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Hiura quietly sat on his bed, thankful that his roommate wasn't around yet.
He wanted to be alone for now.Then again... Wsn't he always? A bitter thought flashed in his mind.
He missed the days back when he and the rest of Inakuni were still at the island, where he never felt alone and shunned away. But what if they were only staying with him because they felt sorry for him? The thought alone brought another wave of pain in his chest.
He didn't want to think of his teammates that way, but with the way they were treating him... Tears slowly escaped from his eyes as he slowly fell asleep.


"I just couldn't stand it anymore!" Asuto said "I know he's our childhood friend but he's dragging the team down! He barely scored a goal during the Football Frontier and his hissatsu shoot never even scored a goal!"

"Exactly." Mansaku said, nodding at Asuto's words "The spot should've just been given to someone else. Captain (Michinari) perhaps?"

"That's still not how you should treat a friend though," Kazemaru sighing "True his health isn't at it's best state, but he tries to fight. Not only for himself but also for the team." "Honestly, all of you are just acting like a bunch of disgusting human beings." Fudou shrugging

"No matter how many times I annoy Sakuma, I'd never stoop down to your level." "So you're siding with him now?" Hiroto said, raising an eyebrow "I'm not siding with anyone, but the way all of you are treating him is like a garbage that you still can't dispose of." Fudou said glaring at them before taking Kazemaru's wrist and dragging him along
"Come on, Kazemaru. There's no need for us to stay any longer with these bastards."

"At least everyone that's present here is useful." Endou said "Has Teikoku changed your way of thinking, Kazemaru?" "Maybe it did. Teikoku taught me how to care for each teammate. Something that you taught me back then and it seems like you lost it, Captain." Kazemaru said glaring and leaving the dining room with Fudou

"Honestly," Kozoumaru said as he stood up, not having any appetite after all this "I hope none of you would regret what you're all saying in the future. Hiura might still be with us because he loves our team, especially the ones from Inakuni. But once he gets tired and lets go, you all might regret it."

"Regret it? Yeah right. It might be even better if he does!" Asuto said, frowning at Kozoumaru "I'm hoping that I'm dreaming and you didn't just say that, Inamori." Kozoumaru said before leaving as well

Somewhere in the dorms, Ichihoshi was smirking as he watched and listened through the CCTVs. "Good. That should be enough to destroy Inakuni Raimon's little Ice Prince. Especially now that he's in a fragile state... Mentally and emotionally."