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WangXian at Pride Parade

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The markets are adorned with multicoloured lanterns, a new sight from its usual red and white shades. People from all around, ranging from the famous purples, yellows and whites, to the lesser-known hues, are crowding along the roads of Yiling. Chitter chatters are everywhere, and everything is something never seen before. In between crowds, a white and blue walking statue is alongside with a contrasting black and red figure.


Though his face is so stony, Lan Wangji’s eyes sparkle at the sight of the one swinging next to him. Wei Wuxian points towards everything different he sees. Everything looks so foreign yet welcoming. Nothing is alike to the old Yunping city he paraded around when he was young, nor the Caiyi Town he would sneak out to with his beloved husband and the various other disciples, nor did it look like the past Yiling it was when their grown-up child was still a toddler. Almost everyone is waving a rainbow flag each. In fact, Wei Wuxian is holding one too, near smacking Lan Wangji each time his arms swings about.


New stalls means new foods to try! Coloured buns and rearranged fruits are fun to eat. The couple would surely purchase some cute rainbow accessories for their pet bunnies whenever Wei Wuxian sees something interesting! They can’t forget about Little Apple! Perhaps Wei Wuxian should gift something to Jiang Cheng as well, to give the single man a sense of hope. Perhaps a wooden comb embellished with colourful butterflies would do. Lan Wangji is the one paying of course, with Wei Wuxian grabbing various items off the stalls and running off as if he is still the Young Master living in Lotus Pier. Good thing Lan Wangji remembered to bring the qiankun pouch!


As the night grew old, the lanterns grew brighter, and shades of the rainbow glowed vibrantly in the air. At an intersection, they spot dancers with coloured fans (reminding him of a certain peacock) and music played by some of the folks. It was getting close to 9 pm, but there are some exceptions to certain rules (that the Lan Sect learnt the hard way). Flower petals are scattered through the air, the sight giving Wei Wuxian a sense of deja vu. However, while the disciples are gasping behind them in awe, Lan Wangji is the one looking towards his other half this whole time.


It is a lovely day to spend to celebrate a new freedom and to recognise those who suffered for their forbidden loves. It has been almost 2 decades, but today is a day worth fighting for.