It looked up at him and blinked a few times at him. 

“I think it’s saying hi.” Once you said that, he slightly waved at your stand, who started happily bouncing around again when it received Josuke’s attention. Hearing footsteps, your stand hopped off Josuke’s hand and disappeared into your shadow. The two of you turned around to see Koichi and Okuyasu waving at the two of you. Waving back at them, they jogged the rest of the way towards you two. 

“Did you two skip the last part of class together or something?” Okuyasu asked, while slinging an arm around you and Josuke. Before either of you could deny it, a taxi pulled up in front of you all. Rolling the window down, the driver leaned over and asked, “Are you Josuke Higashikata? Mr. Jotaro Kujo sent for you and your friends.” 

You all hesitated a bit before Okuyasu shouted, “I call shotgun!” He ran towards the car and hopped into the front passenger seat. The rest of you followed him, just not as eager as Okuyasu. In the back seat, you sat in between Josuke and Koichi. Once everyone was buckled up, the driver began the drive to Jotaro’s hotel. Throughout the drive, you all talked about various things, like the quiz in math class and the English homework assignment that’s due Monday, to which you all groaned at. 

After a while, the conversation quieted down. Okuyasu was in the front, completely relaxed as the AC blew cold air towards him. Josuke and Koichi were both looking out of their respective windows. You, however, were stuck in the middle so you didn’t have a window to look out at. Looking down at your hands, you noticed that the nail polish on one of your fingernails was chipping. It’s almost off. Might as well chip the rest of it off. I just did them, too. you thought. Quietly sighing, you started chipping at it. 

It was almost off when Josuke’s stand gently touched your hand, fixing the polish and making it look as if it never chipped in the first place. Slightly flinching from it’s sudden appearance, you looked up at Josuke, who had a sheepish smile on his face. Whispering thanks, you smiled at him. Before he could say anything back, you all slightly lurched forward as the car stopped in front of the hotel. “We’re here, everyone.” 

Exiting the car, you all thanked the driver before making your way towards the hotel entrance. Since Josuke was the one who Jotaro talked to, you all let him lead the way inside. He was about to ask the front desk when someone called out his name, catching all of your attention. “Jotaro! Hey!” Josuke exclaimed, while waving at Jotaro. Following his lead, you all waved at him, as well. 

“I’m glad you all made it just fine. Let’s head up to my room.”


Once you were in his room, you all gathered around a coffee table as he started bringing over cups and a folder. Once he placed them on the table, he looked at you all and asked, “Tea?” 

“Yes, please. Thank you.” You and Koichi were the only ones who got tea, with Josuke and Okuyasu politely declining. After pouring you two tea, he opened the folder and took out various files and pictures. “Hey, that’s the bow and arrow!” Koichi said, while pointing at the picture. 

Jotaro glanced at him and let out a sigh, “I guess that confirms it. The bow and arrow is here.” Noticing all of your confused expressions, he started to explain the long history of the bow and arrow. “When I was seventeen, my grandfather, your dad, Josuke, my close friends and I had to defeat Dio, a vampire who had been tormenting the Joestars for years. The bow and arrow gave him a dangerous stand,” refilling his cup, he offered to refill your and Koichi’s cup, to which you two politely declined, “After defeating him, we lost track of the arrow. I started helping out the Speedwagon Foundation on it’s search for the bow and arrow. While I came here to tell Josuke about his father, I also came here due to the various bizarre events happening here. The foundation was worried it could be due to the bow and arrow and turns out it is. That bow and arrow can lead to a great deal of danger and since it’s here in this town, there’s no knowing when something will happen.” 

None of you said anything for a few minutes. Finding out how far back and dangerous this bow and arrow was a lot to take in. Not only that, finding out that your home is in danger, was too much. Sensing the mood, Jotaro let out a small chuckle and said, “I probably should have eased you all into this.” 

Koichi was the first one to speak up, “We did see the bow and arrow, but before we could get it, another stand user took it.” Nodding his head, Okuyasu said, “Yeah, they used the outlet as a way to get it. They can use electricity to travel and attack!” 

“That reminds me, how are you two? I’m sure everything must be way different now, considering you can see and summon stands.” 

Realizing that Jotaro was speaking to you and Koichi, you straightened up and said, “We’re okay, thanks to Josuke and Okuyasu. Having a stand is something else.” Leaning towards Jotaro, Koichi agreed and mentioned how he couldn’t move his stand or make it do anything during the fight. Hearing this made Jotaro raise his eyebrows in surprise.  

“Really? Can you manifest your stand right now? It might be due to the fact that it was your first experience with it.” Doing as he says, Koichi summons his stand after a few seconds. Everyone stared at his stand, noticing that the large crack looks bigger than before. Feeling a bit of pressure, Koichi started giving out commands, in hopes that it would listen. 

“See? It’s just an egg. It won’t listen to anything I say.” 

After thinking for a bit, Jotaro spoke up and patted Koichi’s shoulder, “I wouldn’t sweat it. Every stand is unique and how your stand reacts to orders won’t be the same as someone else’s. Over time, you’ll get to know your stand better.” Dejected, Koichi nodded. While he was hoping to figure out his stand right this instant, he was a tiny bit glad that there’s a chance his stand might change. 

“Um, speaking of stands, I have a few questions about them.” Jotaro, along with everyone else, turned to face you at the sound of your voice. “How do stands work exactly? Whenever Josuke fought someone else, he wouldn’t move at all, but he still managed to hurt them.” 

“Something about stands is that only other stands can inflict damage on them. However, you can still target the stand user and that’ll cause their stand and its effects to go away,” glancing at everyone, Jotaro started writing down something before continuing on saying, “This reminds me, we don’t know how many more stand users there are here. What I’ve noticed over time is that stand users attract other stand users. I want you all to be cautious from now on and call me whenever something happens or if you see anything about the bow and arrow. It can be really dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.” He tore the paper into three pieces, each containing his number, and handed them to you, Koichi, and Okuyasu. 

You all promised to do as he says. Things were beginning to feel so much more real now and the fact that Morioh might be in danger was really shocking. You weren’t the only one who started feeling uneasy. Glancing around, you noticed that Josuke, Koichi, and Okuyasu all looked worried. 

“That being said, do any of you have any other questions?”

Chapter Text

After what appeared to be an endless stream of questions, Jotaro was finally able to take a breather. For a moment, Jotaro was sure that you four would never stop asking questions. He had Okuyasu and Josuke stomachs to thank for. At one point, Josuke’s and Okuyasu’s stomachs started growling, stopping you four from firing anymore questions at him. Upon hearing the loud grumbling, Jotaro asked if he should order room service, to which you all eagerly said yes.     

Taking a sip of his tea, he took a look at you all. Once the food arrived, you had all thanked him and went straight to eating. You were all quietly chatting amongst each other and trying what the other got. This brought a smile to his face as he thought back to when he was in Egypt. Memories of Polnareff bickering with him and Kakyoin over food flooded his head. 

Midbite, Josuke glanced at Jotaro and noticed him slightly smiling at you four. He had a wistful expression, almost as if he was longing for something, someone. Despite the gentle smile, it was as if he was in another place. Josuke hesitated, not wanting to disrupt peaceful, quiet air around him. Before he could look away, the two made eye contact. His smile was no longer there, but his eyes were still filled with nostalgia. 

“Everything okay, Jotaro?” Hearing this, the rest of you looked up to see Jotaro shake his head slightly. 

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it, Josuke.” Placing his cup onto the table, he motioned towards the food and asked, “You’re all done?” 

You all quickly nodded and thanked him again for the meal. Glancing outside the window, you realized that it was getting late. The sun was close to setting, turning the sky into a mixture of yellow and orange. Noticing where your eyes went, Jotaro looked down at his watch and realized it was getting late. 

“While I don’t mind your company, it’s getting late and I don’t want you all out when it gets dark.”

At his words, Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi looked out the window and realized he was right. There was about half an hour before the sun went fully down. With the help of everyone, the table was cleared of any plates and cups, neatly stacking them onto the cart they came in. Once everything was put away to their original spots, Jotaro went to call a taxi after getting everyone’s addresses. He made sure to ask them to directly drop you all off at your homes. 

In the meantime, the four of you made yourselves busy while Jotaro finished up ordering the taxi. When Koichi brought up starting on the English homework, he was met with groans and complaints. However, after a couple of minutes of convincing, you all ended up taking out your homework. 

Leaning over and peeking at your paper, Josuke asked, “Hey, how did you translate question 4? I can’t figure it out.” 

Tilting your paper so he can see better, “I’m stuck on that one too. Koichi?”  

Jotaro walked in before he could respond. “What are you all so focused on?” 

“English homework.” Okuyasu uttered while placing his head onto the table. Walking over, he grabbed Okuyasu’s worksheet and took a moment to scan everything with his eyes, before grabbing a pencil and writing on it. “You placed the verb in the wrong place. Move it towards the beginning of the sentence.” 

You all stared at him bewildered. You all were thinking the same thing, Jotaro knows English? After staring at him dumbly for a few seconds, Koichi spoke up and asked what you were all wondering. Chuckling, Jotaro gave you all a brief explanation on how he’s attending university in the United States and is currently writing his doctoral thesis. 

This resulted in you all having more questions, except this time they’re not about stands, but about him. Before you could all attack him with another round of questions, the phone rang. Making his way to the phone, Jotaro simply “mhm”ed every now and then. Ending the phone call with a thank you, he came back and said, “The taxi’s here. I’ll walk you all out.” 

In the midst of packing up your school supplies, your pencil rolled off the table. Your hand dived to grab it before it fell, but someone else had the same idea. Your hands collided and the pencil fell onto the ground. 



You both froze, realizing you both said the same thing at the same time. Looking up, you realized that it was Josuke who tried to help you. Covering your mouth as you both laughed, he reached down and grabbed your pencil, handing it to you. Smiling at him, you thanked him and placed it in your bag’s front pocket. 

“Hey [name], just checking, we’re still on for tomorrow, right?” 

Fixing your bag’s strap before slinging it over your shoulder, “Yeah, unless you changed your mind. It’s completely fine if you did.” 

He raised his hands and shook them, “No, no, I want to! I was just checking in case you forgot. I’ll swing by your house around noon, if that’s alright.” 

“Yeah, that’s fine! I can’t wait.” 

Your excitement was growing onto him. While Josuke was already looking forward to it, he started feeling even more eager for tomorrow to come, seeing how excited you are. He started to wonder whether he was looking forward to trying something new at the cafe or simply hanging out with you. 

“Got everything?” 

Jotaro’s words snapped the two of you out of your daze. After answering him back, Jotaro led you two outside his suite to meet up with Okuyasu and Koichi. Once he locked his door, he took you all to the taxi outside.

Once you were all outside, Jotaro made sure to remind you all once more to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious, which you all agreed that you will. With Okuyasu saluting him as his response, which made you all laugh quietly. Slightly shaking his head, Jotaro tugged his hat down to cover the slight smile he had. 

As he watched you all try to convince Okuyasu to sit in the back this time, he remembered another memory of Egypt. He thought back to when they would fight for the front passenger seat. With them all having a tall and muscular build, being squished in the back seats was completely uncomfortable. Along with the dry hot weather, it was incredibly unbearable. Walking back inside after watching the car drive away, he continued to reminisce about the trip and his fallen friends. I won’t let them go through what I did. I’ll make sure of it.


The three of you attempted to convince Okuyasu to sit in the back this time. However, at one point Koichi gave up. While you and Josuke continued to try to convince Okuyasu, Koichi realized that you three were completely distracted. He slowly made his way to the taxi, turning around every now and then. Once he was close enough, he ran towards the front seat.

Turning to your right, expecting Koichi to be there, you asked, “Right Koi-” However, he wasn’t there. Instead, he was waving at you all once he heard his name. Seeing this, you all ran towards the car to get the window seat and not get stuck in the middle. This time around, Okuyasu got stuck in between you and Josuke. The two of you laughed as he grumbled under his breath, saying how he felt squished. 

Noticing there’s a sharp turn up ahead, Josuke leaned forward and looked at you, forward, and then back at you with a mischievous glint in his eye. Noticing the turn, you immediately knew what he was trying to do. As the car reached the turn, instead of letting the car’s momentum move you, you went against it and leaned towards the middle at the same time as Josuke. 

Yelling from the impact, Okuyasu wrapped his arms around the two of you. He targeted you first, messing up your hair with his hand. Not expecting it, you began trying to get his hand off. Laughing and screaming, you tapped out, quickly realizing that you’re no match to his strength. Seeing how he was messing your hair up, Josuke tapped out as well, in fear of his hair getting ruined. 

Out of breath, you softly elbowed Okuyasu. “You win this time, Oku.” Grinning back at you, he messed up your hair one more time before he relented. While trying to catch your breath, you attempted to smooth out your hair. 

Remembering how important his hair is, you leaned forward and asked Josuke, “Your hair’s okay?” Giving you a thumbs up, he felt a smile grow on his face as he noticed your flustered appearance as you tried to fix your hair. Your cheeks were flushed red from how hard you were laughing. He hadn’t even noticed that he was staring until Okuyasu nudged him and gave him a knowing grin. Giving him a confused look, Josuke shook his head slightly, not understanding why Okuyasu was looking at him like that. However, instead of getting an answer, he was met with Okuyasu winking at him. Before he could say anything else, the driver turned up the radio. I guess we were a bit loud . He took one last glance at you before settling down and looking out his window. 

After a few more minutes, he started recognizing his surroundings and realized that they were close to his home. This was confirmed when the car slowed to a stop. 

“Alright, Josuke and Okuyasu. This is your stop.” 

The two thanked him before exiting the car. Before walking towards their houses, they leaned inside the car and said their goodbyes. In return, you all wished them a goodnight. With all the new free space in the back, you were getting comfortable when you felt something small and hard. Looking down you saw someone’s phone. It must be Okuyasu’s. Rolling down the window as fast as you can, you yelled out for them. “You forgot your phone!”

Both Okuyasu and Josuke patted down their pants. Realizing he didn’t have his phone, Okuyasu ran back to the taxi. “Thanks [name]! And hey, have fun on your date tomorrow.” He winked at you, while grinning. Before you could deny it, he jogged backwards, waving at you all as the car started up again. 

From your house to Josuke’s, it doesn’t take that long to walk there. Getting there in car is even faster. It wasn’t that long before the car started to pull up in front of your house. Gathering all of your things, you thanked the driver and wished him and Koichi a safe drive home. Before shutting the door, you told Koichi to call you once he gets home, which he promises to do so. You stood outside in your front yard, waving, as they drove away. 

Once inside your house, you greeted your parents who were watching tv in the living room. You made sure to call them beforehand to tell them where you were going after school, so unlike last time, they weren’t going to scold you for not heading straight home after school. 

“Hey, sweetheart. If you’re hungry, there’s some leftovers in the fridge. It just needs to be warmed up in the microwave.” Politely declining it, you told her that you ate not that long ago with your friends. You climbed a few steps before your mom spoke up again. “What did you guys do? You’ve been staying out more often now.” 

You hesitated on answering. Jotaro told you all earlier that only stand users could see other stands. Along with that, he made you all promise to not tell anyone else about your stands since it can attract trouble. You felt bad about not telling her the truth, but it was for her safety. 

You gave her a smile and said, “Koichi and I were just hanging out with our new friends. You might know about them, their names are Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura.” You started walking up the stairs again when you remembered that Josuke was coming over tomorrow to pick you up. “Oh! You can meet Josuke tomorrow! We’re hanging out tomorrow around noon.” 

Hearing this, your mom began teasing you. This reminded you of Okuyasu and how he kept referring to it as a date. Feeling your face redden, you told your mom to stop. However seeing how shy and red you got, it just motivated her even more. Figuring that she wouldn’t stop anytime soon, you ran up to your room to escape her teasing. Her laughter started getting more and more distant as you went up the stairs. 

Once you were safe in your room, you leaned against your closed door and let out a loud sigh. Hopefully, she doesn’t say anything when Josuke comes tomorrow. 

Pushing yourself off your door, you placed your bookbag on your desk. Taking out your folder from your bag and placing it on your desk, you looked at the clock you had on your desk and realized that it was getting late. Koichi’s house isn’t that far. He should have made it home by now, you thought. Earlier when you called your mom to let her know of your after school plans, you convinced Koichi to do the same since you’d probably get home after sun down. You weren’t sure whether you were overthinking or if he was actually in trouble. 

Quickly making up your mind, you pulled out your phone and dialed his number. You’ve dialed his number so many times over the past years that your fingers moved on their own. It was ringing for a few seconds before it sent you to his voicemail. This didn’t help ease your worries, instead it worsened them. You dialed his number once more, but you were met with the same result. Before you jumped to any conclusions, you figured that the next best option before heading over there was to call his house phone.   

You were getting more and more anxious as the phone line continued to ring. Hearing the phone line go silent, you immediately started to dial Josuke’s phone number. However, you stopped yourself from hitting the call button when you remembered that Jotaro asked you all to call him if anything happened. Hesitating for a second, you deleted his number and started punching in Jotaro’s. Even though your first instinct was to call Josuke, you knew that Jotaro was the best option to help Koichi. 

However before you could press call, your phone started to ring. Not expecting it, you fumbled with your phone as it almost fell onto the ground. Once you had a solid grip on it, you almost let out a shout of happiness when you saw that it was Koichi who was calling. 

“Koichi! Hi! Did you make it home alright?” 

Expecting him to greet you like he normally would, you were surprised to hear how exhausted he sounded. “You won’t believe what just happened. You remember the guy from this morning, the one who tried stealing my bike? His name is Tamami Kobayashi and he used his stand on my mom and sister. They almost died from it!” 

You were stunned at this. You couldn’t even form words at this. This morning he seemed like the most he would do is scam someone, but hearing that he went as far as threatening Koichi’s family was alarming. All you could think about was how relieved you were that you didn’t mention stands to your parents. 

“But that’s not all. My stand changed! Just like Jotaro said!”

“Wait, really? What happened?” 

“Yeah! Before he could do anything else, my stand broke out from the egg that it was in and helped defeat him! It can create sound effects and with that I was able to scare him off and get him to leave. He’s not going to be causing anymore trouble.” 

The more Koichi talked, the better you were feeling. You were worried sick that something had happened to him. Exhaling, you told him, “I’m glad you and your family are okay. I was starting to get worried when you didn’t call.” 

“I didn’t expect what Jotaro said to happen so sudden. I’m going to make sure that this town stays safe.” Over the years of your friendship, Koichi wasn’t the extrovert type. While he was a sociable person, he normally stayed away from any drama. Hearing how confident and brave he sounded shocked you, but it made you smile and feel proud at how much Koichi is changing. 

Before you could comment on it, Koichi spoke up again, “Hey [name], I’ll talk to you later. I have to call Jotaro and let him know about what happened.” 

“Yeah, of course, Koichi. And hey, that was really cool what you did. I’m glad you and your stand are on the same page now.”

Wishing each other a good night, you hung up the phone. After getting ready for bed, you let yourself fall onto your bed. It wasn’t that late but you decided to go to bed early, just in case you oversleep tomorrow. Before you fell asleep, your last thought was, hopefully nothing bad happens tomorrow. 

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The next day, Josuke made sure to get up earlier than he usually did on the weekends. Normally he would stay up late playing games the night before, trying to beat his highest score, and sleep in the next day, but he didn’t want to risk waking up late and making you wait. 

Quickly getting out of bed, he headed straight to the bathroom to start styling his hair. Maybe it was due to the fact that he woke up earlier than usual, but his hair just wasn’t coming out right. The only day I really need my hair to come out well and it doesn’t. Blowing his hair out of his face, he picked up his comb and hair gel to try again. It took him for a few more times until he was completely satisfied with his hair. After changing into the clothes he had splayed out on his bed, he headed towards the living room. 

“You alright, Josuke?” 

Turning around at his mom’s voice, he was completely confused on why she would ask him that. After making eye contact with his mom, he felt even more puzzled when she covered her mouth, but failed to stifle her laughter, letting a laugh escape. In the midst of her laughing, she managed to point at his shirt. Looking down at his outfit, he realized why she was laughing at him. His shirt’s tag was showing. Rushing towards a mirror to confirm it, he saw that his shirt was inside out. 

His mom, no longer bothering to hold in her laughter, walked up behind him and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you really that nervous to hang out with [name] alone?” Quickly turning red, Josuke turned around, stammering out no and that it’s just because he woke up early. This only led to her laughter getting louder. She got closer to wrap an arm around him, but Josuke dodged her arm and escaped to the bathroom.

Sighing, he leaned onto the bathroom sink and looked at himself in the mirror. He had no idea why he didn’t notice that he had his shirt inside out. He thought back to what his mom said and realized she was right. Ever since he woke up, he felt off. I guess that explains why I couldn’t get my hair perfect right away. It’s just [name], though, I don’t get why I’m acting so weird today. Quickly fixing his shirt, he slowly turned around in front of the mirror to see if there was anything else out of place. Once he was positive that everything was right side up, he went back outside, making sure to avoid his mom, in case she tried to tease him again. 

As he snuck into his living room, he was almost to the door when he heard his mom’s voice. “Say hi to [name], Josuke. Have fun!”  


You were adding the finishing touches to your hair when you heard someone knocking at the front door. Peeking through your window, you saw that it was Josuke at your front door. You immediately ran down the stairs, making sure to grab your bag and perfume. Quickly spritzing yourself with perfume as you ran downstairs, you placed it on the living room’s coffee table and made your way to the front door. However, before you could reach the door, your mom beat you to it. 

“Oh! Hello! You must be Josuke. Come on in, I’m sure [name] is almost done.” Moving to the side, she gestured for him to come in. Before Josuke could properly introduce himself, your mom spoke up again. “You know, besides Koichi, you’re the only other boy she’s ever brought home. It’s so nice that she’s finally found herself a boyfriend.” 

Hearing what she said, you quickly rushed over and grabbed Josuke’s arm. Turning him around, you softly pushed him towards your doorway. 

“Okay, bye mom! I’ll be back later!”

After shutting the front door, you let out a sigh and leaned against it. Looking up at Josuke, you apologized for what your mom said. “Sorry about that, Josuke. My mom is a bit…” Drifting off, you gave him a sheepish smile. Waving off your apology, he extended his hand to pull you off the door. 

“Don’t worry about it, [name]. My mom’s like that too. She actually said something like that this morning. She also asked me to tell you she said hi.” Pulling you off the door, without letting go of your hand, he started leading the way. 

The two of you headed towards the central part of the town, unaware that your mom was peeking through the living room windows. Her gaze was focused on your intertwined hands. Smiling to herself, she moved away from the window when your dad asked if it was Koichi who was at the door. 

“No, it was someone else, whom I think we’ll be seeing more often now.” 


After a few minutes of walking, you two were almost at the cafe when Josuke noticed something strange in the distance. A few blocks away stood Koichi and Okuyasu; however, that wasn’t that strange part. What caught his attention was the fact that they were with the same guy that tried to steal Koichi’s bike and money. Upon looking closer, he was even more shocked, it appeared as if he was tending to Koichi and Okuyasu’s needs. He was even carrying their bags. 

He was about to point towards them when he realized that he was still holding onto your hand. Feeling shy, he awkwardly let go of your hand. Feeling his face warm up, he avoided your gaze when you glanced up at him. Not wanting to talk about it, he nudged your arm and pointed towards your friends. 

“Is that who I think it is?” 

Looking away from him, you saw what caught his attention. Noticing who was with them, you glanced back at Josuke confused. Koichi had told you that he had taken care of him, but he didn’t say anything about hanging out with him. You couldn’t think of any reasons why they would be out together. 

“Yeah, what are they even doing?” Shrugging his shoulders, he asked if you wanted to find out, to which you, without hesitation, nodded your head. Concerned for your friends, the two of you headed straight towards them, with only one goal in mind, finding out what’s going on. 

In the midst of jogging towards them, you didn’t notice someone exiting a store. Before Josuke could warn you or pull you out of the way, you and the stranger collided together. Unlike when you collided with Jotaro, you didn’t fall from the impact, instead you stumbled back a bit. 

Josuke reached forward to help steady you, but the person you bumped into beat him to it, gently holding onto your hands to keep you from falling behind. 

“Are you alright, miss? You should be more aware of your surroundings. If you’re not careful, who knows what might happen.”

Embarrassed from getting slightly scolded, you looked up, ready to apologize. However, the words died down in your throat. The first thing that caught your eyes was his bright blonde hair. Slowly, your eyes drifted towards his, while they weren’t the same shade as Josuke’s, you still found them intriguing. You didn’t even know how you didn’t see him considering how his lilac suit made him stand out. Quickly straightening up, you pulled your hands away and bowed slightly, apologizing for bumping into him. 

“No worries, just make sure to be careful next time, miss. Not everyone in this town is nice. Now, if you excuse me.” 

You moved to join Josuke on the side to let him pass by. The two of you watched as he walked away. Despite how gentle he was when he helped steady you, there was something about him that left you with a feeling of unease. 

Josuke’s voice broke you out of your trance, asking, “Are you okay? You didn’t get hurt, right?” 

Figuring you were just imagining things, you pushed those thoughts away and shook your head at Josuke. “No, I’m okay. I should probably watch where I’m going, huh?” 

Chuckling, Josuke agreed and looked around for your friends. “I guess they left. But hey, we should head to the cafe now, before you run someone over again.” Laughing, you slightly elbowed him and told him it was an accident. 

Once again, Josuke started leading the way to the cafe. Before you followed him, you glanced behind you one more time before you jogged up to catch up to him. During the walk there, you joked around saying this wasn’t the first time this happened, explaining how you even ran into Jotaro the first time you met him. 

“Guess I gotta make sure to be there to steer you away from trouble then.”


The cafe he brought you to was very pretty. It had an outdoor sitting area that was enclosed with a white colored gate. Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful flowers. They even began growing upwards along the gate. It honestly looked magical to you. Awed at how pretty it looked, you turned to look at him and asked, “How did you even find this place? I don’t remember ever seeing this place.”

He felt a smile grow on his face at how amazed you look. “That’s a secret, but, c’mon, I love the desserts here.” 

After getting the attention of one of the workers and taken to an empty table, Josuke immediately started pointing out desserts and drinks that sound good. 

“Look, [name], here are the milkshakes.” 

Looking at where he was pointing, you were greeted with a large variety of milkshakes. Your eyes scanned the menu to look at the prices, but Josuke quickly realized what you were doing and covered them with his hand. 

Looking at you with a smile, he said, “Don’t worry about that! It’s my treat, alright?” Returning his smile, you nodded your head and told him thanks. However, despite his reassurance, you opted for a simple vanilla milkshake that seemed to be less expensive compared to the rest. Josuke chose a similar milkshake, except his was chocolate. 

“You know, Josuke, I don’t really like most chocolate things, milkshakes, ice cream, sometimes even cake.” Astonished, Josuke started going on about how chocolate foods are amazing and how if he was given the chance, he could eat them every single time. 

Laughing at how dramatic he was being, “Don’t get me wrong; I like chocolate, but sometimes it’s just too sweet, so I just avoid them for the most part.” Picking up your menu, you playfully added, “Besides, everyone knows vanilla is the superior flavor.”

This seemed to rile Josuke up even more, sending him onto another animated rant, going on about how vanilla doesn’t even come close to chocolate. While you weren’t as passionate as Josuke was about this topic, you found it amusing and cute how strongly he feels about chocolate. 

Hearing you giggle at him brought him out of his own world. Feeling embarrassed, he realized how he was going on and on about how chocolate was better than vanilla. Your laughter resulted in his face heating up, which he attempted to hide it by raising the menu to cover his face. 

Keeping his gaze on the menu, he embarrassedly muttered, “Chocolate is still better than vanilla, [name].” 

Covering your mouth with your hand to stifle your laughter, “Yeah, yeah, Josuke. Whatever you say.” 

After going over the menu a couple of more times, Josuke had managed to convince you to try a slice of their chocolate mille crepe cake. Normally you wouldn’t have even looked at that option, but Josuke brought up how they use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Figuring that if he went out of his way to look for a dessert that you might like, you should try it. 

Once the worker came, Josuke took it upon himself to order for you both. After returning the menus, you quickly started talking about the slice of cake. Jokingly saying how it better be as good as he claims it to be. Josuke returned your playful mood by saying if you end up liking it, you have to treat him to chocolate ice cream. Leaning over the table, the two of you shook hands, making a deal. 

While you changed the topic, he started to think about how glad he felt when you agreed to try the dessert. Despite how shocked he was at the fact that you didn’t like chocolate that was overly sweet, he wanted you to enjoy today. When he raised the menu to cover his face earlier, his eyes had scanned the pages in hopes of finding something that you would enjoy. And prove his point that chocolate is better than vanilla . Chuckling at his thoughts, he tuned back into the conversation, piping up when you said something funny. 


It didn’t take long for your drinks and dessert to come out. Almost immediately, he handed you a fork, urging you to try the cake first. Accepting it, albeit hesitantly, you dug it into the slice, picking up a small piece. However, before you could take a bite, Josuke leaned forward a bit and stopped you. 

“[name]! You gotta get a bigger piece to be sure if you actually like it! C’mon, don’t you trust me?” 

Whining, you tried to reason that you didn’t want to take a bigger bite, in case you didn’t love it, but he shook his head, refusing to accept your excuses. Reluctantly, you cut yourself a bigger piece, looking up at Josuke for confirmation. Pleased with how much of a bigger bite you got, he nodded excitedly, motioning for you to hurry up and eat it.

“Okay, I trust you, Josuke.”           

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“That looks so good!” Okuyasu stated out loud, while practically salivating over the slice of cake that you and Josuke were sharing. He had stepped out from behind the tree that him and Koichi were hiding behind once the worker brought out the cake. He was no longer thinking about figuring out whether you two were dating. Instead, he started to walk towards you both to get a bite of the cake. He didn’t get that far, before being dragged back by Koichi.

“Okuyasu! They’ll see us!” 

Once he was back behind the tree, he quickly remembered their original plan. “Hey Koichi, let’s just casually walk by. Don’t you wanna hear what they’re saying?” 

Shaking his head, “What? No. What if you’re right? What if they’re actually on a date and we end up interrupting them?” 

The two of them carefully peeked at you two from behind the tree. To anyone passing by, the two of you looked like a couple, laughing and having fun with each other. They also noticed how you were both smiling brightly at one another.

“Why wouldn’t they tell us though? It’s not like we would be against it.” 

Shrugging his shoulders, Koichi said, “Josuke does have a lot of people that have crushes on him. Maybe they didn’t want them to know?” 

Before Okuyasu could respond, the sound of chairs scraping against the floor grabbed his attention. Snapping his head towards the sound, he saw that you and Josuke had finished and were on your way out of the cafe. Both him and Koichi quickly squeezed themselves together behind the tree, making sure that neither of you would see them. Hearing footsteps getting closer and closer to them, they nervously glanced at each other and quietly shushed one another, hoping that their cover wasn’t blown. 


While Josuke gloated over how he succeeded in getting you to eat chocolate, you saw some movement from the corner of your eye that caught your attention. You managed to turn quick enough to see someone move behind a tree. A red flag went up in your head and all of Jotaro’s warnings played in your head. 

Putting on a smile, you leaned over and whispered, “Hey, Josuke, I’m going to tell you something, but act like everything’s normal.” Hearing your warning, Josuke plastered a big, bright smile on his face, albeit it was fake, it looked natural. He leaned in, pretending to cut a piece off the cake. 

“I think I saw someone hide behind the tree. When I turned to look, they hid right away. I’m probably overthinking it, but I’m sure someone is there.” 

Nonchalantly, he glanced at the tree nearby, glancing back at you to see if it was the right one. Once he got your confirmation, he quickly called over one of the cafe’s workers and started cleaning up your table. 

After cleaning everything off and getting ready to leave, Josuke gently pulled you towards him. To anyone else, it looked like he was simply giving you a side hug, but in reality, he was telling you the plan he quickly came up with. 

“You take the left and I’ll take the right. If they don’t hear us coming, then they won’t even expect us. If we catch them off guard, then we’ll win and remember, just think about wanting to protect yourself to call out your stand.” 

Nodding, the two of you quickly separated and made your way towards the tree. Right before you reached the tree, you glanced at Josuke, who placed a finger on his mouth, telling you to be quiet. He then began counting down from 3 using his hand.  


“Who are you?!” 

As soon as he put all of his fingers down, the two of you jumped in front of the tree, with both of your stands out, making the people behind the tree scream in shock. Your stands were ready to launch an attack, both of them holding their arms back, ready to hit them. However, as fast as they appeared, they quickly went away when you two saw who were behind the tree. 



Seeing that it was just Josuke and you, the two of them let out a deep sigh and visibly relaxed. Stepping forward, while crossing your arms across your chest, you asked, “What are you guys even doing?”

Josuke stepped up as well, narrowing his eyes, “Yeah, were you spying on us?”

Okuyasu and Koichi nervously looked at each other. Rubbing the back of his neck, Koichi was about to speak up when Okuyasu blurted out, “It was his idea! He thought you two were on a date and he dragged me with me to spy on you two.”

Koichi’s eyes widened from shock. He was baffled that he was putting the blame on him when it was all his idea. Soon enough, he snapped out of it and started bickering with him. 

Hearing what they thought made your cheeks burn. Shyling glancing at Josuke, you noticed that he shared a similar appearance to yours. Awkwardly chuckling, he looked at you and gave you a sheepish smile. He tilted his head towards them as a way of saying, should I tell them what we were doing or do you want to?

Stepping up, you cleared your throat, grabbing their attention. “We weren’t on a date, you guys. He just wanted to return a favor.”

“Yeah, you could have asked us. Besides, [name] and I are just friends.”

Both Okuyasu’s and Koichi’s gaze flickered between the two of you, trying to see if either of you were telling a lie, but backed down when they realized that you were both telling the complete truth. The two of them looked at each other and sighed before they turned back to face you two properly.

“We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to spy on you.”

“Yeah, we’re really sorry. It was technically my idea, but Koichi shouldn’t have encouraged it.” 

This led to the both of them to argue with one another again. As they continued to bicker, you walked over to Josuke and playfully elbowed him. “Guess we were worried for nothing, right Josuke?” 

Chuckling, he responded, “Yeah, sucks that we couldn’t finish our food though.”

“It’s okay! We could always come back another time. Maybe this time we can invite Koichi and Oku, so they don’t spy on us again. Besides, I think you might have won me over with your chocolate rant. I ended up actually really liking the chocolate crepe cake.” Grinning at him, you turned around and started walking towards Koichi and Okuyash to stop them from bickering anymore.

Laughing, he quickly joined you, “See, I told you! Vanilla doesn’t stand a chance to chocolate!”


After reassuring them that it wasn’t a big deal and stopping them from bickering, the four of you decided to hang out for the rest of the day. After a few minutes of debating what to do, Josuke brought up going to his house.

During the walk there, you all passed by the same spot that you and Josuke saw them earlier. Gasping as you remembered that, you interrupted their conversation onwhat games to play, “Oh! Earlier we saw you two with the guy that tried stealing your bike, Koichi.”

Remembering as well, Josuke spoke up, “Yeah! Why were you with him?” 

Koichi then started explaining what had happened when he returned home after leaving Jotaro’s hotel room. “It was insane! I walked in and there he was! He was just sitting there with my mom, claiming that I stole his wallet and a crazy amount of money from him. All the lies he was saying caused my mom and older sister to get a lock on their chest. My sister even passed out!” 

Letting out a sigh, he lowered his voice and said, “Not only that, but my mom was seconds away from taking her own life because she thought she raised a terrible son. I’ve never felt so afraid in my life, but despite that, I knew I had to protect them and out came my stand!” Glancing around to see if there were people around, he summoned his stand. Unlike before, his stand was no longer an egg, instead it was a larva shaped creature, with the similar green and white pattern that the egg had.    

“I named it Echoes Act 1. It can stick sound effects onto people and surfaces! I had it write down fighting effects on him and managed to defeat him! After that, he said he would do anything to make it up to me, so now I’ve got my own personal servant!” Koichi ended with a smug grin. 

Okuyasu shared a similar grin. “Yeah! He even carried all of our stuff this morning. This is amazing!” Okuyasu exclaimed, while bringing in Koichi for a side hug. 

While you knew that Koichi dealt with him, he didn’t have the chance to go in detail over what actually happened. You were beyond shocked at how serious it was. It could have gone extremely wrong. Nonetheless, it seemed like Koichi wasn’t that bothered over it. Instead, he seemed elated that his stand was finally cooperating with him. 

“But that’s not all. I had him promise that he’d tell me if he ever encountered another stand user. Figured it would help us out knowing other stand users.”

“That’s great! Hopefully we can figure out who took the bow and arrow and get justice for Oku’s brother.” Josuke said as he walked over and wrapped an arm around Koichi, mimicking Okuyasu’s actions. The trio started walking forward again, continuing their path towards Josuke’s house. 

Laughing quietly at how they looked, you couldn’t help but feel a bit left out. The sidewalk was narrow so you waited for them to walk by before following them from behind. However, that feeling quickly went away as Josuke wrapped his free arm around you, pulling you towards his side. 

Giving you a huge smile, he said, “Let’s go home!”


The walk didn’t take that long after that. At one point, you all stopped holding onto each other and started walking normally. It was getting difficult to walk while holding onto one another. It was also started to become a health hazard. Okuyasu saw something interesting and forgot that he was holding onto Koichi and ran towards it, dragging you all with him. Nonetheless, after apologizing, you continued to walk home. It wasn’t until Josuke slightly tripped and almost dragged you all down with him. After that, you all decided it would be best and the safest if you all walk normally. 

At his house, Josuke called out to his mom that he was home, but he was met with no response. “I guess she’s out, but c’mon let’s get out the game console!” 

Deciding to play rock, paper, scissors to choose who picks out the first game, the first round ended up being a practice round since you and Okuyasu weren’t sure whether to go at scissors or when they said shoot . The ‘first’ official round resulted in you all throwing rocks, while Koichi threw scissors. 

“Okay, you all teamed up against me. There’s no way that was at random.” 

Koichi became the referee after that and started to call out the chant. The next round turned out to be the final round. You were debating on throwing rocks again, but you then thought that Josuke and Okuyasu might be thinking the same thing, so you decided to choose paper. Still thinking about it, you eyed them both. What if they want me to think they’re going to choose rock, so that I choose paper when they’re actually choosing scissors? Right before Koichi finished saying it, you changed your mind back to rock.

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”

Throwing out your clenched fist, you closed your eyes, not wanting to see the final results. You opened your eyes when you were heard Josuke and Okuyasu groaning and complaining. Looking down at your hands, you saw that they both had scissors. 

Immediately, you started cheering and ran over to the cabinet filled with all over Josuke’s games. On the walk to his house, you were all talking about games, when Koichi mentioned how you were the worst player ever, even after playing longer than him, you just couldn’t beat him. Now that you were able to choose the game, you were for sure going to choose one where you felt most confident at. 

Skimming your fingers across all the games, you stopped when you saw a familiar game. It was the same one that you would play with your dad. Even though you were absolutely sure that he would let you win, it was still incredibly fun to play. Pulling it out, you turned around with a smile and said, “Let’s play F-Mega!”


After quickly going over the rules of the game, you all started playing together. It was a bit harder than how you remembered. However, everything your dad taught you started coming back, even the small hacks to get more ahead in the race. Even so, you still lost the race, coming in at last place. It didn’t really bother you; you cared more about having fun than actually winning. Koichi ended up being in first place, which Josuke and Okuyasu didn’t expect at all. 

“Back then when I would go to [name]’s house, her dad would show us secret cheats. He’s amazing at this game!” 

“How come you aren’t a master at this game, then [name]?” Okuyasu teased, making Josuke laugh along with him. 

Slightly scoffing, you fired back, “Do I gotta remind you two who beat you at rock, paper, scissors?” 

Playfully clutching their chests, Josuke and Okuyasu pretended to get shot and fell backwards onto the ground, making you all laugh. Once the laughter died down, Okuyasu chose the next game, opting for one of the very few horror games that Josuke had. Despite Josuke complaining about the game, Okuyasu insisted on playing it. 

Unlike the game before it, it was a single player game, so you all watched intensely as Okuyasu played. The more he played, the more Josuke shrunk in his seat. You and Koichi were a bit scared as well, but not as much as Josuke. You both were quietly chuckling to yourselves at Josuke’s reactions. 

Soon enough, Okuyasu had to go through a dark hallway to proceed to the next stage. As the eerie music started getting louder and louder, you all started leaning onto each other, trying to get away from the game. Right as Okuyasu opened the door, someone from behind you all yelled, “Boo!” at the same time as the monster from the game popped up.

You all instantly jumped in your seats and grabbed onto each other, screaming. Okuyasu even dropped the controller he was holding onto. Snapping around, you were all met with Josuke’s mom laughing hard. While you were all so focused on the game, neither of you heard the front door open. Josuke’s mom had noticed the horror game and smiled evilly to herself as she creeped behind you all. 

Immediately, you all started laughing at how scared you all got. Greeting his mom, she motioned you all to help her out with the groceries in exchange for some ice cream and chips. The rest of the night went well, you even managed to win at a game, although it was mainly due to the fact that Koichi and Okuyasu scared Josuke into losing focus, so you could win. 


While you all were having fun playing games, in a nearby house, one of your upperclassmen was slouching over his desk, scrambling to finish his homework so he could go to bed. Sighing in relief when he finished up with the last problem, he leaned forward to turn off the radio, but his hand wouldn’t move. 

Instead, it tightly grabbed onto a sharp pencil and started to slowly inch its way to his eye. He was about to scream for help, but stopped once he gained control of it, pulling it away. However, in an instant, it swung upwards, piercing through his eye. As he laid there on his desk, helplessly bleeding out, before he passed out, the last thing he heard was the radio host.. 

“Up next on Morioh Cho radio…”

Chapter Text

The remaining part of the weekend went by fast and soon enough, you, Josuke, and Okuyasu were all walking to school, discussing future plans to hang out again. It wasn’t long until you reached your school’s campus. 

Okuyasu skipped ahead of you two and turned around to face you both. He exclaimed, “One of our teachers wanted to talk to me before class, so I’ll catch you guys later!” Waving goodbye, he turned back around and jogged into the main school’s building. 

After waving goodbye, the two of you followed the direction Okuyasu was going, but at a much slower pace. It seemed like neither of you wanted to go to class today. Chuckling to yourself, you were about to bring it up when you heard Koichi calling you two from behind. Turning around, you immediately started to greet him, but cut yourself off in surprise when you saw he was with Tanami. 

“Good morning, Koi-” Quickly getting over your shock, you properly greeted them both this time. “Good morning, you too.” Josuke greeted them as well, except he opted for a silent greeting, waving his hand at both of them. 

“You’ll never guess what happened over the weekend! Tanami, tell them!” 

Clearing his throat, he stepped forward, while bringing out a photograph of someone who was wearing a similar school uniform that you three were wearing. “This guy right here became a stand user the same way I did, with the bow and arrow. His name is Toshikazu Hazamada and he’s a third year. The picture is a year old, but I’m sure he still looks the same.” 

He handed you the photograph, which you angled a bit upwards when Josuke leaned closer to see. Looking at the picture, you tried to remember if you’ve seen him before, but nothing popped up. You don’t even remember catching a glimpse of him. Making eye contact with you, Josuke raised his eyebrow, silently asking if you had any idea who he was. Shaking your head, you both let out a sigh.

Before you could ask him if he was sure that he goes to your school, he spoke up again, “But here’s where it gets creepy, he had a fight with one of his friends over something dumb and it supposedly died down, but on Saturday night, his friend took out his own eye with a mechanical pencil. Then when the doctors asked why he did it, he simply said that he had no control over his body and when he realized what had happened, all he could do was stare helplessly at the bloody mess he made.”

Shivering as he told the story, you couldn’t help but feel worried. Even if you hadn’t seen him around the school, there’s a chance he could be here. If he’s willing to go that far and take out his friend’s eye, what would he even do to his underclassman? You were brought back from your thoughts when Josuke spoke up, “Are you sure those two events are even related? It could have been something completely different that caused him to do that.”

Glancing up at him, Koichi spoke up, “It’s a completely bizarre story, I know, but if there’s someone causing danger, then we have to at least check it out.” Tanami was about to object to what Koichi said, thinking that it would be better for just Josuke and you to check it out since it can be dangerous. 

“Yeah, I think so too. C’mon, Josuke let’s just check it out and if it ends up being nothing, then we won’t have to worry about it anymore!” Glancing between both of your determined faces, he thought, even if I don’t go, I’m sure they’ll go off by themselves. Sighing, he nodded his head. Tilting his head towards the school he said, “You’re both right, we can’t just ignore this. Thanks, Tanami, we’ll take it from here on.”


Opening the classroom door, you poked in your head and looked around to see if Hazamada was there, but to your disappointment he was nowhere to be seen. Politely excusing yourself, you closed the door and shook your head while walking back towards Josuke and Koichi. 

“Nope. He isn’t here. What do we do now?” 

Thinking for a second, Josuke straightened up and started leading you two towards the entrance of the school. “I have an idea.”

The three of you ended up in front of a row of lockers. Figuring what Josuke was planning, you helped him look for Hazamada’s locker. Josuke came across it first and quickly scanned the room before ripping the locker open, not before saying, “Watch my back.”

“Tell us before you do it!” Koichi exclaimed while he went to one end of the lockers while you ran to the other. As Josuke searched through the locker, all he could find was normal items that any other teenager would have. 

Looking over his shoulder, Koichi asked, “You find anything, Josuke?” Still rummaging through his things, he shook his head. You were about to turn around to say something when you saw someone peek around the corner of another row of lockers. You weren’t sure whether to go take a look or not, but whoever was there took another glance at you before quickly hiding again. 

That was all you needed to rush over to the other row of lockers, stating, “I think someone’s here. I’ll go take a look.” Josuke halted at your words, but not before he touched a wooden mannequin that was in the locker. Not a second later did it start shifting into an exact replica of Josuke. 

However, you weren’t aware of this as you quietly dashed to where you last saw the person. Your feet slid a bit against the floor as you took a sharp turn around the corner, you were met with nothing. You could have sworn he was here. Looking around, you noticed that a door that was previously closed was now opened. Did he run away? Before you could even think about investigating even further, the sound of a door breaking and Josuke shouting worriedly filled your ears. 

Running back, you were about to gasp in shock at what you saw when you realized that Hazamada hadn’t noticed you yet. Clamping a hand across your mouth, you looked past him and saw Koichi lying on the ground, surrounded with glass shards. He was so still that you had no idea if he was conscious or not, but that wasn’t the only thing that was concerning. There were two Josuke’s and one of them was holding a mechanical pencil extremely close to his eye. That’s gotta be his stand, you thought.

Thinking back to what Tanami said, you knew without a doubt that he used his stand to somehow make his friend gouge his eye out. As you stared at them from behind the lockers, you were having trouble figuring out what to do. If you didn’t figure out something quick, Josuke was going to lose his eye as well.  

“Once it copies you, you’ll mimic it’s exact movements! You can’t do anything, Josuke!”

A light bulb went off in your head as soon as he said that. All you had to do was stop the fake Josuke who wasn’t holding anything. Quietly snickering, you summoned your stand who rose up from your shadow. Without wasting any second, you mentally commanded it to swipe at the fake Josuke’s forearm. If you’re going to be a bad guy, you should probably keep your stand’s ability to yourself. 

Proceeding with your command, you watched in awe as your stand disappeared into a nearby shadow and carefully made its way towards Hazamada and his stand. Sparing them a glance, you realized they haven’t noticed you or your stand yet. Neither of them were aware of your stand travelling towards them. After approaching them from behind, your stand stayed in its shadow form, waiting for the right moment to strike. 

In an instant, your stand took on its physical form and lashed at the fake Josuke’s hand, cutting it right off and turning it back into a piece of wood. The sudden appearance of your stand startled Josuke, but once he realized it was your stand, he let out a breath of relief. For a second, he thought it was another stand user attacking him. 

“Great job, [name]!” Josuke exclaimed, glad to see you safe and finally having full control of his body again. When Hazamada made Josuke attack Koichi, he was afraid that he would force him into hurting you as well. However, once he glanced at the other end of the hallway, he felt a bit at ease seeing that you were gone, but that quickly went away as he started to wonder if Hazamada did something to you when you went to check out what you saw. 

“Go help Koichi! I got this!” Josuke gave you a worried look, but after seeing how determined you looked, he nodded and ran towards Koichi to fix him up.

Swiftly turning around, Hazamada barked out, “Another one of Josuke’s damn fangirls! He isn’t that great, you know? Go get her; she’s ruining our chances of getting Jotaro!” 

At his words, the Josuke replica started making its way to you, readying his remaining hand to punch you. You ducked as he threw his punch, hitting the window behind you instead, completely shattering it. Dashing forward so the glass shards don’t land on you, you were about to land another attack with your stand when he reached behind you and grabbed a large piece of glass and proceeded to cut his cheek. 

Josuke gritted his teeth in pain as he felt a searing pain in his cheek. You snapped your head towards him and shouted out, “Josuke!” Taking advantage of you being distracted, Hazamada and the Josuke replica escaped. Hearing the door slam shut, you turned back and saw that they had left. Frowning, you ran over to Josuke and Koichi. 

Dropping to your knees besides Josuke who was helping Koichi up, you apologized, “They got away. I’m sorry, Josuke. Are you okay?” You felt terrible. You let them both escape and even got Josuke hurt. Looking at you, Josuke could tell immediately that you were bringing yourself down over this. 

Placing his hand on your shoulder, he said, “Don’t worry about it, [name]. You saved me from stabbing my own eye out! This little cut is nothing, I promise.”

“Yeah, [name], we even figured out what they’re going to do next. We gotta warn Jotaro because that copy looks so much like you that it’s creepy! I doubt he’ll know it’s not you.” 


After placing a small bandage on his face, you noticed that Koichi came back looking nervous. Asking him what’s wrong, he explained how he failed to reach Jotaro, even after attempting to call him multiple times. 

“Hazamada must have beat us to it and called him to meet up somewhere.” Josuke concluded.  

Looking around, you asked, “Where do we even start to look? They can be anywhere.”

However, before you could all start to brainstorm a plan, one of your classmates walked by and stopped when she saw Josuke. Calling out his name, she asked him what he was doing back at school. You all shared an awkward glance with each other, before he stepped up and responded, “Ah, I forgot something at my locker.”

Accepting his lie, she began fiddling with her hands and  averted her eyes from him, asking, “So about my letter, did you get a chance to read it yet? You were busy with Hazamada earlier when I gave you it.” 

Perking up when she mentioned Hazamada, Josuke glanced at you two for help on asking where they went but neither of you knew what to say without making it sound weird. You and Koichi were beginning to feel awkward. It was clear that she was trying to confess to him. 

Wanting to get out of it as soon as possible, Josuke slightly elbowed you to say something. Giving him a nervous look, you stepped forward and told her the best lie you could come up with on the spot, “Oh! He actually gave the letter to Hazamada before he came back to school, so he hasn’t read it yet.” Giving you a weird look, she hesitantly nodded her head. She looked doubtful, until Josuke backed up your lie. 

Speaking up as well, Koichi asked, “Yeah, so do you know where he might have gone? The sooner we find him, the sooner he can read your letter.”

Brightening up, she eagerly answered back, saying he was heading towards the train station. Quickly thanking her, you all ran towards the direction of the train station. After running nonstop for a few minutes, you all skidded to a stop at the sound of commotion coming from across the street up ahead. Running towards a nearby garbage container, you hid behind it. 

Across the street stood the Josuke replica struggling to hold back a bleeding man, while Hazamada was threatening him with a pocket knife. Whispering in your ear, Josuke asked, “Can your stand reach them? Out of all three of us, yours can travel the most discreetly.” 

Giving him a firm nod, you summoned your stand and had it go towards them. Watching as your stand slither towards them as a shadow, you crossed your fingers, hoping you could attack it like before. However, your face dropped when it stopped a few feet away. While it did go a far distance, it stopped a few feet away from them. At least I know how far it can go. 

The three of you inhaled sharply as he pushed the knife into his mouth, causing blood to spurt out. There was no way you would all make it in time to stop him from hurting him even more. However, it was worth trying anyway. Seeing the blood rush out, Koichi flinched and hit a glass bottle with his foot. Quickly he picked it up and turned to you and Josuke, “I have an idea.”  

Koichi explained how Hazamada’s stand was struggling to keep him still because of his missing hand. “If we take his other hand off while he’s distracted, then he won’t be able to hold him back anymore.” Glancing back across the street, Koichi was right. The replica had his hand in his pocket, refusing to take it out. 

His plan made sense, but you curiously looked at the bottle in his hand. “But what does that have to do with the bottle?” 

Summoning his stand, Koichi had Act 1 place the word ‘crash’ onto the bottle, shattering it into pieces. Pointing at Josuke, he said, “This is where you come in, Josuke.”


“I think the easiest way to make sure you don’t go spewing shit anymore is if I just cut off your tongue. Don’t you think?” Smirking, Hazamda was about to slice off the man’s tongue when the Josuke replica shouted out, “It’s that girl’s stand again!” 

Hazamada turned abruptly. His eyes widened when he realized that he was right. You had managed to catch up to them. However, before he could even think of an attack, shards of glass came flying towards them. Reacting quickly, his stand caught them before they managed to hit him or his stand user, resulting in letting go of the man.

Snapping his head towards where it came from, he growled lowly and commanded his stand to go after the three of you. He could have sworn that he’d gotten far away enough that neither of you would catch him. But still, he wasn’t going to give up that easily. However, he was drawn away from his thoughts when he saw his stand drop to the floor, cradling what was just a glass shard, but it’s now a glass bottle containing a piece of wood.

Smugly grinning, Josuke said, “The glass shards weren’t to hurt you. I just needed him to hold onto it while I fixed it back to its original form.” 

Chapter Text

Quickly hiding after taking the replica’s hand, the three of you ran as fast as you could towards the train station. It was still a few blocks away, but you had to reach Jotaro before they did. Stopping momentarily to catch your breath, you noticed the train tracks up ahead. 

“Wait, I have an idea,” you gasped out. Pointing at the train tracks further up, you continued on saying, “If we use Koichi’s Act 1, we can trick them into hearing a train coming. This is the quickest way to get to the station, right? So if we trick them into hearing a train, then they’ll have to go through the bridge to get to the station.”

“Taking the bridge takes at least 5 minutes! We’ll have plenty of time to reach Jotaro before they can.” Koichi exclaimed. You and Josuke stepped away, giving Koichi room to summon his stand and make the sound effect. 

“It sounds so real, Koichi!” Agreeing with Josuke, you glanced down the train tracks. It sounded so real that you were worried an actual train was coming. Laughing at your reactions, Koichi began placing the sound effect onto nearby poles. 

Hearing footsteps approaching from behind, you and Josuke quickly turned around, tensing up. Josuke took a few steps away from you in case Hazamada tried having him hurt you. However, seeing it was just the two guys that Hazamada was attacking, Josuke visibly relaxed. You, on the other hand, were still nervous. 

“What if they try picking a fight with you? Considering an exact copy of you was holding them down for Hazamada.” 

Giving you a smirk, Josuke said, “Don’t worry. I know exactly how to get them to like me.”  


Skidding to a stop, Hazamada groaned hearing a train coming. With how things are going, it’ll probably be one of those slow trains that’ll take forever to get by . Looking at his stand, who was looking worried, he said, “C’mon, I know a quicker way to get there.” 

Leading him towards the bridge, he mentally complained as he saw the endless rows of stairs. He wasn’t looking forward to climbing them, but this was just one small step, no pun intended, to finally get rid of Jotaro. Letting out a deep breath, he started running up the stairs with his stand following closely behind.

Gasping for air once he reached the top of the stairs, he mindlessly glanced towards the left and was completely shocked at what he saw. You, Josuke, and Koichi were running inside the train station. Sharply turning around, he saw that you three weren’t the only ones who crossed the train tracks. Pretty much every single person who was headed towards the station was crossing the tracks. 

“They tricked us! There wasn't even a train to begin with!” 

“There’s still a chance! C’mon, let’s keep going!”  

Sprinting, both of their chests were heaving, trying to get a breath of air. Finally reaching the station, Hazamada wasn’t surprised to see Jotaro surrounded by the three of you, no doubt telling him of his plan. Clenching his jaw, he looked at his stand and said, “Come with me. I have an idea. This isn’t over yet.”


After Josuke healed them and fixed their motorcycles, the three of you began running as fast as you all could towards the station. While Koichi’s distraction was very realistic sounding, neither of you wanted to risk wasting anymore time. Upon seeing Jotaro, the three of you yelled excitedly, glad that you all made it in time. Folding the newspaper and setting it aside, he glanced at you three curiously. He certainly wasn’t expecting you all to seem so eager to see him. 

Stopping in front of him, you attempted to catch your breaths after running for so long. Leaning forward and placing your hands on your knees, you gasped out, “I’m so glad you’re okay! You won’t believe what’s going on!” 

Furiously nodding their heads, Josuke and Koichi began talking over one another, trying their best to explain as quickly as possible as to what has been going on lately. Noticing how they forgot to mention that his stand gets activated by touching his wooden puppet, you too began talking, filling in the blanks whenever they forgot something. 

Jotaro tried his best to follow the story but it was getting difficult considering that the three of you were all talking to him at the same time. The three of you kept jumping from topics. One second you’re all talking about his stand, but then the topic was changed to how you found out where Hazamada was going. Attempting one more time to figure out what actually went down, he decided to focus solely on Koichi’s voice. However, he also seemed to have a habit of jumping around while speaking. 

Standing up, he raised his hands, signalling you three to quieten down. Adjusting his hat, he said, “Okay, how about just one of you tell me what’s happening?” 

Realizing the three of you just bombarded Jotaro, you all embarrassedly glanced at each other, quietly muttering an apology. Both you and Josuke motioned for Koichi to tell him. He’s the one who first found out about Hazamada in the first place. 

Diving right to it, Koichi began explaining the whole ordeal starting from what Hazamada did this past weekend. Even after hearing it, it still managed to give you the chills hearing it again. Josuke was about to face the same fate, you thought to yourself. Sneakily glancing at him, you were glad to see that he was mainly free of injuries, besides the cut on his face that was being covered by the bandaid you gave him. 

Feeling eyes on him, he turned his head and ended up making eye contact with you. Giving him a small smile, you didn’t wait for him to return the smile before turning back to face Jotaro and Koichi, focusing on what Koichi was saying. 

Still looking at you, he slightly furrowed his eyebrows together. From how you were staring at the bandaid on his cheek, he knew you still felt bad. I’ll make sure to tell them to not worry about it anymore once we’re done with Hazamada. Noticing him walking over to your side, you looked at him confused. Slightly shaking his head, he simply gave you a comforting smile and grabbed your hand, squeezing it gently before letting go and looking ahead at Koichi and Jotaro. But for right now, this’ll have to do. 

Completely surprised at what he did, you started at him with wide eyes. Almost instantly, you felt your body heat up. Why did he do that? Glancing down at his hand that was inches away, you weren’t expecting it to feel so soft and comforting. Slightly shaking your head, you pushed those thoughts away and tried focusing on what Koichi was saying. 

“And that’s basically what’s going on! I’m just glad that we managed to reach you first! Who knows what he would have done if he had gotten here first.” 

Taking in everything that was just said, Jotaro slowly nodded his head as he processed this. Remembering something, you spoke up, “We managed to cut off both of the replica’s hands, so if you come across him, make sure to look at them to see who’s who!” 

Crouching down, you placed your book bag on the ground as you searched for the picture of Hazamada that Tanami gave you this morning. Josuke crouched down as well and reached in, pulling out one of your pens and standing up again. You didn't pay any attention to it since you were completely focused on looking for the picture. Finally finding it, you held it up so Jotaro could see. 

To see the picture more clear, Jotaro crouched slightly besides you. Giving him a brief description on how he looks now, neither of you were aware of Josuke slowly aiming his hand that was firmly grasping onto your pen towards Jotaro’s back. 

Slightly alarmed, Koichi asked, “Josuke? Are you okay? What are you doing?” 

Quickly, Josuke came to the understanding that Hazamada must be near considering the lack of control he had over his hand. With a horrified expression, he looked at Koichi for help as his arm began getting higher and higher, readying itself to stab Jotaro. 

“You guys!” Turning instantly at Koichi’s alarming voice, you gasped in shock from seeing how close Josuke was to stabbing Jotaro. Narrowing his eyes, Jotaro tensed up and was about to summon Star Platinum when Josuke’s hand dropped to his side. Raising an eyebrow, Jotaro eyed his surroundings, trying to find any sign of Hazamada.

Rushing over to Josuke, you and Koichi began asking him if he was alright. As he stuttered out a response, you gently reached forward and grabbed the pen out of his hand, making sure to keep an eye on him in case Hazamada takes control of him again. Once it was safely in your hands, you placed it back in your bag and began looking around to see if you could see a glimpse of Hazamada. 

The sound of people yelling reached your ears. Turning towards where it’s coming from, you let out a sigh at what you saw. Grabbing everyone’s attention, you pointed towards a nearby store entrance where Hazamada was currently being dragged out by the same duo that Josuke healed earlier.

You joked, “I guess you actually got them to like you, Josuke.”

Grinning at you, he responded back in a teasing manner, “I’m just a very likeable person, [name].” Giggling, you couldn’t help but blush slightly. 

“We should ask him if he knows any other stand users, especially the electricity wielding stand user that took the bow and arrow.”

After interrogating him, you didn’t get anything valuable from him. The only thing that he said that really stood out was that stand users are drawn to other stand users, which will eventually cause him to slip up. Quietly scoffing, you thought to yourself, we clearly found that out already. It’s like there’s a new stand user each day.  

After Josuke begrudgingly healed him, you all sent him on his way, making sure to tell him that if he ever pulls something like this, he won’t be walking home. Unlike last time, it was your turn to see Jotaro off. A taxi came by very quick and soon enough, you three were waving goodbye as the taxi drove off.

Letting out a deep breath, you asked, “What now? We basically missed the entire first part of the day. Okuyasu must be wondering like hell where we are.”

Josuke wasn’t worried that much, but once it hit Koichi, he began to panic. “What if they call home and tell our parents we skipped school? How do I tell them we had to save Jotaro from getting attacked by an evil version of you?” Soon enough, he started to ramble on about not wanting to get grounded. You and Josuke attempted to calm him down, but no matter what you said, Koichi was still worried.

Trying to come up with a solution, you told him, “You can tell your parents the truth, well sort of. You can say we had to help someone this morning and we lost track of time. I’m sure they’ll believe you!”

Backing you up, Josuke brought up how that’s basically the truth in simpler terms. However, he still had a stressed expression. Trying one more time, Josuke mentioned, “At least we missed the math quiz we were supposed to take today. Now we have more time to study!” 

However, that seemed to do the opposite. All at once, you suddenly remembered the very first words that your teacher said. Without a valid excuse, no retakes. Instantly, your and Josuke’s hopeful mood turned gloomy, just like Koichi’s. 

Now with low spirit, Josuke stated, “We should probably head back to school now. Hopefully, we can make it back in time before lunch ends.”


Making sure to avoid getting seen by any teachers, you three had managed to sneak in, acting as if you all had gone out to get lunch off campus. Near the lunch room entrance stood Okuyasu looking around. Noticing how he looked a bit confused, you thought, he’s probably looking for us.  

Motioning for Josuke and Koichi to follow you, you jogged as quietly as possible and snuck up behind him. Catching onto your plan, they waited for your signal to surprise him, but Okuyasu sensed something behind him and turned around before you could give the cue. Instead of surprising just him, the three of you yelled in shock as well when he quickly turned around and yelled from your sudden appearances. 

While laughing, he asked “Where were you guys? I looked everywhere and I actually ended up finding some places that none of you showed me during our tour of the school.”

For a second time today, the three of you explained what had happened this morning, making sure to not confuse him like you all did with Jotaro. This time however, you managed to not confuse him, given the nods and hums he would give now and then. 

“And that’s that! We’re sorry for not telling you earlier, Oku. Everything just happened so much,” you finished up saying.  

“Yeah, we definitely would have told you if there was time, but it was totally creepy seeing another Josuke! Consider yourself lucky!” Koichi added. 

Moving besides Okuyasu, Josuke took a deep breath and said, “We also couldn’t find out anything about the stand user that killed your brother,” placing his hand on his arm as a way to comfort him, he continued on, “But I promise we will find him.” 

Giving Josuke a firm nod, he wore a similar expression as him, serious but confident. Stepping forward, you and Koichi agreed with what Josuke said. While Keicho did attack you all, Okuyasu was your friend and all of you wanted to do the same thing, to give him closure over his brother. 

“Oh! I just remembered something. A girl was looking for you, Koichi. She said something about wanting to talk to you. Who knew you were a lady magnet.” 

Instantly, Koichi turned red. He tried asking who, but he couldn’t even manage to say a word without stuttering. Laughing at how Koichi reacted, Okuyasu grabbed onto you and Josuke, complaining about how you three are going to be single forever. You and Josuke shared an awkward glance with each other, chuckling at what he’s saying. 

Finally calming down, Koichi cleared his throat before saying, “Actually, the only reason we were able to find Hazamada was through this girl that was trying to confess to Josuke.” While you knew Koichi was simply stating a fact, something about it didn’t sit well with you. A part of you wanted to change the topic immediately, not liking how everyone, especially Josuke, became suddenly intrigued, but the other part was telling you how ridiculous you seemed. It was almost as if you were jealous. Josuke and I are just friends. Why am I even thinking this?

Unwrapping Okuyasu’s arm, you walked over to Koichi, politely declining to join his single for life pack. Unknowingly, your cheerful mood went away. However, only Okuyasu noticed your change in moods. Furrowing his eyebrows, he started piecing the pieces together. Glancing between you and Josuke, he let out an ‘ah’ once he realized what was going. Her mood changed when Koichi brought up that other girl. I guess Josuke’s the only one who sees them as friends.

Feeling a grin grow on his face, he decided to keep his newly found information a secret from the rest of you. Even if it meant that he’d be the only member of the single pack, he was determined to help you out with your crush. Jokingly, he said, “You know what? Maybe you all could go on a double date! Koichi and his special lady and [name] and Josuke!” Immediately, the two of you denied it, ignoring the slight red tint that both your cheeks shared. Laughing loudly, he wrapped his arms around you two again, saying, “Yeah, yeah, whatever you two say. Just know when you both finally get together, you have me to thank! But let’s get going, I’m starving!”


The rest of the school day went by relatively quickly. Once the bell rang, dismissing everyone from school, you left out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, none of you were questioned by your teachers on why you missed the first part of class. You had all gone through the rest of the school day without getting caught. The only thing left before you’re all free from getting in trouble is convincing your parents. Before lunch had ended, you all worked together to come up with the best way to convince your parents. While Koichi wasn’t as convinced as you and Josuke, none of you could come up with anything better, even with Okuyasu’s help. 

After meeting up with everyone at the front of the school, you were all about to start walking home when someone walked up to you all. 


Chapter Text

Turning around at the sound of an unknown voice, you were all surprised to find a pretty girl with long, black flowing hair. Instantly all the boys grew red, with Koichi turning the brightest. Noticing their stunned expressions, you frowned slightly and looked away from them. You weren’t sure why, but seeing them like this, especially Josuke, was slightly upsetting.  

In a slightly high pitched voice, Koichi responded with, “Yes?” Coughing to quickly clear his throat, he repeated what he said but in his normal voice. 

The girl motioned for him to walk over to her, shyly placing her hair behind her ear. Nervously glancing at you three, he looked at you all expectedly, as if he was waiting for your answer on what to do. Okuyasu immediately shooed him away, grinning widely. His excitement for him was clearly radiating off of him. 

One down, all that’s left is getting Josuke to like [name]. Still having the wide grin on his face, he leaned towards Josuke, whispering, “She’s pretty, huh? Just as pretty as [name], right?” 

Not expecting that, he glanced at Okuyasu surprised. “Um, yeah. [name]’s pretty.” Moving his eyes from him to you, he was surprised to see your crestfallen expression. Noticing him looking at you, you quickly plastered a smile on your face, getting rid of your dejected expression. However, you weren’t fast enough, Josuke still managed to get a glimpse of it. 

Deciding to pretend like he didn’t notice, he smiled back at you. Okuyasu wasn’t aware of your expression a few seconds ago; he opted to continue staring at Josuke, in hopes that he would find a clue or anything that would give him a clue on whether he shared the same feelings you had. 

Breaking eye contact with Josuke, you looked back towards Koichi talking to the girl. Tilting your head, you wondered what they were talking about. It seemed like whatever she was saying was clearly making him flustered. No longer thinking about the worries you had a few minutes ago, your smile turned into a sincere one. It was nice seeing Koichi branch out and make new friends. From the moment you met him, you two were always together, never having the need to make other friends. While it was bittersweet that Koichi would no longer be with you all the time, you were glad that Koichi was becoming more outgoing and who knows, maybe they’ll end up dating. Hearing footsteps, you looked up to see Koichi walking back towards you three, blushing madly. Almost immediately, you three swarmed him once he was close enough. 

“So? What did she want? C’mon, don’t leave a man hanging!” Okuyasu said, excitedly. 

Trying to calm down, he began tugging at his collar. “Her….her name is Yukako Yamaguchi and,” clearing his throat, “And she wants to go to a cafe with me.” He was met with silence after he finished speaking. It took a minute, but after processing it, Okuyasu and Josuke pulled him into a tight hug. 

“Koichi’s true personality is coming through! He’s getting all the girls now!” 

Chuckling at what Okuyasu said, you couldn’t help but feel someone’s eyes on you. It was completely chilling. Rubbing at the goosebumps that grew on your arm, you turned around trying to find who or what was creating this menacing energy. All you saw were a couple of students who weren’t even paying any attention to you all. You were about to ask them if they felt the same thing when you realized who was causing you to feel this. 

A few feet away from you stood Yukako, glaring at you as if she had the world's biggest grudge against you. Extremely confused on why she was doing this, you stepped forward to ask what you possibly could have done when this was your first meeting. 

The moment you stepped towards her, her glare worsened. If looks could kill, you’d be seven feet underground right now. But her scowl wasn’t the only thing that was startling, her hair was beginning to grow, reaching the ground in a matter of seconds. It soon started to slither across the floor, in a similar way as your stand. Completely bewildered, it took you a moment before changing your stance, preparing for any attack she was about to throw at you. 

You were no longer feeling glad that Koichi was becoming outgoing, especially if it meant that he’s attracting people like her. There’s no way you were going to let Koichi go out alone with her. Back then, before you knew about stands, you would have just thought she didn’t like you because of some petty reason. But now, with all the recent events that have happened, you feared she was another stand user with an ulterior motive.  

Before you could say anything to her, she immediately wiped the scowl on her face in favor of a gentle smile once Koichi and rest turned around. Her hair instantly drew back, returning to a normal length. If you weren’t just the target of her glare a few seconds ago, you wouldn’t even think she was capable of looking so malicious. Walking past you, Koichi waved, while saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow, [name]. I’ll make sure to tell you everything. I think I might need some girl advice.” 

Forcing yourself to chuckle, which he noticed, you said, “Yeah, of course. Be safe, Koichi.” He didn’t move for a while, staying with you, hoping that you would tell him what was wrong. After years of being your friend, Koichi gained the skill of being able to tell immediately when there was something wrong with you. However, once you didn’t say anything else, he gave you a small smile before walking towards Yukako. 

Koichi and Yukako waved goodbye to the two of you, but only Josuke and Okuyasu returned it. You stared at them as they walked away, quickly making up your mind on what you were mentally debating. There’s no way I’m going to let Koichi be alone with her.  

As Josuke and Okuyasu began walking home, excitedly chattering about Koichi’s date, you began walking the opposite direction of them, following the path Koichi and Yukako took. It took them a few minutes before they realized you weren’t besides them. 

“What do you think about her, [name]? She seems nice, right?” Noticing your lack of response, Josuke turned to his side to see what was distracting you. However, when he saw you weren’t there, he quickly turned around, worried something happened to you. Once his eyes finally landed on you, he let out a breath that he wasn’t aware he was holding in. 

Confused, Okuyasu asked, “Where is she even going?” 

Josuke frowned at the sight of you walking away before shrugging his shoulders, “I have no clue, but c’mon let’s catch up to her.” 

You were so focused on not losing sight of Koichi and Yukako that you didn’t even hear the loud footsteps approaching you. Once he was close enough, Josuke grabbed your arm, turning you around. Completely caught off guard, you yelped loudly, causing him to immediately release your arm, fearing that he hurt you.  

“Sorry! Did I hurt you?” 

Gently shaking your head, you said, “No, I’m okay. I just wasn’t expecting it, that’s all.” 

Stepping closer to you, Okuyasu asked, “Where were you even going? Maybe you forgot, but your house is the other way.”

Your eyes flickered nervously between Josuke and Okuyasu. You had no idea if they would even believe you or just brush off your worries. Noticing your troubled expression, Josuke began racking his brain, trying to figure out what got you so worried. He was drawn to blank. She was normal just a few moments ago. The only thing that happened was….  

Focusing his attention to you, he softly said, “Is this about Yukako? I know it’ll be a big change, not having Koichi around as much, but he found love! We’re still going to be with you, even if Koichi isn’t around.”

For a second, you felt relieved. You had thought that maybe you weren’t the only one who got a weird energy from her, but that went away once he started talking about the wrong thing. Shaking your head, “No, that’s not it but it does have something to do with Yukako. Promise you’ll believe me?” You stuck out both of your hands, raising your pinkies on both, silently asking them to promise you before you told them what you saw. 

Once they hooked their fingers with yours, you whispered, “I think she’s a stand user. Just a moment ago when you all weren’t watching her, her hair started growing and moving towards me. Maybe she just doesn’t like me, but what if she tries to attack me again or even worse Koichi or someone innocent?”

Both Josuke and Okuyasu were instantly alarmed. Grabbing your arm, Josuke asked concernedly, “Wait, she was going to hurt you? Just now? Are you okay?” 

Nodding, you felt glad that neither of them were doubting you. “Yeah, I guess I did something to make her not like me, but before her hair could reach me, you all turned around, making it retreat.”

Shaking his head in confusion, Josuke said, “You’re one of the kindest people here in Morioh. Who wouldn’t like you?” Realizing what he said, you felt your face warm up. It didn’t seem like he noticed what he said, but you surely did and so did Okuyasu. Hearing what Josuke said only helped confirm what he was thinking. All he had to do now was figure out a plan to get Josuke to realize his feelings.   

“Thanks, Josuke but I must have done something to insult her. Why else would she try to attack me?” 

Speaking up, Okuyasu said, “Maybe she’s jealous? She seems like she has the biggest crush on Koichi and you are his best friend.” 

“He does have a point, but even so that shouldn’t give her permission to hurt [name].”

“She probably won’t hurt Koichi then, but I still wanna go make sure he’s okay. It’s completely fine if you don’t wanna go. I’ll be extra careful around her.” 

Immediately, the two of them shook their heads and Josuke’s grip on your arm grew tighter. 

“We’re going with you.”


At the cafe, Koichi nervously shifted in his seat. This is his first date in his entire life, so it’s completely reasonable for him to be nervous. It also didn’t help that his date was insanely pretty. Fixing his collar, he couldn’t help but think back on how you looked before he left with Yukako. He couldn’t figure out what made you anxious.

Hearing the chair in front of him scrape against the ground, he looked up and made eye contact with Yukako, who nervously glanced away. She’s just as nervous as I am . He started to think of what he could do to make her feel more at ease. Having an idea, he reached over and gently grabbed her hand. This is what they do in movies, right? He thought. 

It seemed to work as she held his hand in return. Smiling at this, he wasn’t expecting her to smile back at him. Clearing her throat as quietly as possible, she said, “Koichi, the reason why I asked you to come here with me is that you’re one of the very few people in this town that’s extremely brave and honest! You’re so full of courage and pretty cute….” Finishing her sentence by drifting off to a whisper. 

Completely surprised at what she’s saying, he tried to say something, but she raised her hand, signalling him to stop. “You’re also incredibly intelligent! You care so much about your future and I find that so attractive. I wanted to bring you here to tell you that I like you, Koichi and I really hope you return my feelings!” 

His face turned red immediately. Feeling overwhelmed, he glanced away and tried saying something, but he was left a stuttering mess. However, it seemed like he was taking a tad too long, as Yukako’s smile began to slowly disappear. That only made him even more nervous. 

Inhaling sharply, she gripped his hand tightly and gritted her teeth, “Koichi, it’s a simple yes or no question. Do you like me or not?” She didn’t realize it but her hair was slowly moving by itself. 

Startled by the sudden change in her voice, his head snapped up. Staring at her with wide eyes, his mouth opened to respond but nothing came out. He wasn’t the only one who was staring at her, other customers who were sitting nearby were also staring in shock. 

Glancing around the room, she gasped as she realized what she just did. Covering her mouth with her hand, she began to apologize for her sudden outburst. “I’m so sorry, Koichi. I hope you’ll please forgive me.” 

Not letting him have a chance to speak, she quickly stood up. Before leaving, she quietly said, “I hope this doesn’t change how you see me.” Pushing in her chair as gently as she could, she quickly ran off.

Stunned from what happened, all he could do was stare blankly at her empty seat. He felt incredibly uncomfortable as he felt the people nearby continued to stare at him and whisper amongst themselves. His throat was beginning to get really dry. Stiffly reaching for his drink, eager to soothe his thirst, he took a huge sip of it. Almost immediately, he spat it out, gagging silently. Using his hand to grab whatever was on his tongue, all he could think is, what is this?


“Are you sure this is the right place, Okuyasu?” Turning around in a circle, you tried looking for Koichi, but you couldn’t find him or Yukako. 

“Yeah, they said this one. I don’t know why they’re not here.” 

The ringing of your phone startled the three of you. Rushing to answer it, you felt relieved when you saw it was Koichi who was calling. “It’s Koichi!” 

Josuke and Okuyasu urged you to answer it. Quickly pressing the answer button and putting the call on speaker, Koichi’s voice resonated from your phone. “Hey [name], I’m not so sure there’s going to be another date with Yukako. She seemed really nice at first, but when I couldn’t answer her questions, she got really mad. Also, it could have been the wind, but I could have sworn that I saw her hair grow?”  

Hearing this, the three of you tensed up. While Josuke and Okuyasu believed what you said, they didn’t see it, but now that Koichi saw it as well, it could only mean one thing; Yukako Yamagishi is a stand user. 

“Hey Koi, I know it’s going to sound strange, but I think her hair is her stand. Where are you right now? I’m with Josuke and Oku near the cafe you were just at.”    

Telling you his location, the three of you promised to meet up with him as soon as possible. It seemed like what you thought was correct. Now you could only hope that she wasn’t trying to harm the city.  

Chapter Text

After hanging up the phone, the three of you quickly made your way towards where Koichi said he was. As soon as you saw him, you ran towards him and immediately started asking him an endless amount of questions, trying to figure out what he saw exactly. “Are you sure you saw her hair grow?” 

He was a little surprised by how adamant you seemed on this issue, but he answered nonetheless. Giving a quick nod, “Yeah, at first I thought it was the wind, but thinking clearly about it now, it did grow a few inches.” Koichi caught the look that was shared between the three of you. It’s as if they were hoping for a different answer, he thought. 

He was about to ask what was going on, when Josuke spoke up, sounding bothered, “[name] saw the same thing. Yukako was even about to attack her with her hair but stopped before she could actually do something.”

A look of disbelief appeared on Koichi’s face. He couldn’t believe that Yukako was close to hurting you. Yeah, she was a bit firm when she talked, but he wouldn’t have thought that she would hurt someone. So much for trying to have a normal first experience with a girl.

However, he pushed that thought aside, focusing on his best friend instead. Concerned, he asked, “Are you okay, [name]?” 

Nodding, you gave him a smile and joked, “Maybe next time, try finding a girlfriend that won’t try attacking me.” Letting out a short chuckle, Koichi agreed. 

You then continued to explain what had occurred earlier while the three of them were distracted, with Koichi explaining what happened at the cafe once you were finished. You were about to say something else when your phone started ringing again. 

Flipping your phone open, you quickly answered it seeing it was your mom. Turning around to talk to her, the rest figured it was one of your parents once you told whoever was on the phone that you’d be home soon. After a few more moments of talking with her, you turned back around and said, “Sorry, you guys. My mom needs my help with something at home. Maybe we can talk more at lunch tomorrow on how to confront Yukako?”

Letting out a hum while nodding his head, Okuyasu agreed, “Yeah! Plus, there’s so much homework I have to do tonight, so I gotta head home too.”

With that, the four of you began your walk home. It wasn’t that long of a walk and it went by fast since you were all joking around, making small bets on who could run to the end of the block the fastest. Almost always it was Josuke who won and when he didn’t, it was Okuyasu.

Soon enough, your house came to view. Unlocking your gate, you said your goodbyes while waiting for them to leave before heading inside. After a few seconds of watching them leave, you noticed that Josuke wasn’t with them. Turning your head to the right, you were surprised to see Josuke nervously scratching his head. 

Confused, you asked, “Is everything okay?” Quickly nodding his head, he took in a deep breath, preparing himself. He had no idea why he was feeling so nervous all of a sudden. He was simply just going to ask why you looked upset earlier when Yukako first showed up. 

Making eye contact with you, he quickly said, “Earlier, you looked upset, like before Yukako tried attacking you, so I was just wondering if you were alright?”

All of a sudden, you felt a rush of embarrassment flow through you. You didn’t think he actually saw you earlier. You knew Josuke was just concerned, but you weren’t even sure what upset you. Nervously waving your hands, you answered, “Oh! That was nothing! I promise!”

Eyeing you suspiciously, Josuke asked, “Are you sure? I know we haven’t been friends for a long time, like you and Koichi, but you can tell me anything, you know.” Hearing him say that made you glad that you had friends who cared about you deeply, but it also made you feel a bit guilty for keeping it to yourself.

Noticing your change of expression, Josuke quickly added, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to! You can talk to Okuyasu or Koichi,” stopping for a moment, he continued on slowly, “But if there’s something wrong, just know that you can always come to me.” 

Your eyes focused his face, noticing how sincere and concerned he was for you. Breathing in, you decided to get over your embarrassment and tell him. It’s not like it’s something serious, you thought. Breaking eye contact, you focused instead on your hands, seeing that your nail polish was chipping. Maybe once things calm down, I can paint them again. 

“Okay, there was something, but it’s not really important. I just got upset over something small, that’s all.” 

“If it made you upset, then it wasn’t nothing, [name].” 

He leaned forward, tilting his head in an attempt to make eye contact with you, but you kept your head down. Choosing to think out loud, you quietly said, “When she showed up, you all just looked….amazed and I guess I just got….” 

Finishing your thought for you, Josuke said, “Jealous.” Your face felt extremely hot once he said it; you even felt it spread to the tips of your ears. You refused to look up at him, fearing he would laugh at you. You were brought back from your thoughts when he placed his hand on top of yours, stopping your fiddling.

Finally looking up, you were stunned. You were completely expecting to see him struggling to hold in his laughter, seconds from bursting into laughter, but instead, he wore a gentle smile. Once you made eye contact, he playfully messed up your hair before saying, “You don’t have to be embarrassed, [name] and besides, you have nothing to be jealous of. From the moment I met you, I could tell that you were a kind hearted person who cares a lot for turtles, even though they’re so creepy.” After he said that, he shivered as if simply saying it creeped him out. Hearing him say that last part made you laugh though, recalling how scared he got from touching the turtle.

Giving him a similar smile to his, you thankfully said, “Thanks, Josuke. Hearing you say that really means a lot.” For a moment, the two of you silently gazed at each other, fully taking in what the other said. While it was making you feel a bit shy, you felt at ease looking into his eyes.

Josuke shared the same thought as you. Your crestfallen expression was seared into his mind the moment he saw it. From that moment, he was waiting for the right time to ask what was wrong and now he was feeling completely glad that he decided to go through with it, especially after seeing the bright and cheerful expression that you have right now. Not realizing it, but a grin started to grow on his face just from it. 

“You know, turtles aren’t that bad once you get used to them!” His grin turned into a grimace as he shivered once more by just picturing himself touching a turtle. 

Shaking his head, “Uh, no thanks [name]. I trust you and all, but there’s no way you’re getting me near a turtle.” 

Before you could try convincing him, your mom opened your front door and called out to you. Remembering that you had to help your mom, Josuke started getting ready to start walking home. After waving and telling your mom that you’d be there in a second, you turned back to Josuke and thanked him. “Thanks again, Josuke. It really meant a lot. Make sure to be safe on your walk home, alright?” 

Smiling as he nodded, he said, “Anytime, [name]. Just know if you need any cheering up, you can always come to me!” After this, he started walking backwards towards his house, waving at you the entire time. Giggling at how funny he looked, you still waved at him until he finally turned around and started walking normally to his house. As you walked inside, the smile on your face wouldn’t go away. 


The next day went by relatively normal. In fact, you were surprised that everything seemed to be going well since lately stand users have been popping out of nowhere. However, you spoke too soon. It wasn’t until lunch when things started to turn sour. 

Noticing Koichi up ahead in the hallway, you snuck behind him and grabbed his shoulders, while yelling, “Hey!” 

Jolting in surprise, he sighed realizing it was just you. “You gave me a heart attack, [name]! I almost dropped the trash bag.” 

“Sorry, Koichi, I just couldn’t help it. Here, let me throw out the trash as an apology.” 

Quickly forgetting the huge scare you gave him, he eagerly pushed the bag towards your arms. Grinning at you, he said, “Well, if you insist.” 

Slightly rolling your eyes, you took it from his hands. Walking away, you turned out saying, “Yeah, yeah, but, hey, we’re meeting up at the pool, right?” 

Getting a nod from him, you waved bye as best as you could since your hands were occupied. Turning right while Koichi turned left, the two of you went your own ways, unaware that someone was watching from a distance. 

Placing the bag on the ground momentarily, you reached over, flipping the lid open when something wrapped around your arm. Harshly tugging you backwards, you landed on your back with a loud thud. 

Groaning, you rubbed the back of your head, wincing when you touched a tender spot. Your arm was suddenly tugged once more, dragging you across the ground a bit. Quickly springing up, you realized the thing that had wrapped around your wrist wasn’t rope, but hair, specifically Yukako’s hair. 

“You should leave Koichi alone, [name]. All you’re doing is holding him.” The sheer anger in her voice completely shocked you. Koichi was your best friend and you’d never do anything to hold him back. It was actually the opposite, you two would always support each other and motivate one another to do your very best. 

“What are you even saying? He’s my best friend!”

It seemed like your words completely infuriated her, seeing as her hair began to wrap itself further along your arm, moving upwards toward your neck. You froze in fear as you felt it wrap around your throat. Panic began to surge through you as her hair began to tighten around your neck. 

Willing yourself to jump into action once you began to have slight difficulties in breathing properly, you summoned your stand and had it quickly slash at the hair. Instantly, the hair coiling around your neck and arm fell to the ground. Jumping away from the hair, you looked up at Yukako whose anger seemed to worsen. Seeing her hair get cut resulted in her letting out a low sound, which almost sounded like a growl. You could practically feel her rage radiating off of her, despite her being a few feet away from you. 

“What’s your problem?! I haven’t done anything to you!” 

She exhaled harshly before gritting out, “You don’t get it, do you [name]? Koichi is mine, so back off!” 

Noticing her hair begin to reach towards you again, you quickly jumped into a defensive position, readying yourself for anything she’s about to throw at you. However, like last time, it retreated instantly once you both heard the door opening. Throwing you one last scowl, she ran inside through a different entrance.  

Letting out a sigh of relief, you leaned forward, resting your hands on your knees. Calling back your stand, you attempted to calm yourself when you heard footsteps rushing towards you. Fearing that she came back with more stand users, you quickly stood up straight again, while summoning your stand once more. 

“Woah, [name], it’s just us!”

Hearing Okuyasu’s voice, you and your stand both visibly relaxed. In your rush to get ready for any attacks, you failed to realize that it was just Josuke and Okuyasu. At the sight of your friends, you completely dropped your guard and began apologizing.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I thought it was Yukako again. I didn’t hurt you guys, right?”   

Shaking their heads while jogging towards you, the two of them quickly took notice of your frazzled appearance. Your shirt was wrinkled and covered with dirt as if you had been rolling around on the ground, but that wasn’t the most shocking part of your appearance. What stood out the most were the glaring red marks on your arm and neck.

“What happened to your arm and neck?” Okuyasu yelled once he was close enough to see it better. 

Josuke spoke up next, not giving you the chance of answering Okuyasu, “You said you thought it was Yukako again, did she do this to you, [name]?” 

You glanced up at him, surprised from his tone of voice. You’ve never heard him sound this upset before. Examining his face, you noticed how his harsh expression softened once the two of you made eye contact. 

“Yeah, I was throwing away the trash bag when her hair wrapped itself around my hand out of nowhere. I managed to cut her hair with my stand before it could get any tighter.” You said, while unconsciously bringing your hand up to rub at your neck. Your movement resulted in Josuke and Okuyasu’s eyes being drawn to your bruised neck. They were about to ask if you were okay when you remembered what she said about Koichi.

Quickly glancing around, hoping to find Koichi, you turned to them worried, “Where’s Koichi? I found out why Yukako is acting like this. She thinks Koichi belongs to her and her alone, so-”

“So she wants to get rid of you since you’re his best friend.” Okuyasu said, finishing your sentence for you. 

Furiously nodding, you started jogging towards the entrance to head to the pool, saying, “We have to go find Koichi. What if she-” This time it’s Josuke who interrupted you, grabbing onto your hand before you could run off.  

“Wait, we’ll go find him, I promise [name], but let me heal you first.” If you hadn’t looked at his eyes, you would have said it was completely fine and that you should all start looking for Koichi, but upon seeing the worry swimming in his eyes, you couldn’t help but give way. You wanted to do anything to help relieve his worries.

Once he received your permission, he called for his stand, who towered over you slightly. Similar to his user, his eyes were filled with worry. Despite his intimidating appearance, he gave off an aura of calmness; so when his hand gently reached over to your neck, you leaned into his hand, despite your injury slightly stinging when his hand first touched it. 

However, in an instant, the burning sensation faded away. Glancing down, you rubbed up and down your arm as you gazed in awe, seeing how your arm was no longer covered in red lines. The last time Josuke healed you, you were unconscious for the entire thing, so you didn’t get the chance to see his stand in action. Glancing at Josuke, you gave him an amazed look, saying, “Woah, it doesn’t even hurt anymore. Thanks, Josuke.” 

Despite you being healed, Josuke was still feeling a bit bothered over all of this. He didn’t like it one bit. Noticing this, you reached forward and grabbed his hand, “I’m okay now, thanks to you.” Giving his hand a squeeze, you said, “Now let’s go find Koichi before she does.”

Chapter Text

“I’m fine, you guys. I promise.” You reassured them for what felt like the one hundredth time. You knew they were just worried and you would too if you found any of your friends covered in dirt and bruises forming on their necks, but right now, all you could think was of your best friend. If she was willing to attack someone simply because they were close to Koichi, what would she do to him if he rejects her? All you wanted to do right now was warn him before he does something to upset her. Noticing Josuke open his mouth, you grabbed his and Okuyasu’s hands before he could say anything. Slightly tugging them to start walking, you took off towards the pool. 

Trailing his eyes from your intertwined hands up towards the back of your neck, Josuke couldn’t help but frown slightly. The image of your disheveled appearance, your arm and neck, both containing glaring red marks, was ingrained in his head. He didn’t like it one bit. It reminded him of the same feeling that he felt when he saw Keicho pierce you with the arrow, which was the thing that’s been causing you all so much trouble lately. He didn’t know what to call it, but whatever he was feeling caused a pit of discomfort in him. While this unknown feeling did get suppressed when you reassured him you were okay, he still felt off. For now though, he would have to push those feelings away and instead focus on Koichi.      


As the door to the pool patio suddenly slammed open, Koichi jumped in surprise. For a second, he felt as if he was just caught doing something bad and was about to get scolded. However, seeing that it was just you three, he felt his heart rate begin to calm down. 

“Woah, you guys, no need to make such an entrance! I thought I was going to get a heart attack!” It was then when Koichi noticed the serious expressions you all wore. Immediately, he figured that something must have happened. Speaking up once again, he asked, “What happened?” 

Okuyasu spoke up first, “Yukako happened. You know, at first, I was happy and a bit jealous that you got a girlfriend, but not anymore, man.” Gesturing towards you, he continued, “She attacked [name]! Josuke had to heal her since she was bruising up.”

Noticing how worried Koichi’s expression changed to, you slightly waved it off and said, “It wasn’t that bad, I promi-”

Cutting you off, Josuke in a concerned, but firm voice said, “Yukako choked her with her hair just because she’s close friends with you. If Okuyasu and I didn’t get there in time, she could have done something worse.” Despite what he was saying was true, you couldn’t help but feel as if he was scolding you. You could feel him looking at you while he said that, but you refused to make eye contact with him, looking straight ahead.

“She choked you? Oh my god, what should I do? I don’t like her at all and if she’s willing to hurt my friends just to get closer to me, then I don’t want to be around her at all!”

Silence fell upon you all as you all tried figuring out what your next step should be. If you tried anything and it goes wrong, who knows what she would do. 

Figuring out a plan the fastest, Okuyasu spoke up, “Didn’t she say she likes the fact that you’re so put together? All we gotta do is make you the complete opposite of that and boom! You’re a free man again.” 

You all shared a look as you took in Okuyasu’s plan. It made sense on paper since it’ll get Yukako to not like him anymore, but you doubt that it would be that easy. Nonetheless, the four of you dived into your plan of ruining Koichi’s reputation. The plan was divided into different stages, each one being completed each day. It took the rest of the week to complete.  

Despite wanting to help, they all decided that it would be best for you to stay away from saying anything about Koichi since Yukako might try attacking you again. You would have tried to protest, but seeing all of their firm faces made you give up that battle.

The first day of your plan was quite simple. All they had to do was show Yukako that Koichi can’t keep promises. Josuke and Okuyasu just so happened to be talking about how Koichi broke a huge promise as Yukako walked towards her locker. They made sure to talk loudly to get her attention. After a while, they decided that they completed their part and left. Also, since a teacher threatened to give them detention if they wouldn’t stop talking so loud. 

Hiding behind your locker, you noticed the puzzled expression Yukako had as she processed what she had just heard. Guess this might actually work, you thought. 

The next stage was a bit difficult in getting it to happen. This stage was all about making Koichi a cheater. Unlike the last stage, this one had 2 parts to it. Normally Koichi had good grades, so there wouldn’t be any reason for him to even think about cheating on exams, but recently, his grades have been dropping due to his stress about Yukako. 

First, Koichi had to complain about his dropping grades near her. Since you weren’t technically talking bad about him, you offered to be the one he talked about his grades with. They were a bit hesitant about it, but you reassured them that nothing would happen since Koichi would be right with you. “I doubt she’ll do anything crazy with Koichi around to witness it.” Finally agreeing, the two of you walked by her classroom, talking about your grades, making sure she heard every single word. 

The second part was difficult for Koichi to do. He had to pretend to glance at someone’s desk while taking a test and get caught. As he got reprimanded, Yukako couldn’t help but stop and watch as the teacher went on and on about how cheating is never the right option. Catching a glimpse of Yukako swiftly turning around the corner, Koichi felt a bit of hope growing in him. Hopefully this works.  

It was almost the end of the week and you were all setting up the necessary items needed for the final stage, categorizing Koichi as a stealer. This was actually easier than expected; all you needed was to place one of your personal items in Koichi’s bag. Volunteering your wallet, the plan was set to go. Still wanting you to stay away, Josuke would be the one to confront him about your wallet instead of you. 

Waving goodbye to Josuke and Koichi, you followed what they told you to do and went to hide near the lockers with Okuyasu. Once you were gone, Josuke sighed and said, “Man, it really sucks that [name] hasn’t found her wallet yet. You know, I think someone stole it.” 

Agreeing, Koichi followed the plan and accidentally dropped his bag on the ground, spilling its contents out in the open. Josuke, who immediately dropped to the ground to help him, put on the best surprised expression he could as he ‘found’ your wallet underneath his books. 

“What’s her wallet doing here, Koichi?” 

Grabbing everything and shoving it in his bag, he ran off without saying a thing to Josuke, acting as guilty as he could. Glancing to the left, Josuke noticed Yukako’s form standing behind a tree, watching intently. Turning around to meet up with you and Okuyasu, he couldn’t help but grin as their plan was working out perfectly. 


“Good morning! It’s Friday!” You greeted Josuke and Okuyasu who waited near your front gate. The two of them chuckled at your excitement on it being Friday before greeting you as well. 

“Yeah, this week went by so fast trying to help out Koichi. Do you think it was enough to get her to back off?” Josuke asked. While your plan went smoothly, there was no way of knowing if it actually worked out. 

Humming before speaking, Okuyasu responded, “I don’t see why not, but I guess the only way to find out is through Koichi.” Turning to look at you, he asked, “Where is he anyway?” 

“I’m not sure. He didn’t tell me he was biking to school today, but maybe he just forgot?”

Nodding, Josuke spoke up again, “Probably. Guess we gotta find out at school if it worked then, but hey, maybe we can do something this weekend. You know, to celebrate Koichi being a free man.” 

Laughing, you agreed and said how you had nothing planned. “What about you, Okuyasu?”

“I was actually thinking of going to visit my brother’s grave. It’s probably time to switch out the flowers I left.” 

You slightly raised your eyebrows in surprise. With everything that’s been going on, you had forgotten to check up on your friend. It hasn’t been that long since his brothers passing and while he did hurt you all, Okuyasu ended up helping out in the end and you all cared about him. 

“Would it be alright if we could go with you? If that’s okay with you, of course, if you don’t feel comfortable then no worries!” 

Immediately, he nodded, saying, “Yeah, that’d be great! I know he wasn’t the nicest to you all, but I’d really like it if you all came.” Seeing how happy he got made both yours and Josuke heart ache. Your friend had been through so much and it reminded Josuke of how he felt when his grandfather died. Without planning it, the two of you rushed over to him and brought him in a hug, catching him off guard. 

“Yeah, of course we’ll be there!” Josuke yelled out while wrapping his arms around him. Nodding, you moved to Okuyasu’s left side and the two of you practically squeezed him to death. 

Laughing loudly, Okuyasu exclaimed, “I can’t breathe!” Realizing how tightly you were both hugging him, you let go, a bit embarrassed. 

Moving to stand between the two of you, Okuyasu said, “Thank, you guys. Now let’s go find our newly freed friend!” 


Much to all of your disappointment, Koichi didn’t show up for the first period. Every single time the door slid open, you eagerly waited to see him walk through the door, but every single time it was someone else. Sighing dejectedly, you glanced at Josuke with a slightly worried expression. To your surprise, he wore a similar one as well. 

A few moments later, in the midst of trying to write down everything the teacher says, you felt a soft tap on your shoulder. Slightly sitting up in your seat, you made sure the teacher was looking away before turning around.

Handing you a folded piece of paper, your classmate only said, “From Josuke.” Thanking him, you sneakily opened it once you were facing the front again. I think something’s up with Koichi . Quickly scrambling down how you think Yukako might have done something, you folded it up once more and handed it off to your classmate, whispering thanks.

Watching the note getting passed along, you crossed your fingers, hoping they wouldn’t get caught. It’ll be a bit difficult to explain to the teacher what’s been going on with Koichi. Feeling relieved once your note made it to Josuke, you watched as he read it. Glancing up at you, he mouthed, me too . You bit the inside of your cheek as you tried to focus on the lecture, but no matter what you did, you couldn’t stop worrying about your best friend. 

Soon enough, the day ended with no sight of Koichi. By then, you had all attempted to reach him, but to no avail. The three of you were on your way to Koichi’s house. Despite it being very unlikely, you all hoped that he had just gotten so sick that he couldn’t go to school or pick up his phone. 

You had almost walked right into a pole since you were so caught up in your thoughts. If Josuke hadn’t gently steered you out of the way, bringing you in towards him. Whispering thanks, you kept thinking how it was unlikely that Koichi got sick. You couldn’t even remember if there ever was a time where he missed school because he was sick, but if it actually was because he’s sick, then it won’t be a good idea to visit him while he’s trying to rest and recover.

“What if we call his parents? He might actually be sick and if he is, he’s probably trying to sleep, right?” 

Immediately, they agreed with your idea, urging you to hurry up and call them. As the call tried connecting, the two of them leaned towards you, trying to hear. 

“Did they pick up? I can’t hear.” Okuyasu said. Josuke was about to tell him no, but quickly closed his mouth once Koichi’s mom’s voice sounded through your phone’s speakers.

“Hi, Ms. Hirose, it’s me [name] and I was wondering if Koichi was sick and that’s why he missed school or if something came up?”

Right after you said that, his mom choked back a sob. “Oh sweetheart, he’s missing. The window in his room was wide open, but it isn’t like him to sneak out. Not only that, his room was littered with long black hair. I want to call the cops, but his dad says to wait and I just don’t know what to do, [name].”

You anxiously glanced at Josuke and Okuyasu. You were right, Yukako had something to do with it. However, you weren’t sure how to tell his mom about this without worrying her even more. Noticing your hesitation, Josuke spoke up, “Hi Ms. Hirose, I’m Josuke Higashikata and I’m friends with Koichi. I know where exactly he is, so no need to worry! We’ll bring him home, I promise, so there’s no need for the police.” 

The three of you could hear the loud sigh of relief she let out and began thanking you all. Finishing up the call soon after, Josuke glanced at you and Okuyasu before saying, “Let’s go save him.”

Chapter Text

R eaching Josuke’s house, the three of you immediately circled around the coffee table in the living room watching as Josuke opened a map and laid it out. In your hurry, none of you noticed that Josuke’s mom was in the kitchen. When she heard the door open loud and suddenly, she peeked her head in the living room to see what was going on. 

“Josuke, you didn’t say you were having guests over.” 

Immediately, you all remembered your manners and stood up to greet her, embarrassed that you basically barged into her house without even saying hello. However, she waved it off — saying something about it being fine and to not worry about it. 

“Sorry! It just sort of happened. I promise I’ll clean everything up.” Josuke nervously said while avoiding his mom’s stern gaze and rubbing the back of his head. Shifting her gaze towards you and Okuyasu, which made you both stand taller, expecting to be scolded as well, but her gaze softened and asked, “Do either of you want something to eat? Drink?”

“No, thank y—”

“Yeah! That’d b—” 

Laughing at you two, she motioned for you both to follow her into the kitchen. Glancing at each other, Okuyasu shrugged and whispered, “Free food,” before rushing off towards the kitchen with a huge grin. You already felt bad for barging in earlier, so you didn’t want to impose even more by having her fix something up for you all to eat. Not only that, you didn’t want to make Josuke look for Koichi by himself. Looking back at Josuke, who simply gave you a small smile and gestured for you to follow Okuyasu.

“I’ll start looking for where he could be, [name]. It’s cool, go get something to eat.”

However, you didn’t have time to go before Josuke’s phone started ringing. Answering it, you tentatively stepped closer to him, in hopes that somehow was Koichi. 

“Koichi? Is this you? Where are you?” 

Right away, you went on the tip of your toes and gently grabbed onto Josuke’s shoulders to steady yourself while you leaned closer to his ear, trying to hear more better. Hearing Koichi’s name, Okuyasu ran back into the living room, chewing as fast as he could, but he didn’t have the chance to say anything since Josuke sighed while hanging up his phone. Leaning back down, you looked expectantly at Josuke. 

Glancing at you, he frowned slightly before saying, “I think Koichi might have used his stand to call us through a payphone. His number didn’t show up.” Looking at the map on the table, he continued, “But I couldn’t really hear anything except for the sound of waves.” 

Perking up, you said, “Waves? That means he’s probably near the coast!” By now, Okuyasu had finished chewing what he had in his mouth and joined you two in trying to locate where he could possibly be. 

Taking another bite of his sandwich, Okuyasu asked muffled, “His stand has a pretty wide range, right?” Receiving two nods, he kept going, “That means Yukako probably took him somewhere really far, no?” 

“Wait, you might be onto something, Okuyasu.” Josuke said while scanning his finger across the map. After a moment, he stopped dragging his finger, keeping it still on one spot. Looking up at you and Okuyasu, he said, “He has to be here.” 

“Hopefully they got my message.” Koichi grunted out while pushing a cabinet towards the door in an attempt to barricade it. When Yukako left to go to the store, Koichi knew he wouldn’t have the opportunity to escape after this, so once she left, he sprung into action, quickly sending his stand and tricking her into calling Josuke. But seeing how violently the door shook as Yukako tried breaking in, he was definitely regretting doing that.

Noticing the door was seconds from giving way, he started running away, trying to get a headstart, but it was useless since Yukako’s hair reached him immediately once the door flew open. 

“Echoes Act 1!” He wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do, but he had to do something as he felt her hair creep up his body. Struggling against her grip, he was about to call his stand once more, thinking it didn’t come out the first time he yelled when he noticed a dark green cocoon that closely resembled his stand. Eyes widening, he quickly remembered this happened the first time he summoned his stand. All at once, he also remembered how useless his stand was once it was in its cocoon. 

However, he didn’t have time to complain and only stared helplessly when Yukako began laughing at him. “This is your stand? It looks complete—” Cutting herself off as her attention went towards the cocoon once it started rocking, slightly worried that it might be a sneak attack. 

Confused on why her hair stopped tightening around him, he peeked through the strands of hair and was able to see what had made her pause. His stand, which was no longer laying still on the ground, was rocking. Forcing his hand up, he pulled on the hair, trying to widen his window of view to look at his stand more clear. Despite his struggle, he managed to do and gasped when he realized his stand was in a similar form to when he had to fight Tanami. Is this one of it’s defense mechanisms? 

All of a sudden, the cocoon bursts open, releasing his stand out into the open. The sudden appearance of his stand startled both of them, resulting in the hair loosening up just a tad. He felt a wave of disappointment and fear rushed through his body when he realized that nothing major changed. His stand had simply shrank, changed a bit in design, but overall, it was still the same stand. Maybe even worse , he thought. 

Getting over her shock, Yukako shook her head and started walking towards Koichi, who was shaking in fear of what she would do. However, before she could get close enough, she touched the door frame, causing a huge rush of wind to blow her away. Letting out a yell of frustration and pain as she landed harshly on her back. 

Her hair had loosened dramatically, allowing Koichi to untangle himself. Looking at the door, he noticed in large bold writing the words “swoosh”. Cautiously, he touched it, unleashing a strong gust of wind, almost blowing him back. Looking at his stand, he said the one thing that he could think of, “Woah.”


Hopping out first, you quickly thanked the taxi driver and immediately began looking for any signs of Koichi or the payphone from where he called from. Following your actions, Josuke and Okuyasu did the same. 

“How are we going to find him? There’s so many houses near the coast.” You asked after coming up empty. 

Giving you a comforting smile, Josuke said, “Don’t worry, [name]. We’ll find Koichi, I promise.” 

“Yeah! And besides, Koichi has some tricks up his sleeve. He might not even need our help anyway!” Okuyasu added in an attempt to soothe your nerves. Smiling weakly, you thanked them both, grateful for their presence. What they said helped a lot to ease your mind and you were sure that if they weren’t here, you would have been way worse. 

“I think the first thing we should do is find the pay phone from where he called us. The sound of waves crashing was loud, so it’s probably close to the water. It couldn’t have been that far from where he’s at, so we can look at the house near it, instead of the entire neighborhood.” Josuke thought out loud once you had calmed down a bit. Agreeing with his plan, you and Okuyasu gave him a firm nod and went on your own ways to look for it. 

Before you could run off like Okuyasu, Josuke called out your name. Slightly confused, you turned around and asked, “Yeah?”

Nervously rubbing the back of his neck, he quietly said, “Um, just be safe in case you find Yukako instead, okay? Call us right away if you see her. I don’t want her to hurt you again.”

Feeling your cheeks heat up slightly, you couldn’t help the small smile that grew on your face. Despite him being a few feet away, you stuck out your pinky and said, “Promise! But only if you promise to be safe as well.” Smiling at your action, he stuck his hand out too, promising to be careful. 

While turning around to run off, you yelled out to him, “You better keep your promise, Josuke!” 

As you ran off, you could hear him shout, “You too, [name]!”


Quickly figuring out what his stand was now capable of doing, he went to work on writing down onomatopoeia words on every surface that he could think of. Noticing she was still on the ground from getting blown away, he dashed down the stairs, hoping that this was finally his opportunity to escape. However, hearing her groan and start to get up made him freeze in his steps. Turning slowly to her, he quickly snapped his head away, regretting making eye contact with her. 

As soon as their eyes met, Koichi could feel the hatred coming off of her. Her eyes had this deadly glint to them that terrified Koichi. Sneaking a glance, he noticed that her hair was coming from all directions. No matter where he looked, he saw black, curly hair reaching for him, leaving him with just one exit, back into the house. 

Even if I run inside, there’s no way I’ll out run her hair, he thought. However, he couldn’t think of any other plan that ended in him escaping. Going back inside was the only option that had a slight possibility of him making it out alive. Not wasting another second, he quickly turned around and ran inside, making sure to leave a few words on the staircase. 

Like he predicted, Yukako’s hair sprang to life and began following him. Glancing back, his eyes widened when he noticed how close her hair was to grabbing him. Looking back forward, he mentaly complained when he saw how big of a distance was left. Not giving it another thought, he launched himself forward, landing roughly on the hardwood floor. Ignoring the pain in his body, he forced himself up, readying himself for another attack. 

Shaking her head, Yukako began stepping up the stairs, while gritting out, “There’s nowhere to go, Koi—” Cutting herself off with a shriek of pain as she grabbed onto the staircase railing. Glancing down at her hand, she could already see small blisters begin to form. A burn? , she thought. Touching her hand tentatively, she let out a hiss and felt her eyes begin to water from the burning sensation. 

Confused on how she burnt her hand, she leaned towards the railing, inspecting it for anything standing out. To her surprise, in big bolded letters, she saw the word ‘sizzling’. Taking a moment to think, she was quickly able to put two and two together. This is Koichi’s stand. Letting out a sharp exhale, she shook her head angrily and began walking towards the front door, making sure to not touch or step on any other words. 

Noticing that her expression was more sour than it was before, Koichi quickly understood that it was a bad idea burning her. If he thought she was angry before, now she’s completely livid. Not knowing what to do next, he stood his ground, attempting to give her his most intimidating glare. “Just let me leave! I won’t report you, just leave me alone! I don’t even like you!”

Scoffing, Yukako replied, “Don’t worry, Koichi. I’ll make sure to leave you alone, after I kill you!” In an instant, her hair rushed forward, not giving Koichi any time to dodge. As her hair moved in, it crashed and destroyed any furniture near him. 

Reaching him immediately, she took advantage of his shock and had her hair coil around him, deciding to suffocate him to death. However, earlier when Koichi was placing words everywhere, he tried coming up with a plan on defeating her. Thinking back on all of her attacks, Koichi realized that he’d never get a chance to actually hit her since she mainly uses her hair to attack, making sure to maintain a long distance between them. He predicted that she’ll most likely use her hair to attack him and placed a word on a discreet spot on his back. He felt relief flowing through him as she did exactly what he thought she would do, but that still didn’t stop the uneasiness he felt as the hair came towards him at a high speed.

Just as he planned, her hair wrapped around him quickly. Before it could tighten to the point where he couldn’t breath, her hair touched a hidden ‘swoosh’ on his back, blowing her out of the house at an intense pressure. Unlike the first time, she was thrown back more far. Landing harshly on her side near the edge of a cliff, she remained motionless. 

Rushing out of the house, the first thing that Koichi noticed was Yukako’s hair. Instead of her usual black, long curly hair, it was stark white, completely standing out. Despite everything that she had put him through, Koichi couldn’t help but feel worried. All he wanted was to go home and have everything go back to normal, but leaving her there left a bad taste in his mouth. 

Cautiously approaching her, he whispered, “Yukako?” Receiving nothing, he took a few more steps closer before he stopped and sent his stand out instead as a safety precaution. Out of nowhere, her eyes snapped open, startling him. Before he could call back his stand, Yukako’s hair shot up and coiled itself around his stand, tightening around him. The sudden and intense pressure caused Koichi to lose his breath, having difficulty in taking in a deep breath. 

“How could you do this to me? My precious hair turned white! I love you, Koichi, but I can’t ever forgive someone who harms my beauty!” Yukako yelled after getting up from the ground. Stomping towards him, she made her stand tighten even more. Soon, the hair began to squeeze even more, causing him to feel a sharp pain in his chest. The pain started turning unbearable as he fell onto his knees, trying to catch a breath. 

His sudden drop onto the ground caused the already crumbling edge to become even more unstable, but Yukako failed to realize that the ground she was standing on was slowly starting to crumble away. Koichi, however, did notice. 

“Let go of Echos and grab onto something, Yukako!” He forced out, yet Yukako paid no mind to him and continued tightening her hair around his stand. 

Trying one more time, he yelled out, “Yukako! Please!” 

The urgency in his voice caught her attention and turned to look at him when the ground beneath her gave away. Screaming as she fell, she started to blame herself for not listening to him. Because of her anger, she failed to realize how much danger she was in and now it was too late to do anything. Glancing down at her impending doom, she felt her throat close as she got closer and closer to the sharp ragged rocks. Accepting what was to come, she squeezed her eyes closed, hoping that it would be quick.

Chapter Text

The terrifying feeling of falling caused a pit of fear to begin growing in her stomach. All she could feel was her hair flapping around furiously in the air. Despite every single warning her brain was telling her, she decided to go against it and opened her eyes, seeing that she was just feet away from her death. As the realization finally hit, her vision became blurry with tears, no longer letting her see the sharp, ragged rocks that she’ll hit in a matter of seconds.

However, instead of landing on the rock’s rough surface, she landed on something soft; it reminded her of a bouncy house, with how cushy the surface she landed on was. Confused, she glanced down, but to her surprise what she landed on were the rocks that had looked so terrifying while she fell. What happened next was something she wasn’t expecting at all. She felt herself moving upwards toward the cliff again. The only possible explanation that she could think of at the time was that she died. However, she soon landed roughly onto the same cliff that she had fallen off of, snapping her out of her daze. Looking around, she saw that who was waiting there to greet her wasn’t an angel surrounded by white fluffy clouds, instead it was Koichi, looking worried, but mainly annoyed.  

“It fell, just like I said, right?” His disappointed tone along with his expression was enough to make Yukako look away, ashamed of herself. 

Letting out a loud sigh, Koichi opened his mouth to say something else, but stopped when he heard the sound of footsteps rushing towards him and his name being yelled. Quickly turning around, his mood instantly changed when he saw you three. 

Completely forgetting about Yukako, he ran towards you three, shouting, “It took you long enough!” Once he was close enough, he practically jumped into all of your arms, bringing you all into a tight hug. Immediately, the three of you returned his hug, happy to see that he’s alive and okay.   

After a few moments, you slightly pushed yourself away from him, every question that came to mind came spilling out. “Are you okay? What happened? We were so worried! Your parents almost reported you missing to the cops!” 

“Yeah, Josuke had to convince your mom to not involve the cops!” Okuyasu added. 

Pulling away completely, Koichi began to chuckle awkwardly and scratch the back of his head. “Well….” He said while looking off to the side. “The plan didn’t really work. It basically did the opposite of what we wanted. She took it upon herself to ‘fix’ me, so that’s why she kidnapped me. I managed to fight her off and I’m pretty sure she won’t be causing anymore trouble.” 

Finishing his sentence, he glanced back at where Yukako was laying. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting her to be doing, but he definitely wasn’t expecting her to be smiling gently at him. She almost died and she’s not even fazed by it?  

Following where his eyes moved to, the three of you gasped quietly when you saw Yukako’s hair; instead of it being pitch black, it was void of any color. The next noticeable thing was her smile. It was actually a normal smile, one that would bring comfort to someone, but what confused you all was how she was smiling at Koichi when it was clearly obvious that they had just fought.

With a grimace, Josuke said, “I have a feeling she isn’t completely over you, Koichi.”

Almost immediately, the color drained from Koichi’s face. Latching onto Josuke, he cried out, “Let’s get outta here!”


“Yeah, we’re by the pay phone that’s on 5th and K Street,” you said after looking around for street signs, confirming your location. “Okay, thank you. See you then.” 

Hanging up the phone, you walked back to Josuke, saying, “The taxi company said they’re coming in around twenty minutes, max thirty minutes, so it looks like we’re gonna stay here for a while.” 

“Well, at least it’s nice out.” Josuke said, smiling when he saw Okuyasu sneak up behind Koichi, intending to scare him. 

Following his line of vision, you started laughing quietly as well when you saw how scared Koichi got. Speaking up, “I’m glad everyone came out safe, not really sure about Yukako, but I hope she’s okay, too.” 

Glancing at you in surprise, you could tell that he was shocked that you were worrying about Yukako. “Just because she attacked us doesn’t mean I hope she’s okay. She probably got her stand through the arrow and from experience, it isn’t a pleasant thing to go through. Maybe she just needs some guidance with this whole stand thing?” 

Slowly nodding his head, processing what you said, he let out a chuckle, saying, “You’re too nice, [name], but I get what you mean. Getting a stand out of nowhere isn’t easy, but she should have known better.” 

“Don’t get me wrong, Josuke, I’m still a little annoyed that she attacked me. But hey, Okuyasu tried doing the same thing and now we’re like best friends!” 

“You’re right about that, but lately we’ve just been finding stand users left and right. Whoever took that bow and arrow isn’t slowing down one bit. I just hope we can find it soon and give it to Jotaro, finally making Morioh safe.”

Furrowing your eyebrows at his tone of voice, you didn’t ignore the way his smile dropped. He was right, you thought. These past few days have been, well, eventful to say the least and it was all due to the bow and arrow. However, while your experience with it wasn’t the most enjoyable, a part of you doesn’t wish it never happened, but you knew that its presence is a danger to everyone in Morioh. 

Turning to face him properly, without any hesitation, you firmly grasped both his hands, raising them up near your chest while saying, “I’m sure we’ll find it, Josuke. I know it, so don’t worry, we’ll keep Morioh safe, I promise!” Surprised from your sudden raise in voice, Josuke slightly flinched back before giving your hands a squeeze, a nonverbal way of him agreeing with you. He had a slight tint of red on his cheeks, but you figured it was because of how loud you got.

“Thanks, [name]. Now all we have to worry about is if Yukako holds grudges.” Josuke responded, giving you a tight smile. You couldn’t figure out if he said it in a light hearted manner, but you decided to answer back in a similar manner, to uplift the mood. 

Still holding onto his hands, you squeezed them and gave him a grin while saying, “Well, even if she does, I know you’ll come and save me!” 

Smiling back at you, he nodded while saying, “Definitely!” 

The two of you continued smiling at each other for a bit longer until you realized you were still holding onto his hands. All of a sudden, you became aware that you had grabbed his hands without thinking. Slightly embarrassed, you immediately drop them, muttering an apology. 

Waving his hands and shaking his head, Josuke quietly said, “It’s okay. I didn’t mind it.” In fact, it was comforting, he thought. He wasn’t oblivious to the fact that he was the one that essentially introduced you and Koichi to the world of stand users and by extension, the dangers of being a stand user. However, hearing your words of comfort helped get rid of those thoughts. 

Along with that, the second you grabbed onto his hands, all he could think about was how soft your hands felt. Pairing that with how you looked so determined, Josuke couldn’t help but feel safe, like it was possible for them to keep Morioh away from danger. However, something was holding him back from saying that out loud to you. 

Processing his words, you felt your face heat up; this time it wasn’t due to embarrassment, but from what he said. Maybe I’m just interpreting it wrong, you thought because from what he said, he didn’t hate holding hands, in fact, he made it seem like he enjoyed it a bit. 

Shaking your head slightly at that thought, you didn’t realize Josuke noticed you. Quirking an eyebrow up, he asked, “What?” 

Giving him an embarrassed smile from getting caught, you looked away and tried changing the subject, “Nothing, just wondering how much longer the taxi is going to take.” 


Not long after that, the taxi came and took you all home. On the way home, the four of you talked about your plans on accompanying Okuyasu on visiting his brother’s grave. 

“I’m really sorry, Okuyasu, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go. I’m almost 99.9% sure that my mom will not let me out of the house after what happened with Yukako.” Koichi said dejectedly. His mom had always been more on the lenient side when it came to parenting, not that he really minded, he enjoyed the freedom and trust she had in him, but he knew for sure that once he came home, he was in for a long talk. “I’ll try to convince my mom to let me go, though! I’ll let you all know.”   

Turning to face Koichi, Okuyasu shook his head and said, “If you can’t make it, no worries. Good luck with your mom, though. Hope you don’t get grounded for life or something.”

A gloom look started growing on Koichi’s face. “Don’t jinx me.” 

Laughing slightly, you turned around in the front seat to look at Koichi and Okuyasu. Earlier, once the taxi came, neither Koichi nor Okuyasu noticed, seeing as they were both occupied on getting back at each other after Okuyasu scared Koichi earlier. You were about to offer to play a quick game to decide who gets the front seat, but before you could say anything, Josuke walked forward and opened the front door for you — jokingly saying something about how you better get in first before they realize.Not a moment after he said that, Okuyasu noticed the taxi and began running over, yelling how he called shotgun. Instantly taking up Josuke’s offer, you hopped in the front seat and thanked Josuke. 

When you turned around, you noticed how uncomfortable Josuke looked stuck in between Koichi and Okuyasu. Somehow, despite being in the taxi first, they managed to stick him in the middle. Midlaugh, he caught your eye and gave you a smile. Smiling back at him, you made a mental note on saving the front seat for him. Drifting your eyes to Koichi, you told him, “You better knock on wood. Knowing your mom, I think it’ll be awhile before we can hang out again.”

“You can’t say that when there’s no wood in here!” 

Just like you had all predicted, the moment Koichi walked in his house, he was bombarded by questions from his parents, mainly his mom. Not a moment later, the three of you then received a message from him, filled with exclamation marks and sad emoticons, saying how he was, in fact, grounded. 

Josuke was the first to replay, “Should have knocked on wood, like [name] told you to.”

Instantly, more sad, crying emoticons were sent, causing all three of you to start laughing. Typing a quick response, you felt like everything was back to normal. It didn’t feel like you had just rescued your friend from his crazy stalker, who was also a stand user. At this moment, it seemed like you were just four teens messing around. Glancing out your room window, you could only hope that this feeling would stay longer. 


The next morning, you walked over to Okuyasu’s house since that’s where you all agreed to meet. Once you were close enough, you noticed that they were already standing outside his house, talking with one another. Picking up your pace, you jogged towards them, shouting, “Sorry! I didn’t mean to be late!”

At the sound of your voice, their heads snapped towards the direction they heard it. Okuyasu greeted you first, pulling you into a side hug once you were close enough. “You’re just on time, [name]!” 

“Yeah, I just got here a couple of minutes before you, so you’re good, [name].” Josuke added, waving back at you when you waved at him as a greeting. He let out a dry chuckle at the sight of you two. He wasn’t exactly sure why seeing you and Okuyasu so close bothered him, but decided that now wasn’t the best time to think about it. 

Tilting your head in confusion once you noticed how his laugh sounded off, wondering what happened to make him upset, but before you could ask why, Okuyasu spoke up again, “Alright then! Let’s go!” 

The walk there was actually quite short. You hadn’t realized how close the cemetery was to your house, which honestly freaked you out a bit, not that you would say that outloud considering you remembered scaring Josuke weeks ago when he said he was scared of ghosts. Chuckling under your breath at the memory, Josuke, who had been walking close to you, heard it and turned to you, confused. The conversation had quieted down a few moments ago and now you were all walking in a comfortable silence. There wasn’t really much that you could have found funny right now. 

Noticing he was looking at you from the corner of your eye, you turned to face him as well. Realizing he probably thought you were crazy for laughing out of nowhere, you smiled embarrassedly at him and awkwardly waved your hands at him. “I’m not crazy, I promise, Josuke. I was just thinking about when you told Koichi and I you were scared of ghosts.” 

Hearing your reason caused a bright flush of color on his cheeks. It seemed like he was more embarrassed than you were. Awkwardly laughing, he tried defending his fear. “Who wouldn’t be scared of ghosts? We literally have stands, why wouldn’t ghosts be real too?”

Laughing at his response, you responded with, “Yeah, Josuke! I totally get it.” 

He was about to defend himself again when Okuyasu’s voice cut in, “Is that a restaurant? I think it’s new! Let’s go check it out!” 

In the midst of you and Josuke talking, Okuyasu hadn’t noticed that you two stopped and continued walking. By now, he was a few blocks away and whatever restaurant he was talking about seemed to draw him in as he started jogging quickly towards the restaurant. From where you were, you couldn’t exactly see the restaurant that Okuyasu was talking about and not wanting anything to happen to him, you grabbed Josuke’s hand and began running towards him. 

Because of your size difference in legs, Josuke was still walking, just a bit faster than he normally would, while you on the other hand, were on a full sprint. Why is he running so fast?, you thought as you felt your chest beginning to heave up and down the more you ran after him. Finally reaching him, you attempted to catch your breath, while Josuke, who looked as if he hadn’t even broken a sweat, read the name of the restaurant out loud, “Trattoria.” 

Leaning forward to rest your hands on your knees, you breathed out, “Why would there be a restaurant so close to the cemetery?” 

“I don’t know, but it feels…off.” 

Okuyasu paid no mind to what you two said and pointed at a sign near the entrance. “Look! I think it’s Italian!” As soon as he said this, he swung the door open and proceeded to walk in, not waiting to hear what either of you had to say. 

Still leaning on your knees, you glanced up at Josuke and asked, “What do you mean off? Do you think this place is connected to stands somehow?”

Finally tearing his eyes from the front of the restaurant, he looked you over and realized how out of breath you were from your short sprint. A small laugh escaped him, which resulted in you to glare at him. It’s not like I was prepared to run today, you thought. “It’s not my fault I have short legs, you giant!”

This caused him to laugh even more. Shaking his heads, he extended his hand to you, saying, “C’mon. If it is a stand related, then we shouldn’t let Okuyasu alone. Besides, it looks like you need some water.” Accepting his hand, muttering something about how if you were prepared, you’d definitely wouldn’t be this tired. Chuckling, he tugged you slightly towards the entrance.

The inside was definitely not what you had expected. It appeared a lot smaller than it did from outside, but despite there only being very few tables, it gave off more of a comfortable energy, not so much a cramped one. 

As the two of you joined Okuyasu in looking around the dining room, you all failed to notice the person walking towards you three. “Good morning! Welcome to Trattoria. Will it just be you three?” 

Slightly startled, the three of you dumbly nodded, not really expecting someone to ask them something. However, the chef, well who you presume to be the chef because of his white hat, didn’t seem to notice as he smiled brightly at you three and began leading you to the table. Reaching the table first, he pulled out the chairs, gesturing for you all to take a seat. 

After giving him your thanks once he pushed in your chair, you decided to strike a conversation about the restaurant with him, seeing as it seemed brand new. “So you’re the owner of this place? I don’t think I remember seeing this place before, right you guys?”

“Yeah! I think it’s Morioh’s first Italian restaurant!” Okuyasu added.

Chuckling softly, he introduced himself, “Yes, you’re right. My name’s Tonio,” gesturing to the room, he continued saying, “I’m sure you can guess from my accent and restaurant type that I’m Italian.I was always drawn to Japan’s food culture, which is why I decided to settle down here, but not before visiting other countries. I’ve traveled everywhere to perfect my skills to the point where my homeland cuisine is exquisite!”

“Really? Your food must be amazing then! Can we have some menus? I can’t wait to chow down!” Okuyasu practically shouted. 

Shaking his head slightly, Tonio stated, “There’s no menus here. I cater to every individual’s personal needs. Now, if I may.” Gesturing towards Okuyasu’s hand as he finished his sentence.

“No menus? What kind of restaurant doesn’t have menus? And why do you wanna see my hand?” Standing up as he said this, he raised his hand, moving them around as he spoke to emphasise his point. 

Ignoring his questions, Tonio reached forward and firmly grasped his hand. Before Okuyasu could yank it out of his grip, Tonio spoke up, “You had some trouble with your stomach last night, correct? It also seems like you have a stiff shoulder and seem to be suffering from lack of sleep. I know just the right thing for you.”

Okuyasu had a look of disbelief on his face as gaped at him. How did he get everything right?, he thought. Seeing the look he had put Josuke on edge as well. Leaning towards you, Josuke whispered, “I think you were right; it might have something to do with stands.”

Nervously eyeing Tonio, you didn’t have a chance to say anything to Josuke before he turned his attention towards Josuke. Reaching for his hand, he asked, “Signore?” 

Shaking his head, Josuke gave him a tight smile and said, “Just a cappuccino. I’m not that hungry.” 

Giving him a polite nod, he then extended his hand towards you. “I assure signorina, there is no harm to this. It’s completely safe.” 

Your eyes went back and forth from his extended hand and his welcoming facial expression. He doesn’t look dangerous at all, but it still creeped you out how he was able to figure all of that out by just holding Okuyasu’s hand. But then again, he did say he traveled to many countries; he could have learned about the pressure points in hands. Noticing the worried look Josuke was giving you from the corner of your eye, you decided to ignore it and placed your hand in his palm.

Smiling at you, he closed his eyes momentarily while gently rubbing his thumb across the back of your hand. Normally, you would have said something if some stranger was doing that to you, but somehow it didn’t feel weird, instead it felt relaxing. Opening his eyes, he said, “Seems like you’re in perfect health, signorina! Just a bit exhausted, but I know exactly what to give you. I’ll be back with all of your orders.” 

As soon as he walked into the kitchen, Josuke immediately started scolding you. “Why would you give him your hand? Didn’t you find that weird?”

“Yeah, but he’s been to so many countries, Josuke. He’s probably picked up how to use pressure points or something to check someone’s health, don’t you think?” Pausing, you looked at Okuyasu and asked, “Besides, he didn’t really seem dangerous, right Okuyasu?”

Nervously smiling at you two, it was apparent that he didn’t really want to be included in this. However, the two of you continued to stare at him expectedly, awaiting his answer. Not wanting to choose a side, he awkwardly began talking about something else. “Wow, you guys, isn’t today so nice! The weather is so warm and nice. Um, the walk here was nice too, right?” 

Realizing that he wasn’t going to answer your question, Josuke let out a sigh and settled back down on his chair. Giving you a firm look, he said, “Just be careful, [name]. I don’t wanna see you get hurt.” 

Placing your hand on top of his, you responded back with, “Yeah, it is kind of weird giving your hand to a stranger.” Feeling yourself smile once he let out a laugh, you continued saying, “But I’m sure it’s nothing. He doesn’t seem like a stand user, but I promise I’ll be more careful.” Glancing at you, Josuke returned your smile. 

While the two of you were talking, Okuyasu had leaned his head on his hand, eyeing the two of you. For someone who said they weren’t dating, he seems very worried about her, he thought. Doing the same thing you did, he reached over and placed his hand on top of Josuke’s, playfully asking, “What about me? You’re not worried about me?” 

Immediately, you bursted into laughter, picking up that he was mimicking you. “Yeah, Josuke, he let Tonio hold his hand too! Aren’t you worried about him too?”

Rolling his eyes, Josuke couldn’t help but smile at how his friends were acting. Looking at you two, he said, “Of course, I do. You shouldn’t let strangers just grab a hold of your hands, Okuyasu!” Happy with the response he got, he drew back his hand and gave Josuke a grin, who simply shook his head while still keeping the smile on his face. 

“But just letting you both know, food that’s meant for your health is usually not that good.”