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Crash and Burn

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Bakugou Katsuki knew that becoming the number one hero was not going to be an easy challenge. There was no point in setting such high standards for himself if he wasn’t presented with those challenges. The Sports Festival was the ideal opportunity to showcase his skills as one of the best of UA, he didn’t care to know the names of the people he surrounded himself with or called his classmates, they weren’t as important as becoming number one.

But then that changed when he came across his opponent in the first match. Uraraka Ochako. The one who was always clinging herself to Deku and that glasses nerd. He’d never been really interested in looking at girls who discussing how cute they were. Who had time for that? But of course someone like her would fit that description given her round face and pink cheeks. He hadn’t bothered to know her name until this point and only remembered that she was the one who made things float. A useful quirk for a hero to have, but not enough to be elite in his eyes.

“If you’re gonna back down do it now.” He had given her a warning. The match would end quickly and he needed her to know that but instead she just stood there and clenched her hands into fists. She wasn’t going to walk away.

‘Stubborn bitch.’ He thought as he felt his palms sweat with anticipation.

The match began and she charged at him over and over again. Multiple explosions were thrown her way. God she was so stupid? What the hell was she trying to gain? She didn’t stop, just kept throwing herself at him hoping to make him float. Didn’t she know the odds were so far against her?

She stood up again…how many times had she done that now? She stared him down brown eyes looking through him and put her hands together, “Thank you Bakugou….for not letting your guard down.”

‘What the hell does she mean?’ he wondered until something caught his eye and he looked up and saw huge piles of rock gathered in the sky and looked back at her and then up again, ‘She….she planned this?!’ he then glared as he noted the rocks falling down towards him and thrust his left hand up in the air. Explosions ignited from his hand towards the rocks, disintegrating then into nothingness while Uraraka paused and watched him destroy her finishing move.

The blond lowered his hand back down and stared at it feeling his arm throb from the overuse of his quirk, ‘That was close…’ he thought as he looked at his hand which was still shaking, ‘She nearly got me…’ he then looked back at Uraraka who was still standing despite looking worn out. Obviously she had really pushed herself with that move but she was still willing and ready to fight and he could see it in her eyes. A manic grin split across his face, “Alright, the real match starts now….Uraraka!”

And then time seemed to slow down as he watched her collapse to the ground in a heap. ‘Fuck…what happened?’ he wondered and then saw her crawl towards him and went back to a fighting stance, ‘She’s still moving…she’s still fucking moving!’ She didn’t want to give up and he could see it but then Midnight stepped in and held up her hand, halting his movement. Uraraka was declared down and Bakugou was declared the winner.

‘At what cost?’ he wondered as he watched Uraraka with her disheveled appearance being put on a stretcher and carried off to Recovery Girl.

“Oh Kacchan! C-Congratulations on your match!” Izuku had said after Bakugou had nearly blown a fuse at seeing him in the hall. The green haired boy was the last person he really wanted to see right now.

“You put that shitty idea in her head didn’t you nerd?!” he yelled out.


“Don’t bust my goddamn balls! You put that idea in her head to make her fling herself around so dangerously!”

“You’re wrong.”

Bakugou glared, “The fuck did you say?”

Midoriya frowned at Bakugou, “I didn’t give her that idea. It’s true I may have given her some ideas about how to go against you but that….that move was all her.”

Bakugou went silent at that admission. On one hand, he was thankful that it wasn’t the stupid nerd’s idea but on the other hand…he now realized the truth about Uraraka Ochako.

“Man I can’t believe you beat up a frail girl like that!” he heard Kaminari say as he sat down looking out at the arena.

Bakugou kept staring at the arena where he and Uraraka had fought moments ago and glared. That dunce face may have seen her as such but only Bakugou had seen what she really was. A true warrior in combat, someone who wasn’t afraid of getting bloody or bruised and would fight to their last breath to defeat any villain that was in her way.

He had never seen anything more beautiful.

“…There’s nothing frail about her.”