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Where My Home Is

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On their way to Odaiba, Taiga was giddy and arranged their itinerary for the whole day making sure he leaves enough time at night for them to laze around their hotel room. Juri let Taiga choose everything they were going to do including what they were to eat. Both of them turned their phone to silent mode and simply enjoyed the day to themselves.


"Thank you for this trip, Juri. I really needed this." Taiga said as they walked back to their hotel room from the onsen.


Once back in their hotel room, they changed into their pajamas and laid down side by side on the bed. They finally replied to the messages they received the whole day and looked through the pictures they took together. Taiga stood up and set the lights in their room to dim.


Taiga crawled back on the bed, straddling himself over Juri and he took his phone from him settling it down on the nightstand. Taiga leaned down to capture Juri's lips, gently kissing him as Juri eases up and places his hands on Taiga's hips. Taiga licks Juri's lips, asking for entrance and Juri parted them enough to let Taiga in. Their tongues danced around each other. 


Juri's hand tugged on Taiga's hair while Taiga worked the buttons of Juri's pajama. Taiga's hands were all over Juri's body and the way he rocked his hips was sending Juri into a frenzy. Juri was getting harder by the minute and more so as he felt Taiga's cock harden as well.


Both of them pulled away from the kiss to catch their breaths and rid each other of their clothes, stripping down until they were only with their boxers. Taiga started sucking on Juri's neck, he loved the way Juri moaned every time he did so. Taiga licked on his neck, upwards until he reached the back of his ear, biting on them lightly.


"You take such good care of me, Juri." He whispered in Juri's ear. "Let me take care of you tonight." He nibbled lightly on Juri's ear before he looked him in the eye.


"Tai, we don't have to if - "


Taiga cut him off by locking their lips again. Both of them fueled by arousal as they rocked their hips together. Slowly, he made his way down, kissing Juri on his jaw down his chest, lightly blowing on his stomach and before Juri knew it he felt the warmth of Taiga's mouth around his cock. He was licking and sucking him so good he clenched his fist pulling on Taiga's hair.


"Taiga." He called out in a hushed voice. He couldn't hold back his moans anymore as Taiga moved faster, Juri rocking his hips to meet with Taiga's movement. "Taiga." Using what little force he had, he pulled on Taiga's shoulder and locked their lips again, he could taste himself on Taiga.


Taiga pulled away from the kiss. "I haven't even made you cum yet. Or do you want to prolong things? Play a little more?" Taiga boop Juri’s nose with his index finger.


Juri's eyes locked with Taiga's as he cupped his face. "We don't have to do anything if you don't want to."


"Your mouth and your cock are contradicting each other, Juri." Taiga smirked at him, wrapping a hand on his cock and gently jerked him off, increasing his pace that Juri suddenly finds himself gasping for air.


"I - Taiga." Juri was having a hard time talking. Taiga was moving his hand faster and tighter. "I want you."


Taiga giggled. "Say it again." Taiga teased and pulled on him harder.


Juri rolled them over, getting on top of Taiga this time and it shocked Taiga that he lost his grip on him. Juri captured Taiga's wrists and pinned them over his head. "I said I want you." He said before roughly kissing Taiga, one of his hands worked its way down to rid Taiga of his boxers. He jerked him off and Taiga moved his hips in sync with Juri's hand.


Juri let go of Taiga's wrists and stuck his fingers down Taiga's mouth. Taiga sucked on them and got them wet with his saliva, his excitement and lust painted on his face as he knew what was coming next. Juri pulled out his fingers and started kissing Taiga's lips again. He felt them vibrate and Taiga's shiver as he put a finger inside him.


Juri pulled away from the kiss to hear Taiga's moans and whimpers as his fingers hit the right spots. Taiga was so flustered and aroused which made him want to pleasure him even more.


"Juri. Stop." Taiga gripped on Juri's shoulder. "Stop!"


Juri pulled out his fingers from Taiga. "Sorry, was I hurting you?"


Taiga gave him a naughty grin before rolling them over so he was on top again. "I said I was going to take care of you." His breath was hurried. He leaned into Juri's ear. "Tell me what you want, Juri."


Without hesitation Juri answered with one word. "You."


"You got it." Taiga opened the nightstand drawer and fished a lube and a condom. "I knew I needed these." He was about to rip open the condom when Juri took it from him.


"You don't understand." Juri's eyes were full of lust. "I said I want you." Juri rolled them over once again and took the bottle of lube from Taiga's hand. "Are you ready?"


Instead of answering him Taiga caught him by surprise and pushed his finger inside of Juri, gently at first easing him up before adding another one. Juri’s moans filled their room and the way Taiga’s name rolled out of his mouth made Taiga want to pleasure him even more. Finding a comfortable position to shift his weight Taiga took out his fingers, gently he pushed his cock inside of him. Juri was warm all over and eased up after only a few thrusts, their bodies moving in perfect sync.


"Touch yourself." Taiga said while slowing down his pace. "Touch yourself or else I'll pull out."


Juri cupped Taiga's face as he increased the rhythm of his hips to make up for Taiga's slow pace. "I thought you were taking care of me tonight."


"Oh right." Without hesitation, Taiga wrapped his hand around Juri's cock. Moving it at the same pace as their hips.


"Juri… I'm…" Taiga wasn't even able to finish his sentence and released inside of Juri making both of them feeling even warmer than they already felt.


Juri followed not long after. Taiga pulled out of him and Juri dropped to the bed. Weakly, he reached for the tissue to clean both of them up. They were both covered up in sweat so they decided to shower together.


Taiga snuggled up close to him in bed, letting his head rest on Juri's chest. Juri played with his hair, taking in the familiar scent of Taiga's soap and shampoo that he missed.






"Come back home."


Taiga leaned up to kiss Juri lightly this time.




Juri and Taiga went back to Juri's apartment the following day.


"Juri." Taiga said as they were by the doorway. "Why are all my shoes here?" He pointed to the shoe rack.


"I have no idea." Juri was shaking his head.


"Surprised!" Jesse and Shintaro shouted and pulled party poppers that scattered confetti everywhere. 


The two of them dragged Juri and Taiga inside the apartment. The living room had a welcome home banner over the television.


"We figured we should take matters in our own hands again." Shintaro proudly said. "Or else it might take you both 2 years again."


Jesse laughed. "So we took the opportunity while you were away on your trip. Hokuto and Kochi helped too."


Shintaro and Jesse took their bags and headed for the doorway.


"Where are you guys going?" Juri asked.


"To give you guys some privacy. We wouldn't want to be here when the welcome home sex starts. Enjoy yourselves." 


The two waved goodbye before leaving the apartment. Juri noticed the key and note they left on the center table of the living room.


"Looks like we're going to start opening the door for those two starting today. They gave back their spare key." Juri placed it inside the drawer near the television.


Taiga hugged him from behind. "I'm home."


"Welcome home."