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Another Life (Book One)

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“Mm,” I groaned, silencing my phone again.
“You might wanna answer that soon. Your sister will be here any minute.”
“I know. I’m just not ready to leave.”
“It’s a bachelorette party. You’re not supposed to know what I do and I’m not supposed to know what you do.”
“I meant I’m not ready to let go of you. Hey, here’s an idea, what if I give you your bachelor party right now,” I giggled, straddling him and twisting the hem of my shirt like a stripper.
“Mm. You know I’d love to see that, but your sister will come in here and drag you out while you strip for me.”
“Liz!” I heard her shouting from down stairs.
“Gah! Why does she have to be here so early?”
“Better go let her in,” he chuckled.

I kissed his lips a couple times before climbing out of bed and going to let my sister into his house. She scolded me for not answering the phone and grabbed my wedding dress out of the guest room closet before hugging Chris and dragging me out of the house. Apparently she didn’t care that I was still in my pajamas. I gave Chris a quick goodbye kiss and we were off to the hotel where I was greeted by all my friends.

“Hi, guys!” I squealed, hugging everyone.
“Oh my god,” my friend, Jackie called out in her thick New York accent, “I can’t believe you’re getting married in three days! Ugh, where has the time gone?”
“I know. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Chris proposed.”
“Let’s go make our reservation and you can tell us everything over brunch.”

-----TIME LAPSE-----
-----CHRIS’ POV-----

She was gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking. She wore an off the shoulder, long sleeve, sequin, lace dress with an open back and long train coming from her a-lined skirt. Don’t judge me, I used to date Ash Costello who loves princess dresses. She had long since dyed her hair back to blonde and the way she styled it was perfect. She had half of her hair in a braided crown and the other half was left to hang with loose curls. Her ‘dead’ roses complimented the blue accents in the room nicely. The black smokey eye look and black lipstick she decided on wearing really made her blue eyes pop as she looked at me. I knew I had the biggest and dorkiest smile on my face, but I didn’t care...I was finally happier than I could ever describe. She stood at the bottom of the platform, a proud smile on her face as the minister read her speech.

“Who gives this bride away to this groom?”
“I do,” her father announced, proudly.
“Papa,” she smiled, hugging him close.
“Thank you, Victor,” I smiled, shaking his hand.
“Is papa now,” he winked.

He placed her hand in mine and I chuckled at her manicured coffins with crosses before she handed her bouquet to Maria. As I held her hand, I felt myself getting impatient. My bride is literally holding my hand and I could literally kiss her right then and there, but I had to be patient. Suddenly nervous, I straightened my bowtie and fucked with my gauges. Her grip tightened on mine as she realized my ADD was getting the better of me.

“The bride and groom will now face each other and recite their vows. Liz, you may go first.”
“I had everything memorized until I saw you standing here,” she giggled. “Now it seems like the words I wrote aren’t good enough. Chris, you are so patient and kind. You have put me first time and time again, you snuck behind my back to ask my father’s permission, you have always respected me, you have been patient with my spoiled ass.”
“My bad,” her father chuckled, causing the room to laugh.
“You were there when I needed a friend, you were there when I needed a lover, you were there when I didn’t even realize I needed help. Chris, I’m not sure a lifetime is enough to return all that you have given me, but it’s a start. I was never ready to commit and now, I’m impatiently reciting my vows because I don’t want to wait any longer to be your wife. You have been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me and for that I thank you.”
“You’re gonna smudge my eyeliner,” I sniffled, dabbing my eyes.
“Aha,” she chuckled, wiping the tear from my cheek. “Sorry.”
“Never apologize. It’s a good thing. Is it my turn?” I asked the minister.
“Yes,” she smiled.
“I don’t know where to begin. There’s so much I want to say, so much I want to promise to you, but I just don’t know how to start. When you came into my life, I was recovering from a hard breakup. I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing until you came into my life. As soon as I heard you singing in that book store, I fell in love.”
“Yeah,” I chuckled, “you have an amazing voice. Your soul is so beautiful, too beautiful for a black heart like mine, but you don’t care. When you said yes, I thought it could never get better. Then you walked down the aisle and I thought it could never get better. Then you read your vows and what I’m starting to realize is that each day I’m with you, each time you speak to me, my world grows brighter. I don’t want to live another day without you in my life, Liz. Thank you for saying yes.”
“Is there anyone who objects to this union?” the minister sniffled.
“Better not be,” Maria grumbled.
“Then by the power vested in me by the grace of God and the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Chris, you may kiss your bride.”

I tossed her veil back and placed a hand on either side of her face as she grabbed the lapels of my jacket. We pulled each other close and pressed our black lips together. I could feel her laughing against me as I held her, which caused me to laugh. I opened my mouth a bit and her tongue slipped in to wrestle mine for a short couple of seconds. When she pulled it back, we parted and chuckled while blushing. We were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Cerulli and I smiled even bigger than I thought possible. Our guests approached us one at a time and hugged us while saying their congratulations. When that was done, the wedding party was ushered outside for some pictures before it got too dark. Then we had some time alone to relax before rejoining our friends and family. I helped her hop up onto the balcony and offered her a glass of champagne which she kindly denied.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” she giggled.
“I know, I can’t believe it either,” I replied, holding her hands. “Is that David Bowie playing in the reception area?”
“Yeah, Maria and I love him.”
“Hm,” I chuckled. “Oh my god. You’re my wife.”
“You’re my husband.”
“We’re married.”
“We’re married.”
“I’m one lucky son of a bitch. You ready to go back?”
“Yeah,” she giggled.
“Ladies and gentlemen! Allow me the pleasure to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Cerulli as they partake in their first dance as husband and wife!”

We strolled onto the dance floor and the Spanish music started to play. I remembered the lessons we took and she smiled at me as I didn’t miss a beat. I kept my hands in respectful places while still dancing sensually. I didn’t want her father to hate me too much for ‘corrupting’ his daughter. As we danced, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her beautiful face. She was just so perfect.

The guests had finished their meals, the wedding party included, and the dancefloor had been opened for everyone to enjoy themselves. Liz looked at me and silently begged me to join her on the dancefloor. I chuckled and pointed at the speakers, they were playing You’re So Beautiful by the cast of Empire, before shrugging. I didn’t dance well. Maria grabbed her sister by the hand and dragged her onto the floor so they could dance together. I sat back and watched happily before twisting my tungsten ring and smiling. I looked up and figured what the hell, tonight was my night just as much as it was hers.

“Hey gorgeous,” I whispered in her ear.
“Chris,” she gasped.

I grabbed her by the hand and spun her around then pulled her back before we did our little cringe worthy dance. I was blushing hardcore, but seeing that smile on her perfect face was worth it all. Now because this was just as much my wedding as it was hers, I smiled at the next song that started to play. Somebody asked all children and elderly people to leave the dancefloor as it was about to get a little disrespectful. We all started jumping and head banging as Brand New Numb started to boom in the reception area.

“Leave it to us to have a mosh pit at our wedding,” Liz shouted in my ear.
“Oh, hell yeah.”
“Give me liberty or death! Charge me more and pay me less! I said give me liberty or death! Ahh f- it, just give me death! LET’S GOOOOOOO! YEAH! THIS ONE’S FOR THE UNDERDOGS! I've got blood on my hands! No guilt on my conscience! The war in your path! Your mind is the target! All of my flaws, I wear 'em with honor! A purple heartbreak for all we've suffered! I am the enemy, I am the enemy, I am the enemy. Brand new numb! I'll be the enemy. E-e-e-enemy. I'll be the enemy. Brand new numb!”

Closer by Nine Inch Nails started playing and the bridesmaids brought a single chair onto the dancefloor and I chuckled as I realized what was happening. My friends patted me on the shoulder and cheered as Liz got comfortable in her seat. I don’t know what happened to me, but I suddenly forgot that people were watching me and I came to straddle her lap as I mouthed the words to her. I placed my hand on her throat and brought her to kiss me deeply before pulling myself away. She then started to push me down and I chuckled, blushing as I knelt in front of her. I tossed the dress over my head and found the garter with no trouble when I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties and she was freshly shaved. I stuck a finger between her lips then licked the juices from it before removing her garter with my teeth. When I came back up, and raised my arms triumphantly, she poked my side and I laughed. The guys all ran to the dance floor as I got ready to shoot the elastic band into the air. Andy caught it, of course since he was the tallest mother fucker out there.

Work From Home started to play as Liz got ready to toss her bouquet and I chuckled at the screaming girls who wanted Andy to put the garter on their leg. Fortunately, Juliet caught the bouquet so he had no reservations for putting the garter on his own wife’s leg. Everybody flooded the dance floor, myself included, so we could have a party. It felt great to be surrounded by so much happiness. Then my phone buzzed to let me know the surprise for the honeymoon I had been planning was ready.

“You wanna get out of here?” I asked.
“Sure,” she smiled.
“Honeymoon time already?” Maria asked.
“Looks like it,” Liz smiled.
“Call us as soon as you’re home so we can come visit.”
“Of course. I love you, papa.”
“I love you too, hija. Chris, take care of my little girl, alright?”